Aquarius Scorpio after he proposed


Well it's the craziest thing i have ever experienced in my life. I started to talking to this Aquarius man for about 2 months. He would call, email, text, send me lots of photos he would even be my over the phone dj. He would set up phone dates for specific nights and times. Send me gifts and our similarities are unbelievable. He answered his phone or called me right back when ever i called or txt. He very quickly asked me to marry him. I thought he was joking because we hadn't even spent time in person yet. But he discussed the wedding location, colors and he even picked the date after we went back and forth about when the wedding should be. I told him i didn't want a big wedding i just wanted a court house type but he was dead set on it being at a church. Well, sure enough on our first weekend together several months later, he asked me to marry him and he had the wedding ring i suggested there for me when i woke up Saturday morning. It was magical like a story book. Too good to be true and afterwards it was.

When i returned home the next week, he did not return my phone call or txt for several days. Then he just began to distance himself because he was sick. It has been a month now and the behavior has gotten worse. I thought maybe he realized he didn't want to marry me after all but just didn't know how to say it. But when i txt him he explains nothing is wrong he is just working or not feeling well. I thought he was playing games with me and i expressed that to him and i later txt'd him apologizing, but he has refused to call me or txt me back in the past 2 days.

If i lived with him maybe i could deal with it better but because we live 3000 miles away it's impossible for me to know exactly what he really wants especially since he will not talk or text me. It's most mind boggling because he spent so much money on this beautiful ring.

I am suppose to go see him next week but i'm not sure if i should cancel my plane ticket since he is not answering his phone. I don't want to travel that far and he does not pick me but i also do not want him to get mad because i canceled.

What is this? HELP! ANY BODY!

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Are you kidding me?
by: Anonymous

DUMP HIM and MOVE ON!CANCEL the ticket, don't call, text or anything.

by: Anonymous

What kind of world is he living in? It seems like he played out some kind of fantasy with you, but when he realized it was becoming reality he flaked! Talking about marriage without ever spending time with each other should have been an immediate red flag. Move on and meet someone who's IS serious and not someone who just talks like they're serious.

Thanks for your advice
by: Melvi

Thank you so much for your advice. I cancelled the ticket.

by: Scorp42

Keep the ring though. You earned it for all your trouble. Aquarians don't ever want to marry unless he is an older really mature one. However you may find that if you cut off all contact for a while he will start to contact you again. Funny how they are...

by: Anonymous

Thanks, I know my mom said i should keep the ring too but that part i do struggle with because it was given to me under the impression we were going to get married. If we are not then it belongs to him.
Plus, it will keep me thinking of him and if he really has changed his mind then i have to move on without that added reminder.
Not sure on that one.

The cut off contact and then they resurface part is what i keep reading about these Aqua men and that is the most bizarre thing.
Now what i don't understand is if he wants to end it, why he just doesn't come out and say "I'm not interesting in you"? I text him the other day asking if he was still interested in me? He didn't say yes or no. AARGHH! I would think he would just text NO and then i would know he is finished. But i can't get anything. My heart aches so bad. He lives too far away so i can't just show up on his door step and ask him to talk with me. All i have is the phone but he refuses to answer.
I text him asking if he still wanted me to come visit and he txt back and said yeah but after i cancelled the trip it seems worst.
The last time he text me back was Monday and that was just to tell me in was in a meeting. Then i asked him to call me later he text and ok but never did call.

This man really won my heart. So generous, caring and mannerly when i went to visit. He took me to spend time with his mother and she was an angel as well. He is sp respectful to her and me as well which is why i am so confused.
When i left from the visit he txt me and said he was looking forward to spending his future with me.

I wish i knew what was going on in his head.

Thank you for listening and if there is an Aqua man out there reading this please give me your thoughts as well.


