Are Scorpio men always unfaithful?

by Nikita

I know there are unfaithful people of every sign so take that with a grain of salt. Maybe I've been unlucky only to meet Scorpios that all share the following: they are selfish, manipulative and have cheated on their boyfriend/ girlfriend. This includes my sis, my co-worker and a guy who didn't tell me he had a girlfriend. With the guy, it's been 2 years since we broke up and he's contacted me wanting to hook up. I told him to get lost and now yesterday he sends me a friend request on Facebook. What's it gonna take

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nothing to do with sign
by: Anonymous

It has nothing to do with the sign, everything to do with his upbringing, education, culture, and most of all, his values

All signs can be faithful and unfaithful
by: Anonymous

I believed all signs could be faithful and unfaithful depends on the individual causes and situations. I'm Virgo/Libra intelligent, honest, and good appearance. I'm reliable, trusted, and believed one among in those zodiac signs. However, I can be come withdraw but still remain a faithful Virgo/Libra very true to myself. Also, I am not afraid of someone who says Virgo is an unfaithful sign. And of course, NOBODY knows you more than you knew yourself. As a result, it could be recognizes by your activity, characteristics, and how well you behave in daily bases. Everyone were borne in a different hours, day, and year. The planets; the constellations control your destiny and also, it is a great impact on the value of education that you've been taught and also what is contain in your gene. These three are in charge-believe it or not. Virgo can be unfaithful-turns away as Scorpio. No one better than the other but that could be. The Astrology signs and rules are very true if you read what Astrology description and compare to yourself-observe the fact. I'm not trying to backup Scorpio-Scorpio is not the only only. Heh, heh.(*_*)Vg

Scorpio men
by: Mature 16 year old Libra

There are 3 types of Scorpio men;


The LIZARD has all the worst traits, possessive, cruel, vengeful, a cheater etc.

The SCORPIAN has a mixture of both good and bad traits of a Scorpio, they may start to try and contol their worst traits, which leads to the next type of Scorpio.

The EAGLE is the one that will analyse his/her faults and try to correct them or tame them, they may ask your opinion about what their bad traits are and they'll try to fix it. These are the ones that are loyal, protective [not to the point of possessive and obsessive] and they will treat you like a queen.

Trust me dear, I know what I'm talking about, I'm in a relationship with a Scorpio, he's a mix of a SCORPIAN and an EAGLE, he's trying to tame his worst qualities, and with a lot of patience, he's opened up to the point he would tell me his insecurities and that he would cry in front of me.

If any scorpio you decide to go out with won't change, leave him, he obviously doesn't care enough about your feelings. Not all Scorpios are like the LIZARD to be quite frank, you get bastards from all Zodiac signs, that's human nature.

Anyway, I wish you luck, try to keep an open mind about Scorpios and be aware of the good AND bad qualities of each zodiac sign. :D

Eagle trait represents of Scorpion
by: Anonymous

That was what I'm thinking. Scorpio has two traits as a Lizard and an Eagle. I believed my Scorpion is an Eagle. He is very nice, loyal, patient, somewhat protective. I usually told him, you are an Eagle. I don't know if he understand what am I talking about?
I just keep quiet. It doesn't matter; I'm Virgo- I love him and look at him as a man-intelligent.

I read Native American's Zodiac original and found out that Eagle is represent the sign of Scorpio. That is very nice. Eagle is powerful, strong, intelligent, beautiful, and fly high as you see in a reality.
In my mine, sometime, I picture my scorpio as a Lizard-not his personality. I mean his trait. It is not nice for me to say that out loud or judging him. He is a human and all of us. I believed everyone may looks like some what for individual. Please, don't take this as a personal.

RUN,RUN and don't look back
by: wounded aquarius

my experience with a scorpio man would have to be the most mainful and hurtful relationship that I have ever experienced. It took years to forgive him so I would not be consumed with pain and bitterness for the rest of my life. my advice is this!0
If he is an eagle congradulation! but the one I know appears like a sweet teddy bear with lots of charisma and charm to most everyone he meets. he has a best friend a female he has had for fifty years that has no idea who he is LUCKY HER because I know his dark side and they are serpents. He you me a Scorpio man who sweeps you off your feet that very charming and charsimatic run run run and don,t look back. He will hold you and make you feel like the only woman he could ever want tell you he wants to be with you forever make think he is committed to you when all the while he did the same thing with another that morning and as he kisses you goodbye and goes off to work he will be on the phone with a woman before he leaves the driveway! he meet another for lunch and so on there very passionate lovers but it,s not worth it they will sting you and leave you bleeding as they waunder off to a local bar to tell jokes and have drings with there buddies and you can bet he is sleeping with at least one of there wives they are narsistic in nature and have great intuition they will fine your weakness and play on it.NEVER !NEVER! try to go up against one they will WIN and there wrath and stink is life altering RUN as fast as you can

By a cold Virgo
by: Anonymous

He,he,he...I knew a few Scorpio both sexes-male and female. They are the same as you have mention in your article this early. They are my worst enemies at the first sight when I saw. I can see thing deeply in their eyes and the way they behave. If you are careless or think about this Scorpio person is cool, he will come to you and pour all his poisonous charm to trap you, break you, and wound you. That is so mean and ugly such as not a man. They are not cool; they are a lonely.
To me, ha...I wont let that be. There are plenty of others signs that is works well with Aquarius, so forget that and let your heart heel. You have the power to over come this Scorpio creature-animal thing who do not care. He is too selfish and will go down to hell if he is like that as you just mention. He put himself in a bad position as a man and all he wants is F'shit instead of a real love from a real person as you.
Other hand, Aquarius and Scorpio are not a best match if you believe in Astrologists, you have to read their description. So stay away from a Scorpio.

wounded aquarius
by: alice

thank you for all your comments, It help's. good luck to you all and god bless

by: Anonymous

it all depends, if a scorpion is really in love no, but if he is facing problem in his relationship, he might deviate his or her attention in someone elses who shows interest in them. scorpion are very loyal, but manipulated and when it comes to relationship, they need a flexible partner, not too emotional and mostly shy not stubborn like scorpion. every sign have their own unique characteristics and in order for two sign to work out you need to have that balance. scorpion are very passionated and very sensitive beacuse is a water sign and sometimes this can create friction with their relationship. it is not easy to understand an scorpion because they are moody as well. a scorpion can be unfaithful but it is very hard for them to leave their partner for another, because they are loyal to commitment, but they can be unfaithful when driving by emotion.

on topic
by: Anonymous

it's not call the lizard or the eagle the two other signs are the pheonix and the snake.

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