Are Scorpio men abusive?

Are Scorpio men abusive?

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by: David-admin

All other things being equal, Scorpio men are amongst the more likely to be abusive, yes.

But that certainly doesn't mean that any individual one will be, just that they have the desire to control a partner more than most.

It's a fine line. Some women find that desire to 'own' a partner one of the sexiest traits of Scorpio men. If it goes too far though... it's not so good.

As a closing thought, any man or any woman can be abusive. That doesn't mean they will be, and this is definitely an area where generalizing is going to get everyone in trouble.

Are Scorpio men abusive?
by: Anonymous

my boyfriend is a scorpio, and we had a lot of arguments and when he is mad before, he used to displace his anger into objects, but then we had a fight once which made us pretty mad and then he hurt me.. i told him that we should break up and then he promised me he will never do it again (which i doubt) so i forgave him..

Now every time we fight i get really scared of him and i don't know if my feelings for him are still the same.. although he had never done it again, im still afraid of him.. he can sense my fear and complains about it telling me i should forget about it, but i cant. He loves me to death though, but i don't know if i should stay..
im an Aries.. advice please..

learning from mistakes
by: Anonymous

im a scorpio.
i understand he got to that point.
and i also think you must have done something pretty fucked up.
but scorpio are determined lovers.
he can see your fear.
and i guarantee that he will never hit you again.

they arnt abusive
by: Tarina

im in a relationship with a Scorpio man now and Ive never had him hit me, or seen any kind of violence towards anyone. he has a temper yes but he doesn't show that to me.

Do not tolerate Abuse
by: Anonymous

I totally disagree with "Learning from your Mistakes", it doesn't matter what you said or did he has NO RIGHT to hurt you. I am dating a Scorpio male now and we get into some pretty heated arguments but he would never cross that line. If you are afraid of him you should not be with him. You're too important.

"You are too important."
by: Anonymous

I, Virgo, never mean to afraid of a Scorpio man abusive. He is a human as the rest of us; he is very intelligent more than I can think of just for a specific special one.... The most of all that I'm afraid is...cant keep up with him-very strong, high potency; you got to know his nature. He is a man and he knows better when it comes into the intimacy.
Also, I don't think he has any kind of spells; he is born naturally and blessed; he doesn't need an enhancer to help him stay up all night.... You got the point. If your battery energy is too low, don't compete with you better leave him alone. And please, don't try to make him looks bad; he is and i think you dont like a flimsy either when it comes to that, need to appreciate him; he works hard. Remember, any sign can be abusive. im lucky to have him; he understands me and makes me feel secure and happy. I cant stop lovin' him...he is the right one that i ever met. Best luck to whom doesn't met the right Scorpio. Virgoan

pls stop this ' hurting' business.
by: Anonymous

You aries heart the hell out of scorpio lovers...imm also a scorpio n an arie has heart me to da core which i can never forget about!

pls stop this ' hurting' business.
by: Anonymous

A response to "Hurting business!"

You make me laugh by reading your articles while i'm in a huge depression. Trying to listen to Jame Blunt music original online <"Cry"> I don't think we are hurting people's business. We just want to show our opinion and experiences.... Lo,lol. We don't want to hurt our Lover or our lover hurt us. Let me mention about Arise man: Aries man is very similar to a Scorpio man. Both of these signs are having a great intensity but a very tiny of cerebellum-not too flexible in though, I mean. To me, I would not ever want to marry him; I beg all of the angels and saying No,No,No!!! I am a communicator-love to share but this Arise love to keep a secret for himself, also, he is a good hiding; tooo jealous; mental abuse. But you or I cannot hiding any thing from him; that not fair or nice. I have to bounce back, ha...I rather be alone without a relationship like that. I realized I got the wrong shoes. So, Cry musics might heal my heart better than Arise Lover. Sorry!! to the guys out there-don't take this as a personal. You are smart.

Virgo loves in the heart.

by: Anonymous

Hi David,

Your website is very beneficial to the individual who is eager and wants to learn and understand about the important factors of each sign personality traits and compatibility. I'm a very independent Virgo female-pretty lady...heh, heh...I learned a lot by reading the facts of each sign description and each of the articles. When I get bored, I just click on to your website to learn and compare how the person behaves or reacts when I met some out there. I feel funny some times because I know astrology facts. I never pick the wrong one; I am adaptable to get along with the difficult ones but to mate, definitely not; I prefer to keep myself clear as a white fabric -not involved. No love; no pain.
I insist, your website is great!!! Thanks a million. I mean it.