Read the thread
by: Scorp42

Read the "Aquaius man gone forever" thread. You may get some answers.

keep them coming
by: Melvi

I have been reading all the comments and i guess what is most confusing to me is that he is the one that started saying he love me, asking me to be with only him, and he would txt me every other day to say beautiful things and end the text with i love you.
Ask me to call him when at night when i was walking to my car from class or call him when i get off from work. He was the one requesting all of that crap. Now it seems like he knows i've invested in the relationship, took the wedding ring and agreed to marry him it's different. Everything has progressively slowed down and now they are at a complete halt with him. No more txt, calls or emails since Monday.

Relax a bit
by: Scorp42

I know you are freaking out. I have been there trust me. First off him going in for the gusto so quickly tells me one of two things, he is full of garbage or he is at his lonliest point. When Aquarians finally reveal how they really feel they take lots of time to absorb what they have just done. Sometimes they question themselves as to if they really feel what they have just said they feel. If it is meant to be it will. I do know that if it were me I would date others and move on with my life. If he was so quick to go into the marriage thing with you just imagine what he is doing or saying to the women that live where he is. It's easy for him to say all those things to you becuase you are so far away. Trust me he would not have given you a ring if you were closer. Aqurians move very slowly and methodically when in matters of the heart. I have been in a relationship with my Aquarian for almost 3 years and just this past year has he started telling me he loved me regularly. What I mean by regularly is probably once or twice a month and only in certain circumstances. Mine would disappear for days at a time after us having very romantic and loving times together. Too much of anything for an Aquarian will make them run. Don't put your focus on him and move on.

by: Anonymous

Is the ring even real? That might tell you a lot.

by: Anonymous

Thank you Scorp4,you make so much sense. He came across so sincere and because i had no experience with an Aqua man i didn't think it was garbage especially because of the whole taking me to his mothers and wanting me to spend time with her alone and then the following evening he cooked dinner for me and his mother. Hey, i guess we live and we learn. FOOLED me. I couldn't imagine a man bringing a bunch of women around to meet their mother. His mother was even telling me that she thought i would be able to adapt to the weather easily if i moved out there and that they would do a bake sale if they had to in order to buy another airplane ticket so i could come soon to visit. DOESN"T MAKE SENSE. He told me i could leave some of my clothes if i wanted to since eventually i would be moving there. I did and now some of my belongings are there AARGGH! Oh well it's just clothes and shoes. they can be replaced.

by: Anonymous

I would wonder the same thing. except before i went out there
i picked it out from a specific store and it is a special design and color. It was in the package from that store and it is the exact same ring.

Honestly, the rings value really doesn't matter because the bottom line is he is distant and if we are not going to be together i will give it back regardless, but i am pretty sure it's real based on my design and the store it came from.

When he picked me up from the airport he gave me a beautiful single pearl necklace and i know for sure it's real because of the store and package.

This man is 44 years old and i had no reason to think he would be playing games at that age but i guess age is only a number and maturity comes with experience.

by: Scorp42

Seems to me that this man is really falling for you. That's the problem. When they start falling for you that's when they asct as if they don't care about you at all. Been there too! It will make you batty. However don't contact him and when he text's you eventually don't respond right away, wait hours or even the next day. It makes them crazy and want you more. Now I will say if the two of you do progress DO NOT get possesive or mad when he disappears or kind of ignores you. When they think they have you they move on to other projects. No Aquarian wants to be around you all the time. They can see you once a week and love you as deeply as the sea. I know it's crazy but oh so true.

by: Melvi

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

That is exactly what i will do.
i will make sure to keep myself posted to this site too just as a reminder of how these men work, what NOT to do and how to NOT let his behaviors affect me or at least not let him know its affecting me. (hey i'm an actress so hopefully i can pull it off)

I really, really, appreciate your advice so much.

No problem
by: Scorp42

Melvi, it's been three years with my Aquarian 2 of which in a serious relationship and he still drives me crazy and still does the distant thing from time to time.

How do you deal?
by: Melvi

Im just curious,

Is there a specific time, or occasion, or reason that he disappears?

