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I'm a Gemini woman and I must say that my experience with an Ariesman was amazing! We connected instantly, had mentally stimulatingconversations, and the passion between us sexually was just as captivating. Hetruly understands and accepts me more than any other man of a different signhas. I think Aries man and Gemini woman is a great combination.

My boyfriend of a year and 9 months is an Aries and I'm a Gemini.....

We go together great........

I don't think Gemini women go well with Aries.

Sexually they must be so far apart, Gemini women are so often easily disappointed in men sexually and Aries 'quickness' and likely lack of` foreplay would surely let down a Gemini woman.

I am a Gemini woman, dating an Aries man... So far he is without adoubt the most understanding, talkative, and sexually compatible man I haveever met... I laughed at the term "soulmate" maybe due to the fact that once theman would like me too much I would cut and run... even though I wanted deeplyto be loved and cherished.. (twin personalities) He has been the only man tocapture and keep my attention... I feel so blessed to have met him....

I am a Gemini woman and I am dating an Aries man and I have to saythe connection we have is unlike no other I have ever experience both sexually,mentally and physically and I normally shy away from a man that is bold andlikes me to much but with him I connect with and don't want to run away like allthe others I feel loved cherished and feel like he can keep up with me on alllevels I agree soul mate material

I am a Gemini Woman, dating an Aries man, we've been together for ayear now but we've known each other for five. I've been waiting for himforever, but I've dated others and so has he until our time came, and it's justcompletely amazing. I get so infuriated with him because he's so spontaneous,but in truth I love it... If he were predictable and had a routine, I would havebeen born three months into this relationship. Having twin personalities isnerve wracking though due to the fact that I don't know if I want consistencyor not...cause I get used to him doing things one way and then he changes lolbut I guess I do to, we can't figure each other out and I guess that's what'sso interesting

I'm a Gemini woman and I have been dating an Aries man on and offfor 8 years. Our relationship has had it's share of ups and downs but I mustsay in the end he is the one that will always answer my phone call no matterwhat time or where he maybe. Do to the fact we both entered college causing himto relocate we had to break up. Although we separated we still remained verymuch in contact with one another. and for the most part very much in love heis definitely my soulmate.

Im a Gemini women and my 3 past boyfriends have been Aries. Thismatch get on famously as the fire never burns out :-) They agree on manythings, but if they argue it is real baaad. Hope this helps :D xxx

Im a Gemini woman who fell in love with an Aries man. I found him tobe loving then an overbearing, controlling an jealous with a very bad temperside came out. Yes we were spontaneous. We started just as fast as we ended.Life is much better without his DRAMA!

I was in love with an Aries, and we never really argued. It was trulyeasy, but we broke up because I moved away, and I was young. I based every man Imet thereafter on his character. I met a Scorpio, and he treated me somewhatlike my Aries, but with lots of criticism to my Gemini ways. I have beenfaithful for 13 years, but my Aries found me and I fell in love all over again.We have seen each other 3 times in 7 months, but I can't let him go. I don'tknow what to do because I have a good life with children. I want so badly to gobe with the love of my life, but I also am not sure if he loves me the way Ilove him...even though he waited 13 years and never got married until he saw aprofile that said I was happy. So now we are both wishing that we had gottenmarried, but he was too chicken back then to ask me. I am so lost... I love myhusband, because he is stable...but we fight a lot...but I feel amazing with myAries.

I am a Gemini woman dating an Aries male. I am so incredibly hookedon this man. Fights are terrible and normally I would just run away and neversee the guy after a fight... but I really want to work things out with thisone.

I have dated Virgos, Pisces, Scorpios, Sagittarius, Libras and 3 Aries. Theyare so good in bed, so creative and true and pure and just wonderful.

Never ever ever be rude to this man. If you learn to bite your tongue and behonest and know he is what you want you will be so happy.

I am an Aries guy and dated a Gemini briefly, like most of the postshere, I can say we were soulmate material, so much in common and instant sexualattraction. Our only problem was something we couldn't change....body sizeincompatibility, heights etc.. but a definite meeting of the mind an soul. I amnow dating another Gemini and its obvious we should get married.

I have been with my Aries for going on 14 years. We have been marriedfor 8 and have a child 12 year old child together. I love the fact that he is aprotector and a great father. The sex is always good! His temper is terribleand his patience is non existent. He loves to cuddle and be home with me butwhen it comes to hanging out he prefers to hang with the fellas. I in turneventually start hanging out as well but then he can't take it! He is toojealous to relax when we are at clubs!!!! We are getting older and I am notgrowing old with someone that I can't hang out with and have a good timeoutside of the house or family setting! When we argue it gets ugly and I willnot back down that is the Gemini in me I guess.:-) They could not be with aweak woman because they would walk all over them!!!!!!

I do believe (mostly) in the astrology realm and as I'm Geminicurious to see if what I read and live through (as in regards to astrologyactually come true). I am in a new relationship with an Aries man, one who hada crush on me when we were much younger and after many, many years met again(through mutual friends) and are now in a relationship.

I have not seen a temper in him yet, he's very sweet, loving and yes, ourintimate moments are great in every aspect.

I have recently been aware of him being jealous (he told me) of one of my malefriends but knows he shouldn't be and tries to curb that feeling in himself.

We have so much in common including how we think about things and I can makehim laugh with just one of my silly looks or sayings and he can make me laughtoo. He's not "closed" in talking about things and says what's on his mind andI find that refreshing because as a Gemini, I'm always interested in what'sgoing on in someone's mind, lol.

I joke that I've found my "male clone", that's one of the extents of how muchwe have in common (things & feelings).

It's ironic though, a past bf had the same b-day as my current bf and while Ican see similarities between both of them, there's still a slight differencehence me now with the new bf.

