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I'm a Leo through and through. My husband, Gary, is an Aries to the bone. We met on April 14, 1995. My first time on AOL. When they still charged by the hour. He had been online 1 day before me. We met in the Blue Uniforms Chat area. We were talking in the group.

Then this little box showed up on my screen. Had no idea what it could be. It was Him! We were both already married. Me for 17 years. He for 16 years. We both knew that our marriages were in trouble and were looking for ideas on how to rescue our relationships. I figured he was safe.... He was a fireman after all. I tried all the ideas he could muster. He did the same. Nothing worked.

Came to realize that the current hubby was "not into females". If you get my drift. Needless to say, after 3 months I left. Continued to talk with Gary every day he was on shift. The end of January, 1996 we finally met face to face. Shaking like two teenagers in front of ticked off parents. Once a month I would trek over to this side of the state to meet and make made passionate love for about 12 hours. I moved over finally in 1998. He was able to get out of his relationship after a year. We were married the end of January 2000. Happily ever after? Not always. But we work on it daily and he is my HERO !

I am a Leo woman who married an Aries man and am forever sorry I did. In the beginning all signs were good. Star crossed we were, great in bed and hard working. But over time the insecure Aries man could not deal with a driving Leo female.

Instead of being happy about advancing as a couple Aries men are score keepers and love themselves more than anything else. They love pampering but don't like you because you are the pamper. They take the good nature of the Leo lion and use the good to keep them in line. I am sorry I allowed an Aries man into my bed and heart. He is long gone. Thank goodness.

actually I don't think that Aries men will do that .... becausethey are very kind, sexy and open minded person as well as funny... Youreally shocked me with this. I wish you the best honey... and I'm an Aries girltoo :)

I'm in love with an Aries man. I know they can be a bit head strong andinsensitive, but I believe they are one of the most loving of the zodiac youjust have to be patient and do not take them so seriously and you will be fineafter all they are only lamb we are Leo the lion, they need our protection

Aries men are flirts, when they have the love of their life theystill manage to jeopardize it later in the relationship by seeking theattention of other women or putting themselves in a situation that can causeharm to your relationship. If you ever have an insecure Aries man, you will gothrough even more pain for he will constantly be seeking approval from outsidepeople especially women even if you give him all the love and attention andcaring of the world...they will eventually take it for granted and oops meetand chat up the flirty coffee shop barista on his daily visit to starbucks..Even when they say "you are their one and only and love of their life"

They are immature and selfish and in the long run will drain you of thesecurity and strength you once had in yourself...this due to all the worryingand emotional turmoil you go through in your mind and heart when he is offdoing things he knows would hurt you, yet he does them anyways claiming "hedidn't know what he was doing" or "It was not his fault"

Leo's if you are in a relationship with an Aries, make sure to findout all about his past before you put your whole heart in the relationship andbe aware that they have a tendency to still keep in contact with "friends" theyhad sex with and past girlfriends... and yes if you wonder about his closefriend who is a girl, more than likely he slept with her at some pointtoo!.... If you are sensitive to things like this...RUN RUN away! save yourselfthe emotional trauma you will likely endure in the long run. it is not worthit... I know Aries is supposed to be a great match for Leo, but just make sureto find out everything before you jump in, these guys tend to "forget" to tellyou things and don't seem to rid their house, phone lists or computers of theirlast love relations.. and many Aries tend to have long lists of girls in theirphone contact list/Chat lists... it is almost like they are proud of theirslutty pasts. in this case don't be surprised if he gets text messages ore-mails once in a while from past girls or some random girl he met somewherewho wants to have a threesome with him.... He may not act on it now...but isthis a worry you want??? A Leo woman should not have to feel she has to competefor the sole attention of her lover. He should be assuring her of his loyaltynot increasing the chance for infidelity..

I am a Leo currently in love with an Aries and the chemistry between usis great. We have a connection like no other relationship I have ever had; andI have had my share. Love is patient I know what that means because Aries menare careful with their heart. Leos on the other hand give it their all.Balancing our relationship is key giving just as much as the other. relationships between Aries and Leos are best when the cure like a wine. thelonger it last the better it taste. The times we are together gets better andbetter with time.

I'm a Leo woman who recently started a romantic relationship with anAries man and so far I am loving it. It's no secret how egotistical Leo's are,but I can honestly say my Aries does not mind praising me every chance he gets.

I mean he loves complimenting me, especially my looks. I'm not that pretty of agirl, but he makes me feel beautiful. Truthfully this is the only man who hasever honestly showed interest in my life and never judged me regarding myfaults.

I've been in a relationship with a Taurus (worst mistake of my life),dated a Sagittarius (lots of passion, no love) and been in a long-termrelationship with a Pisces (there is such a thing as too nice).

He's submissiveyet aggressive when I want him to be or better said when I need him to be. I'venever met a man who's made me tamable or been in a relationship where oneanother's needs are equally completed until now. If your a patient Leo Irecommend this match. Mainly due to the fact that Aries is not a patient sign at all, so it's up to Leo to allow things to cool down beforesaying or doing anything drastic.

I'm a Leo Woman and has started a heated love with an Aries Man. It'samazing how he convinces me that because I should remove certain things from mylife that he's ALREADY done the same (male friends, checking in daily, cateringto his every request). I'm not quite convinced of him being trustworthy and heknows; so he's trying extra hard to win my trust.

From day one he told me I'm going to make you my wife. I laughed; and now 2months later I believe he's telling the truth. His jealousy drives me UP THEWALL! I think that's probably going to be my breaking point because he'll nevertrust me. He's extremely controlling and speaks his mind willfully!

