Are all Scorpios super sexual?

Ok sooo Ima Scorpio woman and I think about sex ALOT!! I just wanna know are other Scorpios like this or am I a sex addict? haha. I fantasize about hot steamy rough intense sex in random locations at least everyday. I'm a flirt too. Just wanna throw that in there. Oh and why am I soo attracted to fire signs?? I thought my perfect matches were Cancer and Pisces.

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Your not alone.
by: Anonymous

I think about sex alot i even masturbated at a young age. It's said to be a scorpio thing. We can be super sexual but not all of us are. So no not all scorpios are sexual but i do believe it's a high percentage.

by: Anonymous

haha me too. i was always over sexed and started at a young age...i feel like its just scorpios

by: Anonymous

I'm a scorpio, and I've been told that I'm more open minded than other women. I think about sex 24/7, but see it as a serious matter. Sex isn't just a game for me, it's something a man has to earn. I give my heart and soul to my partner, and expect him to do the same for me. If there's no passion, I don't want it.

Right there w you
by: Anonymous

Lol I always thought it was just me. That I must be part man for how much I think about sex. I even think about it in the weirdest places. And like you I fantasize a lot. I'm w capricorn and he totally fulfills all of my fantasizes w/o asking for hints on how to plz me.

by: SexyScorpio1

I am a scorpio woman and love to have sex. Some guys and gals, i know say I act like a man. In my younger years, I am 30. I went through a period of casual flings. My friend wondered how I could do such things without attachment. EASY sex is sex and love is love. :) Now I got my eye on this cancer. he doesnt know he is a fly on my web yet.

Its true!
by: Anonymous

Im young and all i think about is sex! Im 13 and a scorpio and i cant get it off my mind. I fantasize about it a lot and sometimes imagine my crush is making out with me on my bed. I think its just scorpios

Ah, guilty
by: Ivy

It feels so good to finally that there are other scorpios who's almost exactly like me. I mean, on the sexual stuff. Yeah, I have those sexual fantasies. That's part of the reason why I don't want to get out of bed :3

by: Anonymous

I'm a scorpio woman also and I have always been like that. It's great to know that others think the same.

by: Anonymous

Yeah, I'm a Scorpio Girl and I do think about it a lot. It's true.............. :)

Agreed...a word of caution

As another hyper-sexual Scorpio woman I agree we might have a high sex drive when compared to the socially acceptable prudish view on sex. Now a word of not ever let an exceptional sexual encounter cloud reality. Sex no matter how superlative to your expectations is only a connection of physical satisfaction. Be able to let it be what it is and we can enjoy our own sexual dominance. ROCK ON LADIES!

i love sex too
by: Anonymous

i'm scorpio woman and i love sex, i even masturbated at a young age of 14. i thought it's not normal, everytime i do it, i regret it, until i come to accept it. i love sex, i am quite assertive when it comes to opposite sex, i remained a virgin till 24, and loves to explore sex from then on, masturbated sometimes twice a day even when my bf is sleeping beside me.. because he's tired from our previous sex.. i have come a lot of times, he really satisfied me, he can always come around even after five minutes..sometimes i have multiple orgasm, he knows how to please me.. he's libra.. sex really seals our bond, we do it when we fancy, in car, on the beach cove, kitchen, even terminals, quickies, or even when he's driving..slowly...he's my ex now.. he's gone.. and now i'm seeing a capricorn man, he got a strong drive in sex but he's really unmatched for me..he didnt last long in sex..i always have to initiate sex..and i feel aroused but i have to fake orgasm so i won't hurt him. and he's fascinated on how strong i am in bed and told me how good i am, but i want more from him when it comes to sex.. i dated single men and married men, but i definitely fall for married man..

by: scorpy

hey there im a 18yr old scorpio male,i thought i was a sexuall freek in the begining but after seeing u guys what uv written i guess scorpio belongs to the sex brother hood lol, well im a scorpio and big fan of sex,but my nature is i loooove mixing sex with love,cause i only like having sex with those i love and not any body

It is Scorpios!
by: Oct 31th

Scorpios rule sex and death. Simple as that. I am a young Scorpio woman and i started thinking about sex at as young as 9! I never knew why my mind was so mature in that aspect. Also, people have noticed my eyes are deeply attractive. Growing up my brother was a Virgo and always picked on me. My words seemed to hurt people easily as well. Ruling the planet Pluto, Scorpios don't expect a sunny day every day. Some signs believe this darkness is seductive while other signs feel intimidated. Scorpios have quite an imagination when it comes to their territory; SEX.

Join the Club
by: Ray

I think about sex 24/7. I fantastize about everything from one on one loving making to harcore orgies. At 43, I can't get enough. I have 2 lovers and am looking for a 3rd. LOL

Always enjoy, but also be safe.

by: Anonymous

I am driven to an extent that if i dont get it from him, ill give it to! and I cum everytime.
Or if he is exhausted i dont mind ever to do the athletics, he 'l just relax and enjoy and this makes him excited and he says he enjoys to watch me get what i want. I am lucky he gives to me good when he does often but still cant keep up.... he is a virgo.

by: Anonymous

BEEN with a Gemini all my life it seems. Teen marriage...Sex was def not strong point for us. I'm highly sexual but the figthing and back and forth never allowed my REAL sexual nature to TRULY come out! So I thought something was wrong with me--even though I think about sex a great deal of the time!And bought games, lingerie etc...we were always dancing reggae with someone who's doing the waltz! LOL DEfinitely not something wrong with me or him!! It was just a terrible combination!