I've seen other posts about terrible fights but as yet I've not experienced anyof that with the current bf or the past Aries bf. If anything, (in bothrelationships) neither partner wants any type of arguments and I never had anywith either Aries men thankfully so and still remain friends with the pastAries bf.

Maybe it's because we're older (40's) but all-in-all I'd say Gemini woman/Ariesman...a great match if it's long-term or winds-up being just friends.

I have just recently met an Aries man. We are very attracted to oneanother. I find him to be very "stubborn" and many people would confuse this as"having a chip on his shoulder" we are both very witty BUT... He often saysthings that confuse even me "Gemini" aren't often confused.

I do know that we will be good for one another....BUT is he worth all the hardwork?

I'm an Aries man and I love my Gemini!

I am a Gemini woman and I have just met an Aries man. We have had agood time every time we have met and I love him being spontaneous and that heis able to make decisions when I can't really choose. One thing that bothersme is that he works abroad and when he is here he has his kids to take care of.We don't have much time to get to know each other. I don't know what I want. Iwant to be with him all the time, I miss him terribly when he is nor around,but I know also that in that case I should probably be bored ...

Im a Gemini woman who fell in love with an Aries man. We got alongbetter as friends, then we became partners and he started showing his horns,being jealous and all. He couldn't understand me, so he got depressed and webroke up. Then I met a Libra man and we got along great, but for some reason Ireunited with my past Aries bf. Now I still keep contact with the Libra man, Idon't know what to do. Libra's really loving and caring, and I love him, but Ialso love Aries .. I think I should go for the Libra, he loves me for who I am.But I will never forget the Aries and would love to stay friends with him

I am a Gemini woman and I always seem to attract Aries men. However,the attraction is quite mutual. Specifically, I dated an Aries man and ourpersonalities clicked very well. There is an attraction between him and I thatI haven't experienced with other men. Ultimately, we always seems to find ourway back to one another. However, sometimes I think how strong willed the twoof us may be, can create friction. I prefer to keep him around as company andnot a serious relationship...

Am a Gemini Woman and am currently seeing an Aries Man. Beforemeeting in person, we had great conversations over the phone & via text. Oncewe met, there was instant connection but I thought he wasn't my typephysically. But the more we spent time together, I the chemistry developed. Icame to realize that Aries Men are moody and very flirtatious....they wanttheir space while a Gemini loves to be entertained. He now texts once a whilewhile am already getting someone else to keep me entertained but I have a greatconnection with my Aries man.

I'm currently dating a Aries man who excites me physically andmentally. We come across our heated moments every now and then which can getugly! Once I blow out his fire our making up is mind-blowing. Even if ourrelationship goes sour for whatever reasons, he's someone I always want to keepin contact with forever.

I'm a Gemini woman and have just started dating an Aries man. We metwhile working together five years ago, and it was POW, instant attraction! Wedated briefly then, but because I was just recently divorced at the time, theintensity of the attraction, coupled with our great compatibility scared meoff.

I found him again over the internet. Just over a week ago, actually. I didn'tintend to rekindle the romantic relationship, but.. It couldn't be helped. Itwas, again, INSTANT attraction! I wanted to get his attention, so wrote himsomething intriguing. He responded most directly, kicking it up a notch. Whichof course, inspired me to blurt out something even more titillating. And itwent on from there. :)

We decided to meet again a few days later for a date (after some VERYintellectually/sexually stimulating email and phone conversations.) Though Ididn't intend to go very far with him, again, it couldn't be helped--heliterally swept me off my feet with his confidence and certainty we are meantto be. TALK about passion! And yet.. He kept me laughing the entire night withhis stories and jokes. We are both naturally outgoing and funny, and we (almosteerily) share the same interests and comedic sensibilities (we're bothwriters.) So the night was passionate, thought-provoking, hilarious,side-splitting laughter. It was, by far, the BEST evening I've ever spent withany man.

The thing is now, he's seemed to cool toward me, just as quickly as he seemedto be taken with me. I find that I am the one that's initiating our contactsnow, which drives me bonkers, considering I'm usually the one that's beingchased. The conversations we've had since.. I've found that I've unintentionallyoffended him in some ways, which he's not troubled to hide. In turn, I'veexpressed remorse at it, trying to resolve. And the more I seem to try torepair, the more he seems irritated. I finally got the courage to confront thison the phone. And, to my surprise, it escalated into quite the fight! Being aGemini, I don't like conflict, but this man seems to have no problem speakinghis mind, even if it means I'm uncomfortable. After some difficultconversation, he finally got me to see his way. At this moment, I'm stillbewildered. And certain that if I want a future with this man, I'm going tohave to get used to arguing. He seems to get over things pretty easily, though, and wishes for me to try and do the same. Uncharted territory for me. I'mscared to death to embark on this unusual relationship, but I'm just as scaredto lose him.

Soul mates? I'm afraid so. I'm just about willing to do anything it takes tomake this thing work, which is a miracle in itself, because I'm verycommitment-shy. I somehow.. know.. that the conflicts between us are going toamount to the greatest growing experience of my life. Most men that have triedto change me, I've grown resentful of and resist them. Mainly because they pushthe guilt buttons. But with this Aries man, he CONVICTS me, makes me want tochange/be better. It's the most phenomenal thing..

So yeah, I guess I better get used to the possibility of some fiery arguments.But somehow, I feel, I wouldn't miss it for the world!!