He wants to show me that he can be everything to me if I obey him and alwayswalk just behind him. LOL! And yes, he's dominant in bed; which I'm kinda okaywith because there's sooo much passion. The best love sessions I've had in mylife. He showers me with attention and intimate text messages.

I think his passionate complete love making, the attention he gives me, thelittle love gifts he brings me every other day out weighs his controllingbehaviors and the tantrums he throws when I glance at a guy to long... I hopethis works!

I had the most heated relationship with an Aries man and startedfalling for him, kept it to myself because I am afraid to be with someone inlove again after dating a Pisces...good lord, that was a headache. now in themix of my feelings I met a Capricorn man who wants to settle down in life buthim and the Aries man are up there and im caught between the two. Aries is moreof a homebody like me, Capricorn likes the social life a lot more than I evercould.

I was in a relationship with an Aries man for over 4 years

and yes its the best Chemistry in bed..

But Aries men are controlling and Jealous they are great liars..

and they do keep in contact with their past girlfriends

Aries men are the most caring, loving and attentive men for the Leowomen. They understand us better than any other sign.

I am in a relationship with a Aries man we have out outs but overallhe is sweet and I love him... Lets just say there is never a dull moment....The chemistry could erupt a volcano

I am a Leo, and I have dated an Aries twice. The first Aries I datedwas 23 years old and he was great when he wanted to be. He was great in bed andknew what to say and the right time. I was so in love was him well I thought Iwas until he got bored with me I guess. But over all he was a great person andhe was just not ready to settle down. The man I'm with now is an Aries and heis 35 years old, I love him t death. He know all the right moves to make andall the right thing to do and say. The sex is wonderful and I know he loves mejust as much as I love him. What I'm trying to is. If you date an Aries man, heshould be a little up in age because if not he's not gonna be ready to settledown. A Aries man wan to be able to feel like he have done every thing andevery woman before he makes a commitment. Love your Aries man but most af allbe patient!

I am a Leo women & have mostly dated 2 Virgos, 1 Gemini, 2 Pisces. Iknow all a wrong choice & hence stopped believing in relationships. Than after 4years of being in a miserable relation with last Pisces I had it enough it isemotional draining though they are funny cant complain. now at 32years I at lastcame across this Aries it my first encounter with this species but I believethis is it. Lets hope it works out coz not only he is good looking he is funnytoo. has a stuck up separated marriage with a Sagittarius 2 kids. he just 30yrs& says he was young & made a mistake & regrets it. haven't made any furtherdecision only friends though the flirting is obvious & it is all dreamy in headnow. need a suggestion in regards with Aries handling such a situation. we havetoo much in common & he is the perfect man besides his stuck up situation Ihave ever known. will a Leo trophy will get his go getter attitude a chance

I've been single for many years cuz I'm a picky Aries guy! met a Leogirl and the chemistry is great. Aries guys need to know how to cook! just alittle hint!

I'm a Aries male and I'm in a relationship with a Leo female, and Imust say It's the best relationship I've ever been in. My past relationship wasa Taurus never again HUGE mistake! But I feel so at peace with the Leo, shemakes me feel so complete and gives me that purpose that I've always beensearching for. I do not hesitate to pamper her, and make her feel like theroyalty she is. We have the most amazingly passionate love making I have everexperienced and we both cover each others weaknesses so well. we are bothartist and inspire each other. In my eye's she's the only one I'll ever need.Everything is so perfect and I feel helpless when she is not around. I am 100%devoted to her.

I can easily say I love her with all my heart and am so excited for when shemoves in next month. This is the best relationship I've ever been in, Leowomen are the definition of the perfect lover, I completely recommend.

Im totally in love with an Aries man, me being Leo....we met when Ihad just turned 18 n him 21... He swept me off my feet...quite literally....nowim 21 and he's 21, both going to be a year older very soon, and the relationshipis alive and well... I will honestly say I have never met a guy who made me feelthis way, he's the most caring, loving, generous hearted person I have evermet.... He just makes me feel sooo good about myself....we are differentculturally, but there are soo many similarities between us, that I feel that weare one.... He's not an outsider, he's a part of my life, we are the 'us' I havealways wanted!


"Aries men are flirts, when they have the love of their life they still manageto jeopardize it later in the relationship by seeking the attention of otherwomen or putting themselves in a situation that can cause harm to yourrelationship. If you ever have an insecure Aries man, you will go through evenmore pain for he will constantly be seeking approval from outside peopleespecially women even if you give him all the love and attention and caring ofthe world...they will eventually take it for granted and oops meet and chat upthe flirty coffee shop barista on his daily visit to starbucks.. Even whenthey say "you are their one and only and love of their life"

They are immature and selfish and in the long run will drain you of thesecurity and strength you once had in yourself...this due to all the worryingand emotional turmoil you go through in your mind and heart when he is offdoing things he knows would hurt you, yet he does them anyways claiming "hedidn't know what he was doing" or "It was not his fault"

I don't know who you are, but when I read this part, I felt like you weretalking about my relationship. You explained the Aries man exactly like I haveexperienced him; flirty, insecure, insensitive at times, stubborn, makingmistakes like he's a child and always afterward apologizing and telling you "Idon't know why I did it. You are the only one for me" > crying, begging you tostay and then...a couple of months later...making the same stupid mistakes.

After him I have met and dated other Aries men and I can say that 80-90% ofthem are acting the same way. I'm absolutely done with Aries men and right nowthe Leo man is at the top of my list :-)

Im a Leo Woman (35) & I've just started dating a Aries Man (33). This is my first Aries experience and I must say, I'm smitten. I'm findingthings very easy, very smooth with My Aries. The Sex is powerful, the energyis crazy. The commonalities are ridiculous! But as a woman, I think we messthings up by being too into everything. As a Leo woman, we know we too have aJealous Streak too. & as such, we should learn to be more patient with thosekinds of things from our men. & as a Leo Woman, you know we re the BiggestFlirts! As I get older I realize some of those things. And because I do, I ambetter able to deal with my man's stuff too. So far, the honesty between meand my Aires Man is making it that much more special. Loving where this isgoing. Wishing you all Well!

