Aquarius men - intellectual rebels of the Zodiac!

by Aphrodite Bull
(Brooklyn, New York)

Aquarius men are very artisitc, innovative, creative, eccentric, and highly intelligent people. I have never met an Aqaurius that I disliked. They are blunt, direct, real, down-to-earth people who make no apolgies for who they are. I love their freedom, independence, and quest for life and exploring new horizons. I am a Taurus woman with the spiritual life #5 'representing freedom and new horizons.' I have always expressed my thoughts and opinions in a non-conventional way. I have always been able to relate to Aquarius men without feeling awkard, strange, or casted out because my ideas and philosophies were not synonymous with everyone else's.....I would MARRY one in a NEW YORK MINUTE!

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You protected me protector...
by: The Protector

Through the series of misadventures, the twins come to realize that they have been allowing their relationship to drift apart and that they need to make greater efforts to do things together...

by: Mr.Grahahaha

I would marry one in a NEWYORK MINUTE? I see..Maybe you and I should take this down in THE NOTEBOOK so that neither of us would forget it.. ;D

Damn emoticons..

Its all in your head.
by: Anonymous

I've been where you are.You'll end up realizing that its all in your head.

It turns out that she cared for me and that was that.There is nothing.So,move on...Mayne.

Wait till you get home!Punk!
by: Anonymous

She read it.She got angry.I got angry because she got angry.

In the end the Boudoir got ravaged by an inferno!

by: Anonymous

not using or getting used.goodluck and goodbye my friend.

by: Anonymous

Its funny how one line can ruin a single night's sleep.Babe..Marriage??

by: Anonymous

Maybe its just looking for the wrong things in the wrong places and most importantly in the wrong time.
You're a soul mate for sure but I don't think all end up marrying each other..So this is it.Not using or getting used.Not compromising on my perspective of life and blah blah..

by: Anonymous


That post was half an hour back..
I can't sleeeeeeeeeeeeep.You're killing meeeeeeeee.
On a serious note...I want to marriage you!! LOL

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