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As an Aquarian woman who has had an affair with an Aries man fornearly 10 years I can say It Is a great combination. The sex Is hot andtheir Is a strong connection on all levels.

I'm an Aries man and I've dated two Aquarius women now who have been Into kinky sex.Is this an Aquarius thing? or Is It just coincidence? From reading the article on themit says they're experimental and adventurous In bed. Anyone else have any experienceswith this?

I'm an Aquarius woman and I'm Intensely attracted to Aries men. I'dconsider myself adventurous when It comes to sex, but only If he deserves It.;P Though I'm not so much a fan of kinky as I am a fan of rough sex. Naturally, Ilike aggressive men as partners, so Aries fulfills that nicely.

Me being an Aquarius women I think we are natural risk takers whothrow caution to the wind one way or another I think If we arein the right mood we will be willing to try It especially for the experience

hi, I am an Aquarian woman and ... In my life, I'm more Into nah...always Into Aries males. So, I'd like to dispel the myths of all the others. Ilike It rough. I love his machoness, my gym-trainer and he had only eyes forme, though, he's a flirt ! :). I, In the least don't get offended at all andtherefore, he likes the mystery. Though he doesn't spell It out for me, Itshows In his eyes. Even though I like rough and the conventional position "ofman on top of woman", regarding all other kinds of sex, blowjob Is fine by meand 69 Is a definite no-no. Doggy's cool. :) Enjoy !

Im an Aquarius Woman who has been In love with an Aries man for 5years now. There Is no one else I would every see myself loving but him. Ienjoy every aspect of his Aries description and I couldn't see myself beingattracted to anything other than him. x

I am an Aquarius women and I am In lust with an Aries man from mycollege.. He Is so sexy and I know we would have greatconversation...relationship.. friendship.. and great sex but he does not likegirls that smoke...

Im an Aquarian woman who dated an Aries man for two years. therelationship was completely all passion. We fell In love, everything wasdramatic, sex was AMAZING (the best sex Ill probably ever have) and we had alot In common Interest-wise. However, he was terrible at communicating with me,selfish, easily Influenced by others, never stood by my side, not loyal(cheated on me emotionally and once physically) and somewhat unintelligent (atleast not Intelligent enough for me).

I am a Aquarius woman who has been date a Aries man for 6 months now.I am a very sensual person and love having sex and trying new things. Sex withmy Aries man Is not as often as I would like, but when we do It Is totallyamazing, and since It Is not often It Is almost like losing my virginity eachtime with him. Even though the sex Is not often as I would like It to be, Ihave found that our relationship Is so much bigger than sex. We connect on somany levels that I feel as If we were made for each other. My Aries man Is notonly my boyfriend, but my best friend that I can trust with anything that Ihave, totally and completely. Love you Baby!

I'm an Aquarius woman and my husband Is Aries. We have so much fun together we never get bored with each other. He will give me all his time when I need him. Our sex life Is great. The bad thing with Aries Is that they are very flirty with other girls!!

I'm an Aquarius woman, I must admit that I do enjoy things that aresort of rough. the Aries that I have a relationship with has been difficult onlybecause I waited almost seven years for him to not to be so timid.

now that we can have open conversations and enjoy all of the same things arerelationship Is amazing. He Is sexy beyond belief and the sex Is amazing. I donot know exactly how our sex life It hasn't been that long, but he does Indicatethat he would love to be In control, which Is the way I prefer It

I am an Aquarius woman and have dated my Aries boyfriend for twoyears. It seems that the whole "he's loyal but a bit of a flirt" theme Isshared by a few of these posts and I agree. This doesn't make me jealous, I seeit more of a challenge to keep him with me. Our sex life Is great, the bestpart Is that the chemistry Is there consistently and while his openness toexperiment Is great, his lack of Ideas or Input can be annoying.. I fell Inlove with his Intelligence, drive and strong sense of self, he fell In lovewith my spontaneity, creativity and wit. We work well because he Inspires me,pushes me to be better and never criticizes or puts me down, and I help him toloosen up, be more creative and break out of routine. Our problems usually comedown to my Insecurities and his lack of, the differences between his drive andmy aloofness, and our relationship suffers If we spent only a little timetogether.

