Are Scorpio women scary?

by Agnes

I am a Scorpio woman and I have a hard time getting a boyfriend,even a new friend.
Recently,I found out from my group of friends that the guys in our school find that I am scary and hard to approach. I mean seriously I am friendly!!! I do not even know how to get rid of this feeling I am giving to people.Even my mother agree that I give people a scary impression.
My friends once confess to me that they were afraid to establish a friendship with me,and and they were surprise that it would go so well.
So any advice?? Lastly,did anyone experience the same thing as me??

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Scorpio here..
by: Anonymous


I am a Scorpio as well and come off very aloof. It has gotten better with age. I am just not a very friendly person, you know the type, center of attention, etc.

I say just try to be friendly and listen to people and honestly it will come with time. Scorpios make great friends and people seek them out ( A LOT ) for advice because you/we are so intuitive and thoughtful. Scorpios are very introspective and I think it gives a misleading impression to those that don't know you/us well.

This intensity is exactly what makes us seem so mysterious and alluring to romantic possible partners so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just remember your tendency to appear intense in social settings and you can usually learn how to tone it down a bit.

by: Anonymous

Yeahhh, I have the same problem.. I scopio and proud of it... Some of my class mates told me that I'm scary, and hard to approach too. I give that Don't Mess With Me, impression...But, I created that, and I'm still like that. I learned that's how I protect myself; I also learned that, I need to be fun, and partly like, but still have my gaurd up. I'm sorta like a rebel now. Hella fun, crazy, and knows how to partty... But still have that, If I dont like you, you're screwed, additude. You'll figure out how to work with it, and once you do, you'll love it, I have trust issues, so I dont have like major friends, but just friends, I like a guy yes, does he know doubt it, he'll figure it out tho.. I dont get to attached so i wont go through heartaches, but when i do, my guard juss gets bigger, and you'll find a guy that will be able to get pass it..but not easily. We are like a game, that ppl cant figure out. none of us are the same. U might not agree with me, and I might not agree with you. we do what we think is good for us. Once you figure out how to be fun, and protected, you'll have hella a lot of fun. Trust me, You'll figure it out, it may take some time. but you'll get it, if you havent already (:

by: Anony

dont wear too much red makup please.

scary scorpian
by: Anonymous

i am a scorpion woman and experience similar problems. even my mother thinks i'm too scary and analytic to attract anyone. men say i'm to aloof. it is so frustrated to be misunderstood.

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