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I am a 28 year old Capricorn woman, having a very fiery explosivesexual relationship with a 29 year old Aries male.

I was attracted to him for his intelligence, his good looks and his strongpersonality. The moment I saw him I felt a long deep lust towards him. He isargumentative, and I am argumentative, but once I learned to submit, and listento him, sometimes more just bite my lip, we have got on a lot better.

He is passionate. About life, people, the world. He doesn't do things by halvesand he wants things done quickly and properly. I find him invigorating,powerful and sometimes intimidating, he thinks a lot about the world as I dobut I feel attracted to that.

He also responds well to eye contact. At first I was shy, looking away fromhim, but looking at him when he speaks, I love watching his face move. Hisfacial expressions and his lips.

He dominates me, which I find such a turn on. His strength in the bedroom isamazing, he sometimes won't wait, and will rip my clothes off, pull at my hair,wants to experiment and is very playful, but at other times he is so soft andgentle, really wanting to please me in every way possible.

It is possibly the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life. I'venever met an Aries male before, and the way he makes me feel is that I don'tever want to meet another man ever again.

Whether this lasts or not, is a story I hope to be able to tell you about in 20years time!

Warning! Cupid loves to shoot you when you are down! How do you imagine meeting your true love and soul mate? After many (way too many) fruitless, obnoxious, and frustrating relationships I met Mike. When I first met him I would not have pegged him to be my "soul mate". This was definitely not a case of love at first site. He drank too much, smoked too much, had been dumped by every female that had dared to take him on. Not exactly the man of your dreams right?

Well, after getting him to put down the bottle it turned out there was a very shy and sensitive boy inside that rugged exterior. A boy that wanted very much to become a man. A stand up dude as I like to call them. Being a 30 year old woman that has been there, done that, and passed on the stupid t-shirt to prove it, I really have no tolerance left for losers. Somehow that never stopped me in the past from making way too much room in my life for them. There they were. You know the kind! Jobs but no money, talk but never listen, the cry babies, the socially challenged.

Yes indeed, and I told all of them that I love them, and want to be with them forever. All the time knowing that I didn't mean a word of it, and was harboring a lot of resentment towards them for their shortcomings. I had wondered if I would ever find the real thing. How old would I be, and what would life be like by that point? Well, I can honestly say that it sometimes hit you when you least expect it.

Our connection is incomparable despite our differences. He is an Aries and oh, don't get me started on that! I am a strict and practical Capricorn with serious Scorpio flair beating me up left and right. In the past Aries have annoyed me with their naturally short attention spans, and tendencies to be somewhat selfish. But I have since discovered there is so much more to Aries! They can be very playful and devoted. I never thought I would fall in love with one. The circumstances of falling in true love the way that I have really defy most of my previous expectations. I guess it really can happen anywhere, anytime! Beware!!

I'm a Capricorn and I've been dating an Aries man, he's 38 and I'm 25. I lovethe way he's a manly man, he picks me up and he takes control of my body, butthe one thing that makes me a little nervous is his phone ethics.

I don't know if he likes me. He is difficult to read. I don't really call him because I work,however he doesn't call me either. But once he hasn't heard from me in like 4days he'll text me. Then well hang-out and he'll lay on my chest and kiss mepassionately.

I just expressed to him that it would benice if he could say hi every once in awhile. I have been hesitating to tellhim how I feel just because of his demeanor, but me being a Capricorn I have toaddress things that are getting out of hand. He really responded well, atfirst I asked him if he had a girlfriend because he doesn't call as much as Iwould like him to.

He says no not at all and he doesn't have one because hedoesn't like answering to anyone. I told him he's not answering to me it'sjust common courtesy to say hi to someone your intimate withand he didn't argue he said " I can dig it" then he says well you have myattention now. After we talked I did my thing for the day and he did text methat same night to see how I was. He makes me fall in love with him over andover again. but is he interested? he's hard to READ.

I have never experienced someone who is always on thego like he is, but when I get his attention I LOVE IT!

I have never fallen for an Aries. The more I read about them more Iwant to get away from them. They scare me but I seem to be taken in by all thechaos around them. My Aries has been in my life for over a year now but Idon't feel any closer to him than when we started but he never really goes awayeither.

He comes this close and no further. He has said, "I love you" but I donot really. I don't dare. I think that the game will be over. I don't trustthat he cares or even loves me but I see him everyday and he calls severaltimes a day. I would never want to live with my Aries. He is a mess withmoney, lacks direction but it makes the me cut loose and I love that. I havebeen so chained down with responsibility for so long that to have that kind offreedom is wonderful. I am grateful to the Aries but I don't want to hook tohim just be taken for a ride.

I'm a true Capricorn and dating and Aries man is not for me. The sexis great, but I think that I can get great sex from any other zodiac sign. Hewas to controlling and I hate to be controlled. He likes for women to cater tohim and have to much work to do for that. I just wanted to be friends with himand have great sex from time to time. He wanted to be in a relationship withme I think he needed someone to love.

He needed to feel loved. I don't no how to have great passion for anythingother than work, I'm over thirty and success is what I seek and he couldn'tunderstand that.

my man is not a Aries/sun he is actually sun/Aquarius but with moonand mars in Aries and a few strong mars aspects. but he is very typical of Aries personality ,he is enthusiastic, forward veryhands on . He is always very friendly

he is a sports man -he plays on the defensive side in his field -which is justas well considering his strong Aries traits.

sexually he is very honest and will say what he wants. he can be gentle and loving or aggressive and dominating and he is always 'ready' for action.

however if he has to play sport the next day he will in no uncertain termsnot 'allow' sex to occur not even if it requires little work from him!

I don't believe this could ever lead to anything long term as we both love ourspace and freedom - and neither of us are the sort to settle down.

but he is great for the here and now.

I am 27 year old Capricorn who has been seeing a 33 year oldAries... He's handsome, gentle, sweet, acts timid but isnt.. We were great friendsbefore we started dating and he can communicate very well...great in bed...veryexciting...but unpredictable. How do I know where I stand with this guy??? Idon't think he diggs relationships. Will this guy ever settle down?

OMG!!! where do I start... Im 28 and im on Aries #2 my first Ariesman was a friend turned lover overnight. From the first day we crossed over itwas never a dull moment. I don't know if it was his confidence, aggressiveness, orhis affection that kept me coming back for more and I have to agree they NEVER goanywhere were still trying to salvage what's left of our tatteredrelationship.

Aries #2 is barely a year older than me and has the spirit and charm of aman much beyond his years I hate that I like him the way I do and just when I thinkhe's gone he pops rite back up again. He to is soooaffectionate, confident, aggressive just how I like my men but he is way hardto figure out. They say Taurus and Virgos are a caps perfect match I don't think so Ihaven't met ONE that could keep me on my toes. Even though dealing with a Ariescan be hella frustrating the ride is well worth it!

Here's my of the story my 'relationship' with a Capricorn woman we metwhen I was 18 and she was 24 I had a huge crush on her. I had just moved toEngland I couldn't speak English and the uk is lonely AND cold she was kindasking how I was and inviting me to her house to meet her family (sisters\) thewhole was purely platonic though I to young for her.

she moved away a year after I met her ,I didn't see her again for 4 years .

anyway forward 4 years later im now a 6`3 tall grown man we ran into eachother it turns out she's living in my birth city where I have moved back to .

after slowly getting to know each other all over again one night after she hada few drinks she made a pass at me we had great sex she's very intense andsensual, but to my stupidity the night after I ignored her for TWO weeks! Ijust felt very awkward about what happened and couldn't bare to speak to her. Sowhen I was ready to talk to her she was LIVID I have never seen a woman soangry and wounded. she said I didn't have to behave that way I was an assholeand if I didn't want to see her again that was fine it didn't bother her but Ishouldn't have been so damn rude ,she said other things that really cut me up like "guys like you make women hate men" and "you make me feel bad aboutmyself"

after months of cold shouldering when the fires died down we became friendsagain I still have strong feelings I admitted them to her and she told me sheused to like me BUT she would never be trust me again because of how I behavedlast time. BUT we have slept together though she acts like nothing happens thenext day .just when I thought she would be my girlfriend it turns out she datesother guys and now has a boyfriend ,so im out in the cold .

she says let the past be the past but I cant help think she still views me as abasterd and I hate how down I feel when I see her with her boyfriend.