Aquarius woman. Love Aries men. Sexually and Intellectuallycompatible. They are loyal and fantastic. Sexually Insatiable. Always want moreand love It. I am adventurous and like doing fun things In bed and he likes It.Honestly Aquarius woman with an Aries man was a match made In heaven. :) Bestfriends and great lovers. Very enjoyable relationship.

I have been with my Aries man for almost 9 years. And we are beyondcompatible but there are the things that rub us both the wrong way. Myaloofness and airiness get on his nerves and his Impatience and smart mouth geton mine. I have not found another sign that has as much mental substance orability to turn me on sexually In a way that makes me completely uninhibited.They do have a roaming eye and that can make a normally easy going Aquarianwoman high strung. We have so much fun together mainly because of his amazingenergy and wit and my openness to join In. Aries are like kryptonite to us and Ilove and hate It all at once. I've not dated much but the Aries men I've metand the one I kept lit a spark like no other sign. Sometimes we have ok sex aseveryone does but when It's good It's mind blowing cuz somehow we always beatour last score even after 9 years. Though It's their nature to dominate and ourinnocently stubborn ways make It hard, they generally know what their doing. Lovem or leavem but you'll be whipped forever.

Im an Aquarius woman who Is "seeing" an Aries man according to him.He keeps saying stuff like, "I hate labels and you don't own me!" Thenlaughs... I hate It. I never know where I stand with him and not that I enjoylabels either but with no emotional communication, I know me... I will looseinterest as I take Inventory. All this stuff that Aries men are loving,affectionate etc...well.. He Is not to me. There appears to me no desire of himwanting me to meet his family or friends. The time we spend together Is eitherat work or my place If and when we sometimes have the same day off. For themost part, he does not do what he says he will do. Example. I will call you andnothing. He doesn't seem bothered by It. I have learned he Is not someone I canrely on and his word means nothing. Thanks. After writing this post, I feel Ifound my answer...walk away

I am an Aquarius woman dating an Aries man, and he was my princecharming In the beginning. I feel madly In love, his macho ways, and he lovefor life and he was amazing In bed. He didn't judge, and he was so attentive.But once he was comfortable, everything changed...less sex.. less dates...lessfire...when I address him he says I am crazy.... I don't know what to do, becauseI want the old him back ASAP!! oh and he Is such a liar!!

Mmmm I had a (I guess you can say fling) with an Aries man. I'm an Aquarius woman and the relationship was anything but boring. :D it was so good and I felt like I could tell him ANYTHING. He did everything so perfect! I loved how he was and I loved every single little thing about him. My Venus sign is in Capricorn and his was in Pisces so he was incredibly sensual and romantic.

Yup! But it's over now... those sexy Aries bastards will get you every single time.

I am an Aquarius female in love with a Aries male...there is something about them that attracts us to them. I don't like there bluntness and sometimes they have bad attitudes, get upset very easily also they are very jealous and possessive, smiles...the sex is a plus!!

I've been with an Aries man for 4 years. Yeah, he's my kryptonite! He runs hot and cold and I've been on an emotional rollercoaster the whole time. He's a self centered, workaholic, defensive, judgmental guy, who can turn from Dr. Jekyl to Mr. Hyde in a nanosecond, and rip your heart out with a few words. And then deny that he even said that. He really pushes my buttons like nobody ever has. He talks all the time about himself, but on the rare occasion that he asks me about me, it's like an interrogation with a critique of what I should have done differently. I can't change the past! Yet he can turn around and be so sweet and considerate and spend an hour massaging me. He's incredibly talented, artistic, and intelligent, yet I swear he's dumb as a post about some of the basics. I agree, if we only spend a little time together, the relationship suffers. He says I'm too independent. I'm still having to chase him, and if I back off, he's ready to quit rather than chas e me. I've thought about giving up often. But the sex is the best of my life! Though I have to be the one to start things, and I'd like it more often, and wish he would be more assertive in bed. After 4 years the sexual chemistry is still off the charts and I feel completely uninhibited with him. I'm whipped forever! And no, I'm not into anything painful, but oral sex is great, and I don't mind experimenting.

