Aries and infidelity

by Melinda

It's Seducing Aries Again. I want you all to understand that Aries are very loving people, and we tend to stick with who we lie with. I am an Aries woman, and I had no intention of being divorced, but it was a decision based on infidelity, which I cannot stand. Now on the other hand, if you piss me off, and seriously keep letting me know how you don't feel about me, instead of forgiving,and starting the day anew, then I changed and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Why? Because when I love, I intend to keep. When it goes wrong, and if it isn't my fault, you can't have me back. When it is my fault, I will apologize, and i will walk away from you, why? because I have wronged someone I say I love. Now again,when I am evil I am evil all the way,and nobody wants to go there with me. It's just plum dangerous. I am very headstrong, and when angry just allow me to cool down,by staying away from me. Seduction won't even help. it'll just intensify the situation. I want this Virgo,I've known for years, and right now he's in disappearing mode, but it doesn't deter me,it just makes the yearning even better. I think he's worth it. truly! Talk to me people!!

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That Virgo better be worth it
by: Aries

As an Aries I have only had terrible relations with Virgos--4 total. Small sample size. They are just so irritating and critical, got dayum! And way too fickle. So if you really want him you have to work

Unwanted Aries attention
by: Brenda in West Virginia

TO ARIES MELINDA - I'm a Virgo female being chased by an Aries man. I don't like it. This is a new job for me and he's been there 25 years. He is 58 and I am 53. I like him, but there is no way we will be a couple. I am well liked and respected I guess that's what attracted him?? I have only been friendly to him but he must have read into something too closely & got the wrong idea. I've bluntly told him WE ARE NOT COMPATIBLE. But he's not giving up. I try and put him off and he's goes crazy! Calling and coming by my work area, ALOT. I don't want to insult the man because I have to work with him. It does not deter him even tho he knows I'm happily married to a Leo. And he's unhappily married to a Pieces. Looks like he would get the message after five No's, 3 not ever's and 6 I'm married's! I came in here to find a way to turn him off! And I've read enough "don't do" in here and I think I'll be successful. Aries are funny, with a giant EGO and they do not take NO for an answer. I would stay away from them unless you're a Leo or a Sagitarius. And I've told him to go find one of those. Whew! They are persistant! I admit, it's flattering to me, at my age. And my Leo doesn't know because there isn't anything to tell him. And Aries told me he was in love with me yesterday, but he won't be after tomorrow. So, Melinda, Virgo's have very little in common with Aries. He turns me OFF. Even if I were single, NOPE. But he's funny. That's the only attraction. That temper, that craving for attention and that EGO. Exhausting! Virgos are quiet, stable, perfectionists and RESERVED. Can Aries stand Virgo's critic? Virgo's don't say what's on our minds, we are secretive. And he is all the time trying to get inside my head. Geez! You two will fight like cats and dogs. Just as that Aries and I are about to do tomorrow. Whatever it takes to get his attention off of me. Hmmm, Aries, think about it.

by: Tony Michael

Wao! Its so amazing, i mean the compatibility thing. I do hope that pple both males and females should live to understand that any zodiac sign can be compatible with any other sign. Some couples often feel that since for instance sign A and sign B are astrologically incompatible, that nothing on earth can make them compatible; i think thats a lie or let me say, WRONG IMPRESSION period. Since human beings are raised up in different environments, religions, norms and cultures, and other variations like family issues, poverty, etc, I am of the opinion that pple. should understand that no matter how incompatible two signs may seem to be, with maturity, humility and understanding from both parties, there will be a very cordial relationship. I also think Astrology should only be of help to know the strengths and weaknesses of their partner and therby make ammends as and where necessary.Astrology in itself is not a solution but a road to the solution. The real solution is in us. With the above applied, you will see a supposed cat and dog relationship flow in love peace and harmony. Thanks, comments are welcome

From Virgo girl
by: C

Hey, i think it is also important to check the birth chart, also the % of all four element in your chart. And if Virgo plays the disappearing game, leave him be, if he is yours, he will come back.

i have always adore Aries sooooo much, they are so true and real. I'm Virgo (still, deep down there) who is super fiery. I've got more 30% fire elements in my birth chart.

I met this Aries, and at first I thought it was just a one night thing. Though there are some qualities on him that I really like. Then I said I would visit him again, in another city. Before I go, he said I gotta come straight with you, I'm married. He was very very young, and it was a Chinese cultural thing for men to get married early and have kids. I was not really extremely shocked, just worried about him.

And I know Aries are headstrong, sexy creatures who are likely to be tricked into early marriage due to strong desires or whatever other reasons, but I also know they are generally loyal. I'm thinking what's with this ram I met...

Heyhey, people, write me something. :)

by: Aries Heiress

Ok so the Virgo disappearing act is normal? I swear I was in good with one and I mentioned something about us spending more time together and poof, GONE! But then about 2 weeks later, he shows back up like nothing ever happended. We are just dating and it's fairly new, so I was kind of cool about it. He's doing it again, RIGHT NOW and so I finally decided, I wanna see other people too until he is sure of what he wants. I hate inconsistent incosiderate behavior. I'd NEVER do this to anyone!

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