Does he disappear for the same period of time?

What has been your experience?

Does he stop returning your calls all together? If yes, do you just wait for him to contact you?

What's the longest time period he has taken to reach back out to you?

I know i'm asking you a lot of question but i am just so blown away with this very unorthodox behavior. It doesn't scare me off, i just need the proper ammunition and emotional armor to stay last in this war of love if we things continue.

This relationship is extremely new we spent 3 months talking, and emailing each other before we met and the 4 days we spent together were so amazing at least to me.

Even though he was texting me and telling me how much he loved me when i returned home things just started tapering off gradually so i'm just not sure. I accused him of playing games and after that whenever i call he would just txt back and say "Im at work" nothing else. He kept doing that every time i would call. So last weekend I canceled my trip to see him and now he won't even respond to my phone call or text.

I left him a message and text him asking if he was still interested in us, but he never responded with a text or message saying yes or no.

Finally on Hallowen, I called his mother and left her message saying "Happy Holloween" then about 5 hours later he text me saying "Happy Holloween stop calling my mother"

I didn't respond at all. I'm not sure if he is being mean because i canceled the trip or if he is just not interested in this relationship anymore. Why in the world would he propose and give me a ring if he is not interested? This crap is for the birds. It makes no sense.

by: Anonymous

I'm also currently talking to an aqua & to answer your questions:

My aqua usual wants his time alone or disappears right after we've seen or spent time together. I usually won't hear from him during the week.

The longest amount of time he's disappeared is a month and a half, but as we've become closer and more intimate with each other...the amount of time has decreased dramatically and I usually go about a week with no contact from him, but that's if I don't initiate contact with him first. Mind you, we've been only been 'talking' since Aug.

There was a point right before his longest disappearing act, when he kind of stopped returning my txts as quickly as before or sometimes wouldn't respond at all. That's when his month and a half stint began and I never reached out to him during that time...AT ALL. I always get a response now, sometimes not right away but an hour/hours later....or if I had nothing specific to say in the txt, he'll reach out to me the next day.

I notice that my aqua is very busy and is constantly up to something or has some kind of plans with friends. It's hard to be with an aqua if you need a sense of control or stability for when you'll hear or see them next because they are very unpredictable.

As for your situation, I think you should move on. The reason I think this is because he basically shooed you away from his mother. Not to sound crass, but I think that was a huge mistake on your part right there. It probably would have been best to leave him and his mother alone until you saw things were back to 'normal' for you two. It's easy to want to cling when you feel things are drifting apart, but that's exactly what not to do when dealing with an aqua. When they act distant, you act distant...go hang out with friends, read a book, anything to take your mind off him. If he is interested, he will reach back out to you.

For now...I suggest you stop texting/calling him all together.

by: Melvi

Thank you! It's unfamiliar territory that's for sure.
It's hard to believe that someone who initiated this entire relationship would retreat so drastically. But i'm building up the tough skin needed to cope.

She's Right
by: Scorp42

In the early days he would disappear for 2 or 3 days. I would initiate contact with him after that. Now we can go a day or two with no contact and it's like she said after we have spent time together. After all this time he has reached a point where he won't go more than 2 days w/o contact. If I don't contact him he will contact me after a couple days. Now if he has a lot going on we may not talk for a week,but that is in extreme circumstances. Remember my Aqua and I were friends with benifits for a year before it got to where it is now. We would go weeks on end not talking to each other, but I wasn't all that into him back then so I never contacted him. Lord patients, patients, patients is the work of the century with an Aquarian.