I am an Aquarius woman and have been having a casual relationship with an Aries male for over a year now. the sex is fantastic, and yes I am very adventurous, the chemistry between us is amazing. Aries men definitely do seem to push the right buttons in me. Their jealousy and flirtatious nature would stop me having a serious relationship with one though!

okay...soo I've heard that it is horrible to spend little time with an Aries Man...but due to our schedules, we aren't able to be together as much as we would lyk...nd when we do finally get together, it is as if we were never apart... I've played hard to get and I got him...nd he is sooo sexy that all the girls want him...soo I guess I'm wondering...How will this time apart affect us...nd will he cheat on me??? In the past I cheated due to the lack of togetherness...but I don't want him to do it...during the time I cheated... I realized he is the only one for me... How do I tell him??? Sorry if I'm asking for too much!!!

I'm an Aquarius and he's an Aries, we have such a great time together. we spend a lot of time together, he tells me he loves hanging out with me, how hot I am but no sex! what does that mean? not interested but then why does he smile at me with his eyes and look so deep in mine? confused Aquarius

to the last comment: I'm an Aries so...tell him how you feel. We can be oblivious to things you think we should get. If he thinks you're not interested he'll move on.

I'm an Aries male and I have had my last two relationships with Aquarius women, I hate you all... simply because I love you so much. I may never go back to any other sign, Aquarius women are simply the best sign for an Aries, PERIOD. That's what we hate, you shouldn't be that right for us.

You are a air sign and that's what kills us, you fuel our fire when we feel down and cool us off when we get too hot headed. After reading all of these replies; I realized that I have some flowers to send to a certain Aquarius who is no longer in my life.

I'm an Aquarius woman dating am Aries man, and I have to admit the chemistry between us is amazing. He satisfies me on every level, both mentally and physically. Although he dominates the relationship and typically wears the pants, I try not to back down because Aries men love to have a strong woman's support and encouragement to help guide them through tough times. In a serious relationship, ladies you must give the Aries man full attention, because they are jealous lovers. However, also very passionate and compassionate

I'm an Aquarius woman and I've been seeing my boy on and off for about 5 years who is an Aries. I love him to death. The sex is amazing, rough, but sensual at times, and were always in different positions. Although, at time he can be self-centered, selfish, arrogant, jealous and flirty. I try to look past these traits though, because besides that he is very intellectual, interesting, sexy, confident, and when he's in the right mood, very passionate and romantic. also a great best friend

I'm an Aquarian women dating an Aries man. Wow! We first meet as teenagers, and then my family moved away. We never forgot each other. We recently got back together, and it's like I never left. We are sooo compatible on every level. He likes being in control (sometime), has a hot, quick temper but is quick to apologize, a daredevil, loves adventure, and passionate . I am completely in love with all of his personality traits.

i'm an Aquarius too! I felt so much reading all the comments because me and my Aries boyfriend can fit in so well! we both talked about it before that sex together has been ever so amazing! I always initiate many adventurous sex but he rejected me a few times to. I was wondering what's wrong? I don't feel quite comfortable when he rejects me on more thrilling sex experience!

I am an Aquarius woman dating an Aries man. I have to admit that this is the second Aries man that I have dated and the physical chemistry is crazy. I love the attention and I love to be chased. I have given my baby a hard time..He chased me for a year and is still chasing because I keep busy. I would enjoy spending more time with him...but it is hard because of our personal commitments. However, when we are together it is great. I think about him a lot when we are apart. But overall, it is indeed a passionate intense experience.

