Aries and divorce

i have Venus in Aries, and it makes my life hell!!! it ruins any chance i have at relationships. i always go after what i can't have, once i have it i don't want it anymore. Once my fantasy of a fairytale has been ruined (ie. him checking out other women). it's OVER (period). I can't be content in a relationship, even though it's something i want more than anything.

just wondering. How do women of the sun sign calm themselves down for a relationship. Also according to the stuff i've read on the net, aries are a 'young' (aka immature) sign. How do u grow up (esp. for relationships).

i don't believe in divorce, but with this sign, it looks like it's like a pretty high possibility.


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by: Anonymous

Hi! The first thing I would say is that Aries men aren't complicated once you understand how they tick. The problem is getting to that stage because in the interim they may have insulted you r been so nasty too you that you no longer are interested. I have read loads about Aries within the last 6 months after falling for one. They come across as confident go getters, very straight speaking, very sexual and confident around women, impulsive, suffer from foot in mouth syndrome and say stuff that is so awlful (sometimes innocently and sometimes intentionally) so they come across as tactless. It is far easier to deal with Aries men once you know all this as you can understand their response etc much easier. In my experience we are not together because he is getting divorced (nothing to do with my existence as we havent started anything), but he did have an affair years ago, so he has followed the typical Aries trait of cheating, albeit not consistently. In my case the strong confident man is not quite as he seems and can be very childish and insecure. They are known for this, being the first star sign and this trait can be charming and infuriating at the same time. I have found it far easier with this guy once I got to understand his head. They like feminine women but not those that are clingy and subservient as they like independent and women with a bit of 'bite'. The chase is important to them and I have found that he respnds better when he thinks you are losing interest rather than when I am attentive. They desire attention and he loves it when I compliment him as humble they aint. So massaging his ego is important although not so much you make him feel trapped orsuffocated. As an Aries you need to think befre you speak, be more open and less impulsive and be less concerned with the control side of things. As an example, my man tld me he was still in love with someone from his past and then panicked when I reacted by walking away. He couldnt hack it, but then what did he expect. What I am saying is that instead of looking for a reaction by saying something so profound and devisive he should have just asked me what I felt for him instead f trying to hurt me in order to accomplish the same thing. He has tried to backtrack since saying it is long over, but the problem is how do you forget what he has said when it was so profound????? He didnt think that one through and assumed I would react one way (probably from his experiences from his ex wife) and then when I didnt it completely freaked him out and he became a headless chicken.

by: Anonymous

I appreciate your time to respond. That's not really what I was asking though. Thx any way. :)

I'm not sure there's a right way
by: Aries 2

Hey Fellow Arian,

I am the same. I am really into a guy when he's chasing me and then when I get him, I get bored. For me the best part of a relationship is the beginning until you fall in love. I was in love once and somehow it makes you grow up. If you feel a sense of security with someone and you love them with your whole heart-- you don't want to run away from them.

But if you are not emotionally invested with the person, you can easily lose interest. I think it's just a matter of finding the right person. Unfortunately, they don't come with a sign --that sux. It would make things SO much easier

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by: Anonymous

I am an Aries Woman and I have 98% of the characteristics. I feel you about loving the chase and once you get it losing interest. That was the story of my life for 31 years. I recently fell in love and am currently in love, it caught me TOTALLY off guard and I for the first time in my life I investing in a future with a man and not just dating and playing games. I agree with the other person in saying, “if you are not emotionally attached with the person you can easily lose interest”. That is where I am. Usually, I am QUICK to dismiss a guy, but I can’t shake this man, because I “allowed” myself to fall in love with him. A man is going have to break down those walls that you have up and “make” you fall in love with him by proving that he is a good man and showing you that you deserve to be loved unconditionally. I don’t recognize myself in this relationship, I have grown and learned to trust, compromise, built patience and toned down my aggressiveness. I love spending time with him and don’t get tired of him or feel trapped, where as I used to love my space. It’s all about the right man coming into your life and you allowing him to love you. Not trying to sound all “fairytale” but REAL LOVE from REAL MAN, will make you “calm down” and be ready for a REAL RELATIONSHIP. The game playing that WE as Aries love, goes out the window. Good Luck!!!!

by: Anonymous

Wow I'm the same way, I can't even get into a stable relationship, I'm always so bored and looking for something more exciting, then I complain I can't find someone! Ughhh being Aries is so confusing!

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