Aquarius men I need your guidance!

by Do I continue to be patient?

I am a leo and I have been "friends" with an Aquarius man for about 6 months. We started out as personal friends and talked for about a month before we met. He tried to back out of the meeting but ended up meeting me. The relationship was friendly and sexual really fast. We were intimate when we met. Then he ignored me a bit. I was annoyed and told him that the personal part of our relationship was over. We work together also in complimentary fields. that seemed to perk him up a bit.

Since then we have been "friends", talking, emailing or texting almost daily and initiated by each of us (mostly me - about 70/30). It has been personal and professional. We have gotten closer and then one of us pulls back a bit or I get attached and he pulls away some.

I would like a relationship with this man but I cannot tell what is going on here. He does not need the business I bring to him and it is a little weird that i work with him - we live in different states. I know that he is not that emotional. I am and i have sent him some pretty emotional emails. most men , I believe, if they were not interested would have stopped engaging with me.

Feed back would be appreciated!

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by: Anonymous

Go completely quiet on him and just wait. It will drive him nuts with curiosity, especially since you're the one who has been calling and emailing him 70% of the time. (Men hate to be chased like this, by the way, it actually repels them.)

Don't call, text, email or contact him for a month & see what he does. He needs to come to you voluntarily, not because you have tried to force or convince him to be with you. During the month, make sure to focus purely on yourself and doing the things YOU like, things that make YOU happy. Hang with friends, go out, etc. Fill the month with fun stuff of you're own, but do NOT sit and wallow about him.

I'm seeing an aquarius man as well, so I know how "challenging" they are - but, without trying to be insulting, I think you are coming accross as a little needy & desperate with him - and aquarius men are crap at dealing with that. You are in danger of losing yourself in this relationship, unless you pull back completely and focus on yourself. The intellectual side of aquarius men means that he'll drive himself nuts trying to figure out why you went quiet on him. I guarantee that he'll be in touch if you do a silent month!

by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm also Aquarius male. I have fallen mostly with Virgo girls, and recently with Cancer girl.
I do not like one girl to be with, it's fed up for me. when I moved from school to school, I will fall in love with someone. I hate one girl to be with me.and i don't love that person anymore
As you said, your Aqua, bf. seem fallen in love with another female. That's normal for us. i'm aquarius, and do not like one person to be vs, every time.

Aquarius man are unique
by: Jay Jay

You just need to be patient and understanding and not get yourself to emotional as it can make you feel very lousy. Just don't come on too strong and when he comes strong on you, just enjoy being happy and not rush or too fast, Aquarian men are different and do think a lot and they tend to not talk about love and marriage straight away. I am a aquarian man myself and I am contact with a European lady and I enjoy her contact and just take things slowly and not rush with her. I just be patient with her and be understanding her, and I am very fond of her. Anyway as for yourself, just don't tell your emtional feelings to this man,just keep in contact with him if things are good still, but keep it brief.

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