Are Scorpio men loyal and faithful?

by carol

I have been seeing a Scorpio guy for a couple of months now, and have stayed at his every weekend since our 1st meeting, at his request. I have met his friends , and have now met his family last weekend.

We met on a dating site , and 3 weeks ago he told me he had left the site, however, i now have found out that he is still on there. I am really confused ! he has told me he loves me, so can anyone shine any light on what is going on? Is he just stringing me along? keeping his options open??

I had thought because he's taken me into his 'inner circle' so to speak , that he was genuine and honest with me , but now i am suspicious, and confused??

what is going on? can anyone help?

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why he's doing it...guess
by: Anonymous

The fact that he told you he removed the profile and also introduced you to everyone is a strong sign that he's into you. (I'm a scorpio male by the way) Maybe the profile takes a while to get off the site?

If that's not the case, perhaps he just enjoys flirting? Which will eventually lead to him wanting to go on a date. But with men and maybe with scorpios specifically, once we have someone and like them a lot the confidence and energy we get from that relationship makes us feel more empowered to meet other women because we know that we already have one back at home. It's sorta fucked up. And since it seems like scorpios have a tendency to cheat that's what I've experienced and maybe it's more akin to us I don't know.

It's tough because if you confront him straight up you might get stung badly. I don't think you should ignore it though. He wouldn't want you to in the end. Why don't you create a profile yourself and message him on it. He'll be embarrassed but he might find that sexy that you are smart enough to do something like that and then he'll probably never do something like that again for fear of being caught.

You might not ever cure his wandering eye. But you can keep it at just looks if you let it be known that you are equals in the relationship and give off the feeling that you'd be fine without him and also that if you caught him cheating you would dump him. For a Scorpio man, if we feel like we "won" the person over too early, then we'll want to find a challenge or the game somewhere else.

It sucks you have to play that game especially if you really like him and you just want to be open and honest about it. But then it brings up the question on whether you are being too desperate or clingy which is a turnoff or the question if it's worth trying to keep someone that may not really be into you. Either way some discussion has to be made to get you both on the same page of the relationship and it's up to you figure out the best way to begin it. Good luck!!!! But in the end no Scorpio would introduce you to his friends AND family in 3 weeks if he didn't really like you. I sure wouldn't. Best.

Scorpio flirts
by: Anonymous

That is very true; Scorpio man and woman never introduce you to his friend or family in just a three weeks. I think that Scorpio just flirting with you. So, what is your sign, Carol???? i'm Virgo. Good luck!!!!

scorpio men are great liars
by: Anonymous

i'm married to a scorpio guy..he is a liar and i can prove it...we had a bf gf relationship for almost 4 years and with that i have witnessed and experienced many lies from him...that's why i really regret a lot why i married him...right now we don't have a good relationship because i just discovered he lied to me again...specially when it comes to other women,he lies a lot...i've got friends they married scorpio men and those men of that friend filed an anullment...and now they are done...i'm happy for my's better to be alone than to ladies if the guy is a scorpio know him well...if you see signs of his great ability to lie then dump him...but hey not all scorpios i guess but many careful ladies!

by: A virgo girl

I had serious feelings for a scorpio man but i recently learned that he is a dirty politician.With his highly intelligent mind,he cn play mind games wid u n make u bliv wat he wants you to bliv...i kinda hate him nw,but still i cnt get over it...he played games wid me as he had done wid some oder grls before..but ensuring that i never came to know of it..he is a gr8 liar but i've got enuf wits and evidence to prove his lies...i was surfing the net dat's y only...jus to find out any webpage dedicated to scorpio men and their flirting that i cn get some ideas whether he's jus flirting wid me or is serious...he still gives mixed hints...has introduced me indirectly (thru fotos) to his family on facebook after i had uploaded some pics. of my own family...i bliv that..dunno wat he's actually upto...he indirectly hinted me that he needed tym aftr he had obtained a forced proposal from me,since he was witty enuf to understand from the very beginning that m aftr him (which i regretted aftrwards)...actually i guess he wants to make him feel wanted by women...and i was just an option for him though he was my priority in life...n nw m trying to move on...started ignoring him n doing things dat wud hurt him if he loves me..but he appears to be unaffected..n m still confused!!!Cuz. i know that scorps dnt show their true feelings on their face...may b he loves me but he loves flirting too wid oder women side by side..but i dnt wanna b taken for granted...i told him too...if he loves me,i guess he'll respect my feelings..dat's it!!!!

Scorpio Men
by: LoLo

Hi guys, very interesting reading on this site and i wanted to share some fears I have about my potential Scorpio boyfriend. We dated 20 years ago it ended badly but recently got in touch again on facebook. We live a few hours apart now but weve been talking every day on the phone, messages and the feelings were being re-kindled. I am going to meet him in 5 days but the last week hes been distant and Ive caught him out lying (which he denies). Any advice would be great.

cancer f loving a scorpio guy
by: cancerian women

Hi i have met a Scorpio guy online just 2 month ago and we clicked instantly . He is very passionate and understanding but he always don't like it if i ask him any personal questions. He will say "oh you dont trust me" . He said he loves me and im the only women in his life and he dont flirt around so how am i to believe his words .? We communicate online either on fb or Skype. He try's to make me jealous most of the time and it hurts and whn i get mad he will say oh its not a big deal pls but i love you please try to understand. Im confused

Really great man
by: Pieces girl extremely in love with sex loving devoted scorpian man

Hi im a pieces female born on march 10 and my Scorpio guy nov 19 we are like a match made in heaven we are truly soulmates we understands each others wants and needs it like we were made specifically for each other.He cooks for he cleans like non stop he does the laundry he is the best. He takes care of me in everyway possible he makee me feel safe my parents love him.His family love me its just too good to be true but it is.we have known each for about 9 years now and on the first day we went on a date we feel in love we had sex on the the first date yes and i never regretted it.I told him i love him and he told me he loved me and we loved each other ever since.My friend hooked me up on a blind date and that was my first and last blind date. He said he cant see his life without me and i feel the same way.He is so handsome tall slender sexy as hell he looks like a fucking super model i cant keep my hands off of him he is just too cute and im just as sexy im 5"8 130lbs and very beutiful use to do some modeling when i was 16years old.So we are both gorgeous .that why we can't keep our hands off each other not to be too cocky but its true when they love you,you will know

scorpio man cancerian women
by: Anonymous

pls help me i need to knw if my scorpio bf loves me seriously or is he flirting. We met online 3 month ago and he just introduced his cousin bro to me on skype than he also introduced a close friend of his saying im his gf. Im much more older to him and we are in LDR i really need to knw how far is my scorpio Bf loyal or flirting with me

Really confused!!
by: Anonymous scorpio girl

Ive started seeing this guy we are both scorpio's thus have similar characteristics, at first he approached me and met up a few times, he said he had fallen for me and that he has always liked me since the day he saw me. I've have a huge soft spot for him and I think I'm falling in love with him, even though he is a jack the lad.
But what I've noticed is that I'm doing all the chasing, I message him, and I make the effort to try see him! I feel like I'm the guy!! The best part is when I found a dummy in the his car,, I confronted it and he claims it's his sisters friend!! As his sister uses his car!
We have slept together and he claims he wants to be with me but I don't trust him and it hurts and I feel like I'm being taking for a ride, he now ignores my messages, but when he sees me he can't keep his hands off me'!! I'm trying to ignore him now but I feel addicted!! Help I need advise...

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