Aries Man no give and take

by Peaches
(Reston Virginia)

I met an Aries man a year after ending a 5 year relationship with a Scorpio. The Aries worked his ass off to woo me and get me to say yes to being with him. After a month, he had me. Within a month... he ruined it.

He could tell me his likes and dislikes, and I would acknowledge and tweak how I approached things with him, but once I told him something I didn't like, it started a huge fight. It was like walking on egg shells. No matter what I did, it wasn't enough, no matter what I said he took it the wrong way. Yes, he would apologize, but the whole gist of "A relationship is learning to grow as one". was no growing. Its "this is how I am, get used to it".

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Aries man
by: barb libra monkey

Yes, these boys have a problem with communicating full stop.
They give off the impression they want to be with you, or that they don't want anyone else to be with you so they can purvey you from a distance and fantasise, then when you respond and show you really care for them, they get nasty and run the other way, even to the point of pretending to be in a relationship...even though it is only with Mrs.Palmer and her five daughters!!
They have an uncanny way of controlling you even from a distance, and make you feel you can't live without them...but is it that they really can't live without you?
They claim to be up front with you when they speak, but I have called the bluff so many times and he hates me for it. When they are really rude, it is because they feel inadequate and insecure and have to make you feel like you are wrong or make you hate them so they no longer have to feel guilty about their insecurity.
When they want to turn on the charm, they can outdo a Libran. When they choose to be nasty, they are ruthless, then hate themselves later for doing so. and after all that, I still love the takes one to know one(:

Same Situation as Peach
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem as Peach. My Aries is a sh**t-WORST AND JEALOUS. he is my devil who I learned to live and share with him almost my life. I expected him to give me Love as I did to him and treat nice as the way I treated him but I found it is a ridiculous-nothing good. Arise has so much energy; he fight until he is die-fight with his relationship just to hurt. I'm Virgo, every thing I did is not good enough for this dammit Aries even my Savings and Assets is destroy by him to fill his ASS. He will turn the thing around and put words in you mouth. He always get you wrong but him always right. In the back, he fools around. I swear, I never ever to be his reserve as those years passed by. I never make mistake but just wanted to give this Crazy/Selfish Aries a chance to accept and understand other views or opinions. Believe me there is no Love or Peace between Virgo and Aries. Virgo, Please, don't try; stay away from Aries before it is too late. In my observe, to be a friend with Aries is okay but not wed/married. Plus, he don't know how to make love to you. Aries is a Warrior God/a fighter. He never respect you after he has your body. Aries will give you a happiness if you beneath and follow him. Such is a devil has no Brain. Good luck to all!! Virgo, stay away from Aries!!!
Love, Virgo.

barb libran monkey
by: Anonymous

OMG!!!!! Same situation. Aries man, I'm a libra woman. So sick o him now though. I can't say anything, you'e summed it all up. They are relentless at the pursuit. I've decided to end my relationship with him. After 3 LONG years. The sad thing is, I got another in hot pursuit. Showing the same characteristics, I had to ask him his sign. Another Aries, contemplating if I should even give him a chance.

by: Anonymous

I agree with all these comments..Aries men love the chase. They fall in love hard and fast. Once they feel you have been secured, they get bored. The fights are unfair, low blows. Will turn things around to make it "your" fault. Apologies come in forms of gifts/items. Cannot say anything that he does not want to hear or any questions or it will be drama!

Peach again
by: Anonymous

Its been a while, I keep trying to work it out with him, but it's still a one way street. Its like I spill my heart out for him, "I love you more than the world, I really think we can work, but I can't live this way, you cant dump me and then come back 2 days later. You can't get jealous when I did nothing wrong, or ask 21 questions when a guy calls me, trust me, I love you, i'll never do you dirty". What does he take from that.... " your giving can't take it anymore right? I'm sorry I'm so horrible to you". I'm like, "Your not, I love you, but it hurts when you just leave me like that".

I dont know. I love him more than anything, I am trying to be with him, but I can't do that one sided shit. Its like I have to run and scream to the world I love you your my future husband. But ask him to do the same..heaven forbid!
He tells me to be honest, and I am, but he crucifies me for it. I dont know what to do anymore.
Im starting to think he's Mr. Right Now.
and not Mr. Right.

Ugh my first Aries relationship now over
by: Taurus Girl

I agree with you ladies, I am Taurus female and my recent ex was my frist serious relationship, oh boy after 4 years his selfish, womanizing, all about me persona started to show and caused problems. He dumped me but wanted me to be his friend. So what does he do, contact me everyday, all while he's flirting with other girls and lying to my face. He wanted to be nice to me over the phone, but in person was a cold, distant jerk, and very disrespectful. So I just started to ignore him, because it seems like now that he is single he wants me on the side attached to him while he gets his feet wet to see what else is out there, but I've had enough and right now its been 5 days since he's heard from me and he keeps trying to get my attention.

I am so over him and find him unattractive now. Watching him befriend "slutty" girls online and disappearing, while he keeps sending me text and trying to play friendly. Why? He has all these girls now including his ex-girlfriend before me as a friend online, I refuse to be apart of his games. I am so done with him, happy I am because it became hell trying to please him and get him to stay with me. I hate his need to control and lie!!!

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