I deeply regret letting her down the first night we spent together but I don'tknow how to make things better or even if it's possible to heal the rift .

Having a whirlwind with an Aries. He is a bit of a contradiction ashe really tries to think things through and seeks out the wisdom of others. Has lots of accolades and accomplishments but also gives so much of himself.

When he Aries and me cap have issues is when we both try to play down feelings. I can then physically feel like he is out of his element b/c he is so openusually -- a bit scary at times. He has had bad experiences with the fly bynite relationships of the past. It made him date for convenience over passion.

Enter me to ignite the flame that only Aries can truly exude so raw like. Scary to let go of stable linear cap ideas. Yet somehow with him he makes metrust in the here and now and not think tomorrow is necessarily better - just'safer' for all my planning. Yet he feels more safe with my rounding out hisblazing trails.

So freaking brilliant that mind of his. I feel like I am standing stillsometimes. But then he feels that way about me b/c I command so much knowledgewrapped in wisdom and humanitarianism - I have Libra rising.

We go from planning meetings to clothes off in no time. It just takes one look andwe BOTH are ready. Never been that way in my life!

Admittedly I can 'submit' to him -- have my moments. But I have never saidthat to man. He has such a grasp on all things that the conscious effort -(b/c caps don't just give anything away )- of submission seems more like a giftthan a chore.

Yes he loves me dressing up and yes I love doing anything and everything in theoffice, lol. Most people would be shocked b/c I have in fact mastered the artof the cold exterior. Somehow he was able to peep through this at times. Likethe hunter in him could sense fire underneath.

Being older things just fit so well it almost seems too good to be true. Youknow us caps think everything has to take years, this did not.

He has lots of opinions and you have to be so thoughtful in how u give 'advice'as u can feel the horns rise up a little. He can be such a kid sometimes insulking and feeling slighted but also in playfulness.

Commitment to fam w/ a supportive woman is amazing!

* Key: if u can be a cheerleader without being objectified u will go far* Inother words acknowledge his brass rings and the processes it took to get there. When u can master that, whoa u got something. Honestly, he will not lookanywhere else. He will always acknowledge and asses value but will leave it atthat if he feels fulfilled. Which is in line with caps' SECURITY issues.

Hope this helps. I appreciate those who helped me.

I am a capp who is interested in an Aries man, but scared of lettinghim know, I don't really know if we can have a serious relationship one day orif it would be just good sex. Ive been with a Scorpio for 16 long yrs, we fighta lot and for some reasoned this Aries man just grabs my attention, the way hetalks , the way he looks at me, I love the way he sees life, we have lot incommon and that's what scares me, do you think I should just give it a try?????

I met a man on the internet and finally agreed to go on a date withhim. I wish I had researched the Aries male prior to the date because almostas soon as we were comfortable with each other, he turned the conversation tosex. I wanted to have sex too but not on the first night that I met him anyway, he convinced me to stay over at his house as I had a long drive backhome. BIG MISTAKE. it was a roller coaster ride just in that one evening. hehad me all excited and nervous at the same time. I held him off sexually tillmorning and then lo and behold it happened. (mind blowing sex). all I couldthink about during was that I had ruined my chances of ever seeing him again(which I wanted to and I think he did too until the sex). anyway, as I wasabout to leave, he got all icy and made a comment about we are not going to beboyfriend and girlfriend. (how old are we)? 43 and 39. it felt like a slap inthe face to know that just because we had sex and an otherwise great connection earlier on that date, he would never speak to me again.

Hey Everyone! I'm an 18 Y.o Aries male, and my girl is a 20y.o Capfemale! So far, It's a blast! Aries men like a challenge, and holy shit, is sheone! Haha! She keeps things spicy and damn can she get me in a "Good mood!" Ifyou can make it work, It's a GREAT relationship! I say give it a shot.

Tip to Cap women : Play hard to get, Oh god, Is it hot! :D

This is a very difficult match. I met my Aries over 6 years ago, andeach year got harder and harder. The attraction is undeniable between theCapricorn woman and Aries man and the passion between them is a force to bereckoned with. The problem is they are both Chiefs and neither is an Indian. They are like 2 bulls in one arena. As a Capricorn woman, we want and demandrespect at all times. An Aries man wants to feel in charge at all times & forsome reason thinks that means he doesn't need to respect his Capricorn loverbecause he ultimately sees himself as boss. It is my experience that thisrelationship can only work if the Capricorn woman is willing to suck up herpride & say she is wrong (even if she is not) and hold her tongue & opinionswhen the Aries man has made a profound statement or lecture. Unless yourwilling to silent the characteristics that make you a true Capricorn, yourrelationship with an Aries man is doomed for failure. Lots and lots of fighting.

I met this Aries guy, we get along very well. Usually I like to takethe lead in relationships, but funnily enough I don't mind him taking the leadin this one. I don't usually fall for guys so easily as I've been hurt badly inthe past, so I have gotten used to unattaching myself emotionally inrelationships... But he has managed to melt my heart... The way he looks at meintensely and the things that he says... I'm finding myself falling for him.His Venus is Pisces and his Mars is Scorpio, My Venus is Capricorn and my Marsis Taurus. I don't know where it's going, but the sex is passionate andAMAZING! Plus the fact that we get along and have the same things in common There is a bit of an age gap between us as he is 8 years older than me. I grewup with an Aries brother so I know that he is/has told me a couple of lies butits early days yet (known him for coming up 4 months now). I find myself moresubmissive than my usual self when I'm with him. He's already said he sees a future with me... But what I'm worried about is my tendencyto run away from commitments in relationships. I am worried that he will wantto control me all the time and I like my freedom. I am 19 and have never BEENhad my first love before, but I think I'm falling for this guy ( I haven't toldhim)... I'm trying not to, but I am falling hard..... I just hope I don't hitthe ground and reality hits me that he isn't right for me after all.... Wish meluck!!! xx

P.S Just a little tip... Remember with love and sex its usually the Mars -Venus Sign Compatibility that tells you whether its destiny or disaster notjust the star sign compatibility.

I was involved with an Aries man for almost a year - I love the man,he is my compass in life & I feel very lost without him, which is weird being aCapp! Most of my friends find it amusing that my life is so great andorganized, and when this man entered my space, I seem to run in circles wherehe is concerned.

He's straight forward, bold, takes charge and I love every moment of it.

But - sadly almost overnight he decided this relationship wasn't going to work.I've been battling for almost 6 months now trying to sort out WHY it ended thisway, as there was really no reason for it. He's not interested in anyone else,I'm not either. Being a Capp I don't date a lot, I'm very picky with men in mylife and this man is my soul mate. I don't know how to get him back, and I'vetried for the past 6 months. Nothing - in fact, it appears things have becomeeven worse between us.

I'm now at the point where we are so rude with each other, and it's hurting meimmensely.

So - I have decided to stop all communication with him. There will be nothinganymore. This man made my life chaos, and though I love that he makes me forgetabout work and make me stop to smell the roses, he simply doesn't want meanymore, and I have to move on.

I'm a 23 year old Capricorn in Lust with a 32 year old Aries, oursexual connection is beyond anything ive ever experienced, He takes control ofme sexually and gets what he wants, I'm a stubborn at times until I see him inperson I melt. He is beyond attractive, sporty, athletic, charmer. I like tosometimes feel like he's in the palm of my hand to keep things interesting,because Aries men love excitement, he can say the right words to me and imthere in a instant, other times when he expresses that he wants me I like tosay no. To keep him wanting more, but it seems to be the challenge of gettinghim to want me more.

