Aquarius, or just selfish?

by Alison

I dated an Aquarius guy for eight months, during which we spent lots of time apart, due to circumstances. He originally was from a different country, although has been living here for a long while now.

After four months of dating he went back to his home country, to see his dad who was ill. He initially said he was going for a week, but once over there kept changing his mind and eventually came back seven weeks later.

We did split up briefly while he was away, but got back together. But he didn't understand why I was so annoyed at him disappearing like this. So is this just typical Aquarius behaviour, or is it just pure selfishness. As a Taurus I wouldn't have minded if he had said he was going for that long, but it was the sitting here not knowing which got to me.

When he got back, things were ok for a while but then we started niggling at each other over stupid things. He seemed to have a problem over the fact that I had ended it while he was away, and kept questioning me over whether I was seeing other men.

I also felt ready to move our relationship on and have more of an involvement in each others lives, but he was not ready. He thought I wanted to move in together, whereas, I just wanted to spend a bit more time together.

We are not together anymore, I got tired of dealing with someone who wanted things all his own way. I still love him but can't see anyway we caould be together.

Any views welcome

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aquarius men are very unpredictable
by: Anonymous

They like to be in control at all times, point blank. As a lover of astrology i have read everywhere that you have to let them take the lead, although i have also read that they are somewhat passive which sounds like to me in order to be in harmony with them you have to be in tune to their feelings, and make gentle suggestions as they like to think their in charge. I know sounds like a one way street. I am dating an aquarius now and from day one he told me, "my way or the highway" it seems kind of harsh but he knew what he wanted and I respected that. He basically said take me as i am or nothing at all, which showed me that I was getting a real authentic person up front. Usually the mature aquariuns realize later in life that in order to be in harmony in a relationship that they have to compromise some, with a lot of emphasis on some, from an astrological point of view they are a fixed sign which means they are not very flexible in their opinions or views. So it depends on what stage in life your aquarius is in. Hope this helps!

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by: Your Name

@ Alison: The reason he didn't understand why you were angry and/or agitated was because he didn't share the same perspective as you. You could have explained what and why you were feeling it.

Regards other problems, if what you say is true, he seems quite immature and insecure.

Regarding commitment, I would say that is predictable on his part. Aquarians tend to shy off of commitments and you need to be very specific in what you want from him at "that" time. If there is any doubts in his understanding, he will distance himself and/or disappear, which leads to an ending in a relationship.

@ Anonymous: Enjoyed reading your post. Intriguing.

Run far away from aquarius men
by: Anonymous

I dated an aquarius man for 7 years. Wow! He drove me crazy the first 3years of dating him off and on. I remember one summer he really tried to give me the attention that I told him I needed from him. It felt good, I knew that he had it in him to be affectionate. it didn't last. He was back to his old ways. It was hard on me because I really felt hard for him after that. I remember telling myself that I had to make a choice to either stay or leave him forever, so I decided to stay and try to understand him, learn his mood. i thought that I could handle it I losted my patients with him. I had to realize that he is a selfish person and he will never be able to love me nor anyone else. I need love and attention not a loveless relationship. So I left him again it's been 2 months since we talked its hard for me but I will not look back I will keep forward in my life.

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