I am the quintessential Leo woman. Outgoing, flirtatious, generous,but also very laid back. I met my "best friend" who is an Aries male 10 yearsago when I was 19, he was 32. Although we were intimate and had so much funtogether we never committed ourselves to each other. We always managed to keepin touch and when we met up it was like nothing had changed.

In between I dated a Scorpio (too clingy) and an Aquarius, supposed to be aLeo's opposite sign. By far the WORST relationship ever (selfish, dominant, andinsecure)

I believe you must have patience with an Aries man, and yes the older thebetter. He is now 42 and I am 29. We have the best friendship (after 10years!), and we always seem to gravitate back to each other. I am not thejealous type and I know he keeps in contact with past "girlfriends". He is openand honest about it and we may very well be soul mates.

I'm a Leo woman . and I am in love with an Aries man . it's crazy how much passion we have for one another . we trend to finish each other sentences , sometimes doing the same things and not know . it's just some things that I can't explain . so I did some research and found out that Leo and Aries are a love mach . WOW . what a surprise . Aries tend to be insecure and demanding at times , but throughout it all , I have to say God is what got us here today .

I have yet to have sex with my Aries Man. I love him now for more than seven months. We are in love and decided it is now time to score (consummate our relationship). I am a bit afraid of what the sex will be like. I have been without sex now for more than three years due to a nine year relationship that went bad. I didn't love this last person as I love my Aries Man....can someone let me know how it was for them with there Aries Man for the first time. I know we are not the same, however; his touching my body gives me pleasures that I have never known before. I am a true lioness and want to let myself go for the first time with this love. I do love him very much and hope for a lifelong future together.


I'm a Leo girl to the core.. sexual, flirty, good looking, And fun-loving currently seeing an Aries male. He is very charming, good looking, has a wonderful sense of style, very outgoing, and honest. We are not in an exclusive relationship, since we are both very busy trying to get our lives together. We are currently in mostly a sexual based relationship, even though I naturally feel better in an official relationship, but neither of us have the time for an official relationship.

I personally don't want a serious relationship, specially now after a horrible experience with a sag (this guy was very insecure, careless, blunt but hate it when I was straightforward with him, and unsurprisingly a player but didn't play me cause I told him I would shop it of if he did), and my Aries doesn't want a serious relationship because he is way too busy and doesn't want to hurt me.

What we like about each other is that we have a ton of things in common, even though he's 27 and I'm turning 22 on July 23. We both love all types of sports, very adventurous, very aggressive, very physical, social, and most importantly we both have an extremely high sexual drive for each other... The funniest thing is that we are always competing against each other, and I never miss the chance to challenge him since he always wants to win and I for one thing have to be number one. When we are together we feel like two little kids looking for trouble. Another thing is that we have never talked about commitment, and we never talk about our past since we are so happy together having fun.

The only thing that I have to say to those Leo girls with bad experience with an Aries is that the last thing to be with them is emotional, but you do want to tell them about a bad day at work, problems with the girlfriends, or something that is bothering you because they will listen and be supportive about it:).

Why I'm with this Aries guy?

Bc he's sweet, adventurous, cute, always happy, we can talk about anything, and most important of all the sex is full satisfaction and the drive out of this world. ( best sex ever, mind stimulating, physical, and very aggressive when he takes charge:) he's bossy because he loves to show off and I love see him show off, so I know how to challenge him.

I am a Leo woman very seriously dating an Aries male. I have to say he is the funniest man I've ever met. He's intelligent, straightforward, a tad nerdy (I love that), and absolutely passionate in bed. And, yes, he has remained friends with old girlfriends. I was worried about this at first, but I have to say that many of these people speak well of him after many years, and I think that says a lot. I could allow myself to be jealous, but I have made it very clear that if he cheats, I will go. (My Leo pride couldn't stand it!) He knows this, and has worked hard to gain my trust and is open with me when any old flame "friends" him online, etc. I plan on spending the rest of my life with him, for he brings out the best in me!

hey, I am in love with an Aries man, he is 36, I am 24 now. We met 1 and a half year back, we were working together, he used to tell stories about his girlfriends in the past but never talked about his current relationship. He used to say "he is a very good friend, but a very cruel boyfriend".

Later, his girlfriend came into the picture and three of us used to hang around together. He used to care for me as much as he did for his girlfriend. During the course of time, I realized that I love him so truly, deeply and madly. But I dint say anything. He used to give me hints that I should forget about his girlfriend and carry on with him. But I couldn't stand him cheating her and fooling me at the same time.

At last our project got over and the last day I told him about my feelings. but I mentioned it and made it clear to him that I am not proposing him but confessing my love, and we cant be in a relation as he has a girlfriend and I am happy being his good friend.

But he wanted me and his girlfriend at the same time, and tried to convince me for the same. After trying the same thing for a few times, he stopped talking to me. What should I do?

I want to talk to him once... that I loved him unconditionally, he has a girlfriend, so I can't date him but I want him to talk to me. At least once, I want to know "what is my mistake?"

Any Aries guy out there, please reply.