We have had an ongoing sexual relationship for 9 months now; I have cheated onboyfriends in this time period to be with him sexually, something I neverthought I would do. (Come on' Cap women are stronger than that!) lol.. I feellike he won't go away, always somehow creeping back into my life, although Ilet him. He has expressed to me that There's something about me also. Wecan't stay away from each other, but I know I could not date him; he ispromiscuous and has 2 kids with 2 different women.

I do find him wanting to spend time with me; to see if I will fall in love orhis trap of girls that melt for him. It's outta the norm for me to spend a daywith him because I don't want to get attached emotionally( even though with ourconversations, this could be impossible). He insist on spending time with me,when we do. I don't know what to talk about with him, because its always anongoing battle to be the superior one, He is such a manly man, I do go intosubmissive mode when he plays Mr. charmer. But we never have a decentconversation unless it revolves around sex. We have this exciting, scandalousconnection that I crave . I'm a very strong woman, with any other Male Zodiaclike a rock but with him you know.

Take note that if you ever hurt of try to 'play' this sign, he will neverforget it and always bring it back in your face from time to time, My Aries manalways says if you dint screw up, we would be dating you right now. Butsexually he craves me as well, it had come down to telling him not to contactme again... Then a few weeks later a txt mug with the right words for me tomelt.. AGAIN.

This match of Zodiac is poison.

I am a 25 yr old Capricorn, completely in love with an Aries, who isnot aware of my feelings. I met him only once, but was not aware of my feelingsthat time. I try to keep myself in touch with him through emails. From hisgeneral information I have come to know that he is flirtatious.

I have heard that one should never make a first move in expressing her feelingsto an Aries, it usually turns him off... But sometimes it really becomesdifficult for me to wait and know how he feels about me or how can I convincehim.

I really like, and want to know more about him, I have tried to give him hintsin my emails, but he was always vague to me.

Shall I speak to him or express my feelings to him in writing?

I'm a 18 year old Capricorn and this Aries guy is 20.. He keeps me soointerested and he doesn't treat me differently at all in front of hisfriends/family. He is so hard to figure out though, he gets really jealous if Ihang out with a group of friends and there are guys there he will ignore me.He's so hard to figure out. He drives me crazy in a good and bad way.

I am a 22 year old Capricorn and he's a 32 year old Aries. all ofthese posts are true. We met a while ago and I was newly single so a friendre-introduced us. We hit it off so well we decided to hang out about oncesometimes 2 or 3 times a week. we couldn't get enough of each other. My dumb assfell in love with him and we went through an incident due to the chick whointroduced us, I think she liked him and got jealous we were actually hittingit off even though she is married. well due to that we haven't been hanging outand he claims he "doesn't know what to believe and cant let me go" at the sametime. I decided to tell him my feelings, plead my case and leave it alone. 3days of not talking (which was weird, we text each other everyday) all thesudden I get a funky text, random, about tamales. WHO DOES THAT? it was just areason to contact me im sure. then he tells me he cant let go. They are veryconfused in there own head its ridiculous. Sweet, passionate, great sex, leaves you smiling all day every day.... but some part of me says they'reclingy too. ONLY because the fact of when you try and let go... They ALWAYSsend you that text message or phone call that leaves you falling back in square1. now I don't know where this is guna go from here. my feelings (for somereason) are still hella strong, yet when I let go he comes back... sometimes Ithink... IS THE CHASE WORTH IT? OR IS THIS A LIFE TIME OF HELL???



I am a 38 year old Capricorn woman who has been involved with a 33year old Aries man for 2 1/2 years. We have broken up 13 times and ended upback together within a months time. I think he tires of the relationship aftera month or so and he seems to act indifferent. Hot and cold is what he givesme throughout the relationship. Then after I let him go he comes back withfull passion. Hugs, kisses and a total yearn for my loving. Then after thingshave somewhat settled, I assume its because of boredom he mellows out andemotionally disconnects. I've asked him about his rude behavior and he insistthat its not what I think. He doesn't understand where I'm coming from. Hesays he loves me and he doesn't want to lose me and that he doesn't want tolose me. So why this pattern of connection/disconnection?

I'm a Capricorn girl dating an Aries guy. The chemistry, in my opinionis amazing. We are very different, but it works out. We balance each otherout. He is wild and crazy, I am quiet and keep to myself unless I know you.We've been friends since middle school and now that we have both grown andmatured, I think it's wonderful that we are making it work. The sex is amazing,which is weird for me because I am generally a reserved person. But he justmakes a completely different side of me come out. I am still in awe over him.he is so sweet and caring. He isn't ashamed to tell anyone that he is datingme, which helps me with my low self-esteem issue. He has cured most of mypessimism and for that, I am truly grateful. I would hope to stay with him.Only time can tell.

Listen Aries ladiessss, those cappy men that boss you around areidiots and those that try to control you are also idiots too and insecure. Iused to work with a cappy guy myself and I could see how stupid calculated andan idiot he was and I am a cappy man ma self ya know, but I have an Ariesrising. My gal is an Aries and I love her to death she tries to control mesometimes though but that is not a problem for me. I give her all the freedom shewants and the more freedom she he's the more I love her. I normally can tellwhat she is up to anyway and it does not bother me because I know that sheloves me. I know its a challenging relationship but I love challenges. There isnot reason to be judgmental to a sexy Aries lady not only to her but toanyone. I love her for who she is and that's why I fall in love in the firstplace with her so why would I want to change that. I love her for who she isand she is a wonderful beautiful soul. She tries to change me sometimes but I have told her that you fall for me the way I was, so why are you trying tochange me. Anyway if you love someone you'd love them for who they are and I dobelieve that its a big mistake to try to change someone to fit you.

love u all xxx

I am a Capricorn woman who is yet again involved with her ex of 5yrs an Aries.

We met up again 6wks ago and we have being seeing each other every week and we text everyday. I feel like were in a relationship except his told me that his only in it for the sex.

I am confused. When we are together there is no mistaken that he cares about me maybe even love me and yet he does not want to be in a relationship.

Am I just kidding myself with hoping that he will change his mind?

Oh my God all I can say I am so much in love with him he is aggressive and I am calm and composed but some how we have a great time together whenever we are with each other ..he is the lord of sex the best I ever had with any man I have been with him for the past two years sometime he has made me cry sometimes laugh and sometimes he has made me confused though

all the bad times we are still together and I still ask God why ...he is still not sure about a commitment as he is a Casanova when it comes women and we both are possessive about each other but now with time he is changing hope and pray we are together for the rest of my life I know he loves me but will take time for him to commit.

cap woman ,Aries man we been together for 2 yrs, an at times we but heads we never broke up but we came close once arguing.he makes me so happy an he broke down my walls

I am a Capricorn woman 28 met an Aries 32. He lives in ATL and I am in DC. After talking and had an intense connection he came to visit me for a weekend in DC. We got along so WELL and gosh I had sex with him the whole of that wknd. He said he doesn't care that I had sex with the first night I met him. He went back to ATL and we talk everyday and he said he really likes me. He says he wants something serious and indirectly said am his future wife/ soul mate. Anyway we were trying to plan my trip to visit him in ATL and I asked him to call me when he gets off work to book my ticket because it was getting late to book at an affordable price. He didn't call me until 11pm at night. Prior to that he moved dates on me prior to family arrangements. I got upset and yelled at him for jerking me around and told him I don't have to go ATL and I don't have time for dudes who don't take me seriously. Since then I haven't called him. He texted me the next day and I answered with a on e liner. We haven't talked in 3 days!!! I don't want to call...... or should I? Did I overreact? Do you think its over?

