Are Capricorn men usually so cold?

Ok, so I am falling in love with a Capricorn man. He publicly sends me unreal song references on FB in full view...for example, "Beautiful," by
Gordon Lightfoot. Then, when I express my emotion...he tells me to stop, and that he wants to enjoy his lonely life and for me to enjoy my life.

I am so confused.... but he never goes away... could someone be that cold?

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Hang in there..
by: David-admin

If you read our message boards relating to Capricorn men with the women of almost every other sign, you'll find plenty of references to "walls coming down" and similar descriptions of this "is he interested or not?" phenomenon.

What causes it? Capricorn men are very cautious, very patient, very practical and really, really like to do their homework before letting a new partner get close to them. This includes establishing if you're responsible, stable, and to a degree even predicting how well you will mesh. They're very thorough!

This can be very annoying. You know they're interested, yet.. they still won't let you get close! One way or another you'll need to be patient. It’s almost like a test to see how serious you are.

There is a very big positive side to this however, which is that Capricorn men are pretty much the most faithful out of any of the signs. They don't do things on a whim, and once they commit to a partner they know that "any problem is fixable". As in so many other life areas, they just don't give up or get bored in the way that some others do.

Well.. I must say..
by: Anonymous

Knowing how much a true Capricorn loves you, may very well be like a human chasing its tail.. Precisely.. what tail.. Best to let it go sometime, just a call to see how you are feeling says quite a lot even though it seams very little..

A text to say anything that's not unpleasant or just a request for a meeting with you is quite a bit too..

It's subtle but if it was not there you would never be in the picture.. If he or she shuts down suddenly, it is because he is feeling and retreating because you have got another step closer.. Now what is he fighting against
if there's nothing to fight?

All you need to know about capricorn men
by: Anonymous

If the man is a strong and *true* Capricorn, then you are heading for extreme frustration, because of the time they take. Their confidence is low but they can also be underhanded. There is nothing a true Capricorn man dislikes more than a woman who thinks she is the world. " If your attitude is that he should be grateful you like him, then you will put him off. He knows his place in the world. He can be very subtly controlling and requires to be in total command of both your emotions and his. Capricorn men do not have much desire for small talk and often aren't too keen on the phone either. If you wine and complain, speak what sounds like falsehoods, idol chat or dominate the conversation it will come to a swift end and as he is a thinker, he will think over what you spoke about, assuming he even got a word in edge ways and will produce his own analysis of your ways, and he can sometimes be quite opinionated and a little philosophical.

His opinions are strong and not easy too change either.. If you choose to make a point, make it a strong one because if there is no foundation, he will knock you right back to where you belong and he has very little respect for nonsense..

He does not favor public displays of affection.

He cannot stand indecisiveness, lies, vanity, public displays of anger, tarty dressing (but LOVE subtly sexy), over confidence but loves responsibility, a supportive woman, one who knows there's a time and a place, one who is soft and gentle, one who is not argumentative as this makes them step away at the slightest inclination, critisism knocks his confidence and he forgets nothing so send him a sweet text now and again but don't bombard him daily. One a week will do but it should not always be idol. make hm a cake (not too sweet), cook him something every month (a nice meal), burn him a CD,
This man looks for peace, a comfort zone and an understanding woman. 75% of the time most partners spend together, he will spend working so give him space, accept it and offer comfort rather than complain about it, show him you are as enthusiastic about your work,, have a general lf away from you and him but let him know you are there without being overbearing and he is yours for life...

Capricorn Men...
by: Anonymous

Just had my stupid Pisces heart broken by a Capricorn man....wish I'd never met him..It's so unfair to meet someone with all the attributes you desire..have them tell you the same..and have that same person shut you out permanently...Pisces girls..word of advice..these men take decisions regarding mates/girlfriends VERY seriously..if you're dealing with one..walk on eggshells...he is watching everything you do, listening to everything you say...and making decisions based on it...and you will NOT get a second chance...Tread carefully...

