Aquarius women love to laugh

by tanika

Rite on. Im dying laughing because you hit the nail on the head. I also wanted to add a few thoughts if that's ok. Aquarian women love to laugh. Yes we are very passionate about views however we are carefree women. I love to laugh be fun and flirty.

We enjoy being unique and we are typically rocking styles that haven't hit the streets yet. We enjoy being romanced adored and stimulated. I agree that a 3rd date you're on a wining team but conversation is a MUST!!! We must be able to communicate and understood before we allow someone to explore our most precious possession.....we must know that our most intimates thoughts will be shared with no other.

Aquarius women go into every relationship and everyone will get a fare shake although once that bond has been broken the relationship IS over although we still linger a little while longer especially if the sex is good.

Just a few thoughts. Thx again

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by: Anonymous

I'm an aquarius and I LOVE to laugh. I'm always smiling and when I'm not either smiling or laughing you know something's not right. If a guy can make me laugh he has an automatic food in the door. Most definitely.

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