Aries man affair advice

by Gina
(Tyne & Wear)

Met and got friendly with an Aries man albeit he was married and about to start divorce proceedings. We got on well having similar interests and it was because of these interests how we met. He wanted me but I wouldn't touch him being married so we continued to be friendly without any relationship. He had had an affair some years ago and had been honest and told me about this and a bit about his life and me I told him all about myself warts and all. I found he could be nasty and insensitive which is typical of Aries and incredible sexy too.

Things were fine until I mentioned about this affair he had and he promptly told me that he still loved her although it was over. I was gobsmacked cos most men would realize that saying something like this would have a negative effect, I feel he was so used to how his wife reacted to stuff he thought I would react the same.

Obviously I backed off cos to me no point in fallin for a man who was already in love. My first question to Aries is what possible reason other than getting a reaction did he have for doing this or have I missed something on Aries thinking? He reaslised his mistake cos I went cold on him and stayed away and he paniked and ran around like a headless chicken.

I was shocked that this confident man was now panicking and it was pleasing to see cos I believe if he didnt care then he wouldnt have been interested in righting this big error of judgment. It had though created a block between us because it created doubt where there had never been any. He tried to backtrack by saying it was long over etc but as most women would concur - if it was over than why throw it in my face in the first place. Obviously going thru a divorce that was nasty has impacted upon him and he became nasty, rude and downright awlful to me and told me dont bother him anymore.

So I havent cos he really got even more self centered and when I offered him empathy he got even nastier and said loads of awlful stuff to me. I could have forgiven that cos people say stuff they dont always mean when they are under pressure etc and he was quite frought over all that was going on in his life. However the way I view it is that if you say stuff that is terrible you wake up and smell the coffee over the hurt and nastiness you have shown to the recipient and do the right thing and either phone or visit to try and make amends. This man has never done anything and so I think it is over.

He cant handle anything other than the divorce he was going through cos it has impacted his life so much. However, he told me he was gonna take me off his phone and didnt and also because he moved jobs he advised me in detail about this. I dont understand this cos if you dont give a shit about someone then why detail stuff then tell them to not bother him. Any advice especially from Aries men cos they are different to Aries women. Thank you

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Aries men
by: Anonymous

Aries men are most of the time self centered and not in touch with their feelings... They do and act for the moment... when it comes to the matter of the heart they always follow their way.. without a thought for the other person or the bigger picture... They will never admit their mistake... like to blame others for their mistakes and always want to be the hero or saviour of women who seem in need of a "BETTER" man...

such a complicated sign...
their positive aspect is nothing to do with the matter of the heart but mostly how they go thru life... proud .. good providers not too petty etc... but they never stay still... love to chase, cheat and lie and blame others .... alas...

The Aries Man
by: Anonymous

When you went in silent mode, he panicked and chased you because he likes a good challenge. This is a natural trait of Aries. Don't think he does it because he cares about you. Aries is one of the most selfish signs we have in astrology.

He sounds like a true Aries though. You just said that when you showed him sympathy he was mean with you. He did it because he thinks he has the right to treat a softie badly. He isnt going to be ever happy with anyone.

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