I am an Aquarius woman dating an Aries man. I have to admit that this is the second Aries man that I have dated and the physical chemistry is crazy. I love the attention and I love to be chased. I have given my baby a hard time..He chased me for a year and is still chasing because I keep busy. I would enjoy spending more time with him...but it is hard because of our personal commitments. However, when we are together it is great. I think about him a lot when we are apart. But overall, it is indeed a passionate intense experience.

I'm an Aquarius girl; teenager really. I've had a crush on an Aries for about 2 years, now. I mean we really don't know each other (no classes together or anything!) But I've been noticing him stare and look at me from time to time....only because I've been doing the same thing!

But I'm very "detached" and quiet. He's loud and goofy (which I find highly adorable). He's with this girl a year younger then us.....and it really annoys me that she can just meet him and get him with a snap of her fingers, while I have known and liked him longer then she has!! I don't want her or anyone elses, at that, "sloppy seconds".

It's ohh well, I guess....

Aries and Aquarius are really good together, but you have to work hard. There is always something, but if you guys stick by each other and have good communication everything will mostly work out. TRUST, PASSION, EXCITMENT, and in the clouds type of days is what I get out of my relationship. You really just never know what?s going to happen because both signs do things in the moment. The easiest way to get an Aries attention is to be out there and be yourselves, that?s why it?s so easy and a great relationship. Most likely this Aries guy will be able to get you out of your own world and into his. There really is no need for secrets, just tell them the truth. They will respect & love you more.

An Aries Man:

*Letting people into his business will drive him crazy. He likes to know that people from the outside will try to know but they can?t. Some people may even be jealous of the relationship. That?s because the passion that you show the people will be true. He?s not scared to grab you and throw you against the wall while you in the middle of a conversation. He really just doesn?t care. When he?s in the moment teasing him makes it so much better. Ignoring him a little will just make him want it more. He will not give up; no matter what.

*If they don?t get their way, (it?s really easier to let them get what they want, NOT ALL THE TIME THOUGH) some how you have to find a way to Compromise in MANY of the situations.

*Having his back is so important. He doesn?t like to be alone against the world, which is how he sees things. If he has a woman he wants her to have his back, even if he?s wrong. I know its going to be really hard to do that, which you will probably never get, use to.

*When he loves you you?ll know it. Falling for him mostly won?t be that hard either. Once he loves you though you apart of his world. In that world is his family (which is important). Mostly he will have a great relationship with his family.

Ive been dating an Aries man for 8 months now. Passion is key, im more the flirt in the realtionship, He hates it. I know of so many girls that want him, I don't get jealous I find it more of a Challenge too, but he doesn't agree. He say he doesn't like the way people look at me or the way me and my friends talk to each other. He tries to make me choose between my friends and him sometimes, I try to ignore it sometimes but then it becomes a bigger problem. Aries and Aquarius SEX life is OMG great.! Not only that you just never get bored in and out of bed. I love my Aries Man. :)

ugh, Aries! I'm an Aquarian who fell victim to one particular Aries not once but twice- and got burned both times! Smooth talker indeed, he said all the right things and was an artist too boot, like me. Plus he was gorgeous. We had several dates with incredible chemistry and conversation. Then he turned cold. He then began emailing me years after saying how much he missed me, loved me, that I was the one and all this other stuff, so yup, I fell head over heels all over again. And he pulled the same cold act a 2nd time. We had great sex, conversation, laughs, etc, he said we were soul mates, then all of a sudden again he hits me with another let down. Had to cut him loose after all that, and will never again become his prey. Especially since I noticed he uses the same lines with other females! Not so smooth afterall lol. It was a learning experience that's for sure!

I am a Aquarius woman and I find myself only dating Aries man.

they do bring the wild side out of me,they are very interesting men.

ok im mad rite now im an Aries and I just spent 30 min writing on this and I accidently erased everything....but if you wanna ask me anything I like answering and btw im with an Aquarius ..perfect couple but Aries tend to push a lot of buttons and questions everything they do write 143 before you rite anything if its a question directed towards me

im an Aquarius woman and im with an Aries man and I love him soooooooooo much,when im with him I feel so safe and happy!my problem is that he is a workaholic and he can be flirty at times but I always let him know that his flirting upsets me and he have seemed to stopped.i have never enjoyed an relationship so much yet and im not planning on losing him without a fight!he compliments me,he shows me affection,he lets me know that he loves me every chance he gets,he takes the lead in bed(which is a major turn on)*sigh* did I mention that I love him?i hope we really make this relationship last forever and ever!!!!!!

