Are all Virgo men the same?

I am a Scorpio woman. My Virgos are really sweet, and make me feel cared about, safe and loved. What I mean by "Virgos" is that I'm currently seeing two Virgo men. I'm in a dilemma right now, I do not know which to choose. They both make me feel cared about and I can talk to them about anything, well they tell me about lots of stuff and I can open up a bit, which with most guys I cant do!

I feel like I am almost with the same person around both of them. The one I am more interested in tough (virgo #1) is the one I can not have due to a situation where my friend was seeing him first, but HE liked me. I knew all along that would happen, I had that feeling. You know the one you get when a guy catches you looking at him and smile. Yeah that one. Well anyway, I think I am really falling for him. His touch makes me weak and butterflies! The full experience. The only problem here is my friend. I told him our relationship should remain a secret and he was ok with that, but like always my suspiciousness is making me thing that he might want that for his own benefit, just like I am using it for mine.

On the other hand Virgo #2 is almost the same, he makes me feel secure and I feel I can depend on him. His turn off is that he is unemployed and still living at his parents house! I want to make this work, but I have no idea how. They both have qualities that I love but after reading these posts I'm feeling a bit down.

You see many Virgo men are attracted to me, and the former one I was dating was really WEIRD! He would talk to me for a while then not talk to me. He was too needy and would play games with me.. He missed me one day then bye the next? So I feel these two might back fire on me also..

My question is: Are all Virgos alike?

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Are all Virgo men the same?
by: Anonymous

To a certain point they are all alike. Out of 100 or so Virgo traits there are at least 10 shared by every Virgo. The other 90 tend to be modified by other personality factors, age, upbringing, life experiences etc.

As some examples, i'd say

99% of Virgo's are introverts
95% are perfectionists
95% are intellectual
70% are shy

Using these examples, where the problem arises here, is that if 70% are shy, the other 30% are extremely confident and bold.

What causes these differences? Well, amongst other issues someone's sun sign is just one element of their personality. It's a starting point to make some assumptions but if you're seriously trying to figure them out then you need to see their whole natal chart. A Virgo with say an Aries moon, Aries mars and Aries venus is going to be radically different to a Virgo with a Pisces moon, mars and venus. Sun signs are fascinating, but they're just one part of the picture. This site offers excellent relationship readings if you're wanting to understand someone.

Are all Virgo men the same?
by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio woman. I've dated all kinds of signs. I've dated two virgos but is friends with one of them now. The second one is a total creep, psycho and hates to be chased but likes if he chases you. Don't call him or text him too much because he finds that just so freaking annoying. He thinks you'd be some drugs. Haha. Seriously, I manipulate my Virgo man. I kept destroying his thoughts of being with me because then he wants to be with me. I kept turning him down but I flirt because it's the way to keep in on his leash and humping on to me. lol. I am serious... girls. virgos like chasing you because they feel that you're a nobody if you cling on to them. don't CLING. he hates it. like for example I would tell my Virgo man I love him but I don't fucking need him. so I leave him alone. he wants more when he comes back. a lot MORE. they are too jealous though when it comes to you and you're guy friends. He feels you're a cheater then calls you a whore. which happens a lot with him and I . I don't get jealous, I get revengeful. muahahahahahaha. so if he lies about anything, I make him feel guilty shitty. but its just me. now he's obsessive because thats how he loves. but too much pain causes them act out and act posessive. some of you are reading thisand say "wtf is wrong with her or is she drunk?" there are ups and down. virgos are mysterious. so am i. I come off cold hearted. he likes to chase after cold hearted because he feels theres more to me. see the problem?

Virgos are not the same... At all.
by: Anonymous

I am a virgo man, I love scorpios. They are mysterious and confident without needing to speak a word. But that is besides the point, virgos differ just as you do to other scorpios. My sun sign is virgo which I most deffenitely am, I carry 90% of the traits that you read about. However I have cancer as my moon sign also including Venus. This makes me more intuitive to emotional feelings and expressing my own feelings, especially in relashionships, which is uncommon for virgos. I also have Leo as my ascending sign, people know me as confident and outgoing in social situations, this is very polar of the virgo traits. A sun sign can tell you a lot about about a person, but there are so many other variables in our natal charts that make us unique and individuals. If you have two virgos in your life they are similar but different, you need to discover the traits in both and decide which traits better suit you.

I hope this is helpful, take your time and notice the finer details. You'll make the right decision :)

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