Im a Gemini woman who dated a Aries man I met him one year ago over the summer we hit it off in September our relationship hit it off and on a bunch of times. The sexual experience amazing, we talked for hours and hours on the phone until suddenly, he started wanting to flirt with other woman, later on the most I got was a couple text and no phone calls anymore. So I decided for a break he was un flexible about it, because knowing me I would have easily found someone else, we both cheated on each other, but we came back to each other anyways. we did love each other, but he was more unfaithful than I can count, and I cheated on him with a pieces guy once to show him how it felt, (off course ladies Aries men can be as jealous as a Scorpio men) I never saw that guy again cuz my Aries chased him away. Although after a while I decide to leave him because after so much mental unhappiness I left him. You see Aries and Gemini's love to play mind games and it doesn't works out because Aries love to be the leader and love to be loved, while Gemini's love to love and be free and Aries are more grounded then a Gemini which Aries seem to be more attracted to a Gemini since Aries love to chase, don't ever do the chasing for them that will bore them off course its a fun relationship while it last.

I am a Gemini girl, I met an Aries man in March 2008 and it has been a complete rollercoaster ride all the way. A lot of fun and a lot of drama I would say! He approached me very cheekily and we hit it off with shared interests in being performers, I am a singer and he writes music and likes to perform and also act. He pursued me like I have never been pursued before! Talk about romance and passion, I don't think there is any comparison to Aries for these things. He would also always come running when I had problems or even just felt down (Gemini mood swings). I have to say no other man I have dated has been so successful in being a true knight in shining armor. We now live together and have a baby of two months. The sex we have is mind-blowing!

Negative things? I think us Gemini's can be a little cold for Aries at times, they need constant affection and attention. They have huge egos and a greedy sex drive, it is ok for them to drool over a sexy woman but if you look at another guy its fireworks - so yes jealousy and possessiveness can be an issue. They do not have tempers but not in an abusive way however. They are also dreamers in a big way, and take a lot of energy to keep up with. We have loads in common but constantly bicker, much to the amusement of other people sometimes out in public, we must be very funny when we bicker. (Or maybe that's just my famous Gemini wit!)

I don't find I can be angry with him for long as he is so naive and pure-hearted.

I find an Aries man easy to get on with, but beware of that huge sex drive if you can't keep up or he will stray! Also they are very bossy and will argue with you even when being unreasonable just so long as they win. They have to win. I don't think any other sign makes a better husband, as they will look after you, rather than be pursuing hobbies out of the home or getting pissed down the pub. I have quite a collection of beautifully worded cards and poems he sent me while we were dating. So romantic! I would say that Aries and Gemini have to meet each other in the middle and then its all good!

Gemini woman with Aries man for 5 years. We broke up after a huge fight (he exploded). Never thought we would end our relationship together. I never known him to be jealous. Maybe I just never gave him a reason to be.

I've been with my Aries for about 2 years now. We were very on and off in the beginning of the first year because he was too clingy for me and I just didn't want to give him the attention he wanted. We then got back together. For a couple of months, our relationship was very stable. Then he broke up with me because he wanted his freedom and he claims now that he just didn't know what he wanted which I do not believe. I think he just wanted to check out his other options. We have now been together for 9 months without breaking up but we have had our share of very intense arguments. Sometimes he just doesn't give me the attention I want and crave from him. Most of our arguments stem from how I don't trust him because of the things he's done during our "breaks".

But I must say, he is incredible and means the world to me. I am a typical Gemini and I used to run away from commitment. Once a guy said he was starting to fall in love with, I got out of that relationship asap. This is the first Aries I've ever dated and he absolutely brings out the opposite in me. I'm so clingy with him, more than I've ever been in any of my past relationships. I've had relationships with a Scorpio, Pisces, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius but my Aries man, for some odd reason, just keeps me tied to him. Our sex life is outstanding. He always knows what I want and knows how to please me. I love how he can have sex so many times a day. Although we have had many fights, we don't really fight anymore and I can seriously see him as my soul mate. His jealously isn't too overbearing, he likes to keep it to himself but when we do have our intense fights, it all comes out and he can be the cruelest person ever. Besides for that, I love my Aries man and he has seriously changed the way I view relationships.

I am a Gemini woman involved with an Aries Man. I have loved this man all of my life. I knew him when I was a child, but he was years older. He never spoke to me or was inappropriate with me. We actually found out that we crossed each others paths years later. It was as if we were destine to meet. I met him later when I was in my twenties, he swept me off my feet. Although we did marry, I married someone who was not my soulmate. He married someone who was not right for him also. We soon found ourselves back together, year later after many years of heart aches because we always loved each other. I have always compared every man I have known to him. The meeting of the minds is awesome, the sex is very very good and intense. I have found my soulmate again.

I'm a Gemini female and I've been dating an Aries male off and on for 4 1/2 years -- with about 2/3's of that in the "on" phase. I can tell you STRAIGHT UP that an Aries man is the best and most passionate lover a Gemini will ever come in contact with, and I know an Aries will say the same about a Gemini. Our ways seem to draw out the hidden wants and desires of an Aries, and they deeeeefinitely let those out in the bedroom.

This relationship comes with a warning: We are in an off-time right now, and this is why:

-Gemini's sarcasm and long arguments infuriate the Aries' quick temper.

-Gemini's get bored and forget to indulge their partner (Aries, though confident and even cocky at times, secretly ADORES being taken care of)

-Sex may slack because of a high number of explosions, and the Aries male does NOT like this

-The Aries male, when confronted with a problem by the quick-thinking Gemini, does not come up with an answer on the spot about "how they feel" -- this infuriated me! I finally learned, after three years, to express to him quickly and concisely how "I" felt, and then give him the time he needed to mull it over. Eventually, out of the blue, he would call, text, or approach me with the answers that I had been waiting for. This is the MOST important thing you can EVER learn about an Aries.. I swear!

