Aries and Libra sex on a first date

I'm a Libra woman 19 and the Aries guy in question is 33. when i first saw him i was dancing part time in Miami at an upscale strip club, i found myself staring at him and was instantly attracted. i left work and never seen him again.

finally i asked a friend to help me find a temporary room until i finished getting myself he took me to his cousins place, a really nice room was waiting for me, and to my surprise his cousin was the mystery guy i had a crush mouth dropped to the floor and i couldn't speak..the whole time i was embarrassed for him to see me like that..he was kind, and had this beautiful smile, that just lit up my life. for the first few days we got to know each other, and he didnt know i liked him, until about a
week later..

He took me out that night and got me drunk, when we went back to his place i went to my room and he went to his..i couldn't help myself so i showered and met him in his room with a towel wrapped around me, we had sex that night and i woke up in his arms.. everything was perfect for a few weeks, and we finally started dating, and i moved outta my room into his. its been almost 3 months now, and he clearly likes me, but he wont tell me where he wants this to go..when i dont give up sex, he threatens to find someone else, and he laughs which i dont find funny..

he constantly accuses me of cheating if i dont pick up when he calls & wont talk to me for days..we have had two fights already and he has a very controlling side i dont like..both fights ended with me crying and confused, after those fights he always brings out this caring side i never see when we are ok..he once told me he loved me, but never again. he has way to many friends who are female and his ex keeps popping up by the house..

i dont get any compliments anymore and i have started to lose hope in us, he always wants to have sex, but claims that isnt always what he wants..he has gotten me to the point where i cant stand him but i love him..when i do tell him i love him, he says he doesnt believe me..

i dont know what to do..for the past 3 weeks we have had problems, mostly with me taking my time or taking to long, and he is very punctual. lately he has been flirting with other women
in my face but claims they are just friends,and then he says he likes my jealousy..when it comes to me he gets what he wants when he wants,but lately i have been saying no..he wont talk to me about civil things anymore and just has become distant, rude and selfish..

when it comes to money i always have it, but
when it comes to his time i never get it..we are currently out of town in atlanta right now, and we had a huge argument about me not answering my phone when he called me, and he hung up in my face. i tried to call him back but he wouldn't answer so i told him i would find my way back to miami. so moments later he called me back and said it was over and when we get back to get my
things and move out, but he was also drunk. the next day he calls me like nothing is wrong and says he is horny..i did it because i loved him, but after that he fell asleep and when he woke up he just dropped me back off at my dads house without a word..

the next day he comes back to pick me up, same old
routine again...he gave me a compliment and i was surprised, but after that the same old him, while i was at his parents house he never spoke a word to me, he acted like i was invisible, unitl i said f*** this take me home..the whole ride he kept checking to see if i was crying i was silent and didn't say a word. when i got home i thanked him for bringing me home and slammed the door in his face..he looked completely confused..we have not called or talked to each other in two days and i want to keep it that way, but my heart still loves him..

we leave to go back to Miami in 5 days and i already have an apartment waiting for me, im moving out whether he wants me to go or not, and i wonder if this is good that we are apart and not talking. im keeping myself busy to forget about him, but i want to know if this is something i could work at if he comes back around or should i just let go, and let him watch me blossom into the libra woman he never got a chance to see..

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Im a complicated Aries man .....
by: Anonymous

I am am aries man amd i hate to say it but yes i guess we tend to want sex alot and like to see the other lover cry that way i can see how much they care . Also i do it so that im there to wipe the tears away and kiss and makeup. I dont know why i do this but it only happens with libra women ...and i too sometimes give the libra woman the silent treatment and ignore them just to see them come asking for my love(not literally). One thing that i know for sure is that i love the libra woman to death and i NEED her because honestly were the perfect match.

by: Anonaries

libra ur too sensitive and aries walk all over you.
Don't let that happen.You must learn to say no and dump him.

As for his behaviur it could be he is mad at something/someone at work, or else.

Respect yourself and your body.

its not his sign that's the problem
by: Anonymous

Hate to tell you but his behavior is most likely connected to the fact that he is abusive and not his sign. Read why does he do that inside the mins of angry and controlling men, by Lundy Bancroft.

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