I'm a Scorpio female dating an Aquarius male for 4 1/2 yrs
by: Anonymous

We live n the the same state I live n the county he lives n the city we had our marriage license but we never went through with it because he acted the same way but I know realize with have to act like you don't care

by: Scorpio Courtnee

@Scorpio42 your comments Helped me so much because me n my aquarius been together almost 5 years and I could never understand how he could go 2 to 3 days without talking to me and I'm a Scorpio so I would go crazy on him whn I did talk to him but after I did my research I realize they need their freedom...thank you so much

4 1/2 years with license
by: melvi

So, are you still dating your Aqua man? How do you handle the acting like you don't care yet at the same time continuing to stay interested?

by: melvi

Well i guess that's all I can do in this situation is be patient or move on. I know i certainly feel like he has thrown in the towel. The last thing from him was a return text saying "happy halloween stop calling my mother".

I didn't respond and i haven't called, text, or emailed since. He hasn't initiated anything either.

I know i responded to him very strongly regarding his withdrawal so i may have really sent him running but it felt so uncomfortable and it was totally foreign behavior to me, that is until i found this site but at that point i had already given him a piece of my mind.

One thing is certain, if he does want to continue i will surely be prepared the next go around.

For Scorpio Courtnee
by: Scorp42

You are extremely welcome. I am just sharing what I have learned over these last 2 or 3 years. One thing I have learned is that you can date other men without worrying about loosing your Aqua. Having another kind of brings them closer to you. I can't explain it but that has been my experience. This behavior may never change and I may get fed up and I may not. He is still so wonderful to me and we do have a great friendship, not to mention wonderful intimate times that has been a long time coming. He now spends a lot of time cuddling with me that he never used to do before unless we were in bed together. Go figure. Damn Aquarians, gotta love em... :-)

Double the pleasure
by: melvi

WOW! Scorp4
Talking about have your cake and eat it too (-: Sounds like a great trade off. Especially if keeps him around. As long as your needs are being met and your happy.

In my head i keep justifying that he is still interested in me because when he text me last week he said, "Happy Halloween , stop calling my mother" but i'm convincing myself that since he didn't say stop calling him that he is not through. However, that is just because that's what i want it to mean. Silly, i know. Anywho, i am not emotionally ready to get involved with anyone else right now but i'm only human so eventually i will do what i have to do.

im here too
by: Anonymous

hi melvi.. i randomly stumbled across this page while looking for some help on how to handle my aqua man. for the first 6 months of our relationship he was amazing.. so loving and caring and even got us a corporate number so that our calls were free. but i guess i went wrong when i got a little possesive around the time he got benched at work and ever since hes been on a disappearing act. after reading this thread i have alot of hope that if i stand back now n not bother he will be back n intuition also tells me that he will b back. to get away he said i dnt love u anymore but changed the story a litte later. he then kept saying that i need to be patient for him to get back in his life n career n that he still loves and cares for me. he still calls when he feels like or when i dnt reply or something that shows him im missing n not bothered. hes done alot for me emotionaly n financialy and is quite older so im sure hes not fooling around... i guess patience does it. so heres my best wishes to u too.. hoping that we get to be with our aquarian men forever.. they are committment phobes.. my dad is aquarian too :)

also to add
by: Anonymous

also remember that aquarians will not show u how they feel very often. i am a scorpio by sun sign but in india we believe in moon signs as well and im aquarian in that. i dnt like showing what i feel sometimes whether good or bad but i dnt avoid. aquarians are emotional but are phobic to display them. they are frightened of committments because they are perfectionists and want things to be as they dream them to be. so i think u and me need to go slowly on this one.. i dnt know when was this thread last updated but wish me good too :) i know i love him with every breathe i have... hes my angel...

by: Scorp42

Read the thread that is called "Aqua Man Gone Forever?" Very informative and some advice from a few Aqua men as well.

by: melvi

Well, it's been a while since i've mentioned what has been going on.

The advice worked just as mentioned. I stopped contact and sure enough he started texting, calling, emailing me, even mailed a card.

I have continued to follow the advice by not responding to his txt or calls right away and i only call or txt once a week and even then i keep it short and brief.

I will admit it's so funny how the advice given by the ladies on here who have experience with Aqua men was spot on.