I am a Leo woman in every way & I dated a Aries man for about 5 months it was the most wild trip of my life at first he was everything I wanted, but as most thing are to good to be true so was he but like everyone else says if there are women friends in the back ground he has had sex with them & he is really a player in disguise ..he does want to be very controlling & into head games how can any man think he can control a Leo woman ?

they say all the things you want hear not how they really are

I loved him with all my heart, the sex was fantasic,but that's all it should have been a sexual relationship

never give your heart to an Aries man, you will only get hurt, now 5 months after we finished I miss him so much it still hurts, but it's for the best we were like oil & water

Aries man here, 34 years old. I've been in relationships with a Leo, Capricorn, Aries, Taurus and Sagittarius. When these relationships were at their highest, Leo was my favorite partner, no question about it.

I came across a lot of hurt female Leo's above.. I suspect some of these fantastic felions is paying too much attention to Aries potential, and not for what the man really is.. But if one sign should be able to make Aries show his full potential, it would be Leo.

I was married with an Aries men he ruin my life for 12y controlling lie not hard working I regret I was in a relationship with an Aquarius men he was caring and sweet I was to young to get it until today he is still in love with me and he wants to travel so far just to see me. I think you people would get things wright Aries and Leo is a big no. Aquarius men are caring and in love for long time as long you keep them wondering.

I say look at what happened to Jesse James and Sandra Bullock.

He is an Aries and she is a Leo.

And look how typical of an Aries he was...He had someone beautiful, loving, smart, and wonderful yet he cheated on her and did it over and over again!

TYPICAL Aries MAN! Cheaters and Flirts! and in the long run never appreciating what they have and they run through the same cycle over and over again, never learning from their mistakes.

Aries men seem to never really mourn very long after they break up with someone. 2 weeks tops! and then they suddenly are with another girl and they are soooooo in love with the new fling forgetting about the "true love" he had with his previous girlfriend or wife.

Also, Aries men don't seem to stay single for very long. If you ever find a single one you can be sure he JUST got out of a relationship!

Leos on the other hand actually mourn and still think about the Aries and probably spend months or even years before they fully recover :( Yet the Aries man seems to completely move on ASAP when he is with any new flirty girl.

I am a Leo currently in love with an Aries and the chemistry between us is great. We have a connection like no other relationship I have ever had; and I have had my share. Love is patient I know what that means because Aries men are careful with their heart. Leos on the other hand give it their all. Balancing our relationship is key giving just as much as the other. relationships between Aries and Leos are best when the cure like a wine. the longer it last the better it taste. The times we are together gets better and better with time.


Im in aries, the best sex I ever had was with a leo. we made love on our first date for 4 days straight. Nobody sexually pleased me like a leo. dam, to bad it was just a fling. because leos have bad tempers, that scaird me off.

I am a Leo woman and I met my Aries friend in high school. I was dating someone and he swept me off my feet then and even now. We are currently seeing each other as friends and lovers. He is very mysterious and quiet...just like he was in high school...even sneaky. He has been upfront about a lot of things and me being a Leo I will confront him quickly about things I don't like. For the most part he doesn't feel any pressure from me and we get along very well. The sex is like no is the absolute best and we are so passionate. A simple dinner and looking at him from across the table is a turn on; he looks at me so deeply. Then with the slightest touch he glides his hand ever so lightly over my body in the parking lot. I just love it...we laugh like we did when we was kids and I'm falling in love with him..though I try to hold back.

Okay, Feb 2010 my Aries befriended me on MSpace. I was not interested as I was married, though not happily, and he is ten years older than I; never-the-less, he pursued me hard. I was the epitome of what he was looking for, aesthetically speaking at first then my intellect captivated him. One day I gave in to his playful banter and stayed smitten ever since. He lives 3000 miles away so we communicated via the web and on the phone. I eventually asked for my divorce, expecting to be with my Aries male.

Well, it has been a tumultuous relationship, at best: Full of arguing, sexting, crying, begging, yelling and sweet talk.

As a Leo female who is Latina, 5-11, 140 lb, curvaceous, told by others I am gorgeous- my Aries male would get jealous and blow up about the comments males would leave me, and I too would get jealous of his sweet talking to other females on MY-S, inviting them on vacation! We would sever ties for weeks to months but eventually find our way back to each other.

It is 8 mths later and I tried to fly out to see him-for the first time- but he blew me off. This enraged me! My LEO, latin hot temper got the better of me and I text him with LEAVE ME ALONE, and HOPE YOU ENJOYED THAT SOB YOU WERE WITH LAST NIGHT! amongst other comments, lol. He came right back equally enraged stating he was not with a female but his son!

Well, that was three days ago and yes we are back in each other?s good graces. He stated once he sees me he wont be able to let me go. He drives me insane- never has a male had this impact on me, they usually pursue me and I am indifferent- but him, well ... That song from Beyonce, crazy in love reverberates in my head.

He wont pour praises on me anymore and this really bothers me since us leos eat that up! but I know I affect him because just looking at my pictures excites him.

He is a big flirt and I do get many comments from males. So we will always have issues but we are also tied together. He tells me he can?t handle a long distance relationship, never could yet I got him to commit to me- he told me he is mine, always have been, always will be and he wont let me go.

He is my soulmate and I am his. If he could just let me in I know we will always be together and I am still waiting for that supernova sex since we both have insatiable sexual, sensual appetites and the sexting is phenomenal!

it's intense, but truth be told, I have NEVER felt more alive!!! thx for reading :)

im a Leo female and met a aries/taures man(april 20) eleven years ago. we were in a sexual relationship but were always together...i started falling for him but then he started to pull away, which started to scare me because I didn't want to loose him. everytime we parted ways I always found my way back, come to find out years later he had a girl that he was off and on with in college, she graduatd came back home and breaking news she was having a baby.i was devistated and hurt..we havent spoken for four years, I chose not to! he had a problem with me seein him and not saying anything, but later on I got over everything and started to speak to him again as friends.chilling with him made me realize I was still in love and cared for him, but he was in a relationship. I did act a lil crazy and obsessive in the past because I was hurt and I was surprised he chanced dealing with me again..this time things are a little more smooth because now I know what it is. sometimes I question his relationship on why is he cheating, he left me because he was with her and he knew I was in love with him. he complains about money in his relationship (she rarely pays for things)and sometimes be feeling annoyed! with me he texts me to see how im doing, sends pics and also finds time to chill and he lives with her....idk, how im I suppose to look at this? things are a little diffrent now, but I also have my guards up!