From my experience with them..YES!
by: Anonymous

Yes, Cappy Men can be very cold and distant. My ex was a Cappy and he was cold-blooded at times. Apparently this is a common characteristic of know they're Capricious!

capricorn men aaarrgghhhh
by: Anonymous

Igot involved with a cap man a couple of months ago via the internet and we clicked straight away..he has had a lot of personal baggage to deal with after only just comming out of a marriage. Despite having the most beautiful things said to me in the early days mostly via texts it soon quitened down. So being a typical piscean i then of course went overboard with look at me look at me, the fact that we hadnt physically met didnt help especially when i wanted him more than any other man i had known.
I then made the fatal mistake of sending him a slightly ticked of sms complaining about not be able to talk to him on the phone during the course of that week. I did this not realising the time was 1.30am, i sent an apologising sms the next day but was completely wiped, he wouldnt answer calls, messages then a few days later he deleted me as a friend from facebook, it has now been a week and still nothing. I have tried and tried to say sorry but nothing has worked. My heart is broken and i have never been treated so coldly and this was a man who said he had feelings for me. I gave up trying to contact him on monday and im hoping he may rethink after awhile,,anyone else had the same problem????

To The Aghhhh Caprirorn Picean
by: Capana

Look, you have to have the patience of a saint and give the man all the space and time he needs without bombarding him, and further more, when u do send hime the occasional text or emanil etc, (Not call)Then staying sweet without pressure, appreciation deserved or not, (and really not with that behavior), and not sounding need, and very cnstructive in your words,i.e progress, goals, acheivement etc.. Now that gets boring, i know, but thats who he is and if u REALLY want him, then that's what u will be living with.. Once you loose your temper, press him or loose patience, then the longer u wait but YES, In answer to your question, it HAS happened to me and the the little dog is still avoiding me and cant face me now that I have expressed my feelings but it's ok when he is ravishing u on the way out the door!Its a one way street but they r addictive and shy with no confidence and that dooesnt help AT ALL! :( And espcecially when ur on the receiving end.. He will speak when he is ready if ever at all and when the cap feels chasitised then he may not hae the confidence to call or even speak with u again so perhaps if he SAW u then provided he wasnt placed on the spot and all was noram, then u might know a where things were at bt 85% guarentee, he would mess it up with nerves and he is thinking of u without a doubt.. He never turns of and that doesnt help your situation.. Look I dont know how long ago u wrothe your blog on here because theres no dates, which means it can be a waste of effort send a reply but hope u have already sorted things with him.. Im A Capricorn too and I cut people offall the time and it doesnt take much to put mr off either and whe im busy I cant get into people either but whe im commited ooh I really am but it takes a lot to get me interested, never mind get me there, and besides, not all Capricorns 9sunsighns) have strong caprirorn traits as theymay have a scorpio moon and a virgo ascendant (Not funny), then that changes all and thats a difficult blend.. When is he born anyway?nU checked all that out? I worked out his rising sign and everything and it really couldnt be more correct about what it was.. The same would really help u x

thanks capana
by: Anonymous(brokenheart lee)

thanks capana for your insight...this has all happened in the week of the the last lunar eclipse (june 26) nearly 3 weeks ago I have only sent 1 sms apart from the ones i sent when he wiped me and i was trying to find out was was going on.I sent the sms on friday night so probably a week after i had sent the last one so i kept it light just saying hope all was well and best wishes, but as expected i didnt get a reply. Everyone is telling me not to contact him and wait for him to decide wether he wants to contact not sure what to do. I was thinking i might send another sms through later this week again keeping it light. My gut feelings are telling me i will hear from him but as you said it will have to be kept light and without any heavy emotional crap from me.
As i said he has a lot of emotional baggage going on with his ex and other family stuff, i just added to the problem and i guess being the bottom of that list i was the first to go..I really want this this to work out with him as i feel he is my true i in with a chance of getting him to talk to me again? His birthday is Jan 18 if that helps....thanks again

To brokenheart lee Hope ur still checkin this
by: A Warning Fem

I read your last comment. And the story sound extremely similar. From the emotional baggage, fam. problems the not leaving, and even the birthday date. Now I know it's a small world(esp with FB), but if this guy's lives in NY. Last inital S. I say run for the hills. The whole not wanting to be with you, but "never leaves" is his trademark. He will NEVVVEEERRR commit and has girls on the side with the same scam. RUN girl RUNNNNNN!!! You can find love u deserve elsewhere. Write backif u got any questions.

thanks for the advice
by: brokenheart lee

No sorry this one was in australia....and 3months down the track i still havent heard a thing from him despite the odd attempt (stupidly) on my part, so i have now put it behind me and moved on. But yes all capricorn men should come with a warning label.
I would certainly think twice about getting involved with another one and your right RUN RUN RUN.