The Aries I happened to encounter this year was extremely enticing and I could not resist his charming ways. Since last year we've been talking to each other off and on, but during school he happened to join the tennis team as well, which caused us to see one another more frequently. No matter how hard I tried to stay away I continued to come back for more. The first kiss I experienced with him was extravagant. No words could ever describe how I felt at that moment. Even now, I still think about him and wish I could have him. But he didn't show up to a date we had planned and left me alone and extremely disappointed. I haven't talked to him since, but I believe that because he is so impulsive he tends to make decisions he soon regrets later. At the moment it may have seemed like a good idea to come see me, but then he regretted it later once he realized what he'd done. I tend to have issues with Aries, because they make me completely and utterly insane. It always se ems as though they want you and then suddenly they don't. It's extremely agitating, but attractive at the same time. But I don't want to seem desperate by continuing to talk to them without letting them approach me. It's so hard to resist. They're just so tantalizing...

I recently ended a relationship with an Aries man. I found we were intellectually compatible and often shared the same humor. However there was absolutely no sexual chemistry and the physical attraction dwindled fairly rapidly. Add to that how quickly he became committed, plus how much of an issue he made out my lack of commitment and my inability to open up emotionally. It lasted 3 weeks...

Hi, I am a Gemini woman dating an aries man.. Boy O Boy I must say we know how to find each other and then know how to hate each other with a smile... arises men are hard work and it drain us because some times the challenge does not worth it. We must allow Aries men to know the art of loving themselves first that is the true challenge for the Aries men. sexually between us we Gemini's do get bored, so much sex we can handle, we like the art of love making because the Aries men has to satisfy both twin and they are truly not capable in bed because of their selfish sexual need. smile..... The good note is we truly need each other to maintain a great balance. They are warm soul just want to be love and nurture. Aries! Gemini's will love you forever, smile

I am a Gemini and just like many of the posts said, my Aries guy keeps me guessing which I love. Gemini hates to be bored and I never had a chance to with mr. Aries. sex is great.

Aries man are crazy about Gemini women. We geminis completely hold the upper hand you just have to know how to do it. This Aries man from the minute he met me was putting on a show for me.. He picked up my phone while I wasn't paying attention and called himself from my phone. A couple hours later I was getting text messages from an unfamiliar number and it turns out it was him. He would literally do absolutely anything to get my attention, he probably would have licked my toes. the first couple of months I had very little interest in him. The first time we kissed it was like California wildfire, I had never experienced this nor had he, and he called me the devil.. As a matter of fact he still calls me the devil.( I think I literally drive him crazy) I really was barely interested in him initially, he was more the best friend who I thought probably had a little penis. But at any rate.. as time went by I discovered that I couldn't even touch his hands with out him and early having a heart attack. Eventually we had sex and it felt like our two souls were one.. It creeped me out. We fell into this pattern where it felt like we were married. WE are in college and well I don't want anything serious like that, it was to the point where we were at work on campus and he came up to me and puckered his lips with his eyes closed.. I am not the Public display of affection type so I just looked at him like he was crazy. I do believe that Aries are emotionally retarded, and I don't believe in making it any easier. I feel like if you have something to say, then say it. HE would get to the point where he would take me shake me, bite me, cuddle me in a position where there is no possible way to sleep and tell me that he hates me so many times, because he didn't know how to say I love you. my question is if you hate me so much why the f*ck are you with me every single day, sniff my hair, and memorize the food I eat?? I've come to the conclusion that Aries have a different way of expressing their emotions.. very different.. for example "do you like dogs?" I say "I don't dislike them, but I don't see them living with me" he says "good, because I don't want to have dogs when we are older," or " do you like fruits in your cake" he asked, I reply "they aren't bad, but I don't put fruits in my cake by choice," his response is "I mean in like a wedding cake" .. or one day we went swimming together and there were children everywhere, when we left there were more children and he looks at me and says "gosh what is today there are children everywhere.. maybe it is a sign" and he smiles at me all of this translates to, " I would like to live with you one day, and I don't want fruits in our wedding cake, and I want your children" If you want an Aries to express his emotions it will be a fight up mount Everest, and then they will be mad at you for it. Aries are very jealous and because they can't express it will further drive them crazy. This Aries would leave me the keys to his room when ever he went out of town, and the first time he threatened to kill me if I ever had sex in his bed, followed by "I don't care if everyone knows that I am that guy who killed that girl or beat the shit out of her." Entertain their bull shit it will drive them even crazier about you. They hear everything you say, even if you think they are not listening. They love witty statements with creative facial expressions, it drives them wild. They get man periods which will usually come about a week before your period. As they will probably be madly into you, if you don't look them in the eye when you talk to them it will make them angry/crazy, and if you do look them in the eye when you talk to them they just go crazy, its is like a mad fire behind their eyes, and you're the one that keeps their fire going. I recently decided to go back home away from college for a semester, because he was literally driving me crazy. I do love him don't get me wrong. and when I told him I was leaving and expressed my feelings in very key points through a letter he didn't talk to me for the whole week preceding me leaving, how ever he talked to my friend and let her know that he wanted to talk to me and was mad at me. He insisted that I gave him his shirt back, he showed up at my home with no notice, and I was not there, then he got mad and told me to bring his shirt back as I had picked it up from him. (mind you I walked there at 1 in the morning) after I left his room he decides that he is going to take me home.. (if you are going to take me home why couldn't you pick up the shirt your damn self.. ) -- As I look back, if I ever go back to the same state as him there is no way I could ever leave him twice. He looked at me like he wanted to kill me for leaving him, but because he didn't know how to put it in words he looked like a deranged lunatic. key points, ignore them, baby them, sex them good, entertain their bull shit, let them get jealous (it is a sign that they are crazy in love with you), don't fall for their batting of the eyelashes.. if they try to romance you in public reject them every now and then, it is humorous, they love affection even though they pretend they don't it drives them wild. Aries kind of remind me of dogs who need house training..

