Aries man aggressive and impatient

by krissy

Im a Sagittarius female and he an Aries guy.We are supposed to be compatible but this Aries had a few issues i couldn't deal with. When we met he was this cocky ass hole that just thought he was the most attractive person in the world.

He told me he wanted to be more than friends but i didn't want to be at the time so he became very demanding controlling impatient, and very selfish. He used to call me all the time curse me out and tell me that "i better love him." Wierd huh?

He just wouldn't leave me alone. Practically begging me to be with him. It got to the point that i would finally talk to him but every time we talked he kept talking about us being together and saying inappropriate things and i would end up hanging up and he would end up leaving terrible messages on my phone.

He used to just tell me how he was planning our lives when we weren't even together...He just wanted to take care of me.He overall was a cool guy. Just know if u ever get with an Aries, make sure u are into him as much as he is into u.And make sure u can deal with his impatience and his very blunt outspoken demeanor. They are hard workers always making money and want to to care of u so it just might work my case i just wasn't ready for that.

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