Capricorn guys
by: Anonymous

Not all cappys are like that. I mean this guy was an asshole and im sorry for what he put you through but still all capricorns are like this. I have venus in sagittarius and it is my personal code not to cheat and love wholeheartdly who im going out with.
I mean yes we have walls because we are not very emotional and when in my case i am its intense lol. But every sign has its vices and virtues dont they?

by: Anonymous

I have been dating a Capricorn for a few months and things have progressed SLOWLY. Just about a month ago things began to change and he began to confide and let me in - Thank God- - or so I thought! Suddenly the man has vanished and I'm left confused. Our last conversation ended well and we even made plans to see each other. Furthermore, he stated that once things slowed down at his end, he wants to spend more time with me....What gives??


have the hugest crush on a capricorn guy, at first things were getting places, then it stopped, then he told me i was too young (18) he's (23) then he gives me a round of excuses as to why we cant be, it honestly drives me nuts, and in a peculiar sense, id have it no other way, maybe im trying to convince myself that he likes me but part of me believes that he does this to assure that i really like him, because i can come off quite strong (imma leo) but yea i dont know what to do , whether to leave it alone, or stay persistent
like if all your gunna do is turn me down, why even bother to respond, someone help me outtt!

Hard work with great potential
by: Nic

I'm a leo girl in love with a Cap man since over a year. It's weird on one hand one of the most loved-up relationships and the other not. They are cold and distant but they are trying to hide a very sensitive inside. They are very easily hurt. Their coldness is their protection and yes, they think through every step and don't act impulsive. The only helpful advise girls with a Cap man is: you need patience at the beginning!! Any sign of argumentative, over-impulsivness, general weirdness of character and sloppy dressing/pulic behaviour and he's gone, there are no 2nd chances at the beginning. I bit my lips for nearly a year, making him fall in love with me and now I'm controlling the relationship. Sounds harsh, it isn't because Cap man's are hard work with great potential, rewards and great ethics, but hard work. They are stubborn and never believe they make mistakes. The point is, he's very loyal to the ones' he loves and rarely lets them go ... so wait until he reached that point. When you do argue be rational and not emotional and wisely put your arguments, he'll shoot down anything flawed. It's not my nature being Leo girl but this tactic seems to work, as again, they have great potential and have the mind-set of a devoted partner once they love.

by: Anonymous

yeah just met a capricorn somewhat close to saggitarius i think and i am very much attracted to his aura? his personality? the intensity of his eyes when he thinks? anyways........
should i make the first move or wait

dating cap
by: Anonymous

if you like him I would say treat him the way you would someone who is very shy. Become playful with him and then flirt with him gently. He will become a close friend, then like two months later gently push further. I had to ask my cap if he wanted to date me because I could tell he like me but he would'nt say anything and that was nine years ago.

Capricorn man has been so rude to me - why??????
by: California Pisces

I really felt for the other Pisces girl who was writing here, Pisces are so sensitive and it's very difficult to deal with Capricorn's coldness. I've been on four dates with a Capricorn guy who's just been so rude to me and I'm really hurt. He runs his own IT company and is a completely driven workaholic, typical Cap. He's been acting pretty sweet on me, and being a real gentleman, then at the end of our last date he asked me to call him. Which isn't something I'm that comfortable with as a vulnerable Pisces I'm just not comfortable with calling guys. But figured he's a Cap and they're supposed to be always setting tests for girls and looking for proof you're keen on them, right? So waited a week and then called him, we chatted for a few minutes, he seemed pleased to hear from me, then I said I had to go so as not to seem to sweet on him. And when he said nothing about wanting to see me I lost my cool in and asked him when he was free. At which point he turned completely cold, said he'd have to think about it, and hung up on me. Since then nothing. I figure, Caps being so judgmental, that I must have said something (not being sympathetic enough about his business workload maybe) to convince him we're not that good for each other. Feel I can't contact him again without appearing to be a crazy and putting him off even more.

