Are aquarius men always aloof?

by pisces luvs aquaman
(san antonio tx)

Ok, so I'm dating this Aquarius for about 10 months now, I've been very patient. In the beginning he catered to me. Then all of a sudden when I asked him what he felt for me he kinda backed off. Didn't call me, didn't text me. He did the whole disappearing act most aquarians do.(from what I've read). So I figured he didn't want anything with me. When I leave him alone, he starts looking for me. Its true, that if you don't smother them with affection and questions or talk about your relationship they do seem to come around. But how would I know if he really does want me and only me? At first I have to admit that I was too emotional in the beginning (I'm a Pisces by the way). But this has gone on for too long.(or at least for me it has) I've learned not to be so clingy(as u know its hard for us Pisces to do) I sometimes feel as if this is always going to like this. Does it ever change? Do Aquarius ever stop being aloof ? My aqua man has told me he liked me but I was only able to get it out of him once. I love being around him, because we do have good conversation. We laugh together and I feel we have great chemistry. I've also learned not to be so emotional and have not called him like before. I'm just wondering, if I've made some changes to try to reason with him, will he always be like this?

He has proven to me that he hasn't cheated. So I'm not accusing him of that, but about him being a bit aloof, is what gets to me.

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Aloof aqua
by: Anonymous

From my experience they just suck at expressing emotions genuinely. They seem more comfortable with people they don't care about...they seem to be more relaxed and more affectionate if they don't have an invested interest. It is quite crushing, I know! They are mainly group people and really struggle with the one on one authenticity. Hard for most people to understand because normally you save your most affection for people who you really care about. To answer your question I don't really know, I think after a long long time they begin to loosen up, but those elements of aloofness will always be present.

Leo Woman, Aquarius Ma
by: Anonymous

Was in a 2 year relationship with an Aquaris man. I wish that I had read some of the sites out there before I got too involved. He is very aloof and hurt my feelings more than once. He is really not got good relationship material. Only as friends where he doesn't have to get too close. Ladies, don't do it!

Aquarius is not for all women but definitely okay for some others
by: Anonymous

Well, you have to be independent. He wants a friend. He wants to be with you because you're special. But if he shows it to you- he's putting you on a pedestal- which goes against his ideals of respect. I think deep down Aquarius men want an independent lioness who they can respect.

Recent break up
by: Anonymous

I was introduced to this Aquarius man in June of this year,he actually wanted me to be his lady in July, i figured what the hec he is a older man and he knows what he wants and is established. Everything was going wonderful down to telling one another that we loved one another, until he said that i shut him out. I recently lost my grandmother back in October of this year and when Thanksgiving arrived I was feeling down and depressed and I was just going through of being alone, he didn't understand that and told me I shut him off and that he can not get pass that and now he wants to remain friends. He says that we are as one and i should not have shut him out. Did we move to fast? how can you go from loving someone to being friends? Now he don't call or text, is he scared? he has been hurt in the past but he shouls not let the past interfere with the present. I need help, he says he need time and that he thought he was ready for a relationship but now he is not. I am confused. He made a big deal of me shutting him out. I cannot see breaking it off over that.

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