Aquarius men please answer

I've been with an aquarius for a year and I love him more than anyone I've ever been with. We've been through tough times and we're still together. He really confuses me though.
1. He can be really open and then the next day he won't.
2. Some days it feels like all he wants is sex but then the rest of the time he's really sweet, perfect and we talk for hours without any sexual related things.
3.He pays alot of attention then he seems like he doesn't care
4.He never fights back. He always lets me decide which really pisses me off because I like it when he shows his manley side.
5. He always says he loves me but he flirts with alot of girls and it's like he ignores me half the time.

is this normal and what do you think. I try not to be jelouse and I'm really good at acting the role but when ever I purposefully flirt with other people he either dosn't notice or he gets jealous.(which I love....when he's jealous)

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all i know is i know what you mean
by: Anonymous

mine does EXACTLY the same thing. yet when I tell him his back-and-forth attitude hurts and confuses me, he swears he's not going back and forth and its just all completely fine and nothing has changed. He said very logically that when something has changed he would tell me. HINTS DONT WORK. I can hint all I want that I really just want him to SAY he cares about me and to CALL AND ASK HOW IM DOING more than once in a while....but RIGHT when I'm at my worst moment he will say something to fix things. Aquarius men are apparently easy to addict oneself to.....and as a typical female Scorpio, I have all these "needs" of dependency and KNOWING that my man cares about me. But they dont necessariloy think they need to reassure us like that. And the more we try to make them, the more withdrawn they become. Seems pretty stupid that we have to play their little game of "oh I don't care ither, I'm just gonna be casual and pretend I don't need you", but if it works and gets us the guy to love us, then I guess it depends on what we really want. For me personally, although i HATE the fact that I have to play that game, I know that I desperately want it to work with this guy. He is unlike any guy I have ever met, and I'm gonna keep fighting for him. I just need to find another way to make myself feel better about the lack of things that I want in the relationship. I guess the point is: when he makes you happy, is it worth it for the times he makes you sad? My answer is yes. Good luck and you're not alone.

Same here
by: Anonymous

Same experience with aquarius man. Never been so frustrated by someone I loved so much. Didn't work out for me after year and a half. Too much drama

Take a breath.
by: Cody

I am an Aquarius fella and I am here to help. The answers to your questions might frustrate you but here you go:

1. We are very aware of the things we say most of the time, we plot most things out well in advance, even what we say, he probable though about the first thing he would say to you a couple of time before he said it. So he might be letting something go one day and deciding to hold onto more the next day weighing his options, and he wouldn't want to be pushed into answering, it takes away our freedom.

2. Aquarius are a sexy sign, we love to play games but we are also intellectually driven, so the active sex life and the deep conversations are feeding bot sides of his personality. Not much to say about that.

3. He is interested in you, otherwise you would never get his attention, Aqua men need to be interested in their partner, but we are aloof and carefree, too. His head will be in the clouds many times a day, just ask him where he goes and don't take it personally.

4. I just answered this for a girl at work. Sometimes if the man has nothing to say, it is because they have nothing to complain about. He is just gong with the flow and if you want him to choose something and no one way is better than the other, then what is the difference?

5. Now we are in danger, Aquarius are uncomfortable making long term commitments. Although flirting can be harmless keep an eye out. I flirt with a lot of women, I never cheat, I just like to do it so everyone feels good, but I have strong beliefs, some men don't, be careful.

It sounds like a normal Aquarius to me, but one that might not be in for the long haul.

by: Anonymous

Being an Aquarius man myself; I can say with no doubt whatsoever that we're just about nuts. We're experts in love, sometimes. We're also absolutely clueless in love, probably most of the time. We're natural flirts, seriously. Most of the time it won't be boring, but sometimes I like to enter my man-cave for quite a while. Does it mean I've lost my feelings of love for you? NO.
I also like to cuddle and spend a quiet night with the woman I love. I've mellowed with age but can have a very nasty jealous side. Or at times I can be so distant you wonder if we're still a couple. I love sex, and not just missionary. I enjoy trying new things in the bedroom or wherever we happen to be.
One thing I can guarantee you in dating me and my bretheren, you'll never completely figure us out. Heck, we haven't, so don't feel bad.

From aqua
by: Val

I, aquaman, just don't see purpose in arguing about something irrelevant, and trust me for us many things are irrelevant and that doesn't mean we don't care, it only means we don't want to waste our energy on emotions and quarrels are always involve emotion, even if you can't see them there, but we're feeling them right away. Talking and flirting with another girls, well you have to ask yourself a question, you want a man or dog? want someone who will follow you everywhere and do all your biddings, furry friend will fit you perfectly and we are kind of social people, we need a diversity and communications(not only with you, sorry); I'm not normal type of aqua(yeah like there are normal types...), but I never been into relationships, and I'm 28, 9 times had opportunities to start it but didn't, couz I didn't felt each time that I have feelings towards her, so if I'm with you woman, I'm there with you, I can flirt all around, talk with each girl in the club, but I will never go any farther. Simple.

here is why ladies
by: Anonymous

We Aqua men need space and freedom but don't think for a moment we don't love you. You can best keep him if you take his ideas and bring them to life with him. This is what we as men look for and consider a sign of true love. Learn to give him space and time dress sexy and always cuddle and rub him in silence . give him thinking time and show him a sexual adventure and he will stay loyal and yours forever

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