I do not say anything about the distance i just enjoy his sense of humor, attention and conversation.

Thank you again for all of the advice, i wouldn't have gone crazy and truly chased him away if it were not for this site.

by: Anonymous

Congrats on your progression with your aqua. Keep us updated and let us know if it works out!

by: Anonymous

I have been w my aquarius off and on almost four yrs..he proposed to me the day before my only was I shocked just didn't know how to react..they are more moody than a dang pregnant women...I love him dearly,but don't have a lot of patience...why do they think that ignoring your loved one is ok..just not normal..

updates frm india
by: Anonymous

hey its so great to know that something is working. things turned this new yr for me too n my aqua man and hes been getting better n more romantic that im actually starting to wonder whts with him. anyway i have reached saturation point though i love him so much still... my patience is not out yet. all i can say is that i feel we need to just hang in there... these ppl are so moody that they shud get the next most mysterious star sign award!!! i hope more updates pour in with all the positivism i need to keep my tank running... just be positive.. :)

to scorpio 777
by: Melvi

It sounds like you do have patience if you've been with him for so long, four years is a long time.

Whatever your doing, it's working so don't loose your patience now :-) hee hee
Congrats, on your proposal. Did you set a date?

There is something special there so just focus on that because the interesting thing is, you can find another guy who is very predictable and clingy but he still may not be able to make you feel good the way your Aqua does.

I don't know what or how they do it but it is truly mystifying to me and i think that's the magic (they're unpredictable yet predictable).

by: Melvi

I did have the ring checked out and yes it real (So he wasn't playing around in that department)

I'm taking it slow and just letting him set the pace. The other day he told me his miss me and i wanted to say it back but decided not to. I feel like it's a game but i'm just doing what is necessary to keep him from sprinting away with jets on because i'm expressing feelings. :-)

I am extremely fond of him. It's like school girl love and it feels amazing.

If it's meant to be it will so i am just enjoying the magical moments

indian love story
by: Anonymous

hi melvi
well if u dnt mind my asking since when have u been with ths aqua? as for my end i knw wht ur saying is ssoooooooooo freaking true cos thrs no one on earth who wil make u feel as beautiful as ur aquarian... i sure dnt want clingy guys.. i dnt knw wht more to do on my side apart frm praying and keeping my fingers crossed and having patience.. it seems to be getting bette ever so slowly. im requesting u to pray for me too pls... i love my indian aquarian so very much and hes the only one i have been able to connect to since the death of my ex boyfriend in 2008. if anyone on ths earth can convince or talk sense into my aqua its a fellow scorpion lady ;)
i know what ur going thru and so with best wishes from my heart i hope that u and ur aqua end up together forever :)

Lost but Now Found
by: Dangerously In Love

Well I have been seeing my Aquarian for longer than all you. And I had no idea what is/ was going on until reading what you wonderful people have shared. OMG, this has been my light in the dark tunnel.
I thought it was totally over when I left the State we lived in; but he found me and it started again. I have ended this thing (cuz I don't know what it is) more times then I have fingers and he keeps coming back. He does let me know that he wants to take it slow walk not run. But this is the first time that I truly heard him (because I didn’t understand how he could be so in my life one min, and gone the next for days sometimes weeks) , thanks to a friend of mine who saw how much I really love him. She came in with new eyes and now you guys have given me so much insight: New, clear, understandable insight; as crazy as it is.
I now need to decide if to me and for me that he is or is not worth it. I feel like with this new insight that I want to give it another try. And maybe not be driven mad by this man. Because honestly there were times that I thought I was losing my mind.
It is so weird how similar all of our cases are. This man, when he is on it can be hot like fire and the pursuant of me is so romantic. But then when he gets scared or find he’s getting to close or I’m being too clingy he disappears. And that drives me mad. But with this information I have some things to think on
In a word, THANKS

Maybe I can help?
by: Aqua Man

Hi there. I'm an Aquarius man, and I stumbled across this forum as I was looking up my compatibility with my new Scorpio lady. I noticed that all the responses to this thread on here have been posted by both Scorpios and women. I thought maybe hearing from one of us Aquarius guys might help give some insight. :)

There are a few things that Scorpio women can learn about Aquarius men that might take the pressure off the situation. In return, if you get the chance, you ladies should try and give back us fellas some advice on you as well. I actually was very skeptical about getting involved with this woman, because my last relationship with a Scorpio woman was so intense and heartbreaking, that I have been very worried.

