Aries man neglecting me

I've been dating an Aries man for four months. After one month, he told me he loved me and I said it too. We were immediately attracted to each other and the sex is amazing. We are still together but I'm so confused about his behavior.

Almost everything he does shows that he loves me and sees a future with me (BTW, I'm 33 and he's almost 31) -- meaning he includes me in EVERYTHING, brings me to his hometown and includes me in his family and friends. I'm even going on a family cruise in a few months with them. He bought my ticket already!

For my birthday, he surprised me with a piece of birthday cake while I was in bed, sang to me and threw streamers around the room and bought me a very expensive parka and a book he thought I'd like. And gave me the sweetest birthday card I've ever been given. It said "You have my heart, and always will" and then he wrote that he hoped this was the first of many birthdays we would share together.

I'm going home with him for the holidays. He took me with him for harvest at his parents' farm and drove me around in the combine and taught me all about farming. We sleep together every night, and curl up together. He tells me he loves me every day.

Now fast forward to the confusing part ... he ignores me! I know, it doesn't sound like
it but hear me out. He's a very sociable and animated person around everyone else but me and his family.

When we first met he was very outgoing with me and
we talked about everything. Now we hardly talk at all. When I try to talk to him about things, he barely responds. We don't laugh together any more. He insists on me being with him, he talks to everyone but me. I've started to feel really awkward with him.

I've started lashing out and then he's hurt and
surprised by my attitude. I do so much for him and he barely acknowledges it. He never compliments me or is affectionate with me in public. I sent him an email telling him how I felt (because telling him hasn't worked) and he
responded with a very touching and sensitive email, saying how much he loves me and that I should never doubt his feelings for me, and that he'll try to be more attentive.

He will be for a little bit and then he's back to neglecting me. For example, I will walk through the front door and he won't even lift his head or say anything to me. Or, he'll bring me to an event in his hometown like a wedding and disappear for a long time and act like he doesn't even know me. Then he'll say I'm antisocial. I told him last night that I'm tired of going
out of my way being friendly with strangers when he doesn't introduce me or make me feel like he even wants me there (I'm a pretty shy person, so it's not easy for me to put myself out there).

He explained last night that the more he loves someone, he becomes more reserved and shy with them--that he can't help it. I don't know what to do, it's hurting me so much. I know he loves me but it just doesn't feel like it when he ignores me, no matter what he says about how he feels towards me.

What can I do? I've shut down a lot--what's the point in trying to draw him out? I end up feeling foolish? How can I reach him? He told me last night not to worry, he loves me very much. But why has he put me into a new category? I feel left out and I miss his personality that he showed me when we first met.

Any advice is appreciated.

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by: Anonymous

I am a Libra woman and have been involved with an Aries man for a month now...he has asked me to marry him and proclaims his undying unconditional love to me....we have fun together and have not been sexually involved...he is my other half and we compliment and complete one another...I
believe that he is my soul mate and he chases me constantly...Libra women. we know that we associate sex with love and passion...but the key to any mans heart - whether an Aries or not is to be you....don't lose yourself and be someone
that you think your man wants you to be...he fell for you in the beginning...and somehow or somewhere you changed...tell yourself that you didn't but you did miss reading the posts on here it seems to me
that some of you became clingy after the sex happened which we do on occasion...but it was just sex.. lol...the earth moved before and wasn't just the act of it all...I know that it felt good. but didn't alter the universe. I promise...if he stopped calling or texting after you had sex then leave him alone...because plain and simple that was all it was. and you gave it up too fast. believe it or not men like to wait...they want to know that the
last guy or the next one didn't get right does not get or keep a man...but a strong independent woman does...I say it with all the Libra pride I have...I am a bitch...let him chase you and when he catches you lay down the
rules of how you expect to be treated. make him wait for the your life. and make him chase you some more...

Ignored by Aries Man...I am Libra..I liked him, he did not give me enough time...gees!
by: Anonymous

Sad to say but I agree. Its been 4 months that we talked (text, phone etc....) He doesnt care about me otherwise he would contact me...I have moved on, but evidently still think about him...oh well, at least I will remember the heat. His loss and mine...whatever...I will never contact him again. BTW (only a text "how are you? and one phone call...I never heard from him. Whatever...kinda sad though...I really liked him and wanted to work things out!

Crush on Aries Man...overnight!
by: Anonymous

BTW, I have never had sex with the aries man I am talking about. Long distance at first. Now I am 15 minutes from contact from him or anything...I guess his fantasy is more important...whatever...It could have been good. At least for awhile...I am independant...not clingy..I am the type to get up in the middle of night after sex and say hey I'll see you later okay...He never gave me a chance. The fire swept through way to fast and deystroyed everything. I never had a chance...His loss and mine...very sad. Need to move on thats all!

