Aquarius woman self description

by K'la Beau

I am an Aquarius to the T (lol). My ways are unusual but anyone that really knows me which is only a few, know that. I am complimented on my interesting personality very often and I love hearing it. I never think on a surface level unless forced. I always see things 6' deep. I am currently smitten by a Cancer man but involved with a Gemini man. I must say if I'm in a relationship which I'm usually not, but if I am it's not for long. But I must say I am very loyal. But I AM a natural flirt which sometimes gets me in trouble lol. I cannot stand emotional people. I respect others and their feelings but pssshhh if you don't have confidence and a knack to be free then I cannot be around you. I can be very bossy but I just like to be aware and on top of things. However, I can be loving and selfless. I love giving especially to those in need.

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