Aquarius only wants sex from Scorpio?

by Berrisha

I'm a young scorpio female who hates falling in love because i always get hurt or it just doesn't go right. Because i'm a scorpio i'm not very sociable so i've not had many boyfriends but i had a sexual relationship with two aries guys (not at the same time) and with both of them it didn't work because we disagreed on a lot of things and it was basically just sex. But now this aquarius guy seems to be interested in me but it kinda of seems he only wants sex and the a commited relationship. what should i do? are all aquarius guys like this? what sign should i be dating?

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Dating list
by: Anonymous

I dated an Aquarius, and I felt the same exact way. Even though, he always denied. In my opinion, Aquarius aren't the best partners for the emotional Scorpio. The are too superficial, and shallow. Cold and distant. That drive us mad.

You should be dating (from most compatible to less compatible) :

1 Piscis
2 Cancer
3 Scorpio
4 Virgo
5 Capricorn
6 Leo
7 Aquarius
8 Taurus
9 Libra
10 Sagittarius
11 Aries
12 Gemini

Don't group us
by: Anonymous

Not all of us Aquarius guys are like that, so, if you stereo type- you may just miss out..... I fell hard for a Scorpio and she (unlike her signs stereotype) kept me at arms length.. If you can show us that you truly care and are all in- we are very likely to cut the cold act (it's just a defense) and let ourselves fall for a scorpio... The Scorpio passion mixed with the Aquarius devotion and fun loving is a totally hot combination..... But, you Scorpio's will need to trust and let your walls down.... You may just be surprised...

not stereotyping
by: Anonymous

I am sorry, but Scorpios can't trust right away... It takes us time... We have to make sure our partners won't be around telling everyone about our secrets, our relationship, etc (Aquarius has too many people and friends around, that makes us insecure and jealous). Scorpios are strong, and we need to keep that strong image, even with our partners. That's why the walls and arms-lengths. After a while, you won't be able to keep us away. Aquarius is the less emotional sign, so it doesn't seem logic to me to pair an Aquarius and a Scorpio together. That Aquarius guy I dated fell hard for me too, but it was just hard to communicate. And he tried really hard to be with me, but I knew no matter how hard he tried, it just wouldn't work. And elements wise, water and air don't have much in common. And the "cold defense act" make us think you don't care, and if we think you don't care, we just return that feeling of coldness amplified by 10, and you think we don't care, but we do, a lot. But if you show a little warmth, and we trust you, we'll stick to you till death do us part.

Good points
by: Anonymous

You make some very good points... Thank you. I just wish I wasn't actually so emotional (since I'm not supposed to be ;-).. Its been months and I've pretty much convinced myself that I was the cause of the break because I was too into it and open about my feelings (not in a overwhelming way- I'd- creepy- but just straight and honest) Totally enjoyed the mix of hot mixed with sweet. Have a feeling that if I don't get her back, somehow, some way even with a lot of patience, we'll both regret it down the road....... Since you have a better grasp of the astro world.... Can you offer this water-sap any tips to win her back??

by: Bre

Thank you for the comments on my post, It helped and made me think. Xxx

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