im a 28 year old cap with a 30 year old Aries male. At first we started off as sex buddies. 3 years later were getting married. I have three kids. His a great role model. I think its better that ive met him later on in life, cause if I was in my twenties I don't think I would have given him a chance. Ive never met a Aries man, but ill tell you what in my situation he is fantastic in so many ways. hope to write back in 20 years time.

im an 18 cappy girl with an 18 Aries guy.. may sound weird, but he's the perfect one for me.. and these days, I am having thoughts of marrying him and having kids.. don't know what's wrong with me

I am 30 yr old cap, I met a 26 yr old Aries, and there was an amazing instant physical connection! The sex is AMAZING! We see each other about once every two weeks, its mostly just for sex, but now I am noticing I am developing more than just a sexual interest. His personality is just as attractive as he is physically..easy going, and confident! I would like to see him more, but I don't know how to...I think if I show more interest he will run, I tried it but got no response! So now what, just wait? Do I ignore him, say no, or ask him out? I tell him I want to see him more?? Please help, I have never been with an Aries before.

to answer you're question with my knowledge of an Aries ive known for over a year and have had a sexual relationship with, mine got weird on me when we both agreed to jsut have sex, but they do play games so yes the more you play hard to get he will want you more, even a relationship wise. so play this way and ull see he wil want you more, don't tell him exactly how you feel, as you said you got no response he was ignoring the fact that you said it, hopefully he comes around with this tactic. as for what I know Aries never settle down. best of luck !... Biznitch

I am a 33 year old Capricorn woman. I dated a Aries man when I was 20. It was very intense but I couldn't see it going anywhere because he seemed to have no direction or ambition. I got married when I was 24 to another man and have a 3 year old daughter with him. I am now in the process of separating from my husband and recently ran in my Aries ex at a small outdoor concert. We sat and talked for hours(after 13 years). I found I couldn't stop thinking about him and have seen him a few times since. It feels so right to be with him. In my head I know we are so different but I can't help how I feel. I have not had sex with him again but he's very difficult to resist. He has had addiction problems in the past. He now has his own business and is a successful musician. He also has 3 children with three different women. I have read that Capricorn Aries relationships do well when both people are in their thirties and I hope this is true. I struggle with my need for control of my life and how his passionate, fun loving energy makes me want to let go. The sexual chemistry is like nothing I have even experienced. Just kissing him makes me lightheaded. I am normally fairly sexually passive but he makes me feel like an animal. I find myself needing and wanting things I would never even consider with someone else. I know the sex will be still amazing and this scares me. I am not one for sexual flings and don't trust myself to not fall hard for him when I do.

If you want advice on getting in to one of these relationships be forewarned that it will leave you wanting more. But if you're looking for stability and predictability it's probably not for you.

As a capricorn, I have always noticed that the "most compatible men" never truly are and are always big sissies who can't handle me. Like the tauruses and virgos I have dated always end up crying and falling apart about the dumbest things. Caps and Aries get bad marks on the compatibility scale, but I have been in a relationship with an Aries man for over three years now. Initially, like any aries, he was very combative and we fought and broke up a lot. I left him for another man (cancer, BIG MISTAKE!) and eventually we got back together after he realized how badly he had treated me. Ever since then, it has been a very stable relationship and he treats me wonderfully.

I just called off with my man who is Aquarius (sun) but his mars, Venus and rising are all aries. He is more of an aries. He wanted to control me BUT he wont be seen with me and we still live together. He sees other women, ex women, new women..women. Cant stand him anymore. Cant wait to move out by the end of the month. He has been trying to make up but IM DONE. Soon as I forgive him, he goes back to his old ways.

iv been in loce with a capp girl since the ninth grade and stil have not takin her on a single date I know that my sign states that im veryy cleangy but I cant get her off mind she every wh ere I go im always finding her and vice versasa

I am a 36 year old Aries man and my first wife was a Capricorn about 4 years younger than me. We met when I was 17 in a club for minors, and she definately didn't look her age. The chemistry was spot on from the first time I laid eyes on her, and it apparently was mutual. We faced a lot of challenges in the years to come such as my prents not liking her at all, her going through being raped and molested by a neighbor, alcohol and drug abuse, my going into the Army, and when I returned, the general B.S. associated with not having a real sense of direction in life. We had some really blowout type arguments at times, but resolved to "never go to sleep angry" which made for some interesting sex to say the least. The best part was that she was not only my lover, but she was my best friend as well. She had some tom-boyish ways about her, but could really drop your jaw when she decided to be a woman! We both were very adventure spirited, both in our activites as wel l as sexually. I guess our favorite "thrill" was going to strip clubs. She is also bi-sexual so she enjoyed going to the strip club as much as I did. She would wear a skirt with no panties and sit there and tease the shit out of me and some of the dancers then strip down and pretend to be a dancer giving me a lap dance but we were actually having sex. I am still amazed that none of the other patrons ever figured it out!

While we had one hell of a sex life, I still have to return to the connection we had. I hate like hell that we let life beat us down to the point where we split up. We divorced when I was 27 and she was 24. I had already started growing up and developing real goals and desires for some measure of success, and she was still full force in party mode. She eventually became enamoured with a so-called friend of mine and told me she was "tired of living like she was 40, she wanted to be 24 for a while". When she left, I literally felt like I had lost my soul! I even contemplated suicide for a short period of time. Some years later, we ended up talking (I don't remember how, though) We spent several weeks / months rehashing everything that happened between us and apologizing profusely for the role we each had played in our demise. She ended up getting pregnant by my so-called friend and has paid dearly for her indiscretion, as she puts it. We still talk, but live in differ ent states. She has 2 kids by him, but no longer lives with him. I got remarried to a Leo (big mistake) and had a son by my second wife. I am now divorced for the second time, and I would like to think that we could reclaim the love we had if we gave it another shot. It has been roughly 10 years since we split up and I am worried that we have changed to much. I also have reservations about trusting her again, but then I don't really trust anyone anymore based on my life experiences. I want to trust her, but noone has ever proven trust worthy in my life. Who knows, given my Arian spirit, I will probably take a trip to Florida one weekend, for old times sake, and end up staying. I know my family would shit a golden duck if they knew I was even contemplating it, though. I would surely be disowned!

Everything was going great . I asked her to do me a favor she said yes then the day the favor was to be full filled she backed out. Things haven't been the Same sence that day. What am I to do ? The favor wasn't even important I just wanted to see if she was down for me .like I am for her.

I'm dating an Aries now. Something I haven't ever seen before in my life. He is so sweet, so thoughtful, so caring. Yet can be out of control, flipping out punching shit over nothing that intense. I have the strength for both of us in this relationship and he'll even admit it. we don't fight constantly but we've been dating for 7 mths. now and when he snaps on me for no reason I am coming back with my answers saying hey I did this shit for your benefit. Because of course Aries don't consider the next day or the future. Mine has Chron's Diease, which he doesn't realize, I've never been with someone with a stomach alignament. I don't know how to act. Do you want me there constantly for your doctor's appt.s though you tend to snap on me. then he cries and apologizes and I end up confronting him. I do love him, I am full heartedly in love with him, I just don't understand the hostilality. He's had a real bad childhood, but so have I so has everyone, but I am strong enou gh to say fuck it, I will move on from my past and this is my future. I don't understand him, He does love me, he does things that no one ever has before, it's just now I'm thinking of the future and here he is not worrying about tommorrow.