I have just met an Aries man and we had are first date last week im a Gemini and quite an insecure person who is always analyzing situations he has still been texting and we have spoken one since. he lives out of London he doesn't text everyday like he did before we met I don't want to suffocate him he hasn't mention another date he does have a young daughter who he has every other weekend would he still be in touch with m e if he wasn't interested as its driving me mad we have only know one another 4 weeks. is it me or am I expecting to much to soon I just want to know where I stand rather then get hurt as I really enjoyed his company. Or should I just wait I don't want to scare him off.

I'm a Gemini girl with an Aries boy right now and I've never found him to be a selfish lover. He's in general very patient and sweet, and he goes along with my kinks with good humor. He's not jealous at all, and neither am I, but we're not too serious right now. I like the dynamic that we have. He understands me really well, and I am getting to understand him. If we ever get serious, I could see us getting married, 2.5 kids and a dog, white picket fence, and such. He's a great friend.

Well for the first time I've laid eyes on my Aries....I was at awe!...Gorgeous smile, astonishing jaw line, and beautiful red clay skin I had to work my "Gemini Charm". I crushed from a distance because he did had this persona of being arrogant. So I played hard to get and to come to the discovery that he had his eye out on way before I noticed him. Well....the next time we saw each other...he told me straight up " I like you...I want your number" Being that I absolutely LOVES his bluntness...all I could do is obey with a huge smile. Every since then our sex is pretty awesome....oh yea and he is VERY selfish of me. He saw me walking to one of my classes with my cousin...which is a guy...and actually power walked...following me wondering who was I was with. I found it to be adorable actually. The only thing I dislike....We NEVER have time for each other! Between my classes and on campus activities...and his classes and work...we are very busy...but once we do get together...we can not be separated...but I also realized that he love hang out with the guys! his best buds are like his brothers...and if I can hang with the bros...I good. Been together for almost 2 months...and it looks promising.

I have recently met an Aries man & I have fallen head over heels! I have never felt this way about any1 & he is truly amazing. the chemistry is unreal & I no I have definitely met the one!!! we met at a time I was lookin for no1 & swept me off my feet. He is crazy about me2!! I cant believe how lucky I am & am so excited about our future togethr cuz I no its him il be spending it with! This is a match made in heaven & my past relationships always matched the star signs!

There probably is a bit of jealousy on his part but in a healthy way because I know he is scared of losing me. I just feel like things can't honestly be this good & something is bound 2 go wrong! but definitely a match made in heaven!!! he is truly AMAZING and the kindest, most honest & brilliant person I have ever met! its true when they say you will just know when you find 'the one' even though I never believed it myself in the past!

We would marry each other in the morning! Sex is great & we cant get enough off each other! he brings out a side in me I never knew I had!!!

I am a Gemini girl and I have an Aries boyfriend which I broke up with a year ago and I'm now back with, I don't know how or why but I feel so drawn to him even after a year of talking and not talking as friends. And he's a great kisser the chemistry is good. The one thing that bugs me though is his persistency in texting. I argued about this, I hate having to chase. The only time he expresses his true emotions is when he's drunk! I feel a little insecure with him but I am too scared to ever let go because I just love him. He's smart, funny and adorable but very very stubborn! He would probably ignore me for a week or more till he realises and feels he's forgiven me. Love him though.

I have recently ended a very turbulent 3 mo encounter with an Aries Man. I am a Gemini woman. He came on extremely strong in the beginning. I did not like him for a long time because he was not that physically attractive for what I usually like. I did not give up on him though because we clicked emotionally, the conversations were great and we laughed all the time. He had the most sexiest smile I have ever seen. I ended up sleeping with him to see if there was chemistry there and WOW! it was so intense and out of control! It seemed that when I started falling for him, he backed off. I called him on it and he would avoid conflict. I would get pissed off and then he would win me back and so on and so was an emotional rollercoaster. I believe I fell in love with him, because although I could not deal with the ups and downs I think about him so much, and sometimes I feel like I can't breathe without him. I never felt this way about any man, but I re fuse to chase after him. I am a beautiful, confident, kind-hearted and sexy woman. I will wait on the one who is meant to share my life with.

I know this guy for about a year, he was very friendly and I only told him ( in a conversation) that he is good looking, I thought he knew that! Well, that triggered all sorts of things :)) What a passion ! As a Gemini I can very quickly distinguish between real and fake and he is not definitely fake with his thoughts and actions.Very adorably direct ! What makes him different from other guys is that he's got some kind of a great positive soul and is not afraid to go after his goals. I am a bit bitter after looking under a microscope at so many guys.. he is not bitter at all. Very straight forward.At one point he was a bit flirty with other girls. I positioned myself in a cool position, OK I do not mind you flirt but then this what we have might be a flirt too, I didn't say anything just shown it to him.. he quickly returned to the "me and us" route.. that was so funny to watch ! What I was afraid to tell other guys thinking they would find me crazy, I can tell him without a problem, and that is great.. he would approach it on a very deep level.. I never thought an Aries would be that deep. I can make him hot and crazy in a second, he understands my bitter jokes.. highly intellectual! And who would say a guy of that posture and that energy would have anxieties and would need reassurance, but he does! I am able to calm his stress and ground his restlessness. The only thing I do not like is him sleeping naked :)

I'm a Gemini woman with an Aries man...what can I say about this relationship but WOW...I've been with my man for almost a year now, and i'll be the first to admit that he is so captivating.