Cappi men............
by: Anonymous

Trust your first Cappi. Never compare your second or third Cappi to the first. Cappi men in general are a similar but not the same. Your heart will always be with the first Cappi. Love the comment below from Anonymous..............
He cannot stand indecisiveness, lies, vanity, public displays of anger, tarty dressing (but LOVE subtly sexy), over confidence but loves responsibility, a supportive woman, one who knows there's a time and a place, one who is soft and gentle, one who is not argumentative as this makes them step away at the slightest inclination, critisism knocks his confidence and he forgets nothing so send him a sweet text now and again but don't bombard him daily.

this is my second cap..
by: Anonymous

I have been talking to this cap guy for almost a year now! We went to hs together but ran into each other via fb a last October. He told me he had a huge crush on me in hs but ms being 2 yrs older never acknowleded him. So from fb he stalked my page, showed up whereever i was at! Me being a Libra made it difficult to completely focus on him but he pursused HARD! so we started dating and he has a son but is very commited to being a good father! About a two months into the dating i became pregnant he told be whatever decision I made he was behind me! I terminated the pregnancy (still sad) after that our relationship went downhill. We still have sex often (which is very emotional for both of us) He told me he loved me twice but he strays away OFTEN! When he looks in my eyes its a strong sentimental stare but he never speaks! I love him but i will not WAIT for any man... Sooooo hurt and confused!

i need help
by: Anonymous

i am a capricorn female who is in love with a muslim capricorn guy.we were pretty happy and were in a LDR fr the last 4 months.After almost 2 years,he just said that its over because he cannot hurt his mom and that he is sorry fr everythin that happened.he told everythin to his family also and they are askin me to back off.they have even made him feel that it was all my fault,not his.i desperately want him back.he doesnt reply to my mails,messages and has blocked my number also.its just been a week.he behaves like a stone to me now and tells me he has no feelings now. i just want him back. but i dunno hw??? please help me

Need some opinions....
by: Anonymous

I am secretly in love with Capricorn man for many years and the reason why I never acted on it ,is because he appears very cold with occasional hints that he might like me. Our professional lives are interconnected and knowing how his job is his identity, I was very shy to do anything about it.
On the other hand, I am constantly pursued by other men, who do not interest me at all, because I am in love with my capi-man and I have been single for so long, hoping that maybe one day he will ask me out. Somehow, given his serious and analytic approach to life, I am beginning to fear that he will never do anything and that if I do not do something, I will lose him.
However, I cannot tell him directly because I care so much that his rejection would kill me. Thus, I was wondering whether sending him a secret love letter, would be better option?
I am very grateful to hear any opinions on this. Thank you
Leo girl

the truth about capricorn man
by: Anonymous

8 yrs of relationship, 4yrs living together, 23yrs of best friend.. just when I hit rock bottom in my career and looking for his rescue, left me and cheated with his younger colleague. FYI: 5 yrs before we broke up, he went bankrupt, I literally pick him up.. support him financially and try my ass off to get his confident back, and see how he thanked me???? that's a cold blooded caps! nuff said!

To: Truth about Capricorn men
by: Libra Power!

Girl I feel your pain from here. They will suck the best out of you, and try to leave you a shell of your former glory if you let them. 18 yrs with my Cap guy and he did the same. Was there when family & friends turned their back on him (Heed the red flags). Emotionally supportive and did everything on his schedule. But the moment there is conflict, confrontation, or when I need support in my darkest hour he runs like a bitch. You shed blood, sweat, and tears for their trust when in all honesty they should have been working for yours. Loyalty holds no meaning for this sign, but they just selfishly want what they perceive as "productive/progressive" people as commodities. This is why they are so successful in the work field, yet lack emotional development. When the chips are down emotion means very little to them, but academic/work success to them defines a person. But as time passes you will realize that if you married such a person, it would destroy you. When things are great they will be really great, but when things are tough... you’re on your own while he would dip out with another.
All, I can say is keep your head up in these hard times and truly realize you’re better off without him. Focus on yourself and how to improve your situation. As for him he will realize this in the future (because they are more 20/20 hind-sighted). Just know that someone who is truly blessed will be there for you that will reciprocate your love, support, affections, and loyalty :)

