Aries male Moon in Pisces

by Jesse
(Van Buren, ME)

I'm an Aries male, but my Moon is Pieces, so this may play a bit of a factor, but I like when my girl talks about the future with me, but then again I'm head over heels for this girl. I agree though that we like passion, but I'm also very romantic because of the Pieces in me. Just a comment I thought I would share.

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Aries man with a pieces moon?
by: Anonymous

I am dating an Aries man, I'm a Pieces, and he does have alot of the characteristics that are explained here, but a few things are off. So i am thinking maybe he has the pieces moon in him also, how do u know, his birthday is the 29th of March.?
Hoping that this might answer alot of my questions about him.

comment about the aries man with pices moon..
by: Jacqueline

Hello, im an aries women, pretty sure i have the aries moon, bc i am an aries women to the T, forsure! But... i also have some pices in me as well.. kinda like bipolar/split personality.. bc my birthday is march 21st, i am the 1st day of aries,

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