I'm a Leo girl, and for three years I dated this Leo boy...His younger brother (2 years younger than him) is an aries...And oh boy. As soon as I met his brother we caught fire and started playing off each other. I didn't think of his brother romantically, becaues he was younger, but as my relationship with my Leo progressed I found myself more and more drawn to his Aries brother. We just got along. He could keep up with me, and visa versa (a first for both of us). And I know he started to fall for me too, because he started getting jealous of his brother and I, but I also know he loved his brother and felt very deeply loyal to him, and I didn't want to come between their relationship, plus typical stubborn loyal Leo that I am, I felt guilty for my feelings and tried to push them away and brush them aside and feel the same for my Leo boy. I'd insist the Aries was like my little brother, but in realtiy, my Leo felt like my little brother. Eventually it got to the poin t where I realized I was more in love with the Aries brother than the Leo brother.

In the mean time the Aries boy was being a typical aries, a spoiled rebelious child not getting what he wanted...So one day, I got in the middle of one of he and his brother's fights, and he, almost with tears in his eyes, turned to me and angrily declared "You always take his side!" and stomped off to his room...He wouldn't let anyone in but me, and I tried to explain that I wasn't trying to always take his brother's side, but we were dating, and even if I thought the the Aries (I'll just call him A) was right, my Leo (L) wouldn't be able to handle me siding with him, and as his girlfriend I need to be on his side. Eventually he turned to me and said, "You're right, as his girlfriend you do need to only be on his side, and only with him." There after he did a 180 on me and decided he hated me, totally changed his behavior, did everything he could to make me mad, hurt my feelings, get me and his brother to break up, etc.

Naturally, I was confused and hurt at first, but I saw through it and didn't give in. Aries like to think they're the most stubborn...They've got nothing on a Leo girl and her pride. I took his shit for a little while, rolling my eyes, but neither Aries or Leos are any good at keeping their feelings to themselves (at least not angry ones) and we did get sick of hating each other so we ended up talking one day...I feel so bad for my pour confused Leo boyfriend...He came home from work one day, and his brother and I were sitting on the floor, practically on top of each other crying our eyes out. L just looked at us and said, "You guys have been fighting for six months...What happened now?" What had happened, was that I'd had enough and made sure A knew it...

After that, things changed...He'd always respected me, but he respected me more now, and actually opened himself up to understand me, and visa versa. I think we both got a taste of our own medicine from each other and it gave us a lot of self introspection. But, by then we were used to fighting, and A, typical teenage aries, had a lot of anger he needed to direct, and I was an easy target, because he wasn't allowed to love me...And if Aries can't have something their tendancy is to try to destroy it. I don't know how their parents put up with it, because every time I was over it was a war between me and A. L just thought we were being ridiculous and would go play world of warcraft while we fought our little battles (that was part of the reason his brother and I became good friends in the beginning...L usually didn't want to do much of anything, which drove both of us we'd leave him inside and let him do what he wanted and go out and play with each other (swimming in the back yard, running places to get stuff, wrestling around, whatever).

Anyway, our fights started getting fun...The venom was there to a degree, but not like it had been before our explosion of crying and hugging. And I wasn't taking any of it anymore. Everytime he started it, I got right back in his face and neither of us would back down...His mother used to have to put us in seperate rooms like we were little kids...But the fights always ended with us smiling, and an adreniline rush. I think we both thrieved off eachother's energy, and the reactions of people around us. He'd call me a bitch, I'd smack him, everyone would stop what they were doing and freak out, we'd get a kick off the adreniline, and both be much happy for it. We were back to feeding each other's fire, just in a different way...And no one could deny it was sexual anymore. His mother would warn me about him developing feelings for me, I'd tell her she was wrong. His brother would get jealous, I'd say he was being ridiculous...But they were right, because while L was sitting the ir playing WoW, rolling his eyes about our fighting, A and I were screaming at at each other, tackling each other, and soon he was picking me up, throwing me in the pool, dragging me out, pinning me to the ground...and neither of us would stop until we were so tangled up our clothes were practically destroyed, and we were laying exhausted on top of each other...It was like agressive sex without the genitals. And the real venom was gone. It was all fun now. We got off on fighting. I felt an insane amount of passion and excitement everytime I was around this boy...

Something his brother had NEVER made me feel.

Needless to say, I eventually broke up with his brother. L, typical leo, couldn't take the ego blow, turned into an alcoholic, and after a year, still refuses to allow his friends to refer to me unless it's as Satan. Every time his brother, who used to claim I was such an evil bitch, talks about me to his group of friends (as I've heard through the grape vine) makes a point of telling L that I may be a bitch, but I'm much hotter than his new girlfriend. And everytime A and I see each other, instead of the old fighting stirred by not being allowed to like eachother, he hugs me, ignores everyone else to talk to me, and jokes around about our fights, sending me little smiles that says he understands there is a secret between us too.

I often wonder, if when he grows up a bit more, and eventually ditches his whiny Gemini girlfriend (who is no where near intelligent enough for him, and way to needy) we'll cross pathes again, and this time I'll end up with right brother.