Thanks :)
by: David-admin

Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad you like it :)

I'm usually so wrapped up in readings that I almost forget the site exists most days. It's certainly nice to hear it's of use to people meanwhile, so I appreciate the feedback! :)

to the Aries woman
by: Anonymous

You definitely shouldn't tolerate with abuse. If he has hit you he is agressive so definitely be careful around him. The scorpio man who quotes "you must have done something fucked up" not necessarily.. it could just be the voilent and quick tempered scorpio that just loses it for no reason. Hang in there and I think you should get out as soon as possible.

"You definitely shouldn't tolerate with abuse."
by: Anonymous

Lady! your comments to an Aries woman. I think you posted your comments in the wrong page. I looked around here there is only Virgo and Scorpio club for the issues. Well, if you talked about Aries woman such as you refer to a Scorpio man; for two of these signs are very strong, powerful, and manipulative in their traits. But either one of them is acting in a cool way and the other acting as a volcano explosion. I prefer the cool one if there is a mandatory but there is no obligation. I don't need to. I can picture of you; you are frustrated, hah, I can see.
I feel frustrate for I wish not to meet anyone who is a Scorpio male or female. Hah.. I'm completely free from a flee. Good luck to all who has a relationship prob.
I'm Virgo just want to be nice and polite-Nature.

Read again; to the constantly commenting Virgo
by: izustoopid?

Since you've commented on every post here, why don't you try actually reading some of them. The Aries girl said that she is being abused by her Scorpio boyfriend. Now, if I've read correctly comments you've previously made on this thread, since he's a Scorpio he can't be abusive? Abusive men exist in every sign! And someone else insinuated/said outright that she "...must have done something." That is bullsh*t!

Do not put up with this abuse. Aries, you don't hurt someone you love. You don't beat on them. I know you want to believe that but for your own good, you should run away from this abusive man. Yesterday!

Anyone Can be abusive.
by: Proud Virgo

Anyone can be abusive regardless of their sign.
Abuse should never be tolerated.
I am a virgo woman,in a relationship with a scorp. We fight ALOT, but always make up. He is for the most part soft natured, I've seen him lose his temper, but if the argument gets too heated he will walk away from it. He has never been violent with me and I have never feared him. He is always the first to apologize and want to reconcile. He hates it when we fight and is deeply affected by it. Scorps are very gentle and sensitive, but if you disrespect them or push them you will see another side, like in everyone.

its your decision
by: Anonymous

im a cancer woman im in a relationship with a scorpio man and i understand your fear of your scorpio Ms Aries. if your afraid that he may hurt you again then you should leave. i cant say that i know what your going through because my scorpio has never laid his hands on me. but i have seen bits and pieces of his dark side and that has scared me, not to the point of leaving, but to the point of me knowing that if our relationship were to come to blows that my first step is out the door and never looking back. i am a big believer of the saying "your word is your bond"; when he says he will never do it again but you must also keep in mind that YOU are more valuable to yourself than his word is to him. i will pray that if you do decide to stay that everything works out for you both.

Scorpio do not call it abuse...
by: Anonymous

Most Scorpio men do not call it abuse. Some women want to be dominated and taken. This plays right into the hand of a Scorpio man. We love to have a submissive women. The Scorpio man will do his best to avoid conflict however, we will NEVER run from it. So my advise to women who find themselves with a Scorpio man is just submit and follow our lead.

by: toze

i'm a scorpio... i've had a PRETTY FUC**D UP RELATIONSHIP WITH A TAURUS FOR ALMOST 7 YEARS... she was mean to me, cause she never imagined, knew how deep my feelings were about her and about the world around me, how sensible I was... then it got to a point that I became agressive... submissive and all of a sudden to agressive... I threw a handbag I bought her directly to the garbage can and broke a part of her car... nothing serious but directly to injour her feelings, brake, destroy something of her. She yelled to me all the time, broke me down to a point where I didn't know what i was feeling about anything... STILL, I NEVER TOUCHED HER. I'D RATHER HIT MYSELF THAN MY LOVE. I HAD THAT THOUGHT, REALLY FEELING IT, ONE TIME, AND IT MADE ME COMPLETELY SICK. I FELT SICK. I FELT I HAD NO STRENGTHS AT THAT POINT, IT WAS THE EVIL TRYING TO GET THE BEST OF ME, SINCE MY GOOD SIDE HAS BEEN RAISED TO GROUND.

if you still feel fear him, you must resolve your fear, even if you have to leave him for a while. If that's so, you must tell him the truth and tell him that he must have faith in you, for both of you, for yourself and if he really loves you he must understand and believe your words to the last drop of it.


