Aquarius woman freedom and independence

by Anonymous
(Auckland, New Zealand )

I am an Aquarius woman and a lot of what I read on this page describing us is very true. I love my freedom and independence and love a man who is intellectual and honest. I also dissect a man's character under a microscope. My way of dressing is also interesting, a mixture of the old and new but very interesting and it suits me. I have been told my almost everyone I meet that I am detached, indifferent, standoffish, unemotional, unpredictable and intelligent. I am 33 and am still not married. I don't even have any plans to settle down anytime soon and am not even worried about it!!!

I also hate needy and clingy people. They make me feel uncomfortable and want to run. I also have the strong will power to break off from any relationship as soon as I see that it is not going anywhere. Even if it breaks my heart to pieces ...

There is so much more to say but I guess you all get the picture ...

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True True True
by: Anonymous

This hits my Nail right on its head..

Accurate account of my traits!

Shattering an Aquarius heart
by: Charlie

Idk if this is true for all Aquarius, but for me the only time I've had my heart truly broken and hurt was when I had to break off a relationship with the perfect Pisces man.. We were in a three year relationship, and it killed me inside to end it. I have 4 younger brothers and I've always liked hanging out with guys over girls, and he couldn't accept that.. Him holding me back seriously made me mentally depressed. Not to the general onlooker, but literally MENTALLY, Not emotionally. The thing is that yeah, if something doesn't matter to us, we aren't emotionally attached. And even if something is important I still can seem stand-offish, but really its just that I naturally have a barrier! I care so much for everyone I know and never judge. I love all people. I think I have too much love to go around to love one person.. Is that really Detached, or just connected to everyone?.

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