All I can say about it until then, is that chemistry they say exists between Aries men and Leo woman, is very real...And it's something I think either sign would be stupid not to act on, because it's like the best kind of drug, and it can take you to new heights and better places if you use it right. =)

all I will say is to keep the sagittarious away from your man. it's the other woman that is just as compatible as you are to him so keep them away from each other :/

I need advice...I'm a Leo girl (30/07) and I got drunk and had sex with an Aries (03/04)...I NEVER EVER do that, I was in a relationship with a Leo for three years and he is the only person I've ever had sex with aside from the Aries I met at a party (actually we met briefly before, he's friends with my sister's boyfriend). Anyway, we were both drunk, and had amazing sex that lasted for hours, all over the place...The back yard, the hot tub, his room...It was amazing. I never had such a sexual connection with the Leo I dated. It was like he and I just caught fire and didn't stop. He says he doesn't do stuff like this either, which I believe. I just understood him. It's weird. We just connected...

But, we were drunk. And we had sex within an hour of starting a conversation, so we both look like total sluts even if we aren't.

How do I get him now? Its been two days and he hasn't called, so I assume he's not interested...But I don't give up. So how do I make him interested?

Please help! Whatever happened is like a drug and I don't know why he makes me feel this way, but I need to find out.

I am a Leo woman that has a crush on a younger Aries man. He is a friend of a family member of mine and that is how I met him. I began to notice that he always looks at me with a piercing stare that is very sexy and I don't think he is conscious of how he looks at me. I also notice that I undress him with my eyes whenever I see him. As a Leo woman I have dated many signs of the zodiac, but I have never had an attraction to an individual such as this. I know when we get together ( and I know we will) it is going to be out of this world.

I've been reading all these posts, I can't believe what I read. Mainly, all Leos are smitten with their Aries. All are the same. And the Aries comments are also positive. I'm a Leo and lost my head to this Aries. He is like the hottest thing on the planet. We've known each other for many years, but never really had the courage to do smth. Until I hit on him, 3 weeks ago. I am married though, to a Pisces, who's ass I'd kick any given time of the day or the night. I'm sure I won't get into the Aries thing so heavily until I solve my marriage shit. Which will take a while. I hope he'll still be there... hm.... I am a Leo, and every time I see him talking to another girl I explode. Hopeing for the best!

Hi I'm an Aries man dating a Leo woman. It's true, the insecure Aries can be a bit stupid seeming to the confident Leo, but the passion and mutual respect can take this relationship to magical places if the timing is right for both to fall in love. Aries have to be the General to the Leo Queen. Sorry guys, it's got to be this way. Let her take the lead but show her you are right there every step. Best lovers in the zodiac! A fire that can burn so bright. :)

Dear Leo women: show him you love him and, if he knows what love is, he will shower you with it! :)

I am a Leo women (Latin at that, so my temper is a handful), 19 and I have just met a Aries man, 21. I met him at the bar I always hang out at; he is the bartender/DJ there. Of course I had seen him before, but I was hesitant to approach him because of the flirty attitude he shows off to all the girls at the bar. I am a very jealous type and I am under the impression that Aries are too. But he shows no signs of jealousy and actually has me chasing him. I feel as if our signs have been switched. I'm the clingy one and his is the one not enjoying the pampering...but then not giving it back? I often find myself waiting and waiting for him to talk to me throughout his busy work days and it's dreadful trying to keep composer. Only because immediately I felt a connection with him. We spent the entire day together, til at least 5 am, and it went great. But lately he isn't nearly as into me as he had shown; which confuses me because he kept saying he wanted things to work. W hat worries me also is that he stays in contact with a good handful of his exes and I'm not sure I know enough about "us" to be writing about this. My suggestion to to fully observe the situation because this roller-coaster ride is seriously making me rattle my brain. Half of me wants to trust him and have faith, but the other half makes me worried an ex will come back or because I'm not ready to have sex, he will find it else where. These comments above were very helpful in realization, but at the same point, I'm even more scared now because of the negative feedback. I guess that's why I keep reminding myself all people, in general, are different.

Well, I am an Aries man. I've dated a Taurus, a Cancer, a Aries, and I'm best friends with a Sag. Each woman was special to me. I remember and care about each of them to this day. If I were to get into a relationship tommorrow I would not be able to promise I'd forget about them. I'm as aloof, as my sign suggests, but when I connect with you you're in my heart forever. So I'll go through great lengths to make sure that you're okay, even after the relationship. This complicates things because it asks a lot out of any future relationship and partner. But it's who I am and it's not meant to hurt anybody. I would prefer a partner who'd understand that, but I wouldn't blame anyone for not being able to cope with it. My ideal partner would be someone who wishes to help others as much as I do, but has justifiable boundaries. Eg Someone who says it's okay for me to say some supportive things and perform supportive acts, but knows it's not okay for me to cross the line into seduction or romance.

I am a Leo lady and in Love with an Aries male, he chased me for almost two years when we was single.. I always use to make him do as I pleased with no sex and would always remind him I only wanted a friend in him nothing more than that.. So he end up getting married.. Then he became my client I help them get a house... And I don't know seeing him with another woman got me jealous so, I decided to meet him in a hotel in the lobby to talk over some things and end it up having sex! It was the best sex I ever had.. But!, I was still playing hard to get.. He wouldn't stop calling texting and making excuses to see me.. So I got to seing him more often and now 2 days outta the week he is with me and every saturday is our date day.. I have been his lover for a year now and he buys me everything he seeis and pays my bills.. He is thinking on buying me a house and I am loving it! The sex is very romantic is like making love.. By the way I am 27 he is 35 and I am still teachi ng him new sex tricks.. He is a hottie I hate my self for not giving him the time of day when he was single and begging me for attention.. But, I'm use to having that left and right that to me he was just one more... But now he is the one and only!.. We talk and text every day night and see each other more than when we were friends!

