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I'm a Cancer woman who once dated an Aries man. We were a young item, only 18 and 19 years old, but we went HEADFIRST into our relationship. When we first met, we spent a WHOLE 2 days in my apartment, just TALKING.

Then, within the month, my Aries man moved in! All was well, until we realized that the incredible ZING we seemed to have together was just that...a ZING! So, after 3 months together we finally realized that being friends was best for us.

As it turns out, he was my BEST friend, going strong for the last NINE YEARS! My Cancer/Aries relationship taught me that while a failing relationship may cause you to want to throw in the towel completely. Never be afraid to settle with an Aries, in other ways. Steadfast is ironically what I ended up with, after all!

Aries and Cancer are not compatible more infatuated with each otherbut never last. they're too boring and arrogant not what a Cancer needs. Cancer dogood with sag even though the horoscope say no Did you know opposites attract.

I am a Cancer woman in a relationship with an Aries man-13 years now. Don't care what the zodiac says about compatibility-he is my soul mate. Sure,we have had our ups and downs, but we have managed to work through it. We areSTILL in love.

I've been with a Aries man for almost four years now and we beentogether since high school. I was 15 and he was 17...within the first two yearswe had so much fun together because we was getting to know each other and webecame so connected because I need a him to bring me out of my shell and heneeded me to bring the softness out of him to let him learn how to be soft andknow that its ok to cry sometime. As we got order you know things start tochange and there were things that I didn't like about him and there were thingsthat he didn't like about me.. So I decided to read about our signs and why wetend to clash so much and I learn that we are opposites and there are thingsthat we are not going to agree on.....right now we are not together, but Istill have that connection with him and I consider him to be a bestfriend....being with a Aries man help me learn so much about myself that I'mthankful to have a man like him in my life;

I am dating an Aries man that just moved to the usa from Egypt.. Ithought he was moving fast because he is a foreigner but now I think that it isbecause he is an Aries man.. Never really dealt with one before, but him and Iboth have developed strong feelings for one another. I put his birth date andyear in a natal chart compatibility and surprisingly him and I had manypositive aspects, which seemed to make us very compatible... my best friends dadis an Aries and her mom is a Cancer, they've been together over 23 years, Ithink it may be rare, but possible

I am dating an Aries man, who I fell in love with almost a year ago.During the first few months we split up because I decided that I wanted to tryagain with an x boyfriend. During that time he always continued to be there forme even though I left him for somebody else. He is loyal, reliable and proved tobe the man that I wanted all along!! Needless to say we got back together and Icouldn't ask for a better man in my life!!

I don't care what astrology says but an Aries man is magical! Im a Cancer woman and we met each other a year back and fell in love and for one whole year we were on phone! Not once has he asked me to do anything which I didn't like nor has he ever forced me or touched me. God I just love him like crazy! Its difficult for a relationship to survive without getting physical but here we r! now tats what true love is all about!

I agree they can be very difficult to catch up with but we Cancers are no less!! He also compromises at times to make it work. I wish I marry him and we have a successful relationship till eternity:)

The best part is he cannot stay without speaking to me even for 5days, even after 1year! God I love this man so much and everyday it keeps getting stronger! miss you sweetheart!

Astrology is one thing and getting a soulmate is another!! you should always give yourself and your relationship a chance with full confidence apart from the details of astrological anticipations! Understand, compromise and love your partner!! All is going to be wonderful! :))

I am a Cancer woman in love with an Aries man. Inspite of reading all such complications in this union I fell head over heels in love with him. My problem is that he never values my feelings or its like he ignores them. But he says "miss u" most of the times rather than he says "love u". I am not much vulnerable and sometimes he feels that he's hurt (But I am the one who usually gets hurt) Sometimes he calls me a friend and the other times- his lover. how confusing?! I really don't know what made me to fall in love with him! for the past 1.5 yrs he'd been chasing me and now I am (damn! life is a cycle) But I made a mistake by proposing to him. Actually it was his behavior that made me to do that. He talks ALL things I mean everything) on call. And finally blames me! But I have never had any sexual contacts with him. He has never asked for it too. Is he tricking me? or is he egotistic in accepting me and my proposal? I am feeling sick day by day and I have a feeling that I c an never get over him all my life! :( the one thing that I can't tolerate is that- he wants me to introduce many girls to him but if I talk with a single guy. that's all...things go upside down and he starts sulking (oh crap!) what could be the actual feel that is going on in his complicated mind? Does he love me or he really wants me to pay back for that 1.5 yrs thingy?! :( I really say. unless and until you're prepared well for his bluntness and rage never ever go for him. Its like a ship wreck if you go for him without any precautions! I am sorry for being too long.

