Aquarius Scorpio great sex not much else

I've been with Aquarian male on and off for 3 years... and I must say it's been a roller-coaster ride! I really don't know why we're even still in touch with each other... I think it's just the sex. We have nothing in common... I'd rather be in a committed relationship with him, Im loyal, and willing to do whatever to keep his attention. But he doesn't feel the same way in return... he says he needs space, time for us to build our friendship, but he still wants to have sex with me. I must admit the sex is exotic and Im very satisfied with that. But we are looking in two different directions and I think it's best we go our separate ways. We don't have much in common

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Aquarius Scorpio great sex
by: Anonymous

The guy I am seeing is Aquarius, and boy is he distant and secretive! independence is totally their priority and don't dare quiz them on hard questions early! take your time with them, be patient, and let them open up to you. Good luck fishing ladies!! p.s. the sex is AWESOME, very satisfying. Ciao!

Listen to what this man has to say-but also follow your sixth sense that you have as a Scorpio
by: Scorpion Colleena

Hello Scorpio, If this Aquarian has been in your life for 3 years, thats almost a record for this man. He has got to be interested in you, even if you think its only for sex. This man has so many female friends or shall we call it a Harem, that he can pick and choose who he wants. He does not live in the emotions of the mind (like a Scorpio does) his is a mental process of the mind. You are not listening to him when he asked you to be friend, its not an insult coming from him, what he means is, he wants to get to know you mentally, he wants to know all your secrets, and whats happening in your mind, so that he can analyse it all in his computor brain. Its his way of getting closer to you, by building a bond of friendship,( thats the aquarian way) when hes figured you out, he can know whether to trust you with his secrets, and if your very lucky with his emotions, which are very deeply hidden. It is normal for an aquarian man to need space, he needs to recharge his batteries some times, especially when he is dealing with matters of the heart, because this is one time in his life when he can feel totally out of his depth, and sometimes drowning. I would suggest, that if you wish to keep this relationship going, try talking more,make your self interesting and knowledgeable in everything from is there life on Mars, time travel, the planets, space, current affairs etc, etc., and remember not to give all your secrets away, as this man is drawn to mystery and mysterious woman, which a scorpio woman has plenty of,including sexually, thats why he became interested in you in the first place The puzzle must not be solved to quickly, if at all, if it is, he will be off to try and solve another puzzle, these men can get bored very easily.I wish you luck from one Scorpio woman to another,try and relax, and dont let your emotions come into play. Remember, if this relationship does not work,your will have no regrets because you have given it your all. Pick your self up dust your self off and start all over again, which will be no problem for a Scorpio lady, she is never alone for very long in her life, dont dwell on the pass, go forward into your new future with someone who will love you for exactly who and what you are. Becareful,be aware, and take care.

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