Well I used to know an Aries in high school. Me & his little brother were associates & freshman when he was a junior. Me & the Aries were cool because I was a popular freshman & I wasn't interested in him & he knew it, so we had a cool sharing laughs type of bond. He was in a 2 year relationship with a Leo & they broke up that year. After they broke up it was clear that they were done. He didn't appear bothered & she already moved on openly. So he started texting me very often like routine for weeks. Then he called & we conversated in a friend vibe. Two days after he texted me & asked me how I felt about him & without thinking & being a retarded ass freshman LOL I spilled my guts in a text.. "romeo romeo where for art thou romeo, romantic crap".. His response was he been feeling the same way lately. Then days later his phone cut off & he didn't try to contact me. Then I saw him in school & we never interacted again. I was so into him overnight that it hurted really bad. It was clear to me that I scared him off & made myself too available. don't EVER MAKE YOURSELF SEEM TOO AVAILABLE TO ANY MAN !... especially Aries. Anywho, I graduated high school & am now in college & NEVER forgot about it even though I had boyfriends since then & I rarely think about it but it made a lasting impression on me that if I come across another Aries I would try to pursue him without the idea of love but the idea of a friendship/romantic relationship.

Okay I met an Aries guy about a month ago. I am a Leo woman. And I must say that its been a long time since Ive met a man of his caliber. He is hard working and he is extremely attentive to my needs. He also showers me with anything that I want. I don't know about them being flrts. But lets be honest so are leo's. My bestfriend always says don't put all your eggs in one basket. So just have fun and enjoy him or any other man for as long as it lasts. But believe me Aries men are not the only men keeping in contact with ex girlfriends. But what I will say is they are one of the most compatible signs for a Leo woman. ENJOY IT!

I am a Leo woman who fell inlove with an Aries on a holiday 11 years ago. We were both involved in other relationships at the time and couldn't be together. However we kept in touch over the years and now have both become single. We got together and are still inlove; we have an amazing relationship. It's the first time that I have felt an equality and the connection is perfect. He is my soul mate!

I am a Leo cougar. Before I start please don't judge me on my writing mechanics. I speak from the heart (: I have dated all signs, married a Leo man, (nope no can do). Two years ago I was involved with my first Scorpio. I say was but we are still in contact on a regular basis. I thought he was the man I had been looking for all my life......yeah right he brought so much pain and heart pounding, blood tears. This dude put me the heck yet I am Leo, wasn't totally innocent we do have our pride and men like us.On Facebook I was looking at some friends friends and my eyes stumbled upon this Aries man, at the time though I wasn't checking his sign. Just his eyes. They called me and I pretty much bombarded into his life! We have been chillin for about seven months now, found out a a lot of his hidden things. Like he has a child and has a lot of, chicks friends. None like me lol. I say all that to say this as a cougar been around he block and love is love no matter what s ign when t strikes enjoy stop analyzing and you'll discover life and love can be grand, only if we as Leo 's can not take oueselves so seriously, lighten up. We can be the life of the party but somehow in love we can take our selves so seriously that we over think and over react

well i'm an Aries man and can honestly say that the Leo woman ive just split up with after only 3 months has turned out to be one of the WORST relationships I have ever had, it started brilliantly and the sex was powerful and passionate, but she seemed too controlling too soon, I was forever quizzed over female comments on my facebook & sometimes fell victim to emotional blackmail, even talking to one of her friends infront of her resulted in a jealous tantrum which caused a ridiculous scenario and it seemed as though everytime she became irrationally jealous I felt compelled to have to explain myself all the time and make her feel better,i didn't mind that because it was all her own paranoia I never played silly mind games, but she on the other hand did! and whenever I had a jealous outburst I was critised for having issues & being a jealous idiot! my mistake was reacting to her mindgames and by the 3rd month of our relationship her flirting had become insensitive & almost cruel, all done with the intention of climbing inside my head, and in the end I was defeated, and the whole thing became a tit for tat load of nonsense! would I date a Leo woman again? for sure I would.. just think I unfortunatley met the "worst" kind of Leo woman. she had too much baggage from a bad past relationship & I truly believe that brought out the worst in her and I got the shit end of the stick! it could and SHOULD have been so much better. what a shame.

I'm a Lioness and I've had a relationship with an Aries man for 1 and a half years.It was saucy from the start, and while the Aries man is charming, RUN Lioness. They are the most dishonest, disloyal, arrogant self absorbed manipulative men to have a relationship with. he pushed to see me exclusively then cheated the whole time. If you meet another Aries man just use him for sex and move on that's ALL they are good for. And those ladies who think you're with an Aries who is the best thing that happened to you, beware HE IS CHEATING!

I am a 33 year old Leo Woman and I have been dealing with a 30 year old Aries Man for the past 6 1/2 years. It's true, Aries men are flirts and they have their fair share of women. And my Aries man is no different, he has his fair share women, but we are not in a relationship so that doesn't bother me, the sex is SO ADVENTUROUS AND FUN AND GREAT, haven't found another like it yet, my only problem with him is his the only time I really get to know his true feeling for me is when he is intoxicated and then he just doesn't stop telling me how he feels. I must say he has a special place in my heart because of our history, but I'm reluctant to talking to him about a relationship. I don't feel he's quite ready yet and I chose to be patient, enjoy my single life and if we are meant to be, we will be. But for now, things are what they are and I will keep on with our in and out sexual/somewhat emotional Its fun knowing how he really feels and that our sex life is great, but Im at the age where soon I will want to settle down and if he's not there when that time comes, then it's bye bye love. Simple as that!!!