Scorpio confused by aries change
by: Scorpio Gal

So much of what I've read is similar to my experience... I'm a strong, independent scorpio girl who was swept off my feet by an aries man. Although we never had sex, the passion was unbelievable and it was only cos we never actually got to meet up again (I'd known him since school). He always claimed to be shy, but even I was shocked with some of the stuff he used to come out with then as time passed this used to depend on his mood - it was often like he had crawled back in his shell. I confronted him about it and he just said he was shy and would try do better. I wasn't clingy, but I'm the type who needs to know if I'm been messed around.

My circumstances were complicated (I was still married in a failed relationship) and he even moved so we could have somewhere to go and be together, but everything just conspired against us and we never got to meet up. He used to communicate and tell me everything and in the end it was always me enquirying after him (even though I'd had major surgery). Everything he said he was going to do he did, but he didn't communicate and let his work get in the way. He'd suffered stress related breakdowns in the past so I was always careful not to push or hassle him, but after a lifetime of caring for others, sorting out their problems and my own health problems the last thing I wanted was another relationship with someone who couldn't be there for me. I told him this as I knew I was falling for him, but he was always tired/stressed with work and I ended up feeling I was an inconvenience.

Then after we were finally due to spend some time time together (8 months on), he had to go away and cover for his boss (yes, it's all true). I told him how frustrating it was how everything just kept conspiring against us and after a particular crap time I could've really done with a hug, but he was never around and well, I've not heard from him since.

I've only communicated to enquire after his wellbeing or to say I was gonna be in the area if he fancied meeting up, but nothing - completely blank. I know he was everything that I don't want in a man, but the chemsitry etc was unbelievable and if nothing else I miss him as a friend. He's had manners when his ex's who have treat him badly, have contacted him in the past, but he's not seeing anyone else and hasn't done for around 10 years. I've never experienced anything like it. My self respect tells me he wasn't good enough for me, but I miss him so much and don't know whether it's my fault or his. Help?

Advice from an Aries Man
by: Anonymous

I'm an Aries man, I have been in many relationships which ended up being unsuccessful - mainly due to circumstances or was just being mislead. You could say I fell in love at first sight - I supposed it felt good being valued and loved by someone. It can kind of felt good getting attention from someone you love. As for why your Aries man is ignoring you could be a defense mechanism that we might get hurt. Even we seem tough on the outside, we are warm hearted people. We could say we have a tough invinceble sheild. One best way to win an Aries heart is subtle attention - don't over do it because that's when get suspicious. Few things which can frustrate an Aries man is by blatenly ignoring them or disrespecting them anyway because that's when they make fast exit. We can be straight forward sometimes and honest. Try to be open and firm with your Aries man and tell him that you like him or even give compliments because that will certainly get his attention. Try something which will get him out of his boring routine - boredom is definately a pet hate for us Aries - so do something fun and interesting. As you probably know Aries are very passionate people and sex is something which will definately be welcomed. Call me typical man but Aries like to be active not just in sex and relationships but also in sports or even intellectually... Aries hate things that are dull and repetitive. We are very loyal people as long as excitement provided and that enough attention is given so he feels wanted but not to the point of possessiveness, as Aries do gaurd their independence. Sorry for sounding macho again but if all fails - try sex... Aries are passionate and caring individuals, but that depends whether you know him well enough etc... Things to remember is give your full attention (but don't over do it) and do not ignore him (worst thing ever!) value his achievements, compliment him and never disrespect him, be open and honest in a tactful way, always to keep the relationship alive - Aries hate things that are dull and repetitive, Aries are passionate people and these are esstential things to remember. Try this and am sure your Aries man will open up and will be more responsive to your needs.

Scorpio gal confused by Aries disappearance
by: Scorpio Gal

Thank you Aries Man. It's been 10 months since I heard from him and it's so hard being ignored by someone you really care about. I don't know whether it's work/stress related or he's just frustrated that all our attempts to get together were thwarted. He's had mental problems in the past and I've always tried to tread carefully. I can't live my life like this, but these last years have taught me life is short and well, I don't give up on the folks in my life.

Ideally I would like him to come back to me - if nothing else for my self esteem, but I'm not so proud I won't apologise if I've done something wrong. He always maintained he was patient, but maybe in the end he couldn't cope with the frustration and work stress I don't know. The sex would never have been a problem had we managed a get together.

I've not wanted to hassle him, appear needy or chase after him (in case I am been made a fool of). My communications have always been friendly, humorous and enquirying after him. He knows I'm independent, strong and not clingy. I'm 40 now and after years of caring for others and sorting out their problems on top of my own health problems, it's really time I started concentrating on myself. It's just so incredibly sad - is he frustrated with me, with himself or the situation? He's an overweight smoker who doesn't play any sports (not my kind at all), but intellectually etc there was magnetism.

He's still got some of my things and although I've enquired if there was a chance I'd ever get them back - nothing. In the grand scheme of things they're not important (except one was the last gift from a friend who was killed by her husband), but it's the principle and he's not like this. He didn't know the settlemental value, but then he could've just ordered replacements online, but no, nothing. It's not the man I knew, but then I'm doubting everything at the moment.