It's true.. I'm a Cancer lady and my boyfriend is an Aries man. We have been together for 5 years. The relationship is hot and steamy, yet sometimes I don't know where I stand with him. He doesn't talk much about a future with me. I feel like he loves me but I don't know how much. I am crazy in love with this man, but I wish he would give me more to go on.

I'm a Cancer gay guy and I'm living together with my Aries boyfriend for 1 year and half now. There have been moments in this relationship that weren't that easy, mainly because I was not sure that he could provide me the sense of security I needed. He was really into drugs and nightlife before we met, but since we are together he just calmed down and prefers to cuddle with me :) I was once afraid he could get tired of our more "traditional" relationship, but since so many months I just got the security I needed, and he always praises me for having kept him home and healthier.

I'm extremely emotional and passionate. I've had my crisis and lost my tempers several times. He tends to listen to me during those difficult moments and hug and kiss me. My deep, sometimes pessimistic feelings don't seem to affect him, which is great. I mean, he DOES CARE, listens to and gives excellent, simple and practical advise, but he doesn't get emotionally involved, he stays there critical and analytical. Normally he kisses and hugs me the whole day. If I don't go kiss him, he tends to come closer and says he loves me. He doesn't have "emotional" signs on his chart, it's mainly Aries, Virgo, Gemini, Aquarius... but somehow it worked all fine. I guess it's because he's had a great, supportive and loving family and a Cancerian mother :D

I am a Cancer woman and have been seeing this Aries man for 4mnths now. We instantly clicked and I think what I enjoyed most is the fact that he made me laugh. He is a party animal on the weekends but so am I, he can be a bit jealous and I think that's cute. He talks of these long term plans and says how he wants to settle down and that he can see me in his future. I'm a bit skeptical only because I move with caution and he seems to move so fast so it's hard to believe that he really feels this way. He has already told me that he loves me! That blew me away but I eventually exchanged the we will see!

Cancer woman and Aries man .... will lead to nothing but confusion .. Aries too selfish and arrogant!! don't bother ladies!!

I am a Cancer; and I have been seeing an Aries for the past 9 mo. We recently took things to the next level and im excited!! I have come to realize I love him!! He makes me laugh like nobody can and being with makes me soooo happy! We have had our little trip ups but we always seem to find our way back to each other. There is something about US that excites me and scares me at the same time and I love it!! He is a sweet man crazy spirit always on the go but as a Cancer I am learning to go with the groove. I hope this last as long as possibe because I do love him

I'm a Aries man and I've dated a Cancer woman on and off for the last 4 years and I've found that Cancer women would make great a great actress , cause they Are very good liars and have no problem with pretending to be somebody their not, manipulation is so easy for these women , I would never date another Cancer women again, so I warn you be careful with Cancer women bEcuse they are calm liars.

im a Cancer female and Aries man are born to be stupid. they are afraid to get out of their shells. truth is, they love you and they're sulking themselves in pain but they're afraid to show it. they can kill you with mind games. they are a waste of time.

I am a Cancer women 25 years of age and love my 31 year old Aries man! we have knowen each other for 5 years and have been togather for 3 that is because he was my determed maxican pepe la pew. we were on the same job site. I was a wood worker and he is the best finisher in the bizz. when he wasent chasing me around.:D I ran and was hard to get. After 2 yearas I took a lunch brake with him at the pancake houce but I still poled my hand back when he tried to hold it then he stole a kiss in the spray booth and I pushed him back, smiled and left. The smile made him unstopabole and I finaly serenderd to him. 3 years later he still loves his penilipy pussy cat.