It seems that way!
by: Anonymous

I tried for 14 mmths to make it work with my ex scorpio. He was a very convincing man.In the beginning he(ww) was so funny and we seemed so compatible.Now I know better.After several bouts of abuse I had to let him go and try to repair my broken self, he still tries to destroy my life,i still am threatened that he is going to slit my throat and gut me like a fish.I was told that if I dont stay with him he will destroy me.He is also threatening to hurt my children and told me i am being watched. I am a nervous wreck. I was a very cheery quiet natured caring girl who now is afraid to leave my home.One of my sons is also a scorpio who likes to drink and take drugs and he has also threatened the family at times.. I cant work it out. And yes the police have been called on numerous occasions. Yet ww still roams free..

response to "It seems that way"!
by: Anonymous

Damn. It seems you've met a creepy, psycho stalker. What you need to now is talk to the police about him and have them pay more attention on your family and his creepy ass. Don't just sit there scared and do nothing about it...

Better Things Come Along
by: Anonymous

Honestly, being in a relationship with a scorpio man had its many ups and many more downs. Although I've heard these men usually avoid conflicts, it seemed that Scorp would pursue every situation. As a Cancer moon, I found it comforting to walk away and be alone rather than argue, but he would always find a way to make me stay. Listening to his hurtful rants would take its toll, but I always sensed that maybe he was just hurt and needed to let it out.

After a while, I eventually argued back. I didn't know if he enjoyed the drama or was simply controling, but I couldn't maintain my composure with him any more.

The argument was like a normal conversation. Upon trying to get my point across, I was constantly spoken over as if my intentions were negative. I admit he had a way of making me feel as if almost EVERY problem we had was my fault, but this time, I could see through that. I wanted to be understood, but the argument became more intense to where I wish I would have walked away or just let him vent again. I wasn't in control of my emotions and knew it was probably what he wanted in the first place. I always felt he was trying to get into my head, but pictured it to be in a more positive way.

The situation ended with a broken nose, a few bruises, a promise that it would never happen again, forgiveness, and me having to go. I loved him, but once I got slapped by a man that's twice my size and was supposed to love me, I knew it was time to move on. When I left without word, he saw me on campus, and started shouting at me. I should have let him know it was over, but I figured he knew when my things were gone. I was embarrassed because we were in public and I didn't like to make a spectacle, but my boyfriend didn't seem mind. He was a confident Leo, and, although there are articles stating that an Aries and a Leo are compatible, I've never really been attracted to any in a romantic way. Since we were good friends and knew one another for a while, I guess you could say he "caught me on the rebound." He managed to get my ex to leave me alone, but there are still times when I think he'll try something when my boyfriend isn't around. I don't live in fear, but when I'm in areas where we are likely to run into each other, I always try to stay wary of my surroundings. My boyfriend tells me to forget about him, and many times makes it easy to accomplish, but I often wonder how the relationship would have gone if we had a mutual understanding of one another and had gotten along more.

I found the drama and lack of emotional maturity a bit childish (on both our parts), and I'm glad I've found someone that has good understanding, and, in an argument, things don't get too insane or we come to some type of compromise where both parties are happy.

On the only positive note of the situation, I was glad to see his nose was fixed. On a negative note, I've lost all contact with a man whom should have remained nothing more than a good friend.

Be careful with the " Scopions"
by: Awesome Aquarius

It's true that Scorpios are moody, and vendictive. I also believe that with those major traits, they have the strong tendency to be abusive. I just broke up with my Scorpio Man bcause of the fits of rage and anger apparently over small issues. I felt that if I didn't leave that eventually one of us would really hurt the next one and I need LOVE:). Now I feel a bit down because of the break up (of course), but at the same time, I feel soooo relieved. Praise the Lord. Holla

My man is abusive
by: Anonymous

My man is abusive and is born on dec 21st on the cusp. He also is very paranoid about cheating and lying like a typical Sagittarius... I am trying to communicate to him and I go to therapy to try and figure out how to make him trust or believe me. He thinks he doesn't need therapy. I broke up with him because he hit me a lot, and brought him into a meeting which scared him because he could have gotten in trouble for abuse. He has stopped hitting me but his rage is still there and will constantly text me and repeating if i have been with anyone else. I have learned to leave his place when his anger gets to a unsafe point but I just don't know what to do. I love him and I know he had some family issues in the past. What are your thoughts?