I am an Aquarius woman and I must say I like more aggressive men and Aries fit that perfectly I love to try new things in the bedroom, I don't enjoy doing the same thing every single time it can get pretty boring after a while but I would say Aquarius woman are more undercover freak. You wouldnt expect us to be kinky in the bedroom from first glance ;)

omg ladies run b4 you get trapped & its too l8 to get away .. most but not all very hot & cold it does calm down but its extreem at the start there jealous have temper tantrums , hate loosing , cant stand being ignored if you wanna get to them that defently pushes there buttons but also turns them on .. they can have pretty bad attiudes at times half the time you feel like your walking on egg shells because you never know when your gonna say something wrong "not that that stops me from speaking my mind thats prob why he sticks around cos I stand up to him like no one else he's ever met " yes we agree to disagree a lot however arguments never last for days there usally cleared up quickly.. and if they don't I just ignore him he usally calls after a few hours coz he knows how stubborn I can be haha! id defently say most Aquarian woman are more unpredictabul then Aries men thats a good thing as when there on there high horse giving us drama & where in one ov our moods we alw ays whip something out ov our hats that makes them second guess where they thought they had us ..& they end up comming back down to that sweet caring side that shows that they are human oh & if you really wanna do something ull learn that if you make it seem like its there idea they'll let you have your own way & if your ever pissed off with your friends don't vent your frustrations to the Aries man because they'll end up hating your friends & he'll never want yoou to hang around them again & he always throws your past back up in you're face

on the good side ov the Aries man he'll be there 4 you 100% he's a very good family man mines got the old fashioned thing going on never lets me pay for anything its sweet really sex can be great rough sensual a lot ov dirty talk its usally mixed up witch I enjoy I guess you just haft to see what works for you but they defenly are manipulaters and very selfish errrr I hate them but im hooked I want my freedom back btw im not perfect I have a lot ov faults but this is my story mot a story about me & we do compliment each other nicely even with all his bullshyt .

hope this gives someone some insight that they werent getting.

love tarns

143 Have some questions for you! LOL I'm an Aquarius woman falling for an Aries man!

1)I already gave myself up to him,does that mean he will automatically lose interest in me??

2) How to keep him interested in me? Since I obviously can't play hard to get anymore..hahaha

3) How to know for sure that he likes me?

4) When do you know for sure that an Aries man wants more than just a "fling" with you?

5) Should I wait for him to write/call/or invite me out when I see him online next time?

Thanks!! Crazy Aquarius woman waiting for some answers! LOL XoxOX

I lost my virginity to an Aries guy, I thought of it just as a sexual experience, not all that romantic. I've always thought of sex as separate from the emotional relationship. And he was also sooooo into sex and seemed like he was such a flirt in high school that I never expected much from him as far as fidelity.

But whoa! Fast forward 30+ years....

I reconnected with him after my husband left me for another woman and he initiated a divorce from his 2nd wife (at the time I contacted him, he lied and told me he was already in the process of divorce but records show the papers weren't filed until a couple of weeks after I contacted him). I'm completely content now with just having a physical relationship only, especially since we live more than a thousand miles apart. But now he's saying, and maybe this is a man thing maybe an Aries thing, that he can't have a physical relationship without the expectation of something more. How does that change over time? Or is he rewriting history? In high school he didn't seem to care that much, it just seemed to be a physical relationship with a basis of friendship but not of serious romantic love. Now he's totally romanticized it. I don't understand. I do have to say, though, that our text messages back and forth have gotten pretty hot. So the comments about Aries men bringing out the "bad girl" in Aquarius women could definitely be true.