I am a 28 yr old cap woman and in a relationship of 6 yrs with a 27 yr old Aries man. We drove each other crazy the first 3 yrs with a lot of arguments but the most amazing sex I have ever had. I had been hurt and rejected by other guys before I met him and he was the only person that I could bare my soul to completely. It took a while to knock down my protective wall that shields my heart but I am so glad that I eventually submitted to his will and I am so happy! I don't want to be with anyone else and he calls me his wife in his head he told me. He has tried to break up with me during our first 3 yrs because of huge blow ups and misunderstandings we had (common among cap and Aries as we don't initially understand each other). I love him intensly and he is the only guy that has the key to my heart. Though it has been a struggle, I have learned to bite my tongue and let him think he is right (which most of time he is right...i hate admiting that sometimes). I don't know our rising suns but his mom is a Aries and has told her Aries son that I am the one. My mom is a mean scorpiao and my dad is a emotional cancer. So add that to my natural tendecy to control and a Aries will drive you mad. But as a cap woman, it has taken so much load off my shoulder and its been fun and wild to submit to his aggressivness and need to give me advice and opinions even when I don't ask for it. I love him to pieces.

I am 18 year old Cap. woman and I am dating a 19 year old Aries male. We have been dating for a year and broke up once.

Our relationship started out as bed buddies, but our chemistry in the bedroom soon led to infatuation. He was really attached and his intensity scared me at times and I was not interested in committing. He was so passionate and cheesy it was hard for me to take his words seriously when he said he couldnt get me off of his mind.

Our second go on actual dating and knowing each other is going much better, but it true that the fighting is quite constant. We are both extrememly hard headed adn stubborn and I make him back down more than he would like which makes him unhappy. I try to let him take the lead, btu it is difficult when I am more ambitious and successful that he is.

On the positive he keeps me entertained and brings fun and silliness into my Cap life that is MUCH needed. I try to teach him focus and give him motivation he has taken soem advice but Aries do not liek to be told how to do something. It is a work in progress and a lot of compromise is needed.

We have had the most meaningful passionate sex though that I have ever experienced. He will tell me all the things he loves about me and bed, but also can cater to my rough side when we are feeling naughty.

I am not sure if this will last, but I hope so because he is the only person that has kept my interest and taken on the challenge of breaking down my strong Capricorn walls to find the true me. This comes with a price and It is a challange to take a step back for him to feel like a content Aries.

I find most stories to be quite similar to some of my experiences with Aries.

They are forgiving people. Must be entertaining. Need a lot of attention and love. Are jealous as are capricorns (this will not be a open relationship). If they do not contact you they are either distracted of not interested.

I am a 38 year old Aries man. I recently shared a relationship with a Capricorn for the first time. I rushed the relationship and she shut down quick. We were dating for 5 moths before she decided that I took her out of her comfort zone. She has plenty walls to break down. Ironically her name. As an Aries, I understand that I can be very forceful in my beliefs. I put a lot of pressure on her to open up. However Capricorn women don't let people in easy. I would have loved to continue on, but she is already set in her mind that she wants to be just friends. This move allowed her not to be pressured by me to commit to anything. My love for her was over bearing. I learned that you cant rush a Capricorn.

I agree with many of the posts. me, the Capricorn woman, he the Aries man. our chemistry is amazing. the sex is the best, most intense i've ever had---period. seriously, it feels like a dream or like i'm in a trance. unbelievable. we are very intuitive to one another's needs. but out of bed, i'm not sure. he confuses my affection towards him as romantic love, and I don't love him like that yet. I barely know him (2 months). he seems to have a hard time being in the moment and taking life a day at a time. we are both extremely headstrong & independent. we both need a lot of alone time and so I respect him for that because I understand. I feel like he gives me a lot of mixed messages. he needs to get to know himself better. don't know if i'll stick around long enough to find out. I also agree with what several have said about the Aries man not going away. we don't talk or text everyday, but we do keep in touch on a consistent basis. we keep coming back to each other a and a real relationship is starting to build. I guess when it has gotten to this point (2 months) with any other guy i've been with, i'm more sure about where things are going. I have no clue with this Aries guy! did I mention the sex?

Im a Aries Man. Theres this girl that lives down the street from me. We were real close when we were younger all the way till we graduated. Were both very abstract and artistic people who used to get along great. We always liked each other but nothing ever came of it. We were close until we graduated. Since then I fell heavy under the radar and we lost touch. She sends a Christmas card every year and thats about the most I hear from her even though we live blocks apart. Were 23 now and its been years since iv gotten to talk to her. But yet I never stopped thinking of her. Even in other relationships she always came to mind. I have dreams all the time with her in it and I wake up sad to the fact I cant hear from her. It really bothers me. She pops in my head once a day and then fades away like that ghost weve become to eachother. Just recently I saw another old friend an they mentioned how this girl had asked bout and spoke of me...So I reached back out to her and we spoke. We talked for countless hours all week.Nothing had changed we talked,flirted and I still knew everything bout what she liked and what she liked to talk about. The end of that week I was invited over to hangout with her and the two other friends who informed me she spoke of me. When we chilled we just sat across from each other in the yard smiling at each other in silence like to retards, lol as The 2 people in the yard did all the talking. We just stayed smiling at each other the whole time and didn't talk. When I look in her eyes I get lost in a vaccum. Nothing else in the world is even coherent when im thinking of her or talking to her..Anyway after that night I picked up and walked out the yard into the dark to skate home. After that we didn't continue talking. She went back to seeing her boyfriend when he got back from school...Now, months later I was in the foodstore and she snuck up on me and suprised me to say hi. I stood there frozen in front of her and we just sat there smiling and gazing like two retards again. Had some small talk and she said how nice it is when she sees me and walked away...she still sees her boyfriends and I just wish I was able to do somthing to get her attention.But everytime I get her attention. She runs from me even though shell tell me she loves me and what I mean to her. ... I don't know what to do. I just know that my whole life since I was 12 she has been on my mind. I don't ever think ill get her off my mind.

I am a 27 year old Capricorn lady. I HAVE to post this for other female Capricorns who love their Aries man; and are feeling swayed by all the propaganda against this match. This is the fourth or fifth Aries man that I am dating; and for some reason, destiny keeps bumping me into this sign: Aries-- I admire Aries for their ability to let loose , disobey authority (when necessary and conventionally appropriate), and be sensual and extremely passionate/generous lovers. I feel that despite things said about us in literature, you have to follow your heart, and if my story helps anyone reading this who is unsure of what to do, then my job is done. I think that this combo is fiery for the Cap lady; as fire ignites cool and calm earth- - opposites attract. Even if this new man is not my soul mate, I am learning a lot about tweaking my personality for success by picking up the "Aries energy." No sign is perfect, and we all need to learn from one another. Providence has put this sign in my life many times; and I'm not going to push it away- - there is obviously a reason whether or not it is my soulmate that only Providence knows......but I'm enjoying every moment of it.

I am a 32 year old Capricorn woman and am married to a 31 Aries man. He is the second Aries i've been involved with and I am reminded weekly why my first Aries relationship didn't work out. We are both too strong willed and fight against each other every step of the way. We've now been together for 6 years married for almost 4 and have a child. It's exhausting being with an aries. everything is a fight, we just aren't compatible in anyway. The fierceness of it all is what brought us together in the first place but now i'm just tired. Everyone will have different experiences in their own life but lets just say I've learned my lesson. No more Aries for me.

Capricorns are very sensitive and loving

I am Aries 29 and in relationship with a girl 26 Capricorn.we are in relationship for almost 6 months but we are friend for 7 years.and our friendship and understanding let us enter into the relationship.

Capricorn are very sincere, very loving.they are argumentive but it is controble with love.two kind words can change her mind from agressive to very soft. to get the relation going it is necessary to study her nature and do accordingly as Capricorn girls are very sensitive and extreamly sincere in relationships.

if you let her go you will never find such a sincere partner in your life.