The right partner is necessary at least for me! Cause holding grudges (that we do OH SO WELL) will DEF supersede the sexual urge!!

I am staying away from Geminis from now on!

Time to get my groove on and finally LET LOOSE!

Sex and more sex!
by: Anonymous

Sex sex and more sex...And the DEEP mysteries of life....Definitely makes us the MOST INTENSE SIGN!!! AND I LOVE IT!

People look at my eyes and get lost..and I know it!

I feel like a magician sometimes with my gaze it's like telepathic communication or something. I can read them, send them love, and pick up ALL KINDS of information!

And when it comes to sex..I KNOW what to do and every time it's something new and exciting..even if just a tiny change!!




I feel relieved
by: Anonymous

If I remember, I started thinking about sex at the age of 9-10 also. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who always thinks and fantasizes at the most random times, I thought I was half man at one point because of my constant sexual thoughts. Whew, thank goodness it's just a thing that runs for Scorpios!

by: Anonymous

I'm a scorpio female and I have a high sex drive. My boyfriend can't please me the way I want it and we've been dating for 3 years. I've talked about it but he keeps saying he'll change some things, which never happened. Oh well I love sex and don't know what to do, masturbation gets old.

I thought i'm abnormal
by: Anonymous

Same here... I Believe i started masturbating when i was grade 1... Nobody taught me bout sex, i didn't watch pornos, it's like the idea of sex had been implanted in mt mind and i can't take it off.

To be honest, it's a struggle for me because im a Christian and i could not understand why i can't stop it. I Really thought i was born abnormal for being a sex addict until now. This thread somehow gave me relief.

Super Duper Sex Drive....
by: Taurus

AHA you're not the only sign. I'm a Taurus (with a lot of Aries influence in my chart) and boy.... I'm always thinking about sex. It is constantly on my mind!!! I'm always horny and I have a high sex drive that can never be fully satisfied.... alas. I started masturbating at the age of 7 so yeah pretty young. While all my friends at the time were thinking about barbies, something else preoccupied my mind. Also I'm a dreamer and daydream constantly. Can you guess what I'm dreaming of..... yep you're damn right! Btw I'm a girl. All my relationships so far were good, however one thing was missing... good sex.

Scorpio female love sex
by: Anonymous

I too am a scorpio female who love sex. Started at a young age masturbating. Stll do it sometimes because I'm currently not in a relationship. Was married to a Pisces and we were not sexually compatible at all! Had a virgo boyfriend who was sexually compatible with me but not emotionally compatible. I cut him loose too. Had a scorpio boyfriend years ago who loved me dearly but I was too young and didn't know better. Recently had a scorpio male friend who was a little too blunt for me plus I felt he was playing the field and dating other women. So I let him go before I developed any feelings. Interested in a Capricorn now. And boy I sure fo need patience with him. He's typical of his sign. I hope I can hang on. I like him alot.

not alone
by: angel t

GIRL NOT ALONE i LOVE SEX ITS ON MY MIND ALOT it give me a rush n motivation

by: Anonymous

What is it about I started touching myself whole watching porn by Jada fire it was when I was six yyear old and now I am 21 years old and still watching it I watch so much porn like gangbang it three some and hard core deep throat even anime . Thanks now I am not the only scorpio who did that in her childhood.

by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio - Nov. 1st - not just sex, but passion. I fantasize about intense sex and I have to control my natural tendencies to flirt with men I find attractive. Unfortunately, I married a Gemini and it's, ugh, it's just sub par. Our incompatibility is deeply frustrating to me, and I have been trying to work on it to make it better, and to improve our connection for over a decade. I fantasize about an old lover of mine who I was completely compatible with, who is deeply passionate, and who, I'm afraid to say, is hung like a stallion. But he's married with kids too. Aye me, such is life. Fellow Scorpio ladies who are out there and yet to be married, think long and hard before you say yes to the man (or woman!). Life is long, especially when you are hitched to the wrong partner.

Scorpio Teen
by: Anonymous

Hello fellow Scorpios, I think dirty all the time and I am a virgin I'm a Christian and I know that masturbating it's wrong but it's in my mind always thinks about sex and I can't stop it I Really don't want to wait to have sex till I'm marry and I may never get marry so f*** that I also talk dirty super good I read dirty fanfic when I masturbate

ALL of my scorpio friends masturbate xD
by: scorp girl

I accidentally came across 'a sexy video' (not porn) at the age of 8! And I must say, I liked it! (and was kindda yearning for more) And at the age of 11, masturbation came to me like an instinct. No one has ever thought me it or neither have I seen it before.
I thought I was abnormal as none of my friends did it or any other girl did it.
But later found out there there were other girls out there doing it too!
So it's nice and reassuring to hear that it is a normal thing to do!
And tbh, for the people I know irl, ALL my scorpio female friends masturbate!
And all of my scorpio friends are just plain horny xD
Stay strong and sexy, my scorpio ladies ~v~

shit hits the fan ...
by: Anonymous

i googled "scorpios have high sex drive?" and that brought me here haha... well I think i had the issue of fantasizing from my puberty too ... and mostly started out with soft core porn in my head hahaha...but yeah it has its tole on me sometimes ..although all that i did was fantasize i did not really had sex with any guy until i got married ... but i fantasized almost always in anywhere ... when i felt like it.. but now that i am married and got to know how physically it feels like ... and i am wayyy more sexual than my husband for sure... cuz i think i need it always and he is not like that ..and i am scared/ashamed to tell him that i am a freak ...oh and my husband is a gemini ... =( but good to know and i am not the only one :) not really in to s&m ...just passionate sex ;)

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