So here goes: Aquarians don't want to tell you this, (and you are also talking about men, so it's a double dose) but we are a very proud and quite emotional lot. The more powerful and intense your time is together, the more he will have to pull back because he doesn't want you to KNOW that he is feeling vulnerable, or worse yet, needy. Us guys want to keep you on the edge because we are afraid that if we come too close, you will lose interest yourselves, which to us is totally heartbreaking and deflating.

Maybe I can help cont'
by: Aqua Man 2

Aquarians are sweethearts, but we have huge egos. We want you to believe that we are the best lovers and sweetest people you have ever met. This is our way of making sure that you don't get bored. We will shower you with gifts, and we will fall so hard that it nears obsession. It's funny that people consider us to be cold. We are not cold, we are just afraid of you. The Aquarius is the sociologist of the zodiac. We spend a lot of time studying other people and thinking of ways to change the world. We keep our friends very close, and we attract a lot of them to us. I know I personally have a lot of friends who seem to rely on me for various reasons, and who are very emotionally attached. I am as well, but I can't let people see the vulnerable side. In arguments with my last Scorpio lady, I remember very strongly shutting down when I felt that I was going to get hurt.

Another thing about Aquarians is that we are thinkers. We spend a lot of time with our heads in the clouds, trying to figure it all out. This doesn't mean we are ignoring you, it just means that we require a lot of our own personal down time. For me, this goes with everyone. Sometimes I've stayed mostly in my room for a few days just to avoid other people. I like to take a step back, analyze, and jump back in. Also, on the same tip, we are rebellious as can be. We do not like rules and regulations, nor do we like expectations. It's kinda like, don't ask me to do the dishes tonight, because if you give me the space, I'll probably clean the whole kitchen tomorrow. And cook you dinner. The less rules and strictness, the more we want to do right by you. And even when you think we are ignoring you or being cold, we are thinking of ways to be kind and romantic. We just spend a lot of time biting our fists out of fear.

I hope that some of what I said here is helpful. It's good seeing your perspective, so that I can have some insight as I try and make it work with another of you Scorpios. :)

thank u aqua man
by: Anonymous

hi mr aquarian. u are so much a blessing in disguise. i was so ready to give up this month. i wanted to scream and say you're so not worth it buddy and leave. but in my heart of hearts i know about everything u said. u see my dad is an aquarian too and to=hough my mom is sceptical about me ending up with a guy like my dad there is no other woman on earth who is as perfect for him as my mom is because she just knows how to keep her distance.
this aquarian man i have now is so much like my dad. and unfortunately its been 8 months since i have seen him. last month he didnt answer when i called for his birthday. i was so hurt that i didnt bother to speak to him after that. if he has a big ego i have a bigger one. last month he also said that he wants to come to my city to meet meet me and he expressed happiness over hearing that i had begun to use the local gym :P even now i wonder what taking him so long? i feel like weeping and giving up. he brings out the strongest emotions in me whether good or bad. he tells my best friend that he loves me so much but hes too scared of getting attached.. this mr smarty oants also tells me that he told me that he doesnt love me on purpose to push me away. he wasnt comfortable if i got possesive. he hated it if he felt controlled. but he made me feel like a princess.. a godess.. i want to forget him but i cant. i cant connect with anyone as much as i have had with him. i love him so much yet i am so scared of getting heartbroken again that i dont know what to do. it seems as if something good happens and suddenly he disappears for a spell. here in india we are bound by family. his is so stauch that they are community centric and he is scared of his parents. i need help.. i dont know anything anymore.. :(

by: Melvij

Thank you so much for your insight. Here are two questions for you.

