Aquarius women don't like being controlled

I'm Aquarius Girl (19) I don't like being lied to, being caught in a lie or playing games is not so good, for you. we remember and it pushes us away. we like to be able to trust people and we like having trust. Just because we are free spirited and independent doesn't mean we are unfaithful. We don't like to be tied down in other words we don't like being controlled. Underestimating a Aquarius is probably one of the last things to do on your list. We will surprise you with behavior and words. I love to socialize and go to parties, i like meeting people. I like being in Comfortable situations and i am very opinionated. Getting to know a Aquarius person is kind of hard I would have to say. I have a lot people tell me that they don't understand me. I like to travel. I move quite often, i have moved every three to forth months in the last 3 years. I love it. I would like to think we are positive independent free at heart and open to everything kind of people. I am a true Aquarius.

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by: Anonymous

I completely agree. I'm an Aquarius girl (21), and this describes me perfectly. Any form of ordering, bossing or control pushes us away and we will never look back. This applies to any relationship, not just romance. We like to be respectfully talked to and after we evaluate the circumstances, we come to the best, most fair decision anyway. "What do you think?" is a question we like to hear, and "Don't you think you should do this?" is a tactful way of trying to influence an Aquarius.

Just because we're free and independent, doesn't mean we stray. It just doesn't appeal to us, and we hate telling falsehoods and living a lie just as much as we hate being lied to.

And we hate being used and even seeing others being used.

We typically always know what's going on with you and see right through you though we pretend that we don't have a clue and most of us look really dreamy anyway.

It might be just another experiment to us where we don't let on just how much we know about your intentions and watch in fascination how you behave and when it's time we let your conclusions come to light.

If you hold us to obligations and duties we flee. We feel deep down, and we really know how to love someone. We help not with the intention of being held to it. Likewise, if you help us, we're weary of it because that might restrict us in someway.

we are in a class all by itself
by: Anonymous

We are very loving and give our best,we don't trust until it is earned so it's best to be honest from there on out. We respect honesty no matter how it may hurt. We are able to read people well we can see who is real and who is just trying to project an image. Aquarius women are beautiful inside and out and we have a style all of our own. We accept everyone at face value. I do believe we are loved by many because we love many. I am proud of us stay strong and believe in who you are and do you.

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