My Advise to all areis men involved in relationship with Capricorn girls is

"Just Passionate and be loving to her,never force her to do just try to convince her with your love words, you will find amazing results and an amazing relationship"

I am enjoying with my girl.she is great.i try to avoid my agressiveness and get good results.we had some fights but she is very good in re-make.she did not let me sad for long time.soon she realizes and in hour or so we becomes hugable to each other again.

i love my sweetheart and she loves me more than me. Aamer

I have been with an Aries before and he drove me crazy!! He was so sexy, smart, caring, and very independent. The sex was crazy good! But after a while we would argue all the time. I used to tell myself to just let it go but when we would stop talking, I would feel like I was losing my mind missing him! I believed that he liked me a lot but we were too stubborn and it was like a game of tug of war. He used to be too sensitive getting mad about every little thing!

The sexual chemistry is great, but I'm about to call it quits with my Aries guy.

We met one (drunken) night at a party; he tried to get with me, but I turned him down for his hotter, less bold friend.

About a year later, we met up again and our relationship began. In the early stages, everything was great- there was witty banter, constant flirting, etc. Then one night, we ended up at the same party. I was a drunken mess and he took care of me, but as soon as he saw me talking with another guy, he became very upset.

I had always felt that he had a lingering sense of jealousy due to my initial rejection of him for his friend, but after this recent party incident, his jealousy has manifested into this strong desire to control me. He can be quite manipulative and if I'm doing something he doesn't approve of, he's very outright in questioning me about it, trying to make me feel guilty. Aries men- don't ever make this mistake. As a headstrong Capricorn woman, I will stubbornly maintain that all of my decisions are correct, no matter how much you pester me. Questioning my actions is questioning my judgement, which will earn you no points whatsoever.

Apart from being controlling, he is also insanely stubborn- but with the most mundane things. He also changes his mind quite frequently, leaving him with the most pathetic argument skills- "No, I think A- not C. You're wrong. Oh, I didn't see B. Okay, it's C." ?!!? at least be consistent. It drives me crazy.

I have had relationships in the past that have been filled with passionate jealousy, arguments, and a struggle for control, but for some reason, this Aries guy just isn't doing it for me.

I am a 27 year old Capricorn woman who fell head over heels for a 26 year old aires male. Love at first sight. After 3weeks I new he was the one. I have never felt this way before

Im a 25 year old Aries male currently involved with a beautiful 22 year old Capricorn woman. We've been dealing with each other (on and off) for over 8 yrs. She's so loyal that she's the only woman I want to be with. I truly love her but sometimes she can seem very unaffectionate maybe because we have history with each other and she's settled. But I always express myself and sometimes I feel like she's not interested in me anymore. Ive made plenty of mistakes and she always have taken me back but I just wonder if she might be interested in someone else sometimes because her attention is very rarely on me. I'd be really sad and down if we throw away our lengthy relationship but the less and less I hear from her, the less and less I believe that she don't truly cares for me. I'll do anything for my Cap no matter what, but she doesn't seem as passionate as I do. CAN ANYONE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE?

I am an Aries man 26 years old. Last summer I met a Capricorn in her early 20s, who had been dating one of my best friends for a short period, and I didn't think much about it at the time other than that she was really (REALLY) pretty and had a gorgeous smile. I think we may have bumped into each other in my friends company two or three times over the following year, but I wasn't dating at all during those days. THEN, three days ago, I meet up with that same friend, and she was there with her roommate hanging out. Something CLICKED in a huge way as soon as I saw her, and she smiled at me SO hugely, it sent a giant tingle down my spine.

I am a very fiery Aries (with my moon in Scorpio) and I could feel an immense grounding force from her, even as we just walked and talked that night, I have never noticed a Cap in this way before (many of my female Cap friends are very self-centered, not necessarily in a bad way, I just can't get very close to them or they are just distant in general). BUT THIS GIRL!! Long story short, we all ended up at my friends house, and he took off soon afterwards to 'find trouble downtown' and just left us two in his room to chill and listen to music! We had some great conversation there and I instantly fell in love with her personality, taste in music, passion, and carefree silly side. We had some wine and headed back to her place to make some food and chill out, and we ended up staying up talking and listening to incredible music. Very polite and pleasant company all night long, great laughs, got to where we could barely keep our eyes open. She asked if I wanted to come curl up with her, I followed, and AS SOON as we were lying down we were in each others arms. It was one of the most passionate, warm embraces I've had, just like electricity all over me, I went totally numb to her beauty! Pure ecstasy being close to her.

From what I've picked up over the last few days, I don't want to rush into any deep feelings or anything, I don't want to make it seem like I want too much too soon. (Although the truth is I want to see her again already!) As far as Capricorn and Aries' dominance traits, ours both seem fairly mild; like we both really like hearing what the other person has to say, and are both conscious of whether we have stepped on the other person's sentence.

I really like it, and I want to experience more of it, but I also want to give her the space she needs to do what she seems to do so well: keep her surroundings clean, work hard, follow through on her commitments to friends and family, and keeping herself absolutely GORGEOUS. AND her dedication to her life makes me want to sort mine out too, and take my art, music and writing to new levels.

I can only hope she wants to see me again as much I as want to see her. If not, I suppose that's the way the cookie crumbles.

I'm a Capricorn woman in love with an Aries man. He?s 7 years my senior and I believe this is one of the reasons that our relationship works so well. He is kind, understanding and compassionate. He lavishes me with compliments and wants to see me often. I love his straightforward approach concerning how he feels about me. I love his adventurous outlook on life. Next year we're planning a month-long road trip that promises to be memorable in many ways. We have so much in common and this is both new and different for both of us. Yet, we do have some differences (slight) to keep things exciting. I should mention that we both have our Venus in fire signs, Mars in fire signs (same one), and Moon in water signs and Jupiter in air signs. I do glimpse his selfishness from time to time but I always remind myself that's part of his nature too. I know he would do anything for me.

I am a 34 yr. old cappy and just met a 29 yr old aries.I don't know where it is going , but I feel I don't want to get close.I agree with all the sex is great..Very demanding and aggresive . I love it. On the earlier post, my advice is don't be clingy(WE HATE CLINGY). I love someone to be there,To call and say hello,send a text,Whatever.But I hate jealous clingy types. We are not real passionate people(except in the bedroom)

i'm a 38 yr old Aries who was/is involved with a beautiful 38 yr old Capricorn girl. now when we first met, it was in 9th grade. she had a crush on me, but I had no desire for her at all.

Fast forward to 2010. I saw her on facebook while I was looking for another girl:) lol! I recognized her name. it never left my brain and the sound of her voice aswell. they are both unique. And I remembered her birthmark on her right eye. Anyway, I contacted her. We spoke a couple of times, nothing big. She gave me her # but I was hesitant to call her because I didn't have my act together. even though I said to her I was successful. Shoot, like I said, I didn't I was not attracted to her in 9th grade and I wasn't sure if I would be now. So I didn't care if I misrepresented myself to her. No harm no foul.

I'm in NY and she's in CA. 3000 miles!! She has 2 kids. and she's seperated from her jerk husband. so I figure at most I would go to CA on business and hang out or hook up w/ her. I did not wanna settle down.

So I sent her a happy valentine's day text - as I did to all the women on my phone. of course she was the only one to actually call back. lol! anyway, I called her the following week and we spoke for awhile, but she had to get back to work. she texted after how she enjoyed our conversation. we didn't talk again till weeks later. we would just text here and there.

One day I spoke to a woman that I had a severe love for when I was 19. she was 6 yrs older and could not reciprocate my feelings. so she calls me and we had a conversation on a corner near my house, because the reception was bad in my house. anyway, the next night, this Capricorn girl texts me with much distress. she thinks she failed ehr daughter as a parent and shes horrible person. so being the heroic Aries I was I knew I had to put on my cape, fly down to the corner and call her to save her. It really was instinctive. So I call her and she can't believe it. Her exact words were "either you're real sweet or real strange!" lol! always judgy! lol!!

so we get to talking about her problems and stuff and before you know it we're on the phone for a few hours. and it goes by quick. that was the beginning of many nights we would do that! Oh did I mention it was march and icy cold??? I would be switching hands constantly from pocket to phone! But I enjoyed it. She loved to hear me and I loved to talk about stuff. Aries chatterbox trait:)

finally, we got very flirty. And that lasted for a a few weeks before we came to our senses. Were 3000 miles away. this can't work! but she was persistent. She sent me this long text, saying she "didn't want to tell me on the phone, because she would start to cry. she never felt so in tune with anyone else in her life. she asked God why would you put such a great guy in my path if there is no chance for this relationship to ever survive?? please tell me if i'm dillusional, and I think your to nice to reject me, but i'm a big girl. I can take it." I thought it over and soon I gave in to the idea of "us." it began, and I had no idea where this was going to go!!!