Im really hurting
by: Anonymous

I'm with a man who is a scorpio. We are engaged and currently living together. In many ways he is a lot more considerate than any other man I've ever been with. In the beginning he really spoiled me and swore that was just how he was. He was very generous in all ways. Now when it comes to money he is really tight which I don't mind because it's his money, but it's so opposite from the way he was in the beginning. I feel like he lied to me and he says he's a guy and he was wanting to sleep with me plus he wanted me to like him. He was very affectionate which is another thing that won me over. But now he isn't so much.

Like somebody else mentioned with their scorpio, he has a habit of making me feel every argument is my fault, which is easy to believe because I have a lot of bad history with men and I am still a little bitter and feel like maybe I can be hurtful. He doesn't really go around criticizing me but if there's ever anything my feelings are hurt about and I bring it up, he bombards me with everything I've been doing wrong and even when I'm just wanting a little comfort he gets angry. Also when everything is going really good I just want to be all over him and have sex often, but it seems the only time he wants me often is when he's recently upset me and I've started pulling away from him.

I am devastated because of a fight we had recently. It was a pretty nasty fight and I ended up telling him to get out of my bed and he got pretty nasty from there, shoving me and spitting on me. It made me feel so degraded and I know I can be hateful when I'm angry but I've never really done him wrong, I'm faithful and love him very much so I just don't know what to do because it's not in me to tolerate that type of behavior and I'm not sure I can forgive him. He also has broken a lot of my things when he's angry and thrown objects and me with them.

He is also the only father figure my children have had in seven years. God help me, I'm not sure what to do.

Scarred by Scorpio
by: Anonymous

i want to help you run.. if you are not compatible run, he is moody and controlling. my former boyfriend also spit on me when he got angry over nothing,,,maybe i look out of the window that day...
He also has fits of rage over anything and becomes angry like ive never seen before.

Is that the role model you want for your child.

I also have a high sex drive but he only wanted me when i was angry or he felt like I was upset with sometimes I would have to act angry or petty for his attention

They are controlling and question you to know end.. meanwhile they are free to do what ever the hell they want. He was degrading and called me names for no reason, and always wanted me to feel bad about myself in order for him to feel good.

now when he was good he is really good that is what makes it hard to leave them.. but for me its not worth it ... I like being happy 95% of the time not just 50%

by: Eva all you women out there sustaining relationships with abusive guys Scorpio or not...I plead to you to leave them. Do it and start loving yourselves...these abusers feed on your insecurities and know just how to manupulate every situation to your disadvantage.I must confess I don't completely understand your matter how good, brilliant and charming a person is...he's still an abuser when things get bad...and he's gonna make you carry all the weight of your common problems. I really belive that his charming energetic, empathic self is actually a mere mask a projection to draw you in. One thing I can tell you for sure...these guys are immensly insecure. So insecure that they seen conceited and self-assured. Guess what? He's beating you up, threating you , destroying your self confidence in order to convince you that you are actually worth 0 and he's done you a favor by hooking up with you. Him and immense you even have space in that relationship...cause it seems to me these guys are too self absorved to have a relationship with anyone else then themsevles. Love is always letting yourself go...killing the self and permiting immense empathy for the love object to take over. What you girls have been describing seems to me like just really good sex. Sex not love... when you will learn to differentiate between emotional addiction and love you will get the fact that the guy that hits you CANNOT ever love you.

Aquarius woman

scorpio guy
by: Anonymous

To the woman who got pushed and spit on....? How about you detach yourself from your feelings? Think at it lk it's happenind to another chick and she asks for your opinion - should she leave him or forgive him?- you'd tell her to get out while there's time, right? Then what are you waiting for? How the fuck can you chicks tell me a guy loves you when he puches or spits or on you, or questions you all the time, or doesn't give you any space???? If it's the sex you need to step out of some bounderies here.... is the fact that your being treated rough helps with the guilt? Or what?...cause I don't seem to get why you would stick with such a LOSER.

But maybe that's just me...but no matter how good, smart , great , and a good fuck he is ...he's still a piece of shit for hitting a woman.

Been There
by: Anonymous

Been There, Done That.

When we first started dating he said he would never hit or hurt me and I wondered where the thought came from, and years later I know exactly where it came from. I am suffering from a cerebellum blow to the back of my head and he was coming to give me my final blow when I escaped from him. The State Trooper told me that if I go back to him again it will be sure death. It has been ten months away from him and I am beginning to heal enough that I am falling nearly as much. The falls have scared my face above my eye and driving has been a nightmare for me. I cannot drive at night because my vision will not allow it. My life has been a series of compromises and I pray everyday that I can just have my life back.
I am getting better every day but it will take at least a year from the blow.

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