Aries Man Cannot Commit

by Karen

I work with an aries man and we have known each other for about a year. We have the most amazing chemistry and when I see him my stomach does flips.When we look at each other you can feel the connection. He finally asked for my number and of course I was thrilled to give it to him. It has been 3 weeks, we have texted and spoken and our conversation was great. He asks me when I'm free and sets up a possible time to to go out, but he doesnt follow up. It has now been two days and I havent heard from him. We are both divorced and our children are older.When we do speak he tells me how wonderful and nice I am.The few friends at work that know about us think that I'm crazy for even wanting to date him. They say that I can do better. Usually I would delete his number from my phone, but for some reason I am so drawn to him...I have never felt like this and dont want to give up...What should I do?

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by: Anonymous

move on.

by: Anonymous

Run like hell libra!!! I never got over my Aries he cheated on me and so much more and I still did not want to lose him. Nothing is ever good enough for them! They are flattering in the beginning but abusive and controlling

by: Yaz1969

Hey honey, seems like he's dragging his feet. From what I have read about the Aries Man, they are hunters by nature and absolutely can't resist the thrill of the chase. They like to feel like they are in charge. The key to seducing an Aries is to make them come to you. Don't let them realize you're pursuing them, as that will turn them off. My suggestion is to back off for a bit. Let him come to you. An Aries Man knows whether he wants you or not. Do not call him or act like you're ready to run down the aisle when you see/speak to him. It seems as though they respond better when they think they must chase us. So hang in there just a little bit longer (not too long. The key is knowing how to handle this type of man. Lastly, whatever you do, do not give of yourself completely on the first date; nor the second or third.LOL. Give him a reason to want to pursue you. Got it girl? Good, now GO!!

Forget him
by: Anonymous

I am an ariest man and when I am interested in a woman, I will follow through... at least enough to get get inside her pants. By the look of it, he may be seeing other women and wants to keep you as his plan B

I am sorry about it

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