I am a Cancer woman who is in a relationship with an Aries man. We started out as best friends for 4 years and we did not expect to fall in love with each other. He was arrogant at most, and tends to be uninterested in my emotional dillemas (which I often have as a Cancer woman).But as soon as he realized his feelings for me, he did not stop until I felt the same. He did everything to make me love him more. It turned out that he can be very concerned, protective and loyal. The truth is, his nature of being independent and arrogant are swayed aside once he finds his true love.

Right now, we are going strong and every day he makes me feel as if he can never live a day without me. Aries man are of leadership qualities and can run homes, but needs a very nurturing woman (a characteristic of a cancer) who softens his strong and stubborn side.

Im a Cancer married woman who's having an affair with a Aries married man and things are just crazy between us its like we could never get enough of each other I never cheated on my husband before but this man and I just connected the first time we met. He always put a smile on my face and he happens to be so much of a fun person to be around. Though I know they're limits to how far we can go, im so deeply into him and he let me know every chance he gets how caught up he is with me and he cant believe he's feeling like this and he got a wife. But my point is these men are very sweet even if it's just going to be friendship in the long run.

Am a Cancer woman ,and very good friends with an Aries man ,well love him to peices but am confused with him ,and its true they do play mind games with you ,you don't know if they have feelings for you so am confused with him ,One thing about Cancer woman we don't lie ,we cannot go liars.

im a Cancer women seeing a Aries man. Ive known him since imwas nine. He was my first boyfriend and nopefully he will be my last(marriage). I really feel.we are soulmates becuz no matter where I move he always seem to find me. But at first it was really lovey duvy. Now its really not that way I really never know what he is feeling cuz he doeant show it and that kind of pushes me away.

Aries man and Cancer woman, yikes. I married one and he was hot for about 3 seconds and then he was a waste of time. Arrogant for no reason, strange and would say one thing do another. Mostly I saw the little boy and got completely bored. Divorced quickly as he was just confusing, he didn't know what he wanted ever, but blamed everyone else for not attending to his every whim. Extreme anger problems!

Just had a blind date with another Aries. He looks at me and says no connection. Ok, dude, you pursued me on a dating site and I was honest and truthful, this guy was just plain weird. He had to be 10 yrs older than his posted age of 55, and he told me I wasn't young looking for a 40 yr old. I have never been told I look my age, and younger men are always thinking I am in their peer group by looking at me.

I am living proof that Cancer and Aries are just not suited for each other. I contend that for a Cancer gal the best zodiac match is a Pisces. Aries are all hot about themselves but go to great lengths to be ugly to others. STAY away!

I am a Cancer woman about to date an Aries man. We met on line and talk and text. Reading these articles causes confusion, the scale goes from love to hate. lol. It's a good thing I know better to get my own experience vs looking at others. I may get hurt or I may get my happy (smile) but as olf folks say...that's life. Best wishes to all the Cancer/Aries hook-ups!!

I am a Cancer woman who fell madly in love with an Aries man. Needless to say, I was extremely cautious of giving my heart to ANY man, but this Aries rode in on his white horse and swept me OFF my feet. We spent 1 year just talking, learning each other and what each other wanted from the relationship. We began the next phase of our life and believe me...there are not enough words in the english language to describe our sex lives. Amazingly beautiful, fullfilling and deeply satisfying. I had found my soul mate for life and he had found his. Yes, my Aries man said that to me! We began to make our plans for the future, but of course, life got in the way. Without all the ugly details, I began to see a completely other side of this wonderful, beautiful, very intelligent man. Once I started seeing this other side of him, my insecurities then surfaced only to cause more harsh, cold, very hurtful words and actions. We discussed our problems, you know, the ones he had with ME..and it was my understanding he was ok and our relationship was ok. WRONG!!! The man never let go my imperfections and allowed them to fester until he EXPLODED one day. I NEVER saw it coming. He literally threw me out of his house and cut off all communication to him. This all done within an hour. Sparing more details, I was left completely devastated and hurt to the point of total agony. I did not want to see another day. I had spent 7 years of my life investing my heart, soul and existence into our relationship with a man I didn't really know after all. I have spent another 2 years going back and forth with him trying to figure out "what he wants" in or not me.??? Enduring countless rages on certain days and other days, very happy conversations and occasional lunches. (no sex) I will never fully recover from the damage caused to my self esteem and self worth brought on by this man's fury, words and actions. IMO, it is much better to have never loved, than to have loved and lost in such a bitter, ugly, devastating way. In hindsight, I wish I would have known this other side of him, I would have NEVER crossed the line of having my own opinion with him. The bottom line I have found with my experience with my Aries man is: HE MUST at all costs to anyone in his path, CONTROL every aspect of his life, VERY stubborn, very self centered, a perfectionist to the inth degree, and will not, under any circumstance, accept that he has flaws, blaming everyone from his mother, boss, me, kids, etc...(you get the picture)for HIS imperfections He loved being surrounded by adoring women, (which brought out my insecurities) but did not care for me being in mixed company.??? No, he never cheated on me, but his mind sure did ....On his good days, we had the best time! We laughed and laughed and enjoyed each other's company. On his bad days (which were steadily increasing), his moodiness and aloftness, and negativism that he would direct at me, would just crush me. All I wanted to do was fix it for him, only causing MORE damage...Bottom line..If you are a Cancer woman and are attracted to an Aries man...please be forewarned...We had a wonderful, beautiful, very loving relationship until I made a mistake. I had an opinion of my own. The wrath that followed just about put me in my grave. I have retreated to my shell, where I will remain for quite some time and may never come back out completely.