Being a scorpio I'm loathe to give up on people, but it pains me to think he's hurting in someway or is just frustrated and won't talk to me and try and resolve it. He said he was going to sort things so we could spend time together - and even moved so we could. But everything just conspired against us. Being an alpha male - do you think it's because he feels as if he's let me down in someway? Kind of like maybe his pride is hurt? Sorry, I don't know I'm just clutching at straws I guess. Thanks once again

Advice from Aries Man
by: Anonymous

It's seems like a psychological dilemma that your Aries partner is experiencing - you mentioned that he is stressed, smokes and is overwieght. (Self-esteem seems to be issue). I know in times of stress, I tend withdraw and want my own space - not just purely in a spirit of selfishness but to stay focused on what needs to be done in career otherwise my whole world can go in a state of collapse. In times of stress, I also tend avoid people who get too much involved in my life, especially if restrictions are imposed. Although your partner is an Aries man, you might want observe his birth chart as there could be planets in certain signs, houses or planetry aspects even could give clues to what challanges he could be facing - end of the day you have free will in life, especially in love. When you discussed about your partner's life style - there seems to something to do with low self- esteem and stress. There maybe an element of Pisces in his chart too - escapism can be shown if that is the case. You partner should be lucky to have someone who is caring, supportive and understanding, as I can tell from what you told me. So I don't thinks it's you, I think it's your partner - he needs to come to terms with reality and realise what's front of him. But avoiding you emotionally could also stem from his insecurity. Do speak to him and tell how you feel and that you there for him - then he is aware of the feelings you have for him. If you still think he is avoiding you then I can only suggest councelling. That's if you tried everthing to make it work. If he cares - he would be willing to do anything to make you happy. Don't want to sound negative but just give you a reality check - you may want ask yourself if he is worth it that's if he can't put his do's in to the relationship. Time is precious - you don't spend too much time on someone who cannot reciprocate feelings for you and it's a year later when nothing has happened. Again, I don't want to be negative but hope things can progress in positive light. If you still need some friendly advice then am always there to hear you out : o )

Ignored by Aries man with issues
by: Scorpio Gal

Hello again and many thanks for taking the time to respond.Not sure about pisces in his chart (birthtime unknown), but he's an aquarius moon.Your mentioning pisces jolted me though as I married one and although he was a really lovely man and surprisingly well grounded (from what I've since learnt about pisces), amongst other things he was prone to giving too much of his time to lost causes as opposed to the real things...

The aries men works lots of hours in a very techy and demanding job (I'm a techy myself so understand), and was often wiped out all the time. Although being unfit and smoking would've compounded this. His spare time is spent playing video games or LARPGing - all of which support the fantasy world/escapism theory. That and the fact he did a lot of weed for many years. Not recently though.

All his other relationships have ended very badly and I guess like you say there is probably an element of being scared of getting involved (it all happened very quickly and surprised both of us) and having rebuilt his life, it changing again.

I care about him, but I'm quite the opposite; I'm a go-getter. I like to travel, keep myself fit and do things with my life. And although I really care about him, I've just spent the last 5 years undergoing countless surgery/treatments etc., and am wanting to move forward and live a bit. I can't make him talk to me if he doesn't want to, but it pains me to think he is hurting in someway. Like you I can often shut down/people out of my life and withdraw while I deal with things, but will always try respond to those who enquire after me - just to let them know I'm ok and just need downtime.

He knows I care about him, but that I'm also offended (he's thick skinned and can be inadvertently insensitive). He also knows I'm independent, strong etc, and that although I wasn't looking for a relationship, I will get on with my life with or without him.

I know he's tough, self-reliant and he'll hopefully work through it one way or another, but it's certainly given me a reality check. If anything it's reaffirmed what I already knew - he's got some serious issues. The last thing I need is another relationship with someone with psychological problems. Especially after spending a lifetime of caring for/dealing with those of loved ones. :(

I will probably contact him again in the future just to see how he is, but we'll see. Maybe he'll get back in touch, maybe not. I wish him well either way.

Reading other people's experiences, chatting with you and seeing things from an aries man's perspective has been a great help to me - thank you once again and all the best. If I can return the favour - feel free to offload. :)

To Scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

I am a scorpio woman and dated an Aries man for about a year.I set boundaries regarding sex, and after he broke up with me twice, we got back together and mutual agreed to be abstain from sex until marriage or atleast This was new for both of us but I was on a spiritual renewal thing and he had been wanting to go to church and stuff or just start living like he knew he we were good for a minute. I found myself admiring him more and more. I gained a high respect for him watching him pray and in a suit..wanting to read the Bible and calling me to get up and go to church! I was liking the leadership and where he was leading to...But the church we was going to had some issues which lead to both of us not attending anymore. We didnt trust the pastor and the first lady use to "do" one of his boys supposedly. But we both maintained out personal relationships with God, but we didnt worship together. He was mildly overweight (pop belly) and smoked. Light skinned and divorced. He had a lot of mental issues with his ex and just period. He would think and think about stuff til he got headaches. I would try to tell him to stop thinking so much but he coudnt help it. He often told me that I reminded him of his mom..things I said and did. He always told me how much he loved me and marriage would come up a lot. The scorpio in me would take it with a grain of salt, but I never dismissed his emotional proclaimations. But as soon as I realized I really loved him, he started trippin. Drillin me about things I said,turning my words into big deals. I cant stand when ppl do that so my scorpio stinger would come out every now and then. He would act like he was so hurt by my words and take it to heart. I would say some mean stuff, but didnt mean it. I was being vengful and wanted to hurt him like he hurt me. He was so fickle and would break up with me on a dime! I would tell him how I needed to feel secure above anything, but whatever I needed emotionally would go in one ear and out the other it seemed. My needs were not important as his until I recognized his needs first. Then he would do anything for me. He flat out told me that he wanted to dictate...he needed to be in control. I was confused and asked him why would he want to be a dictator in a supposedly loving relationship?

To Scorpio Woman cont
by: Anonymous

I told him how many dictators get asassinated and stuff...He told me that we were both A type individuals and I needed to submit. I was offended but agreed to a certain extent. I would never let anyone control me-not willingly anyway. SO we struggled with that and the relationship felt like I was walking on eggshells all the time. Finally, after another break up, we discussed it, but because we got along so well and loved eachother, we ignored the fact that he wanted to control me and I wasnt having it. We laughed and shopped. Ate and talked. Then he began asking me wierd questions and making hurtful comments. I knew he was immature emotionaly, but he was getting down rite silly with it. So that infamous scorpio stinger would come out in defense. I couldnt help it..I decided that he didnt really love me. It hurt like hell to accept that because when I love I love YOU for real. Im not half ass, Im not fake, and I dont pretend. If an Aries man cannot overule you, he does not want you period. Aries men do not understand teamwork in a marriage..they take offense to the wife paying the dinner bill sometimes. they dont care if you want a career and work with kids and stuff, but they still expect you to have a spotless house, dinner on the table and be naked in bed waiting for him.

To Scorpio Woman cont
by: Anonymous

I told him that we could get a housekeeper to do the any extreme cleaning one day during the week, but Im not working 9hrs,working on a MBA, picking kids up, doing homework, football practice,music class,cooking, and scrubbin the dam walls in one day! He said he dont like just straighten up or surface cleaning, so I said well you need a maid or do it yourself. He replied no I need a good wife.So that was it. He broke up with me. It was fast direct and to cold. He is now playing the victim in all of this, but its just so sad...His ex wife allowed him to overule her because he has money.SHe ended up having affairs and on meth and herion. They lost a $60,000 month business all because he tried to overule his then life partner. Its seems that unless and Aries man will meet his Scorpio woman half way, they will never work out. Aries men will be used by savvy yet ill hearted women who will entertain the Aries desire to overule them. They will court the Aries only for material gain. Aries men are very hard workers and great providers. They spoil the one they love and are not cheap. Or they may find a true hearted woman, but she will be weak minded,uneducated,very dependent and lack self sufficiency. Aries men become men of God when they understand their nature, but realizes that you cant win trying to overule their mate. and ill say this cuz im a real one...scorpio women become that man's rib when she understands her nature, but believes that vengence is the Lords.

Aries are easy to understand
by: Sweeping Generalization

Ok, I'm an Aries--lost of bad experience w/ Scorpios. The ones in my past are selfish and manipulative and Aries' HATE that. Just be upfront and honest. If it has been months and you have not heard from him-- he is gone. You are no longer on his radar

So many porblems with Aries Men...but all very true!
by: Anonymous

And thank goodness the Aries Man is gone for good, never to return...yeah! They are not worth the unbelievable trouble they cause in your life. Talk about selfish...the most selfish of all. They hate whining...ha!, they whine more than anyone else I have ever encountered...good riddance to bad rubbish! Never again! I am reason to tell. It does'nt matter what sign you are... Any whos...I now ask a Man when his birthday is, just to avoid confusion in the future...sick I know. Aries are twisted like that, they turn your world upside down, and not in a good way. Avoid if possible. Sorry, but its true. Most talked about sign out there. Prove me wrong...good luck! Ciao!

Need Advice from Aries Man
by: Bold and Sexxy Libra Woman

Get this one: I went 7 months of just My Aries Man and no one else. He is/was the center of my attention. My life was to just be apart of his life. We live in two different cities and only can phone or text each other.