Capricorn male
by: Anonymous

Guys I am Capricorn male and these things you girls just described about Capricorn not true these guys were simply loosers and had no family values I am true through and through Capricorn I don't see myself ever doing such things to hurt any one yes we are little shy and small criticism will shatter our confidence but let us come out of our shell and trust me we will take care of you guys for the rest of your life we do have trust problems because we don't want to be hurt by anyone atleast not by the person we care about we don't approach a person not that we don't have a confidence but we want you to come to us and let us know that we meant something for you guys that's why we wil keep dropping hints and wait for you to approach us Stubborn yes because when we right than we are right I mean why not and ofcourse we will judge you of whatever you will tell us about yourself we are not mind readers so ladies if you haven't told your capy that you guys are in love with him about time to do so and be patient let us test the water and one all the walls are dropped trust me you will say it that wow a dream. One true because we can do anything but won't break your heart.
Hope this helps :)

Capricorn left me because of my FB pics!!
by: Anonymous

Hi Guys,

Please help me, i need a male Capricorn prespective on this, as i am so confused! I am 35yrs old have been seeing this 31yrs Capricorn guy for 9 month form abroad, we are from the same culture, we clicked straight away he's everything i look for in a guy, i been to see him 3 times and we always have a great time. He's a very jealous guy which i dont mind it, we speak everything day on the phone and SKPE for the past 9months.
Last thursday while we were on SKPE i added him on FB for the 1st time, i hardly use FB but i thought it would be nice!! Well he saw my pics from holiday which i had a few with guys (innocent pics) he was so angry and cut me off and i havent heard from him since. Tried to call him after a few days just to let him calm down. He answered the phone and told me "sorry i think you have got the wrong number" and then i tried to text him and then he replied " Sorry i do not want to be with someone who has been with every man" (heartbroken) and these pics were 5years ago and only with friends. He didnt even give the chance to explain. We are engaged and were planning to get married this September. Do not know what to do??

8 months and still in love
by: leoinlove

Was seeing someone for almost 6 months... very sweet but so distance...after 3 months of stress of trying to figure him out I wanted to call it quits.. I wanted to give up but told myself to give him a chance since I have trust issue and been badly hurt in the past... after I came back from vacation things started getting better... was becoming more open and having more options.. I had asked him and wanted to know where we stand and he couldn't answer me.. so I let it go.. the I asked again and he got annoyed. At this point I was becoming insecure and distance.. extremely annoyed.. then trying to give it one more shot and asked him a third time he just was lost and confused. I couldn't take it anymore and left. I didn't want to do it and I especially didn't want to get so close.. I know he was hurt but we talked it all out at the end and remained friends. He still contacts me once in a blue to see how I am doing.. I thought he hurt worst then I did but its been about 8 months since I left..and still in love with him and never told him.. still till this day I wonder how important I was to him or if he ever fell in love with me. His family knew about me.. went shopping w his mom and bought me a lovely gift.. very considerate and thoughtful of my needs. Did I make the mistake of leaving even though I asked nicely to figure out where we stand? I have never fell this hard for someone and just left heartbroken...any advice would be great!!! Thanks :)

Fyi- I feel the same leogirl.. feel like u might lose him if you don't tell him.

cappy lover
by: Anonymous

Same thing here, my cap man pulled me in everytime I let go. but after two years of being intimate he wants to be friends. Now everythin he seems the same (the way he looks at me touch and kiss me) but without the sex. Iam so confused I love him and he told me he loves me and cares but i dont understand him.

capricorn male
by: rybro1978

i've never commented on any discussion b4,am a capricorn man,with no family values has other's would put it,bcoz i've never had a family, am cold like the south pole right now.i wasn't always like this,its just a couple of months now since i've being like this after coming out a bad relationship,do you all know what is 2 be giving your whole life to other's & asking back for nothing in return,well i've reach my limits,i feel like i cant give anymore,the steel wall is up & no one isn't going to get in that easily,i love whole heatedly when am in love,once am with you its only you,infidelity & unfaithfulness are no friends of minds,i work hard at my job & at my relationship just to make sure we have it all,maybe i worked to much,i could never leave the woman that am with or in love with,its just me,i was looking for something that i never had,i found it,i care for you & your child,it wasn't easy for my but i accepted you,i try my best but my best was never enough,i give stability to you,something you say you always wanted,i was commented,supportive,loyal & faithful to you,i know it have women out there in this world would give anything to get what you a true capricorn,sature is my father so please forgive us for our nature,its just who we're.