My directed sign that im best with is an aquarius. But even have dated my"best match" no one can come close to my aries. He is stubborn, opinionated, heavy timpered, hard headed, and sometimes down right mean...but god do I love it. He can make me hate him one minute and be giggling just minutes after an argument.

he never keeps a routine, it infuriates me and interests me at the same time. I want him to want me but he keeps me chasing...and its all a game!!! Because when I finally give into it im falling into his loving arms just as I wanted. But when I turn it around on him and have him chase me, he's so filled with passion that its irrisitable. Im a moth to a flame. I can dance to his firey glow but I have to make sure I don't get burned.

my best friend of 13 years is an Aries as well so I knew what I was getting myself into. I knew about the jealousy, the passionate arguments,, and the need for ego boosting. But something I've learned with both my Aries is that they will get more satisfaction from the boost if you really make them earn it. And really divulge into the praise when you do.

This love is not without arguments. But you can be tactful when you do talk. I as a gemini, am too willing to be silver tongued and lash out at him when he hurts me. He likes the blunt, honest, almost painful truth when I say it. But takes it hard when he believes he is in the right. (Word of advice...if you KNOW You are right...tell him in a way that will make him rethink. Believe me...he'll do that to you too)

Sex...its good ;)

he's very dominant. And he knows how to keep me comming back. But this relationship needs to be a balance between the emotional and the physical. Too much of either while not enough of the other causes a rocky imbalance.

My opinion, you wont find a better match. You may fight and argue. You may break up for a time, but you'll always be drawn back to him. Because there is no other who can love a Gemini like an Aries can.

lol my boyfriend is Aries and im a Gemini we've been going out for about 6 mounths now and we go together well except for when he tries to take control over everything and get his way and then I have to put on my little sexy voice and get him all weak, I always get my way, especially when I call him daddy everytime!!!;D

I have been with this Aries man for about a month now and when im with him its amazing...but the thing I hate with him is he gets missing for days no call or answer and when he comes back I forget about my anger with him and its back to normal he has me big time within such a short period of time im a Gemini woman losing it for this Aries man is this normal?

Ahh Im a Gemini and I know well.. kinda like this aries. He is like a mystery to me. The mingling is nice but everything else... I wish I could understand what he want and how to please him.

I am a Gemini woman in love with an Aries man. I have known him for 21+ years and over those years we were on and off again due to life circumtances, but always felt we had a connection. No matter what I was doing in my life, he was always in the back of mind and I in his. We have had and do have an intense relationship. We are now finally planning on getting married after all this time and I feel like I will be able to spend thje rest of my life with my true soul mate. Gemini woman + Aries man = volcano meets tornado = bliss.

He's the Aries and I'm the gemini. I've never felt something like this before. He instantly became my friend. It wasn't intentional. The first time I saw him I never thought I would ever feel so close to him. He asked me trust him, and I automatically did. It was like I just chose him. I'll never understand why it is that I felt like this so quickly. He was always chasing me. I'd receive a text from him at least once a day. Normally as soon as s guy started getting so persistant I would run in the other direction. But there was something about him. Something different that made me not want to run. So, when we found out we both liked each other, it made me really happy. But because of our circumstances, we couldn't be together. So, I immediately began to convince myself that I was over him. But I was very wrong. At this point were still friends. But I know that if we ever have the right timing and we get a chance, I could marry this man. I've always thought it hard t o imagine and almost impossible for me to stay in love with one man forever, but this relationship is worth it. I could see myself happily married to this man. Kids, a dog in the yard, in the suburbs and all of that. I've never met anyone like him. He makes me want to be the best I can be. The connection is so strong, that even if I never saw him again he'd be unforgettable. He's always in the back of my mind. We both think very highly of each other. I've never had this much mutual respect in a relationship to support us as I do with him. A relationship with an Aries man is one that every Gemini lady needs. I've never been so happy to have met somebody in my life!

I've been married to my wonderful Arian husband for 18 blissful months. I'm a Gemini woman who has finally found the love of her life. Every part of our relationship is amazing (except the occasional arguments which destroy us both)

I am a Gemini woman and I've been dating my Aries for almost 6months nw. He drives me crazy. He totally gets me and surprisingly, he hates arguments and he even prefers me to be in control. not had sex yet but am sure it'll be amazing. @ 1st I thought he was too "goody goody" for me but wow wen d sex talk started wowzer! I see myself with him because he's d only one that can handle me. He doesn't get jealous. Infact am d one dts always jealous but I don't show thid to him though. There's nothing we can't talk about. Even wen we have an argument we sit down and harsh it out. I am totally in ? with this man. Usually I get bored but with him I don't and even wen I start to feel twinges of boredness, he does/ says something so amazing I just fall all over for him. Aries man + Gemini woman= love.

What does it mean when an Aries guy ask How is your love life?

It means "are you single?" or "are you interested in me?" - it's just a casual and semi joking way to ask. Easy to back pedal from and avoids embarassment if you aren't interested.

I am an Aries man. Deeply in love with a Gemini girl. There is somethin that I feel like I have known her all of my life. I think it is good that I am 9 years older than her, my maturity at that age would not truly appreciate how wonderful she is. I did not ever think such a love or feeling ever existed, but I have found her. In my deepest of hearts, there is nothing I wouldn't do for her, love so so so very much. Blessed is all I can say.

I was in a realtionship with an Aries man for 6 years. He was my high school sweetheart all the way until we actually became adults(21 and over). He was reaaly fun and adventurous to be with. We had our bad times too but overall got along really well. I broke it off by just leaving without notice and went into another relationship. He found out and tried to break us up! Eventually I moved out of state and then engaged. He looked me up on Facebook! And can you believe that after 5 years, he still had the same feelings for me. I have to admit, I never had another relationship like him and because of that I will never forget him. Now, that Im single but currently dating-I ended up running into another Aries, but he lives in another state. We talk, text, email, send photos, and visit each other from time to time but he drives me wild on the inside! Im like-uh oh! Here goes the start of another wild adventure! lol!