I have been with an Aries man for 2 yrs now.. tho there are times when v don agree on something, v always get thru it. he always makes me laugh and v both never get bored with eachother.I can act like a total fool around him. Rather than judging me, he joins in. sometimes, to a Cancer woman, he can seem a little selfish. but, we can be a little hot tempered and possessive too. so everyone has got faults, but God can help us work through them, no matter however different we are..

How scary...are Aries men really explosively angry men??? I am about to date one...I guess I will go with the "guess my sign" mood, ha, ha, ha! yes, for the guy who hurt my Cancer friend. Yes, I will tell you how my date went....

i'm a Cancer lady, I was with a Taurus man and a Capricorn man before but it didn't work out, but with my aries, I love him we're getting married, he's funny, he's caring, he's honest and always speak the truth, he's real, he has speedy nature, a man who knows what he wants, not afraid of commitment, brave, strong, my knight in shining armour. I need him, a man with leadership quality to bring me out of my shell and he needs me, a very nurturing woman who softens his strong and stubborn side.

I am a Cancer woman dating a Aries man , he is all a woman could want gentle , kind yes a bit controlling however most Cancer woman can handle that since we are strong and a bit over bearing at times. We dated 10 years. Then split for a very long time, now we seem to have matured and have much more in common. Sex is still WOW!!!! I will never leave my Aries again this time I am here to stay.( One suggestion if he wants to lead , let him with a gentle push in the direction you need him to go lol if it is his idea he will be much more willing if You get my drift )

In the mid 1990's I had a one night stand with an Aries man before I left for overseas and when I came home I hooked up with an Aries man and we were married after 20 months of being romantically involved. I have known my husband years prior and we have been together as husband and wife for over 11 years. It may have to do with the fact that I'm born on the gemini/cancer cusp too.

I just got out of relation with Aries cause he tld me if I aint answer the phone that he was going hurt me really bad he said that he was going to come to my house and hurt me

I am a Cancer woman. I've read the articles and some say it can't work and others say it's possible.

I have been very close friends with my Aries man for the last 5 years. What I found that works is to play to the role of princess. Let him be your knight in shining armour. He loves to protect you, just give him the chance! I guess it also helps if your man is into video games and the two of you can be nerds about it for hours, but the point remains the same. Be his princess and he'll be your prince. :)

im Cancer woman he's an Aries man. we dated for 3 years. our relationship started from a friendship. we were best friends then decided to take it to the next level. I was attracted to his Aries mans dark mysterious side. it def was a turn on. as a Cancer I felt comfortable with him, and I could truely tell him anything. he was always there for me with a shoulder to cry on. we had a great home life. sex was amazing with him but after two years he got addicted to internet porn. was sneaky. very insecure watch what you say to Aries man they take everything so personally and there egos are hurt very easily. one good thing they are extremely loyal. we are not dating I just felt we were growing apart neither of us could let go of the past and move forward. then one day he blew me off and never called me again. I never got closure or anything. he broke my heart, I really let my guard down for that one.