Fast forward to now: We finally set a time and date to see each other and I started my cycle. bare in mind (we have not had sex with each other since we were 19). I get to his city sexy and fly. Looking and smelling fresh. Hair fabulous, body in shape and attitude of joy to boot. So I tell him that i started my cycle early. And Boy was he made. I tried to make up for it by doing other sexual pleasure. And all he can say is "I waited to long for this and not have it" I told him not to worry. I am going to satisfy you in every way. It gets hot and explosive. I am doing the BUSINESS. He spends the night with me. Holds and kiss me through the night. Come Morning. He kisses my forehead leaves to go to work. And I don't hear from him or see him. He didn't even see me off to the airport. "WTF"

What happened?

I text him, called him and Asked numerous questions. but no answer. What Went Wrong????

Help. I don't want to lose him.

Aries men are selfish clueless idiots
by: Anonymous

Why go out of our way to 'give attention but not too much'? How mcuh is too much. Soft heart my ass. It's ok for them to ignore and lie to you and you have to listen to their sob story. But they never have time to listen to yours.

ANY other zodiac sign..even sagg or gemini..but not aries. They blatantly lie more than a gemini & aries are WEAK. They think theyre macho. It's a fascade. Focused on the future my a$$. All they talk about is the ex that got away., some poor girl have to listen to his sob story about how life would have been if he'd been a little nicer to me!

Seriously listen to me
by: Anonymous

I loves you very much the reason he has a hard time showing it is between two things. #1 he doesnt want things to get to complacent to stale to everyday he wants excitement he doesnt want to feel like the everyday bored couple that goes out and has to behave...just play along (your the one going home with him right?) ok so always look super good and on point where ever you go then he'll have to keep his eye on you...let him wonder around do your own thing when you guys lock eyes every now and then give him an i want you stare meet him in the bathroom for a quicky or something TRUST him i he tells you you have his love you do dont give him a reason to change that! #2 Your his weak spot he is a little afraid of losing you and he never wants you to feel like you dont need him... he also doesnt want everyman after you yes he wants others to want you but you know its kind of like a hunter catching a deer he's so proud of and brags about but doesnt want someone else to steal....i dont know how to exactly say what i mean I hope you understand and whatever you do NEVER GIVE UP ON HIM!

by: Anonymous

he came back....left....came back again....said he loved me....then changed his mind......asked to move in together....then told me I need to change in some this a*hole serious! im a mature scorpio, but this type of bs is what makes me want to hurt him via evil and strategic savvy, but im turned off now anyway. this.aries man with all his fickle ways and weakness , is only hurting himself. I sympathize for him.....but aries men just dont get it.

leo lady
by: Anonymous

Most of these sound just like my situation except when he ignores me i tell him i need lots of atention and i dont think this is going to workout... But he just talks me out of it...IN THE END IM USUALLY APOLIGISING TO HIM FOR BEING CRAZY!?!?! (i dont lose arguments to almost any one else let alone apoligise for my feelings) and after that he says somthing really sweet and tells me he doesnt mind my crazyness at all... But still ignores me

my aries man is a selfish ram!
by: Queen Leo

I have been in a 2 year relationship with my aries man, let me tell you! He's a pain in the ass! I thought this whole time Leo's we're the selfish ones, yeah right!!! the worst selfish sign I have ever encountered. In the beginning, I was sweepted off my feet, he was so attentive, kind,warm hearted.. Now I think he's bord, I don't go down without a fight so its pretty fiery. I am always the one to walk away with my tail between my legs cause he'll just ignore me if I try to tell him how I feel. I realized that our baby & the steamy sex is the only thing holding us together. I'm a generous soul, I give more than I should, I never get a thank you, as he's already expecting from silly leo to do it all! I have mentioned it 1000 times,,, all I want is attention, hugs, kisses, adoration.

I really would appreciate help
by: caroline

I am Pisces – he is Aries.
July 3 email: "I love you. You brought out things in me I didn’t know were there. When things are going well, there is no more beautiful, desirable woman on this earth. I love talking with you, I love your mind, your turn of phrase, I love your passionate dedication to your lifetime work. I love the way I feel a man around you (and I feel all man around you, my beloved!). I love that the most beautiful, desirable woman on earth wants me. Never in my life have I felt this & never will I with any other woman. We are soul mates. understand each other. both smart. both have considerable hardship in our lives. both have two beautiful children. My beloved there is a lot of turmoil in my life. I am at true peace only when I am with you. I do not honestly know when the turmoil will settle down enough so I can keep my promise to you & marry you. I have been thinking & want to do what is right by you. I want you so very desperately. I love you so very much. I am your true husband-to-be. I cannot hold you through the night & not make love with you. I truly want nothing more in life than to be with you in all of the ways that a man should be with a beautiful woman. I am certain that will happen. Your beloved, 'F'
July 11 email: "I believe that your book will be hugely successful & that you will find the true happiness you deserve. I need to put my life in order & I know that will take a very long time. My children (13 & 15) will need me to be close to them for several more years. In loving you, as I have, I have learned much – mostly about what I have yet to learn. We have shared immeasurable joy & immense pain with each other.I know also, in my spirit, that we should not be together as lovers nor as husband and wife. We know each other so well in so many ways- how to hurt each other deeply & the hurt has gotten worse for both of us as time has passed. There are things I cannot let go of & I know it is the same with you. When I left you on Thursday night, I knew that I would not be back & for the first time in months, I was calm with that. I have been calm with that since. I know with certainty that it is the right decision. God may punish me Carol, but for the first time, I am calm with a decision about you and me. I know that this will hurt you & if there was any way that I could take your pain away, I would. But that would require me to say things that I know would be wrong to say & to do things that I know would be wrong. Please, dearest Caroline, let me go."
I called & cried - he came up & we made love all night. He said he loved me & was sorry. He said he has some emotional problems to figure out. Following week, dinner but no advances. I wrote email back saying, alright. I am worth more than this. But I still love him despite 11 mths +6 “I’m done” from him.