Am a Leo woman in love with an Aries man...I can't exactly explain why, though I have tried to figure it out...he has something that makes me happy, makes me feel in love and lucky...until he tells me about the other woman in his life. I think he cannot be loyal, though he says he is in love with a Gemini woman and when he talks about her, he seems very much in love. Still, he tells me this when he is lying in MY I don't know...I think its best to let them go. Too many secrets and desires and not enough honesty, somehow you never truly feel loved.

itÂ’s a roller coaster I am 17yrs Leo female been in a relationship with an Aries male for 11yrs since I was 7 and he was 6 yrs old but he has been flirting with a lot of girls including my sister and then have the urge to come and talk to me his eyes still spark when he look at me snd tske care of me and get jealoused but I make him suffer by getting other men I am capable of attracting a lot of men easily and thats abless I was born with! so yeah lot of problems and its going to be intense he will try to please you in all ways but his eyes will be gazing around!

I am An Aries man, and have been drawn to Cancer women almost my whole life for some reason, not actually knowing what thier sign was until later on. Needless to say, things have NEVER worked out between us! I would love meet a Leo lady, but somehow feel by ignoring every woman I meet just to find her, seems a little shallow on my part.. Any ideas as to go about finding my compatible feline" friend, without actually having to ask every woman I come in contact with, if she is a lioness? Thank you!

I am also a Leo woman that has dated a Aries man. Everything that I have read above I relate with. Yes, Aries men are great lovers, they will adore you, tell you everything you want to hear and give you anything you want in the world. But they are liars. And they do stay intouch with past girlfriends. I know cause I was one. We meet when I was 20 and both of us were in the army. Then he found me on Facebook about 6 months ago. Of course a relationship blossomed very quickly. He claimed he was separated from his wife and wanted to get a divorce and marry me. So I went to visit him and it was the most beautiful weekend I've ever had in a long time. But of course 3 months after that I kept feeling that he was back with his wife. And my intuition was right. Me and his wife talked and this is not the first time he has done something like this. That's why she kicked him out several times before. Aries men are very sweet and kind hearted, we loved being around each other. But it takes a strong woman to deal with an Aries man. Not saying us Leo woman aren't strong. But our ego and self-love tends to over rule in a situation like that. We want to be someone's one and only and more than deserve to be exactly that.

I am a Leo woman and I date an Aries men. I think he a great guy but I feel like he's not always being honest. we do enjoy each other company and we get along well but he also will go days without talking to me or seeing me. I am not the first Leo he dated because his ex is one but I think their relationship is different from me and his. when I first mate him, I was at a club. he spotted me and demand me to save his number. it was rude of him but I also like how he sound and was attractive . the first week we was talking he already made his mind that I would be part of his future and I will have his kids. me being a Leo was already a point and he takes me for me. I am not like the other girls he was in relationship with because I do a lot of thing different but he likes that about me but in a way both of his ex's are in the way of what we trying to build because they won't let go and he ack like it doesn't exist, which is annoying simple of fact they know I am dating him but th ey also claim to be with him. I don't know how to carry it a lot and sometimes it makes me want to leave because I don't know if he is cheating on me with them and not being honest about it...I really want this future to go as plan as he put it and how I won't it. I need help on this relationship because we don't communite that while and I don't want to keep avoid it either

from a Leo who wants her Aries man

I am (and hope to say was in the not too distant future) married to an Aries man. Passionate, but a selfish lover/husband and father. Every vow he made (I will never hit you, I will never cheat on you)he managed to break and blame me for his weaknesses and that I didn't do enough/appreciate him enough not to make him stray. A master manipulator and thinks that he can fool anyone by acting loving in public. Although he says he trusts me, he still went as far as telling my folks (on more than one occasion) that I am having an extra-marital affair (which I am not having and he has the proof to that effect). For an insecure Aries man, if a white cup is black according to him, than no one else can convince him otherwise and the best and right thing to do is to believe him so that "we can move forward". I got tired of dealing with his insecurities and fragile ego. Even though we are under counselling, I do not see myself staying with him.

yo, why is everyone saying Aries is insecure? both Aries and Leo are the most confident signs. that being said...i was in a relationship with a Leo woman for a month or so, and it totally sucked. she thought she was right all the time, and would never say sorry after she did something stupid. she wanted to think she was the leader, but when it came to making decisions...i was always the one making them. maybe she just wanted someone to blame if things went wrong. also, I think leos lie too much. I am a lot happier with my sag woman. she is honest no matter what, is not stubborn, and there is none of that drama crap. leos are great friends, but horrible dates.

I'm an Aries man and like my fellow Aries man who posted above, I too keep all of my exes close to my heart, in their own ways. Even the one that cheated on me. Sorry but that's just the way it is. Their is zero chance of me cheating and whoever is with me need not worry about my female friends or exes. Obviously I do not speak for all Aries men.

Anyway I have been courting a Leo for a few weeks and it's farcical, we're already 'fighting' but we 'make up' again within minutes. I tried to cool it off a bit in order to gather my thoughts, which backfired badly - I guess the Leo wasn't impressed with this perceived sign of weakness. However we seem to be so drawn to each other, especially sexually, that I find the idea of her putting me in the 'friendzone' quite comical, whereas with other women I'd be devastated. We'll see who gives in first! I bet by tomorrow I'll be back in her affections... :)

I LOVE Leo WOMEN! These ladies are smart, sexy, cute, youthful, and very level-headed. They can be quite sensitive if insulted by someone they care about, but they are strong and good at holding conversations. I've never been brave enough to try and date one, but if I ever got the green light, I'm all yours (or your all mine >:) )

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