Cancer Woman Interested In An Aries Man. Funny, His Brother Is Actually The One That Pursued Me First, But It Never Went Further Than A Few Conversations. Somehow This AM Managed To Come In and We Have Completely Clicked. I Have Been Reading A LOT About AM/CW and I Am Really Surprised That More Often Than Not, Things Have Worked Between Them. Of Course I Am Cautious Since Our Sun Signs Are Iffy. But Our Moon Signs Are Extremely Compatible So Who Knows, Maybe Things Will Move Forward. Wish Me LUCK! LOL.

Cancer woman met Aires man who she had dated briefly 30 years earlier. Sparks flew and we have been back together for over a year and still going strong.

I'm an Aries man and fell for a Cancer lady 6 months ago. We got together had a great connection and great sex and then she decieded I was too intense for her. (Iwas kinda heartbroken) she had just/maybe was just (not quite sure) gotten out of a relationship. Now she's warming bak up to me as friends but very open connected friends that are very much aware that they were and are lovers. I love her and kind of wait at bay for when I canfit into her life, but you know its ok

I fell in love with an Aries man at 16 and he was 19, he moved in next door and did what he could to get my attention for a few weeks, when he asked me out I was mad about him. fell in lovewith each other so quick! sexually well it was just out of this world. we got on so well too. then after a few months he turned into a very possessive idiot! always checking my phone and just trying to control where I went and what I wore. I liked to make an effort for him but assumed it was for another Man! he even got violent towards his dad because he thought he fancies me! and then he began to get violent to me. we lasted 4 years. the worst 4 years of my life looking back!

I am a Cancer woman divorced from an Aries man last year. They are definitely extremely arrogant and self centered. He was really caring and attentive in the beggining but as soon as we got married he turned cold and we barely communicated. He constantly critisized and put me down and the word sorry was not in his vocabulary, even when it was clearly his fault. This is not a good match at all... Run as fast as you can. I am now with a Taurus man and i've never been happier, he is my soulmate and i'm glad we found each other.

Was with an Aries for three years. We just broke up. All he did was use and abuse me. Aries are worthless. Get rid of them as fast as you can. Us Cancers try to cling on to them for as long as possible because they're gorgeous, hilarious, and smart. But bottom line, they do not give a shit about anyone but themselves.

I'm a Cancer woman and I just love my Aries man.(5yrs) I can just eat him up. His Intellect ,his protective and providing nature just keeps my heart warm for him. But what turns him off with me is when I get jealous I think it is a real slap in the face for him when I act like this. He treats me very well. Women are attracted to him and he loves the admiration but i'm starting to believe it is only an ego booster for him. I question if he loves me. But he want say it, He actually shows it. He actually cried(we) when I departed from the airport in Europe on different flights. Being insecure is deal breaker he does not tolerate that from me. I find that when I walk as a self assured women and pull back he responds by being putty in my hands and being the loving man he is. So sit back, be patience and he delivers.

An Aries man is trying to pursue me now... He is tall, about 6'4 with an athletic body and hypnotic eyes... He is very manly, and after knowing him for only a couple months, I can tell that he has a nice sized ego lol... But I am very attracted to him... He likes making jokes and having fun, and even though I've only spent a day's time with him, I like him alot. Even though I am a Cancer, I am not very sensitive as astrologers say Cancers are. He says that the compliments I give him are totally different from the ones others give him. He has not mentioned anything sexual yet, wich surprised me. I hardly talk to him though, maybe twice a week, but I like that. I hate being smothered with calls and texts. I really hope this works out, and I will tell you all how it goes soon!!

I have been dating an Aries man for 2yrs and he is 9yrs younger than me. We both agree we are soul mates and he loves me and wont let me go. I get hurt and angry because his life is a mess in my book and I can't stand his friends. I am a cop and can't hang with his friends, he has girl friends that he talks to inappropriately then deletes his conversations. He lies to me and it hurts. I want to give this up but I can't seem to cuthim loose because he never gives up on us. I don't know what to do.

