Aquarius woman marriage question

by Jake
(St. Louis)

We're in an amazing relationship. I am fascinated by her but am afraid to make a move. As hard as it was to get with her, I don't want to lose her. She does like her freedom a lot. How do I talk to her about marriage without pushing her away?

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good things come to those who wait.
by: Anonymous aquarius woman

You have to be patient. Im one and if I feel the marriage will be controlling and not progressive I will stall on it. As long as you talk about building a future with her and show her loyality, respect, and affirmation she will come around. Good luck !

by: Anonymous

I think it's a good idea to talk about relationships in general. Aquarius likes to discuss things and if you don't get very concentrated on your specific relationship, she may be quite open and honest with things. You can also discuss gay marriages and open relationships to make things more easy-going.
That way you'll get ger point of view.
Never pressure an Aquarius to make this commitment. But for me it would be completely ok if the other one tells how he feels about marriage and that he would eventually like to marry the special woman of his life.
Either way, go very slow and even if you have kind of hinted about this wish, give her lots and lots of time to think about it. When the first panic attacks are over, she may even like the ideo of being together forever

by: Aqua girl

Hey jake, what sign are you?

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