Piscean woman
by: Anonymous

I met my cappy man on the Internet we talked and I felt quite connected to him. We both have excellent careers , he's a detective and I work for the city. We knew each other for three weeks. We went out on our fist date which was awesome, now you know we piece an woman are very sensitive, picky ( at least I am) and easy to fall in love. I not the girl who study signs, but I wanted to hear from him every day, he was very responsive to my phone calls an text an I liked that, however, he became cold after I wanted to ask questions about what he's looking for in a woman, texted him indicating that I need to find out info about him, mind you he did a thorough background check on me because he had access. I txt him called him and he never returned the ca ll or text. I'm at loss and want to snap is there any advice

to all u lady who are confuse about us
by: rybro1978

your cappy love you but he want to see if you're willing to fight for him,if you stay in his face and refuse to go away he will know that you really care for him & love him,we dont trust easily so you have to be very persistent,we love very strong & whole heartily,we do love people that are very close to us,we are afraid of being hurt that why some time we seem so very dis attach form everyone.

are capricorn men usually cold
by: rybro1978

yes we're cold but when we start displaying our emotion in public its bcoz we really care about the person,he love you but if you meet him face to face you see something different, pursue him if you have feelings for him,he need prove.we dont show our emotion in public just for fun hun.

More Trouble Than He's Worth
by: Anonymous

I get it..Capricorn men have a certain appeal..I was approched by one..Well spoken, successful, handsome, etc. Conversation? Booorinng..No warmth. I'm a Pisces but my Venus (love sign) is in Aries..this guy simply did not have enough fire for me. The exterior was great..the inside seemed a little too ”blah” for my taste. I feel the women in this post should ditch their bad Cappys and allow yourselves to be available for someone better..these men seem weak..sorry. I mean, really, why should you chase HIM? Is HE the woman?? Lol..that's ridiculous..

we observe
by: rybro1978

capricorn men & women know their worth,why should we give in to some bcoz they say they have feelings for us,action speck louder than word,we know the meaning of words,we value them,thats why you wont ear them out of our mouth that easily.we're afraid of being hurt more than you.when we say something like i love you we really mean it,thats why those words are hard to ear from us.

Confused by a Cap Moon
by: Anonymous

I'm an aries with a taurus moon he's a leo with a cap moon and we've been talking for months after not seeing each other for over 15yrs. He confessed to me that he always had a crush on me and was disappointed when I got married (now divorced). We live over an hour away from one another and mainly communicate via text. He was sending me texts on the daily and now nothing. Even when I confronted him about losing interest in me he swore that wasn't the case and that he was really into me. I've never been so confused by a guy in my life! We only saw each other once in the last few months and it was on his birthday and even after that he still said he was interested but again, nothing is what I get from him... I fell hard and now I'm broken hearted over him :(

Capricon Man- Husband
by: Anonymous

I have been married to a capricon man - last few months. i find him cold blooded, as if not interested in me at all right from the day we got married. whereas i am always full of energy, ready to experiment new things, enjoy my relationship he is entirely opposite.
we havnt gone any where after marriage, rather if ask him he is like ignorant. More over he is very less interested in making bedroom relationships also.this attitude of his always give me the feeling as if i made big big mistake getting married to him, or he is cheating on me. at times i feel he is amongst people who dont like showing emotions might be he likes me????? but there is always a kind of question mark in my mind.
any body who is a capricon pls. help me out in understanding him. i really want our marriage to work because i my madly in love with him.

