Aries man Libra woman marriage

I am a Libra Woman who has been happily married to my Aries Man for 10 years and together for 13 years. We make an amazing team in every way. Passion is still FLAMING RED HOT. We still wake up in the middle of the night just to make love..

I think the key to our relationship is we both think we are in charge and it doesn't seem to bother us that each of us think that way.

So Libra Women keep your Aries Man they are AMAZING!!!

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Libra woman here
by: Anonymous

Libra woman here, have been married to an Aries man now for 21 years.

Not all fireworks, and roses every day, but pretty damn close to it!! Definitely a roller-coaster ride, sometimes daily, but we complete each other. As far as getting bored?? It's not the Aries man that gets bored, us Libra's are the most flirtatious beings on the planet!! And guess what....9 times out of 10 the person we end up flirting with, chumming up guessed it, an
Aries!!! Haven't cheated, haven't needed to or wanted to, but if I did I can guarantee, I'd find out it's yet another Aries sniffing around. Good luck to all of you!!

by: Anonymous

Libra Woman here VERY happily married to my Aries man for over 10 years now!! Love, Chemistry, Friendship, Sex has all been RED HOT since day
one!! We still can barely keep our hands off each other after 13 years, even after 3 kids. I know that my Aries man is definitely one of a kind and what we have is ONE of a kind!! HOWEVER!! He does have some VERY STRONG Aries
personality in him. I do know that when an Aries man is in love he will do ANYTHING for her, however when they become comfortable in a lasting
relationship they go through what I call "alone" days. He almost becomes distant during these days and sometimes I have to remind him again about the "LITTLE" things. So to the gal from above thinking her man is pushing her
away, this is normal for an Aries to go through these days. They like their own life and they like a woman with their own life! One who is independent and can handle most anything. Libra women have a tendency to keep looking at the
relationship to make improvements even if they are SO SMALL!! So if your COOLING off period is just here and there rather than all the time it's NO big deal, HOWEVER if it continues I am sorry to say but he has probably lost interest.
Aries will not stay distant from the woman they love for more than a couple days. SO GOOD LUCK!! A LIBRA / ARIES relationship is definitely WORTH it when it works!

Aries & Libra Match perfectly!
by: Libra Woman

I have been married to my Aries husband for 24 years now. I have to say this man understands me like no other. From day one he has romanced me with a passion and fire that just can not be explained in words. After 3 beautiful sons, our flames still burn extremely hot for each other! Our boys (who are now grown) tell me all the time.."Dad is so crazy in love about you Mom" you two act like newlyweds. My husband will leave in the middle of his busy day just to come home to kiss me or light things up! An amazing lover, friend, dedicated father, a husband that truly completes me. A match made in heaven~

very intimate couple
by: Anonymous

I am a libra woman with two kids and have just met with a ram man, he is one of a kind.he ignited the passion i never thought existed in me.he is quite an excellent kisser. I love him to bits, and our relationship longs for forever in it.

Already in Love
by: Anonymous

I am a Libra woman who has been dating an Aries man for 6 months and we are already deeply in love. Although we have a very romantic and affectionate relationship, our friendship is what makes our life together so beautiful. There is nothing that we cannot discuss with each other. He tends to be the optimist in our relationship and helps me see the brighter side of life when I get stressed (which is a little more often than I would like). I tend to be the organizer and leader in our relationship and he fully supports this, although he always lends a helping hand.

I cannot imagine a better match for either one of us! We are very proud of each other, are in love and "like" with each other and are committing to making our relationship last. After a marriage to a controlling Scorpio man that ended very badly, I am glad to finally have met someone who is a true partner and always treats me with the utmost respect.

marrige problem
by: Anonymous

I've been with libra woman for six years mirrage three we are dirvoced she was boosy and a have love affairs with married man. Problem is I stil love her even she is away from me. She sleeps around with man in my presence it hurt me cause with have a child. How can I survive a love triangel I am a ram

by: Anonymous

i am a libra woman who is very much in love with a aries man we started out as friends no sex or kisses for the first yr and a half i live in buffalo he lives in atlanta we are much in love a aries man has a love no other has i can't express how much we are in love at one time my aries man would just shut down for no reason and it was something that pissed me off but as i got to know him more and more i started to understand him and yes it is called alone time it's something that a aries man does we are 2 yr mark and we are planning our wedding it's set for 2014 but i wouldn't give this man up for nothing in the world so good luck libra and aries

Are you sure she's a Libra?
by: Red From Florida

Kinda out of character for a Libra. We are a little prone to having affairs, but it's usually if we are bored in our current relationship. I definitely don't know of any Libra's that are encouraged by having affairs with married people. You may just want to make sure she's not on the cusp of another horoscope. Check out this site to see if you are compatible with her

Good Luck!

unique indeed
by: Charis

Opposites attract is right on the money. My Aries guy is pretty much my exact opposite in nature and personality but our relationship is so crazy that it works for us. Good days bad days there is always passion and vigor.

the best match ever
by: Anonymous

I,m a libra woman and i,ve been in a relationship with aries man for 7 months now and i,ve never ever experienced anything like this before. we have this connection, this really deep connection.... we just fit so perfectly together. We understand each other perfectly. We are so much alike and have very similar interest. i,ve never in my life felt so loved before. The way he looks at me, with all that passion in his eyes. the way he holds me, its like he,s afraid to let go. The chemistry between us, goes beyond anything i,ve ever experienced. All he has to do, is just look into my eyes, and i feel as though i,m melting in the ground.

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