We talked, had our differences but we worked them out. We got very close. very sexual over the phone including sexting:) it was great. then she started talking about coming to new york to meet me. and theat when on for some time. now to be honest, we had a lot of ebs and flows in our chemistry. but what kept me there was that she was right, we have this connection. we also had some explosive fights!! wow!!! we have a lot of difference in opinions. but she respects me and I respect her ...and we would have make up phone sex and it was gravy:) when we would hve phone sex... it felt wrong. Not morally. its something I felt. but I couldn't understand why!

anyway, she kept insisting she wanted to come see me. but I had a huge problem w/ that. you see, I wasn't a success like I told her. I was working towards my success in the film business. and I was unemployed. and I lived at home w/ my parents! I did it because it was the right thing and because it relieved me of the pressure of sex and stuff like that. when I confessed to her she was livivd!!! she wasn't answering so I said, my goodbyes, really believing this was over. but she held on. and I held on. and we hit a knew level in our relationship. and we continued getting close:) which is weird for a Capricorn girl because she prizes a stable bank account over almost all! so it was odd that she didn't drop me right there! i'm assuming it was the connection, I was raising her broken self after her 13 yr shitty marriage fell apart and she was very sexually attracted to me.

so she still wanted to come visit me, but was fearful of the ride home because she would have to let me go. but she made plans to come to see me in the summer. great. except there was something else I held back from telling her because I didn't think this would get so far: I was a virgin. yeah, thats right. and i'm no CHUD, so when I finally told her, she was confused! she thought I was lying! I said "why would I lie about that?? that's not a cool line!" so she accepts that! can you believe it? A Capricorn loves experience in her mate, makes her feel like she is w someone w/ accomplishments. and they are very sexual beings! but ... she still wanted to be with me. being the conservative cap she is she didn't have sex till her 20's - w her first husband. and she has had a few sexual partners but its under 10. so she still wanted me.

now being an inexperienced sensitive Aries man, when she told me about this young kid (27) she got involved w/, afte her first seperation w/ her jerk husband, I got very down o on myself. because he made her feel so relaxed and good about herself, sexually, that she really learned how to have sex good. and I got sad about that because I wanted to be that for her. very strange right? this cap woman meant so much to me, I wanted to be everything for her. save her from the world and all its bad shit. so I confessed to her this and how I feel like I could never match up to him and I broke down a lil. she was very understanding and again, our relationship hit a new plateau:)

anyway we made our relationship official. we were a couple and happy. but rough waters were lying ahead!! you see her kids were feeling neglected at times because we would spend hours on the phone. I mean one time we did 10 hrs straight and we didn't even feel it. it was great!!!!

but a dark day came when her came down w/ a sickness. this really devastated my cap girl. I mean she would talk to me and breakdown in tears. become cold or distant. because her mom put her life in her hands. she wanted my cap to handle everything. this was too much pressure for her. one day, she was really in a horrible cold mood. we got into it and I felt sad because I couldn't help her and I got off the phone. I know, pussy! you're right, because my instinct told me not to, to ride it out and because I did, an out of control unraveling of our relationship destroyed my life! we got into it and she started talkin about mabey were better apart. and I said thats it? and shes like I have so much to deal w/ and it seems like i'm always hurting you. im not suppose to be hurting you. so I said thats it. and after a long pause she just hangs up. she never did that. I was terrified.

i tried to call her back - no answer. again - no answer. again - no answer. she would not respond to calls to texts to anything! 2 hours went by and I was miserable!! I did not know what to do! finally, she calls me. she did it because apparently my mother, whom she likes, called her unbenounced to me. she told her something that got her to call me. she told my mom she didn't want to hurt me. and my mom said what do think you're doing now? anyway, we get to talking. and wee rekindle all the good stuff about us. how we want to get married. and be together forever. it was great. and I capped it by saying "i'm coming to see you!!!" she said, "no your not." she couldnt believe it. she wouldn't believe it!! being the heroic Aries I am I figure I go to see her and take her mind off her troubles if it was for only a weekend:) she was super psyched and so was i!!!

i had to scrape up every penny I had, but I did it!! there some bumps, like I couldnt stay at her place, because her son felt I was a stranger - and he was right. I was a stranger so I rented a room at the sheraton. everything was set and we were so in love it was awesome!

I arrive in california, and I had a real great feeling! I felt like a million bucks when I walked out that airport! it was my first time in LA, first time doing anything like this! shoot I hadn't been on a plane since I was 12! lol!

so she pulls up in front of the gate, and I see her for the first time in the flesh - and WOW. I could not believe how beautiful she was!! just right!!! I was in heaven! we were like 2 teenagers! totally in love! we had hearts coming out our eyes! the kissing was fantastic! incredible! instant chemistry! I could kiss her forever!!

so I spend the night at her apt. we kissed and kissed and did mostly above the waste stuff. it was awesome! we were both in heaven! were all "you cant leave now" "i have to stay!" it was... everything you could want for a first meeting:)

however the next day, was the complete opposite. we check into the hotel, eagerly! but when we got there... I couldn't perform! thats right. nothing. and it started a chain reaction that f'd up eveything. she was great and understanding. he had a lil sex and I was no longer a virgin, but.. well you can imagine. I was crushed and I felt imasculated. it was a bad look for me in her cap eyes. so we just hanged back. the next day was much better! I am an oral champ! and I performed much better! and it was great, she was lovin it, but I couldn't sustain. so it wasnt all it could be again. shes the type that if ni'm not "happy" then shes not happy. and I think she took my condition as an afront to her attractiveness. which is crazy because she is beautiful! now in my defense, it wa my first time in LA, first time in a hotel, first time seeing her, first time seeing her naked, first time-first time! it was the perfect storm of impotence! lol we made the best of it .

but we went to walk on the beach later, which was nice but for some reason, she was withdrawing from me. and her kisses started becoming.. kiss-pull back, kiss-pullback.

and to compound things, later her kid makes some trouble for her and the ex husband and this puts her in a bad mood, icy cap mood. we get back to the hotel and she doesn't put ona nighty, she puts on her work out clothes and pins her hair back, like don't even think sex! shes very jittery. uncomfortable. I try to calm her but... it seemed to me ... I was the cause for her feelings. so the next morning she tells me "we have to slow this down. i'm like slow this down? i'm 3000 miles away!!! she insists shes not breaking up w me. she needs to fix things in her family, her kids. so the next morning she goes to work and im to spend the day with my sister, whom I haven't seen in 25 yrs! lol! later she texts me she wishes she was there w/ me. then later she calls and tells me shes kicking herself for not making love to me before she left!

she picks me up later and brings me to the airport. I missed her all day. she tells me "i did miss you today." so the ride there is tension, but I try to keep it up beat. we get to airport. and we say our goodbyes. I ask her to ask me to stay. she says I cant. it was very heartbreaking. we kissed a lot and hugged alot, but again her kisses was kiss. pull away, kiss pull away. it hurt. she says "i'm not going anywhere. i'm here. we're not breaking up." it was super hard to leave. I came there feeling like a king an I left feeling completely hurt. it was a horrible plane trip home:( she texted me stuff like, "i need time to fix my situation before I let anyone in." and "i will always love you." which scared the crap outta me, because it sounded like goodbye.