I have just come out of a marriage to a Cancer man - 12 years. In the end I was smothered, tired and so bored I could hardly move in my wretchedness.

And then I met my Aries man. SMACK- it was instant, we met, he put his head against mine, we kissed and I was done. I have never felt such an amazing connection with anyone, and I suspect it caught him off guard as well. Typical Aries, he will not admit it. He is very hard to handle, I do have do use all my Gemini guile to win him round when we have our spats. He lives far from me so I do not get to see him as much as I want- bearing in mind that I have had others come and go whilst this guy has been in my life. I cannot walk away from him even though he changes plans to suit himself and disappoints me often.

I am greedy, I have him and an Aquarian. My Aqua knows about the Aries but not the other way round. Which is ironic because my Aries is seeing 2 other women- and although I know, I still can't let my Aries go. I get bored and move on quickly.

I long for his company, his dominance, I love to be his girl and make him feel good. When he says I am beautiful I don't doubt him because he never says anything he doesn't feel to be the absolute truth.

Its not going to be forever, but when its gone I will miss it and him with all my being. As for the sex O.M.G- if it was possible to bottle that intensity then everyone would have amazing mind blowing sex. Enough is never enough for my Aries and me.

I'm a Gemini and im talking to this guy who is a Aries so far I feel a big connection between us I really do think if we were to make this into a relationship we would really work out...

I am a Gemini lady and was seeing an Arian guy for seven months on and off. I have never known such compatibility and incompatibility! He texted me all day and never left me alone which was wonderfully flattering, but sometimes downright irritating. The attention sometimes got to be too much and I was forever making excuses not to see him or for him to go home. We were so full of love for each other but I was struggling to keep my own space. The sexual attraction was amazing, but he was suprisingly lacking in the bedroom department as he had difficulty in getting and maintaining an erection. But he was kind and caring and we did some wonderful things together - he would take me anywhere I wanted to go. At first he was totally attentive and focused on me but towards the end I noticed him looking at younger women all the time when we were out which really upset me. Things came to a head when I confronted him about this and we argued quite badly. He had initially told me that he had not had a relationship or sex, for several years before meeting me which I found hard to believe. But as we rowed it came out that he had been going to a a prostitute

before he knew me. I am devastated. We cannot get back together after this. He is not only a liar but a dirty low life. And my Gemini logic keeps kicking in and I tell myself that his sexual problems are nothing to do with me. But oh the disappointment of something which started off so passionately and became a pile of ashes. He was the first Arian man I have dated and yes I loved the passion and the enthusiasm, but not the deceit. All in all a stressful seven months and it will take time for me to get my confidence back.

I am a Gemini girl just started dating an Aries man 4 days ago. yes 4 days ago but I feel that he is the love of my life, I feel that he is everything I was looking for. from the first time I saw him, his innocent beautiful smile could hear the fire works on the air. next day we met and everything happened quickly that we were a bit intimate with each other, it was the first time that I wished if I could marry this guy. bu ti am really afraid of getting hurt am afraid of getting attached to him then everyone has to take a different direction, what scares me is this feelings I have for him in 4 days!!! what will happen next !!!

I'm a Gemini girl who has been dating an Aries man for the last couple of months. I've known him for years but have been strictly friends until recently. He's always shown a huge interest but seems to always be in a relationship. Recently however, his antics to get my attention have been more charming and cute so I finally decided to give him a chance and we began to see eachother. At first there was such a strong connection, and the physical attraction was intense, but as time passes, I'm realizing that he doesn't call and text like he used to, or sometimes at all. I see myself having to initiate things a lot more and feel as if he's becoming uninterested. Is it because the thrill of the chase is over? I'm not sure what's so different but I kind of want things to go back to how they were. I know I shouldn't chase him but when I start to ignore him it backfires and he takes it the wrong way. Also, I'm begining to feel like he's still not completely over his ex becau se he's brought her up numerous times the last couple times I've seen him. Either way, I don't want to be wasting my time and I'm unsure if I should move on or try to spark things back up?

My parents are a Aries man, and Gemini woman. :) but me I admire Aries men....When I do have Aries men as friends, we easily connect. Theres this one guy and he's a Aries. and I really admire him...were there for each other,I love him! xD me Its not about the horoscope, also the Chinese Zodiac. I'm a Metal Horse Geminis :D I one day wish to marry a Aries man ! :P just like my parents... Aries Man(my dad) Gemini Woman (my mom)

I am an Aries man and was married to a Gemini woman for 2 years. she was living overses and we were introduced my my cousin. in the picture she looked very innocent and kind so I was attracted to her. finally we got married and she moved to australia. I found her to be the typical split personality. she was the sweetest and nicest woman one minute and next minute she wouls errupt like a volcano, over something really small.and I hated this.i never knew where her thoughts were.we argued almost everyday until it was over. she brought ut my Aries fire and I had to end it.

funny thing is now I am attracted to another gemini. I don't khnow what it is with them that makes us Aries men be attracted to this sighn. I think it is their youthful and innocent looks.

This is true with my Aries as well. I believe I literally drove him crazy, now that I think about it, he often told me how crazy he was about me. After all his ploys of getting me failed, he tried to make me jealous by dating people I knew...poor guy. I gave him a run for his money and he loved it. We were friends but I was already in a relationship. He left, came back and we finally got together. Single best thing I?ve done in my life was marry him. He spoils me unconditionally and he loves it! I am in awe of how beautifully awesome he is. I wish I would have just broke up with my ex to be with him so long ago. Sweet, aggressive, demanding, caring, loving, etc?he did want to seal the deal quickly when we finally got together, but I had him wait for some months until I accepted. Everyday just gets better, every morning I turn over to see him and realized, I?ve made the best decision in my life?to devote/share my life with him.