What exactly was it about a scorpio women that drove you away?
What did you love about your scorpio woman?

ill help
by: shody

im an Aquarius and im dating a Scorpio......we are loyal and we will never do nothing to hurt there lover......u should believe u can make it and trust him cuz he wont hurt you unless u hurt him and the probability is that if you hurt him he still wouldn't hurt you are ok.....for now then let him plan his wedding......know for i fact hes gonna get a surprise....and ur gonna get emotional....Aquarius people are the type to dream and be intelligent all u have to do is give him what he needs and he will stay loyal.....ok (ps) Aquarius man don't hit females and if they do they are crazy

by: Anonymous

well i hope there is a good suprise coming soon for me then :)

by: Scorp28

The shocking truth about aquarians you didn't realize (because it is so bizarre to a scorp to even consider this) is that they don't feel their own emotions, they are completely mental. They have some emotions floating somewhere deep inside them, but these are verbalized, blocked out etc. they don't feel them. So they are basically well-meaning sociopaths.

The three water signs basically experience life through pure emotion, other eight signs are more like a mixture of mental and emotional experience.

But aquarius is purely mental. They appear emotional but they aren't and they usually don't realize this about themselves. What they mean by love is that they think about you a lot. They are only able to think, without feelings involved.

So a scorp should run from a "relationship" like this.. we need emotional connections. We can't connect to an object that only looks human.

by: Scorp28


An aquarius cannot comprehend/imagine what emotions are, and what it could be like to live that way. They probably don't even realize that there are such things in other people. And no it's not the mood changes thing or the abstract love for humanity thing.

So stop trying to fix humanity, it isn't broken.. try to overcome this natural disconnection in your brain instead.

news from india
by: Anonymous

I know it has been a very long time. This Feb (2012)my aquarian man wanted to get back again with me as he felt i had changed and am now concentrating on more real things in life than emotions.I was thrilled though I tried not to show it. Somehow he reversed his decision again. Same thing happened in April and I lost my temper. Now in India, astrology has a different way of working at compatibities. and according to both our sun signs and moon signs we are very compatible but who knew what was happening when he starts acting weird again. I happened to discover that I found something worth fighting for in him but he didnt see the same in me and that is totally not worth my time and emotions.

Aquarius / Scorpio
by: Scorpio81

Is there a specific time, or occasion, or reason that he disappears? -

From my experience its usually after a period time time you have been continuously been in contact. They stop (which confuses us). I feel its just there way of taking in how they feel. have there thinking period to themselves.

Does he disappear for the same period of time? -

Can be few days, weeks or months. My Aqua guy stopped communication with me mid Aug. Its Nov. I randomly texted everyone happy halloween and he responded..and we have been chatting again. its like nothing happend.

Does he stop returning your calls all together? If yes, do you just wait for him to contact you?

He does kill the convo via texts alot. Its because they have alot going on with them so they keep themselves busy with other things eg chill with friends, work, own personal hobbies etc. It used to frustrate me soo much in the beginging because at first he used to message me soo much and i used to love the attention and when all that stopped, I questioned myself if i did something wrong. Sometimes after a long period of time if you message him he will respond. If he doesnt then dont wait around.. he will get in touch with you.