Capricon Man- Husband NEW
by: rybro1978

demand what you want,he will give you what you desire,he did married you,so he did think long & hard about it,his heart his yours for the taking,you just dont know it yet.dont give up.

i was frustrated and it gives me sleepless night.
by: sonia

Three weeks ago my boyfriend broke up with me. it all started when i Travel to UK to spend my holiday with my Uncle,I was trying to contact him but it was not going through. So when i came back from UK i saw him with a lady kissing in his bed room, i was frustrated and it gives me sleepless night. I called my friend told her what happened and she introduce me to a spell cater who helped her long time ago. And i contact him and i never believed that the spell will work so easily because i dont believe in spell or anything called magical because i have contacted many spell casters to get him back all they do is to take my money with no result. I am happy to tell you that my boyfriend is back and committed to me alone and he do whatever i ask him to do with love and care. All thanks to the great magician who helped me to restore my boyfriend to me. I am Sonia

LOL WOW!! I am a "so-called" Capricorn
by: Anonymous

I just got done reading all of these stories and comments about this particular sun sign. I do have to agree that there are huge similarities in people with the same Sun Sign.. But you all seem to forget (minus a few here and there) that everyone has a free-will.. And for every experience and perspective there is influence from others within the whole of reality. Granted a lot of these stories are "messed-up" I am only only reading one side on each of these. Not to mention the Caps seemed to have so-called "hid" their perspective and intentions quite well from each of you..

Just for "laughs" I will give you a briefing on my love life. I have been used and "did wrong" in the same way by plenty of pisces, cancers and leos in the SAME WAY. None of these girls knew about my sun sign (for I wasn't interested in astrology until lately) But they did it for their own reasons. And when I acted accordingly and they failed to take responsibility for their actions in fear of being "exposed" or fear of being "looked down on" or ruining their reps.. The finger was placed on me for the blame for anything little thing I may have or have not done because I showed "caution" when I needed to. Prior to my wall going up I used to be naive and learned a lot of lessons about life through my own bad choices in women. I do not plan on making the same mistake twice.. And am much more ready to live alone that be with someone who will flip their "script" on me at the drop of a hat and "victimize" them self when I am trying to be forthright even in the face of my own shortcomings. Lessons learned and love lost but much was gained in the whole of my life's experience because of it. Do not regret or blame anyone for how you were done wrong in YOUR eyes. Because there is a time and place for everything.. Including the fucked up treatment and perspective of the crappy guys YOU ALL chose and were fooled by.


no they are not as cold as you thought
by: Anonymous

capricon men are mostly stone hearts .they hates women who are proud.they like sexy and hard women but not sulty.they are faithful to those he loves .dont propse your love to them, just make them attracted.they are attracted to dark ,simple and sexy women,dont wear colourful ,attractive dresses for a date .be calm and leave it to his choice dont give any advices to him ,he hates it so good luck girls

by: Anonymous

hello all! I'm confused! Virgo here dating a Capricorn man and I'm totally in love...but everything I read here is how a Cap likes to take things slow...yet with us, everything has been moving very fast. Two months into dating he spoke of marriage. Four months later about having another child - we both have children from previous marriages. Five months into it and he's moving in before we find "our" place. Also, what's confusing is that he says he's not jealous yet, if I'm not available to answer a call or respond to my where abouts with details, I notice he's not jealous but maybe "suspicious"...yet he trusts me whole heartedly. I've notice when he's upset to just step back and give him time...I understand this as I need this too but it seems like I always have to make the first move to soothe the issue. We hardly ever have problems though. He's super sensual, completely honest and very hardworking. I'm looking forward to the rest of my life with him but I just don't understand the above I shared with you...and as a Virgo - I tend to over analyze. any advice? Thanks :)

what to do??
by: Anonymous

hey guys, advice needed! I was seeing a cap guy and everything was going really well. He mentioned about us being a couple, even joked (I think) about us living together, kids marriage etc.

I then went on hol and thought from the convo we had that me saying I would miss him would not have been out of term, which didn't go the way I thought. We spoke throughout my holiday but things didn't seem right. He now says that he's not ready for a relationship, losing his independence even though it all looks good on paper. I told him I accepted his decision and not spoken since. He's now blocked me messaged him online and I don't know what to do. I really like him but don't know if Im wasting my time even messaging him again :(

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