I have the same story as the last comment.I'm a Gemini girl and have gone on 4 dates with my Aries man. it's just amazing how well we get along and understand each other and have the same taste in music and every thing else in life, so much understanding that we don't even need to talk and with just one look we can say what we mean . I used to have an Aries boyfriend long ago,but we drove each other nuts in a very bad way he was so childish and argued all the time.but I don't wanna talk about him now :D . The feelings I have now I cannot compare to any other feeling I had in my entire life. I don't even know what is it but I love it.i think he's the one! uhhh and let me tell you about the chemistry; he's fire and I'm wind and let's just say we burn the whole place down. every thing is moving so fast that neither one of us know how it happened.but what's amazing is that for the first time in my life my mind and my soul is so calm that I don't worry any more . I feel like I've known him all my life.I hope everything stays the same way and all I'm waiting for now is for him to say I Love you ... putting the astrology and stuff aside, I think it all comes down to timing, timing in a scenes that you must be in a happy and good place and accept your self and all that has happened to you in life and you must be ready to have that special some one in your life

I met an Aries man last night at a bar. We picked up on each others vibes immediately. Im intensely witty and outspoken and I caught him off gaurd but I think he liked it. The physical attraction is intense and sexually it heats up rapidly. I enjoy the head butting, a good challenge intrigues us both. Aries men are tough little schoolboys, just scratch their heads as you hold them and they'll love you forever- remember its all about them or at least thats what you let them think ;)

i'm A Gimini women who fell in love with an Aries man .. when we have just started the relationship who was amazing .. he loved like crazy & we realy clicked after that we started facing so many problems , actully he used to make a bad habbits just as being stubborn at times & carless in another .. eveytime we break up he was get back to me but not after 3 months minimum . I like the craziness in the Aries man , the sexiness & the rare personality but I dislike the fact that he doenst like sm1 to push him & he doesn't like being in a relationship . because im a gimini I change my mind easily & my mood is always on to change .. but the problem is that he was moody too . after years of ups and downs we both decided to breakup because non of us wanted to lose pride , I admit I miss him so much & my heart beats faster than a bullet the moment I hear his voice or even look at him in the eyes . I wish he can return to me (in the same time ) I belive we are not a good match :(

I'm a Grmini woman and have been in a relationship with an Aries man for 2 years. He's selfish, headless chicken, arrogant, stingy, sweet, passionate, sexy, and PERFECT! I love him head over feet.:-)

My ex boyfriend is an Aries and I am a Gemini and everything this site says is mostly true. It is a thrilling relationship, very adventurous. The sex is great but there are a lot of little quarrels. Sometimes these fights can destroy trust and make you insecure.

All I can say those is that trust is key. These compatibility things can tell you all these things about your relationship BUT if the guy cheats, or breaks your trust, then the relationship is over.

These predictions can tell you a lot but it can't tell you if a guy will be faithful or not. If the guy cheats, leave. Do not put up with it. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

I didn't have the strength to break up with my Aries after the first time I caught him cheating but after so many times, I found the strength and left him.

I'm a bit lonely at times but it did happen recently. If you find yourself doubting your relationship, just find the right time for yourself to end it. Don't let it end badly. We both realized that he did something wrong and he can't fix it anymore.

I am currently in a relationship for the past 10 yrs. I have no desire to be in a relationship with this person, but don't know how to call it off. I work with this guy who is an Aries and just recently I have taken notice of him. We went out on a group outing to a bar and lots of his attention was focused on me (loved it!!!). We sat at the bar together and had a flirtatious conversation. He excused himself and I continued my conversation with a co-worker, someone approached me from behind and put their fingers through my hair and pulled it I felt so turned on by that, when I turned around it was my Aries (OMG) I gave him a look that said I want you now! Lol. I have not stopped thinking about him and I cannot wait to go back to work... Oh Boy!!! What should I do?? Help

wow im reasing these and cracking so like you Gemini women its crazy! but anyway, I have my eye on an Aries man, but he has his eye on my best friend. any advice on how to catch him?

Aries man. I dated two Gems back to back like a foursome. LOL. Both of these chicks kept up with conversation and things to do. Sex? They kept me coming back and I kept coming on their back. LMAO!

I've had 16 other Gemini's but they were not GF's.

Then again, I've had many other sign for dinner and breakfast and found that some are better or worse for this, that, or the other. I literaly did a study on all the woman I've ever had and noticed that while astrology is a very very good outline, it's not necessarily a manual. Many other variable also churn the butter.

But since, we're talking about Gemini's with My kind, I think it's funny as hell, what people have said so far...some of it is damn near accurate, minus a few things.

I can't speak for all Aries. I can say that if you not good in bed or don't like spice or don't like it often, do not be surprised I'm looking around. It's really your fault. I'll tell you from the begining. I'm not into that lame stuff. Consequently, that's probably why I've indulged and explored with many Gems.

I like woman period. But a Gemini is a woman's woman. I almost think that Adam was an Aries, over there looking at animals, giving them names, finding stuff out for the first time. LOL. If you think about it, everything he did was original. LOL. And Eve was probably a Gemini, over there all sexy, wondering the Garden all curious about fruits and snakes. If you really think about, all they could do was talk, do fun things and have sex. LOL. They ain't had TV. LOL.

Anyway, one of those Gemini's I dated, I can actually say I loved. It's one for the books.

Well I'm a Gemini girl and I just met an Aries.......he is so sexy and has a very remarkable taste in fashion....our personalities go so well with one another .....he makes me laugh and keeps. Me guessing with his changeable nature.....I really hope our relationship progress into marriage with children ...I already have a daughter and he loves her already and she loves him too and I think I love him lol

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