I need some advice from an aries man pronto!!!!!
by: Virgo girl

I am a virgo woman with my venus in leo and my rising sign in sagittarius. I want to know if a relationship with an aries man can work.
I am an energetic, fun loving person. I am very down to earth and get along well with just about everyone I meet. I have a wide circle of friends but only a few are very close. I am open n honest but i work at being tactful with the things i say. I am often impulsive and I have an appetite for adventure. I hate anything repetitive. I get bored easily and tend to want to move on to something more exciting or just something new. I can be the life of the party as I am really outgoing. When in love i am passionate, loyal,patient, and affectionate in a playful way. I am free spirited I get depressed when i feel restricted in anyway (I dnt always follow the rules). Some of these traits I dnt think are a result of my virgo sign.
but yes. I am analytical and it is this part of me that helps me curb my impulsiveness sometimes. I have a high sex drive and I have yet to meet the man who can keep up with me all the time. I can be indecisive when making big decisions. i like to think things thru. once i have made up my mind i follow thru. My emotions are pretty easy to read but i have a hard time saying how i feel when my feelings r intense. The words will come I have to take a few breaths first. Actions r more useful than words 4 me. I can be reserved sometimes but i am not shy. I just prefer to be the observer sometimes. I can lead as well as i follow. my biggest weakness would be that i find it hard to accept that I am wrong about something. I dnt like to be the bad guy. I will sulk for a few minutes but dnt rub it in. I will acknowledge, accept it, apologize and make ammends in a few minutes.

Would you date me Aries? I have met a really great guy who is aries. I love his warmth, charm, confidence and frankness. Being with him is exciting!

Aries Men Are Greedy, Childish
by: EnigmaMCMLXIV

I had been in a two year relationship with an Aries man/boy and just ended it recently.

Yes they can be attentive when they want something. My ex would hang out with his male friends all week, then call me when he got home if it wasn't two late. When when he wanted sex he would call telling me how much he missed me and make little remarks about if I was there he would do this and that. I tried to explain to him more then once that when he calls and starts up with the I miss you bullshit that I know it is just him wanting sex. He would then try to sound offended. Sigh, this was something that would happen over and over. I am wondering if this is something the Aries man/boy cannot learn how to be compassionate, not to be so focused on their own needs.

He has a son from hell, who he never pays attention to. Now the kid who is twelve is selling drugs in school and always getting into fights. The kid uses nasty language at his father, totally disrespectful, the man walks around in a cloud.

Also I was reading all this crap on how the Aries man is so generous? Where did this come from? My ex was a serious taker. He would drain you financially if you let him. He was emotionally draining. He suffered from financial depression, he is seriously in debt, so instead of him trying to get out of debt he would get another loan??? I own my home and his suggestion one time was for me to sell my house and move in with him to help pay his bills!!!!! I almost went into convulsions. Two years in a row he celebrated my birthday with a one dollar birthday card. I was pissed.

I ended the relationship because he had not called me in two days and I was concerned about his well being. I stopped by his house and he wasn't home, he didn't call. So I called him in the morning I asked him if he was alright? "Oh yeah I am working on a car" He couldn't take two minutes to call me and tell me he would be busy?? So I told him to have a good life and hung up.

I am a Scorpio female and let me tell you never will I get involved with an Aries man again, they are a waste of time, money an emotions.

need advice from an aries man
by: Anonymous

me and an aries man met online, we talked on the

phone almost everyday, we talked about each other's

past lifes and or dislikes etc

he was very sweet and respectful nothing like the

other guys ove talked too. so we agreed to meet

when we met all we can do is smile at each other. he we didnt conversate much he was very
shy i was a little shy myself. he had

told me he recently got out of a relationship

with somebody he was ready to spend his life
with but it didnt work out

i was there for him i felt for him

and wanted to be his friend and
get to know him more. at the end of the night

he gave me a peck on the cheeck held my hand

on the way home.. next day i called him no answer. i texted ni answer. its been a week since

i heard from him. im so confused i just wish

i knew why he disapeard. he could have been honest . he was such a great guy!

