Are Aries Men players?

by anony

I met my Aries man 4 months ago (i am a Taurus lady).. I have never really encountered an Aries Man before, but when we met we hit it off strait away, the chemistry was electric, and we got on like we knew each other for a lifetime. We have both fallen in love with each other he says he loves everything about me and that i give him strength, also that he will never cheat hurt or let me down.

He has shown a lot of things to prove this, but something inside just keeps making me doubt him. I was with a Virgo for a long time and he literally broke my heart as well as tried to break down my character...but i fought back and took control of myself again after getting rid. So naturally my defenses were on full guard until this Aries man came along and barged his way in,lol. I would do anything for this Man and have never loved anyone like this, but i am so scared he will do the same and i really don't want to be that woman again. So my question to all you Aries Men is ...wen you give a woman your word that u wont let her down and that it is only she that you love and want to be with, does this mean for the moment (and go back on your words later and end up breaking her heart), or does it mean shes the 'one'?

Should I hold back and wait or give him all my heart?

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aries men dont play games
by: Sean =D

im an aries man myself and i would bet my life on the fact that who ever this man is you are with he will never cheat on you never try to brake your spirit a woman and never try to hurt you unless you hurt him 1st it seems like you really have this man falling hard and fast for you but however i must warn you because of are traits if you tell your lover how you feel he might feel second best its hard to explain its like your sending him a signal that your thinking about your ex or saying you still love him because your comparing him to your ex and believe me if your man thinks you still have feeling for your ex he will just leave you no matter how much he loves you trust me i have been there done that you no they say a aries man always want to be your night in shinning armour this is very true he wants to be number one out of all males and if he isn't at some time he might get bored and just leave without looking back for a second i am afraid i cant give you a very good answer but just trust me judging by what you have said it sounds like he is completely fallen for you and has no interest in anyone else on this planet what so ever all i can do is assure you he wont leave unless you hurt him so just chill and enjoy yourself and the time you spend together :)

by: Anonymous

Lol, I'm a scorpio, and I was with a Virgo (who was steady and reliable but bored the heck out of me) and my Aries barged his way in too ;) He was just so forceful and full of presence, I couldn't resist. The answer will never fixed in stone to this question, unfortunately :( The only way to know is to take the plunge, just like I did. Still trying to find out the answer though, cos them Aries are SMART and sneaky bastards!

by: aries man

If he told you he loved you and would never hurt you believe him we dont fuck around... and we dont just go handing our hearts out to just anyone either that means your the one congratz.

Aries Men
by: Mike

Plain & simple, when we're in, we're ALL IN! I'm an Aries man, & have dated many women, but only few have been my Lady. When I had a serious relationship, I did whatever it took to make sure she had a smile on her face. So don't worry, he won't hurt you, if he says he won't. The hardest thing to do is to get an Aries man to settle down, but once he does, he's yours & will make sure you're protected & far from harms way. Also, be up front with him, tell him what you like and don't like & he'll be sure to remember it all, even the simplest things.

barging aries BF lol
by: pisces1990lezbo

I was only dating females before I met my bf. We met @ work, he use to help me with loading trucks(I mean he still does sometimes). We were just talking as friends, Then he gave me his cell phone number on a friday, I totally forgot about him cause as I was saying, I'm into females. Monday comes around, he was upset but in a sweet why that I did not try to contact him. So the next day which was a tuesday I finally texted him and for 3 weeks we text all morning and then when we got off work all night until we fell aslp. Before he became my bf, we would hang out at my house & watch movies. He would pick me up from work, take me to the movies and pay for it, take out to eat & pay for it, just a real gentlemen. But as a "lesbian", I told him I dnt know how fast I would become intimant with him. But there was no pressure coming from him at all. I felt as though he truly just loved spending his time with me. The 3 weeks while we where talking he was telling me that he has been looking for a soulmate (so I feel so bad for these women who's aries men tell them they dnt want a relationship). The day he asked me to be his girl he presented me with a braclet. It was beautiful, he told me it was the key to his heart. Two days after he asked me out I slept over his house & of course this strong aries mad the first move he kissed me, ate me out(made me cum so fast), asked me if I wanted to make love, and as a shy pisces I just turned my head and giggled. He told me I can say No that we dnt have to have sex, so we didn't. We instead fell aslp naked. But around 7am I felt Daddy(that's what we call his penis) poking me in between my legs from the back, it felt so good, I jus gave in lol. And once again, it was good. Two days later(last night), I slept over again. We had sex aleast twice last night and this morning as well. The sex is really good! We have fun, its playful, we even laugh during sex, we talk(besides talkin dirty lol), and sometimes he'll even lay inside of me as we talk(crazy right!). Times flies when we're together. He even makes breakfast in the morning. he actually gives me whatever I want...
We are so comfortable around eachother, and he says I am his wifey.
But I'm scared if this is real or since I'm a lesbian he jus wanted the chansse

And it is sooo true about an aries man being a protector and once u tell him what u like & dnt like he remembers and does it no matter how small....


I don't think ur a lesbian anymore
by: Anonymous

I think maybe you're bi? And probably always was. I'm sure Dan Savage would back me up on this one

Aries man Taurus woman
by: Anonymous

I am Taurus and he is Aries we were first loves and we meet again after 5 years and i still have a lot of love for him i have carried him in my heart all this time as it is fond memories. But i wonder if he feels the same only in intimate moments does he say he missed me and that he loves me.
Then i will not see him for week or so then it will be a late night call.
So this night i said to him after making love that i want more, he said more what and i never answered.
He had his shower and we kissed goodbye.

Have i lost him as i give him a mid week call and he has not answered my call or got back to me.

Was i to bold to say i want more.

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