What's the longest time period he has taken to reach back out to you? -

With me its been random. within a year of knowing my Aqua iv only linked up with him 4 times. When I'm with him i feel great. I get pissed of with him if he hasnt messaged but when he does i strangly forgive and forget. :)

by: Anonymous

I have given up on Aquarians. hell yeah they are the most amazing people in the zodiacs but i think after three years of this kind of behavior one has to realise that there is alot more in life t obe done than pining after an idiot Aquarian who doesn't even know what's good for him let alone for you. My aqua man used to disappear for about a month or so after getting a little close to me.. the last straw was when i happpened to pass his house as we live quite close to each other and stopped to wave at him and he asks me- 'what do you want?'Any discussion that relates to emotions is not his cup of tea. He never makes up his mind. He has even changed our dinner date plans a 100 times before i finally get annoyed. I've prayed, I've cried and opened up more than any Scorpion would have like to admit but now I'm done. It is just not worth. Be happy that you had a wonderful time with him and you two have created probably the best memories of YOUR life.. Mind you yours not his.. because when he moves on the other pastures he doesn't remember the emotions and love he felt when he connected with you for that fleeting moment. An Aquarian man is a Scorpion woman's worst nightmare and the biggest downfall she can have. Initially it may bring out the best in your creativity but later it just kills you because they are criticising and rude and this makes your free spirit die slowly inside. I have found a Capricorn man whom I really like and I hope it gets somewhere soon..

It really can work .. slow and steady always wins the race
by: Anonymous

Honestly i have barely experienced any of those things from my aquarian but i suppose its because we've been friends for 7 years before becoming more, i never have a problem with intimacy , he tells me he loves me daily , he has his friends but he doesn't really go out very often , we talk throughout the day. its like am walking on air, like am with my best friend , its amazing how easy we connect and he never fails to let me know how he truly feels. Though to be fair the first year was kind of tuff we known each other forever but it was one those right places right time kind of moment ,we started talking n didnt stop ,at first i felt the connection so i cut off all ties almost immediately ..he didn’t, it took him 2 months, was with some girl on the way to her house n i messaged him , he said that was the moment he knew he not only didn’t want her but didnt want me with anyone else so he walked away never looked back ,then there was the "title"thing ..he told me he loved me ,referred to me as his girlfriend but technically i wasn’t . he needed to come to terms with accepting the fact that he was falling in love,thats somethin you need to show patience with(if they dont see themselves being a certain way and you change that you need to show them you're willing to be patient as they try to accept the new transition,they require complete trust,patience n support)when it was over he knew even though I hurt I stood by him despite it because i loved n believed in him… waited for a special date 7 yrs of friendship, 7 days after 7 months after us, so our anniversary is 7.7.7 angel n lucky numbers...i cried ,I cry a lot at his romantic things,its amazing cause he'll just kiss my tears away, tell me that forever n always i'll be his n he'll be mine..sounds like a dream ? but its constant work cause we do get into arguments ,he needs to know that he has my support n my trust cause he’s vulnerable n needs reassurance , he gets very sensitive wit certain things like my past, as far as he's concern it should always n will always be him (know its serious when an aquarius gets jealous n possessive)but honestly getting him to that point was me being patient ,supportive ,showing him constant love n dedication ,always admitting my mistakes ,being honest ,sucking up my pride (thats the hardest) but first n for most it was about me being his friend..its one thing to be with someone n completely another to be their best friend,you'll be surprised where that alone can take you with an aquarius. The best compliment my aquarius ever gave me was that i was his best friend n i knew him better than himself which actually goes both ways so in my opinion you just have to be able to put in the work with him , get to really know him n he begins to pull away you see it before its happening tell him that its okay that he feels a certain way that you understand he needs his space,you'll be waiting for him and graciously give it to him (slow and steady wins the race)

Slow and Steady wins the race it can happen contins
by: Anonymous

... also remember this i said in the beginning it was the right time right kind of place sorta of vibe .. we both believe it was faith and thats something you cant create ,it has to be right,i know for a fact it can work (my grandpa was an aqua n my grandma was a scorpio married 50 years ,soul mates ,completely in love till the day he died not to mention they spoke different languages when they met , they actually taught each other to communicate and live happy . i have a tattoo and an amazing man to remind me every day of that good luck to you guys !

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