Stay away from the Aries man
by: Anonymous

There are more complaints about aries men than any other male sign. Reason - because they are the most difficult men on earth. I have met a lovely aries man. He is friendly, intelligent, great company and is charming. Our personalities work well together, and I raelly felt like I met my soul mate. Silly me though, because we haven't even got together and he is already doing my head in. Realising that the timing was wrong to date me after spending time trying to pursue me, he told me that he had to concentrate on developing his career. That's fine. I understood that. But after hearing bad news recently, he seems to have withdrawn. He told me that he cant open up in relationships, and it looks like even tough we haven't even begun a relationship, because he has opened up to me, I have to bear the brunt of his disappointment. I give up!

by: Anonymous

Same in here.. i have a military guy bf who is an Aries.. just meet every 2 months b/c he's on deployement. For the first time he is a such a loving person, but now after 8 weeks and 4 times together , we communication over the email, never by phone and all the drama (his ex text him and he still flirt with other girl) he ignoring me..
i cooked and help him clean the house so he has time to get rest while at home, but now he never emails me if i'm not email him first, and there is no love in his email..
i don't know what to do, i give him a lot of space too (of course b/c we not life together) but why he still act like that?
it hurts me so bad.. should i talk to him or just stay silent? please help me.. i love him so much.

aries men are mental demons
by: Anonymous

Dont get emotionally involved
with them . Be distant. Samir is the worst man
I have ever dated.

by: Anonymous

If you want to keep your sanity, stay away from the Aries man. Run, run a mile, or a hundred. Just run and keep running. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE else, is better than the Aries men. You will be scraping the barrel if you decide to go with one of them.
They will start all sugar and honey, they will woo you and sweep you off your feet (they're evil like that, it is all a ploy), and then once you reciprocate, they're gone. First romantically, then emotionally, then physically, altogether. Or they might just take off all at once, like I have read some of the comments here.

They are whiners and selfish and liars and cheats and egotistical. They aren't capable of thinking of anyone but themselves. They are attentive to you at the beginning because it feeds their ego if you respond, and they feel like they have conquered a prey, but once that prey (you) is conquered, they are no longer interested.

I am not sure why they are like that, but it seems to me that everything I have read here in the different comments is identical to what I have experienced with an Aries man. So I have to conclude that it is their sign.


Find someone, ANYONE else, but do yourself a favor and don't fall for an Aries man.

If I ever see that Aries asshole again ima smash his car!
by: Virgo Girl

Wish I had read these comments sooner! For a while I was everything he wanted. I noticed he was starting to withdraw but I had already fallen in love with him. I told him I wanted us to talk. I had two more phone calls from him then he just disappeared. I tried calling him a few times and he didn't answer. He seemed to be visiting my facebook page often, up until a lil over a week ago.

I had let him know he could be straight up with me. I wish he had let me know he didn't want a committment so I wouldnt bother to fall in love with him. This whole thing has pissed me off a bit. I would prefer to know why he left rather than just knowing he disappeared in to the blue. That just makes it harder to get over him.

One thing I am sure of though is that I really hate the bastard and if I ever see him... scratch that I don't wanna see him. Now I know what it feels like to really wanna kill someone. I won't ever fall for another one... or anything like him.

@Virgo girl.
by: Anonymous

Your better off with out him/Aries man. Virgo's are Venus ruled and fall in love very easily...aka Venus the planet of love. You'll be okay. Don't do anything rash. Hang in there (I know its hard now, but you will forget about him...I PROMISE 100%). Find someone who is worthy of your love. Aries are fast and furious. They show up quickly, and leave just as fast. not worth it for a beautiful earth soul like virgo. I doubt he'll come back. Aries is a fire sign and the fire is out now, only ashes left. But you are an earth sign, and the earth is strong and rejuvenates itself. You now have a chance to start fresh and grow to be an even wiser person. BTW, Getting rid of and deleting anything that reminds you of him like photos, Phone number, emails, FB account etc. is very wise, you'll be over him in two weeks or less. Don't look back. I hope that helps some.

Aries Men drive me crazy
by: CrazyLibra

Listen i been dealing with an aries man for a year and two months through the course of that time we been on and off more then the damn light switch!!! i mean this has to be one of the most confused people i ever met. aries men dont know what they want they say they do but they really dont.. well the moral of this is my aries guy broke it off with me tonight.. i got a lil drunk about a week ago and he claims i acted too crazy for him blah blah i was drunk.. kill me why dont u??!!! i understan aries men dont like possessive women but aries men are as possessive as they get.. when you guys dont get what you want you dont stop until you get it .. and when yall dont wanna do something yall just simply dont do it but i must always give in and give you what you want? fuck dhatttttt ! im on to the next one cause you'll be back (he will) ... he always doess ....