this was the worst week of my life. I could feel her pulling away from me. literally. and it was devastaing. if you told me, going to see my love would have broken us up, I would've thought you were crazy!

she tells me she needs therapy, then she tells me we werent flowin, and if we were what happend with her ex wouldnt have mattered. then she finally says, she was disecting me. I was to good to be true. I had no chance to succeed.. i'm assuming she was scared. she says she thinks I would be an amazing bf/husband! but when I came there she knew she wasnt ready for a relationship yet. but she does want to try again. she thinks we would be great together. but then things got really bad between us. like she would have this resentment or anger towards me. and we would get into bad fights! a few times I was like you go your way and i'll go mine! bye!!! I was angry! I didn't know how we got here!! from in love to hating each other! mind you, this is 3000 miles apart! lol.

but for one reason or another, we keep coming back to eac other. there is a real connection there. I love this woman. I think we are meant to be.

one day after a big fight where I tell here to get out my life, I got to a basketball court to relieve stress. when I leave I start thinking about here and I married, and I swear to you, I look up in the sky and guess what I see! a plane writing: "will you marry me?" with our 2 initials!!! that was ridiculously specific! lol! like it was written it in the sky:) I don't know if its true but that was crazy!!! so that night I text her the pic I snapped of it . she was mad I contacted her. we went back and forth. finally she asked if we could just be friends? I agreed, so I could keep the lines of communication open.

the next day she calls me, still anger in her voice, I said look I don't want o fight with you! we put our cards on the table, and discussed what we liked about each other amd what we didnt. later on that night, we get into it again! and I tell her "go! you think you can do better than me, go!" she says "dont end it like this." i'm like goodbye! she texts me later, you're special to me and I dnt wan to hurt you. I said if I was special to you you would not let me go! you fucked up. next day she gets back to me and we go at it again! finally we decide to be something:) so we don't talk for a day or two. she texts me. she had a family problem. I helped her with it. it was nice. no fighting. the anger was gone.

since then, i've ben on a mission to improve myself, I found a producer to make a movie with my script and God willing it will turn into gold! I wanna show her I can provide for her and the children. I even started learning to drive. I gave her solid advice on how to deal w/ her children, I was there for her when her son had a situation and shes crying, again thinking she is a bad parent. shes so fragile at times. I believe God has sent me top save her, protect her, love her. I hope she'll see that to. shes been so proud of me, I think she looked at me as a child and not a confident man. so i'm slowly changing that.

she's be distant, sweet, distant, horny, lol. I tried to hang in there. not really sure if shes talking to another guy or what. all I know is at times, she was not talking to me. she offered me to go on a trip w her to vegas - in the spring! thats way out! i'm hopin we can meet up sooner, because I want redemption!! lol! seriously! I wish I could invent a time machine, go back to the trip and give myself ED meds!!! lol! I think it would've made a lot of things different! but i'm great now and im waiting for her to wave me in!!!

recently, I drew her a pic of her mom and her for inspiration, her was having the operation. she loved it!!! I was there, via text and phone every step of the way during her mom's operation. it was great. I tell her to tell her mom i'm the real son and law:) shes been so warm to me because of it, and her financial situation is improving that its been like the old days.

i told her about my condition improving because of my doc's prescription and i'm good for sex now! and she was like "did you test it?" i'm like not on a girl." and shes like "mabey you should. to be sure." ??? i'm like "you don't care?" "no.. we're not dating." later I tell her "i don't want you to have sex with other guys." she tells me shes not having sex with other guys and shes not going to have sex with other guys. then she tells me she thinks I should have sex with other women, because it would be good for me. so I could be sure of my feelings for her. I told her "i am sure of my feelings for her. I was sure before the sex. I want her and only her. i'm sure." I tell her I know this is gonna sound wierd, but when I see hear, all I think is "thats my wife." God is my witness. its how I feel her. and she says "thats not wierd." so i'm getting positity from her. no real commitment but, some good signs.

very flrty, very sweet, very us. even though phone calls arent long. its a start I hope. everyday we wish each other goodmorning and goodnight affectionately, and its great.

she told me she felt at home at her moms house. she don't wanna go home. and she didn't feel comfortable in the hotel we stood in. neither did i. I told her "marry me and I promise you the world. and she says "how are you suppose to give this to me? no offense but I have to work because you can't provide this." "i say mabey I cant provide for you because you don't have any faith in me. good things come to those who wait, crap comes quickly. like I waited for you my whole life. 24 years to find you. to wait for a good thing. saved myself for you. that's faith." she says "i know how to wait and I do have faith. but the truth is we don't have what it takes right now, but if we work hard and stick to our dreams we will win!!! muah!!" I call her and shes like "what am I going to do with you?" and I say, "love me, stay with me forever and I'll make you the happiest woman in and the world." she says "that sounds good." so I tell her "my doc prescribed me some drug and i' m good to go! i'm like a machine now!!" lol! she lovin it. she was excited!

so she's like "i wish we could just fast foward to the future." it was really good. next day shes all about how shes horny for me again. and we go into graphic detail. shes suppose to call me that night. she doesnt. not even a goodnight. but she responds to my fb comment lovingly, happy. I say "u cant help who you fall in love with." she says "very true!:)" positive. I like this apparnetly. she went out and got back late. she apologized. and we say goodnight. next day, he don't contact me at all till 11 at night and just texts "goodnight!" I repaly "goodnight:)" but i'm like no pet names or terms of affection? I guess i'm being insecure.

anyway ppl, this is where i'm at. I love my cap girl!!! and I wanna marry her!!! I hope I will. I believe we will because I just see it happen!!! pray for us, please!!! she means the world to me:)!!!

im a 38 year old Aries who was involved w a 38 yr old Capricorn girl. We were over the phone long distance lovers. but when we finally met.. it felt awkward. im not sure if its because she was going through personal stuff or because it was a strange hotel room. either way she became very distant. she wanted to cool things off. since I got back, shes been hot one minute and cold the next. i've shown her all the support any person could. but it seems like she wants me in the future but not now.. when both our situations are fixed. recently I did the worse thing I could. I gave her an ultimatum and she told me she could only offer me friendship and since I wont except that, she'll have to say goodbye if thats what I need. I never said that. I tried to reach her and she wont get back to me. what should I do?

I am a Capricorn woman in 20's and I met this Aries man in his 30's. I was dating his friend and his friend was a Taurus guy and we clicked, however after his vacation he went back to his place and it was his friend's turn to spend a vacation in the place where I'm living. This Aries guy kept on contacting me on some whereabouts and wanted to date my sister and asked me to introduce him to my friends. While the Taurus is contacting me once in a while this Aries guy almost sent me email everyday. I was looking at him as a friend because I was attracted to my Taurus guy, Taurus guy was very gentleman. And then when Aries man came along, we danced all night, had some drinks...and the last thing I knew we were on his bed. It was totally awkward, but I found all my courage to be casual about it. He promised that it won't happen again and he felt guilt because Taurus guy likes me and he was a very good friend of his. But eventually promises were made to be broken, we went out of town (he invited me) and we did it again and again and again. My bad too. He gentle one time and brass the next. Taurus guy would carry all my luggages Aries guy would just carry his own. Taurus guy would take dinner in a slow pace and we will eat together in a gentle pace, Aries guy would stand up even before I finished my meal and that was rude. Taurus guy would text very seldom, Aries guy flooded me with text even if I was at work trying to get attention. When I was sick Taurus guy gave me an enormous massage, I took care of Aries guy when he was sick thrice. Taurus guy would be contented snuggling on bed with kisses and gentle whispers, Aries guy would humped me on bed the moment he had a chance. When I kiss Taurus guy it was as if I was in a different dimension, I rarely kiss Aries guy...Aries guy is very good on bed, Taurus guy is a good for a long term relationship... ;)

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