Aries man engaged to Libra woman

by Ron

I'm an Aries man who started dating a Libra woman 5 years ago. I was instantly attracted to her and could never get her out of my mind. There was something mysterious and 'untouchable' about her, and that's why I was so initially drawn to her. As I began speaking to her and hanging out with her, I was constantly intrigued by her mix of innocent and rebellious behavior.

Gradually her personality came to develop and she was very outgoing, and while she was very sexually shy at first, over time she became very open, and taught me a thing or two! There was definitely more than one night where she left me speechless and I was amazed at what she brought to the table in that department. While we were on and off, and have had our share of battles over time (we both have extremely strong personalities), we ended up falling deeply in love and are now engaged to be married!


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by: Anonymous

Thanks for what you wrote! I am a Libra woman that is going around for a second chance with an Aries man that I am head over heels with!

We met 8 years ago and got along great, the sex was also wonderful, but he didn't realize how I really felt about him (stupid me, I didn't tell him then), so our lives went separate ways.

Fast forward, after 2 marriages (him) and me being single and abstinent (for over 2 years) fate brought us together again.

He always has this spark in his eye and is so full of life! When he looks at me, it's enough to bring me to my knees. Oh, yea, did I mention that the sex is awesome! (not that there was any doubt!)

I want to spend time with him, but I really have to be sure and not overwhelm him with phone calls, texts, etc... but is this the right approach??? I don't want him to think that I'm not Libra scales are tipping to and fro!

I'm not Ron, but..
by: Anonymous

I don't know if some other people prefer to be coy or hesitant, but speaking as one Aries man, I'd prefer it if a lady just told me how she felt. I don't feel very 'intuitive' when it comes to love, if you know what I'm saying. So my advice would be to lay your cards on the table. Life's too short - don't risk a misunderstanding if you love him.

That's not to say you should bury him in messages, but just make sure he's totally clear on how you feel, then step back and see what his response is. Please don't assume he knows. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you meanwhile!

aries man
by: chris

As an aries man i agree with the comment above. We cant read people. We need comunication to know where we stand. Im going through a break up with a libra woman and its killing me. I dont know where i stand with her. I told her i loved her before the break up. She didnt say it back but pushed me away. Thats why i ended it but i told her i want her back. Any of you libra women got any advice for me?

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