Aquarius Woman and Aries man is a NO No for me. I am an Aquarius woman and I have been dating an Aries man on and of for the last four years. He is extremely possessive and controling,selfish, he is too much into his family even his brother's wife comes before me, he has conversations with everyone but me, tries to put me down when I threaten to leave him going as far as slander. He is easily influenced by his family. No man has ever pushed my buttons like this one, I love my independence and he hates the fact that I am independent. He calls too many times and wants to own me, no one can own me, I love my freedom. I felt trapped and like I was losing myself.

On the positive side he provides a sense of security, is responsible and doesn't mind spending money on me.

I am now dating a Gemini man and it felt right from the beginning. The connection/conversation is great and we laugh like old friends, but we just met.

Good Luck to Aqua women dating Aries men!

It's scary, reading all the posts above. Very, very accurate. I am an Aquarius girl, dating Aries man for almost a year. He chased me for months and did not want to take No for an answer (now I am glad he didn't). In the beginning I just wanted to be friends and I didn't want to spoil friendship, especially since we work together. But he was very persistant and passionate. He told me, he wanted me from the first time he met me and that I did not stand any chance to resist. Oh boy, was he right. I am crazy about him now and it sometimes I feel like being under his spell. It's hot and cold relationship indeed. when he wants me, nothing can stop him. sex is amazing and never ever boring. but sometimes he just retreats into his world (especially, when he is really busy) and I could walk naked in front of him and he wouldn't notice me. but he always makes up for it later :-) But it is not only sex that is amazing. He is a great friend, we have very interesting sometimes very heated debates, we can't get enough of each other and like to spend us much time together as possible. he makes me laugh and he is a great listener, always ready to try new things and follow me anywhere. Downsides: I have to plan things, he likes to change plans too much, he is a magnet for women and very flirty which drives me mad sometimes, but very jealous if I get attention, likes to talk about himself and has that short temper (which he is trying to hide). But at the moment I am hooked and I hope this lasts longer.

I dated a Aries guy for a year, then we broke up for two years because of my stupidity, but now we back together its amazing and after two years of seperation I realise that I can't love anyone else than him. we are soon to be married and I cant wait to start a life with him. I love you baby!!!

I am an Aquarius Female, and I just met an Aries Male. And I fell in love with him the first day I saw him. However he is inconsistent at times and unpredictable.I love his aggressiveness and his charm its turns me on!! He wants more but I am unsure of a committed relationships, things may get toooo deep

I have been going out with an Aries man for 9 years. They are sweet, generous good natured with a naughty sense of humour. Bad side is that they lack common sense but are exceptionally smart in their chosen field, throw things back in your face - then make out that they dont, usually get your friends & familiys backs up by rubbing them thewrong way, criminally mad at the work, also like to moan a lot, money driven and usually a mummys boy. They do not let anyone do anything for them usually as they do not want anyone to dp what they do and say ''you have done this for me'' - therefore are fiercely independent - well so am I. Any moaning or bitching about me and I soon put him in his place which Im sure he likes. The sex isto not fiercely passionate, and I am not in need all the time. It appears that if anything he is the kinkier one!!!

They are flirts and tend to lie when caught out - put it this way, he could cheat and prob get away with it as you wouldnt suspect - but sorry us Aquas have that exceptional thing called intuition so you can see right through the charade!!

I'm a Aquarius woman and in love with a hot Aries male, never been out with an Aries before . But I love sex and so does he, glad I'm not the only one . I love to try new things and I always do stuff on The spur if the moment !

Im dating this ares man and Omg at first I didn't really like him but after a few weeks of hanging out I fell in love.

I am an Aquarius woman I been seeing an Aries man off and on for 2 years all I gotta say is it's not a good mix he was to controlling I couldnt really breath around him he always had to know what I was doing? who I was with? and where I was? or where I was going and with who? that's why I hate relationship grrrrrrrr and he got mad to easy everything I said he took the wrong way and still does we are friends now but he is still the same way even though we are just friends

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