Aries and Libra on again off again

Why is it when it always comes to the Aries man and Libra woman there are always such long hauls until they can finally just be with one another? I've waited months, and years. and then when we thought we had it things turned sour. and then we try it again. its like a revolving door.

Hopefully one day it will stop on a good note!

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Have you tried playing hard to get?
by: Anonymous

Aries guys are pretty aggressive, and one way this manifests is by wanting what we can't have, and then losing interest fairly fast once they have it. The challenge, the hunt, thrill of the kill etc is the best part sometimes.

I don't know if this is the problem in your case, but as an Aries guy I've had "off again, on again" relationships due to this until I realized what was happening.

Have you tried playing hard to get, even when you're together? Remain partially unattainable and it might solve all your problems..

by: Anonymous

I had messed around with an Aries man for 3 years. Same as all previous comments above, He approached me and would not stop until I gave in. And of Course once you show any sign of feelings they run.... LOL. Again he was one of
the Aries who "Was not looking to get serious, Was having fun"

But let m tell you they always come back, acting like nothing ever happen. I say they are Bipolar! I can not count how many times my Aries guy came back, sometimes he would go MIA for a week, month, but ALWAYS he was the one who
picked up the phone to make a call and he would always say "what you don't know how to pick up the phone" ... I would tell him Nope I've been busy... and I would pretend like I did not care (Even though it was killing me inside). I never let him know.

Over the years at one point he started getting serious, bringing his son around, wanting to spend more time together, buying gifts. Etc... and I let him move at his own pace, I did not bring up the talk, I played it off as it is
what it is... Then after about 6 months or so there he went freaking out MIA.

So a month went by and I get a call, yeah he states he's been busy and he just had some stuff going on in his life that he had to take of. Again I never questioned.

We continued to talk on and off and then again 6 month later we kind of started getting close again, he was always calling me wanting to see me. If I did not answer the phone he would call and CALL..... So It was him that would call 90%
of the time.

Then finally one night he came over and hung out everything was fine, no fights, no problems. Nothing. As I walk him out he hugs me kisses me and then tells me "I don't think I will be coming back anymore, It's been 3 years now since we been messing around, I don't want to hold you back or lead you on, We are getting older and it's time for us to move on get married, have kids" all
I could think of is this a JOKE I asked him where the hell did all that come from? WTF ... He just looked at me... Then I Asked For what did you come here for, I mean damn if you just wanted sex, they why did you waste your time staying and watching a movie? Oh being the Aries that he is he did Tell me "Cause I wanted to hit it one last time"

Ouch... And Being the Libra that I am I showed him out the door and told him a few words or two ;). Yes, Its Been about 3 months, Oh he will be back, there's no doubt. I know that was not the end of him and I'm sure he will try and play it
off like nothing ever happen. But see that's where he will learn he went wrong with me. I love the guy but will not let no man disrespect me. After all I am a Libra.

So with that all being said, I can say when it was good it was great, but when it was bad it hurt.

by: Anonymous

im a libra women that is dating a aries man. WOW all these post are so similar to me and my aries man. we knew each other back in our early 20;s i
moved out of state and he found me on myspace. needless to say when i was in town our first night out we had sex, neither one of us thought a year and half later we would be in love. it has been a roller coaster the MIA's constant
affections texting hates to talk ont he phone then he disappears. what is that?

im a very strong libra women he told me he loved me very quickly , even came to the state i lived in to live. doesnt like confrontation. one week were planning him to come here to moce then 2weeks later he isnt mentally ready HELLO..but he
loves me? I know i can be hard to handle and he says im now,now,now but all i want is truth, honesty..respect. it aggravated me when he goes MIA..then when i dont over do it he is up my butt..on again ,off again, now we are off again,
tells me he will call me on sunday this is friday
and we have been having issues and we were gonna start new never heard from him it has been a week no word??? how do you love me and disappear, tell me im the only women you loved this way, apparently he was in a 10yr relationship and he
didn't even love her like he loves me.. maybe i need to learn to take a back seat, be quiet someone how? what do i do?

by: Anonymous

I have recently spoken to an Aries male who has separated from his family, a Libra wife. He says he just can't talk to her, but really wants
to...sound familiar??

I as a Libra woman, also find it so hard to talk to the Aries man I love but who has rejected me with the trash! Watch Pump Up The Volume dv and see how the guy in that says exactly the same thing! He can't talk to the very girl he
really loves...I couldn't help but think of my situation the minute I saw it. They somehow need to find the confidence to talk and express themselves...and so do we. So much precious life wasted playing circular games that could be
overcome and give us so much more loving, just for the sake of fear of speech! I will always be intrigued by these creatures and always want to be there for them

back again?
by: Anonymous

It seems like all female Libras go through the same situation with Aries man. I was messing with one for the summer and at the beginning I didn't want anything serious until he just became really sweet. Oh he was my boss by the way real bad move on my part but anyways he would call me out of work to hand out and there was always a lot of flirting going on when we were at work. We even spent a couple of days at his beach house, it was all perfect until I told him I really liked him and I wanted to know what was going on between us. That's when things went sour. I stopped talking to him changed my number, but I would still see him once in a while at bars and clubs. I had giving up all hope of ever talking to him again until a few days ago he tried and get in touch with me confusing me once again. After reading all of the other situations it only makes sense why he's trying to get back to me but as the Libra that I am I'm not going to let him play games with me.

Libra and Aries never last
by: Anonymous

I am a libra female dated 2 Aries and both the same, fun and sweet turn your world upside down and then poof gone. They are like no one else I have met good times, but it never lasts. Only hook up with Aries for good times don't expect it to last!

I get it.
by: Anonymous

I am a libra woman and I've been doing this on again off again with an Aries man for 14 years now. We have both married, divorced, had children with other people.
Our first go round he broke my heart. He was the first and only man I've ever loved. Everytime since the first time I have been the one to stop coming around him. I always am afraid to have my heartbroken, once was enough.
Last year after my divorce he can back around. And, being an intuitive libra, I could tell he was in love with his ex still, so I sent him packing. He swore he'd never speak to me again, but he went back to her. Then she left him about two months after.
And as of about 3 weeks ago he's back in my life. A couple of weekend nights out and back to his place with only a couple of texts the weeks in between. Until he had a huge tragedy in his life and it's me he wanted to be there... We spent 2 nights and days together and suddenly he's telling me everything I ever wished he would have. We had a really amazing time actually communicating. And now he's MIA for the last couple days. I just don't know the right thing to do anymore. Can't not love him, can't love anyone else, can't keep letting doing this with him.

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