xoxo.. im in love with him tho .. madlyy :(

help me figure this out
by: cancer in love with a pull to push away aries

My Aries is April 6th my birthday cancer July 4th we are 1s and the total opposite when we met i came to him guessing he was shy i made him wait for sex he didn't trust me in the beginning i did the same I'm pregnant with his child now i go thru him pushing me away when were together its Luke nothing happened he's apologetic,he says we r gonna b together forever then all the sudden he gets cold and pushes me away and I'm to blame for everything i don't understand i love him all i can and when i express my feelings when he goes into his shell he's cold doesn't want to talk to me..its confusing he said he's never had a real girlfriend he's 29 iam 25 i don't feel like he's cheated and cancers inutition is highly strong he pushes me way and shuts me out then when he wants me he texts me its like iam a puppet its hard because iam in love and carrying his child now he's in a stage where he will be there for his child but I'm not sure if he will he's up and down he says things to hurt mY feelings and when i tell him when he's mad he says i hurt my own feelings but when we made up he's sorry and is synpathetic is this emotional issues he had with hisself? He's very negitive he always thinks for the worst its sad....what is going on with him???

GeminiChick & Aries Man (boy)
by: GeminiChick

All I can say is.....WOW!
I am amazed at how all of this sounds like my soon-to-be-ex!
He went from sweet, romantic, attentive to...nada! We talked about getting married and having kids..but to me action speaks louder than words!
Right now he is in the avoidance stage cause he knows that I have been less than pleased with his selfisness, ungratefulness and just all around being self centered!
I told him to call me when he got in from work. Nothing
I texted him and told him that I sent him an emailed regarding this stuff. Of course he hasnt 'had a chance to check it'.
But get this...he was supposed to come with me to a friends bbq that I told him about this past Tuesday. And earlier on the 4th-he was being attitudish and was like-'U enjoy your 4th'-which was my plan all the while!
I get a text from him later and he says 'my dad invited you to a bbq'. I just said-ok.
Later that evening he txt me saying-'yo how long you gonna be at your gurls house?' I told him 2 hours cause I knew he really just wanted me to take him to his dads house! Then he was like-can you believe I havent seen my dad since New Years. So I asked him if he was on his way to where I was and he said he was going to his dads just cause he hadnt seen him in a long time. I was like-well you could've came here and then we BOTH could've went there. Of course-no response.
Then I get a txt today telling me that his dad and his wife's family said hi and that they missed me. I just said-k.
I told him today to let me know when I can stop by so we can chat. Of course I havent heard anything yet.
Soon-it will be ambush time so I can just end this because more and more this is becoming a waste of time!
Thanks all for sharing your stories!

So my Aries popped up again out of the blue.
by: Virgo Girl

Thanks anonymous you advice did help. I am now in a relationship that is worth my time and effort.

Mr Aries popped up again out of the blue. he texted me to say he was out of the country for a couple months and that he has been back for only two weeks. Not that it really matters to me. He said he wants to meet up so we can talk liked I had requested before he left.

I let him know I really didn't expect to hear from him again. (I didn't even recognise his number.)I didn't really commit to seeing him again soon.

I really don't feel like what I had to say then is relevant now especially since I don't feel the same way I did about him. I've lost respect for this man and I don't his words to mean much. I really don't feel like it worth my time and effort but I have to admit I am curious to hear what he has to say for his mysterious disappearance and his weird behaviour. I think it should be interesting. I'm still weighing the pros and cons I really don't wanna tango with this snake again.

Aries men? No thanks.
by: Scorpio girl with Aries ex

I was seeing this Aries guy for almost a year, and yea he neglected me big time. It first started about a couple months ago, we use to talk almost every day until their happened to be a week of no communication. I decide to text him just to make sure he was alright...and days later he finally responds and tells me he's been going through a hard time. I understand, he's a single father and he has a house hold to run, so I let it go. Despite the Scorpio in me yearning for his affection, I love(d) this guy, and I was willing to be patient. To me he was worth the wait.

After those weeks of separation we became close again, talking and seeing eachother often... but out of no where he disappears, this time not just a week but for a month. Theirs no excuse for you to not AT LEAST tell me what's going on or keep me updated. By this time I could care less in making the effort to call or text him to find out. I mean if he doesn't care about contacting me, why should I care about contacting him? As far as I knew our relationship was over, you don't just ignore your "partner" for a month..
Oh but sure enough mr. Aries gave me a call yesterday. As the saying goes they Hate to be ignored... isn't that ironic LOL. The funniest part is he sent a text to me like he never left. HA! that was a joke, and I broke up with him right then.

Even though I believe in astrology, I'm not a fan of other words, despite what people say about a sign I still believe in chances, but I'm sorry to say aries men have proven themselves to be unworhty mates.. at least for me anyway.
This Scorpio girl is sticking to the loyal men like Scorpios, Leos, Capricorns, and Tauruses.. but an Aries? No thanks.

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