I'm an Aries man. 34 y and had my share. now single...ready for the real thing! from my experience, I have a strong physical attraction towards Cancer woman. cant help it they are usually so beautiful.. and yet it dosen't really work . for me it is not about sex because I think many Cancer woman are kinky in a way I believe most Aries like and we r able to be dominant in bad . but communication is not good enough to maintain a healthy relationship.

i would be happy with a Leo goddess. like I always had before.. and I have no knowledge of a Sagittarius but I attract them strongly as well

I met an Aries man on line and I hollered at him first. I am a Cancer woman. I have all of the emotional traits of the Cancer personality. It seem when me and this man are together sparks fly. We have a long distance relationship and we are both going through a divorce. I fell in love with him first and he discovered his love for me right before my very eyes. Since than he has pulled out the stops for us. Yet I feel his distance and he can be very blunt in speaking so sometime we misunderstand one another when we are not face to face. However, I feel this undying love for him and would like to marry him someday. I might add that we are both in our 50's and have been around the block a few times. I will just go with the flow with my Aries man and sees what happens. He always thinks more than he says to me and I also feel that he has a sensitive side to him. Almost from the beginning of the relationship he wanted to help me in any way he could and told me that he did not want me to go to anyone for help but him. That's one of the things that got me to thinking about long term with him. When he says he is going to do something he does it and you can count on him. I was very careful at first with how I felt but he kind of pulled me in. We have a problem talking on the phone sometime because he does not talk unless he has something to say. He is a gentleman to the nth degree and makes me feel like a very special lady. Yet with everything that I have read it says our signs are not compatible. Go figure because I want this man to be my husband in the future.

I am a Cancer woman in an on/off relationship with an Aries man for over 4 years. I am very content in now saying the relationship is definitely OFF.

He was the pursuer, and very good at the art of a rapid seduction. Romance deluxe - flowers, expensive dinners out, holidays away - you name it he would arrange it. He enjoyed the chase, but once he knew he had me, the polish wore off.

We tried living together, but to be quite frank there simply was not enough room in the house for us all + his ego. He is direct, he is forceful, knows exactly what he wants, and he wants it now. He will never intentionally hurt your feelings, but he will pierce your heart and then call you 'weird' because you have crept inside your shell to recover and nurse your wounds. This man is all about I, I, I. There is very little We in a relationship. There is also not a great deal of depth to the emotional connection. Provided you can interact about what he did all day, how he did it, how successful he was at it, and give solutions to his problems, all will be well. Don't expect him to ask "how was your day dear?" - it will be "let me tell you about my day dear" so grab a seat and a stiff drink and be prepared to soothe the wounded little boy.

They are usually very intelligent, and professional very successful. They lack tact and diplomacy and strangely they seem confused when people walk away in mid conversation. They are not good at picking up non-verbal cues because they are too concerned with themselves. It will be a fiery, whirlwind relationship but between the two signs, the longevity is, in my opinion, just not there. He will make you feel that the success or failure of the relationship rest squarely with you.

Good luck Cancer girls, you will need it.

I am a Cancer woman and he is an Aries we have known each other for years and decided to become romantically involved 1 month ago and in the past month.

I have never in my life felt such deep intense passion , Love

I feel a soulmate here before this relationship I was engaged I thought I knew what love was.

This has proved me different!! if you understand Aries Cancer you are on for a winner!!

If you are willing to co operate understand and tolerate all the ways of the Ram then Cancer we are good

I met my future Aries husband when I was 17 and he was 19. He was shy but I was attracted to his quiet self-confidence and over time grew to admire and respect his strength of character. He is an amazing man, kind, generous, talented and decent. It's a great match because Aries can stand up to Cancer and this is a good thing because with weaker men we tend to lose respect and become overbearing and bossy. Sure, we can argue our different points of view, but our relationship has always been interesting, lots of fun and never boring. They say that Cancer and Aries truly connect when they have children and together make wonderful parents. Both signs are protective, adore their kids and will put family first. I think there are differences between Cancer and Aries level of emotional understanding on certain subject matter, but because of this, they can offer each other and their children two varying points of view which is a positive thing. I can truly say he is the most wonderful man/husband/father and I would be lost without him. We are deeply in love after 22 years of marriage and I genuinely like and respect him.

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