Aries man not interested anymore?

by Taurus Girl

I'm Taurus and he's Aries. We are work colleagues.We only got a little bit close few months ago, i liked him and i noticed that he may be interested but nothing that obvious until we traveled together and he invited us to stay at his home instead of a hotel.That day he was too drunk and he told me that he likes me ..something happened but we did not had sex i wasn't feeling comfortable. Since then,he started to call and send mails more than before and he asked me out.. but we didn't mention what happened or talked about anything regarding that or that we like each others.

He lives in another city and he comes only for weekends.Sometimes he seems like interested to do something in weekend and tells me i will let you know and then.. i hear nothing from him so i started to make my plans as long as he didnt tell me that he wants to meet up because i felt like a stupid waiting for him.He was going on a vacations for 2 weeks so he called me and told me that he might come to my city before he leaves but he is not sure yet and he will let me know if not he will just come in the same day to take the plan..I said ok let me know anyway but he didnt come and he didnt call...

My colleagues were going to a trip on the same day that he was leaving so i said i will join them.He knew from another friend that we are going for this trip and he knew that i will go with them..but he didnt call me..I sent him a msg later on to wish him a nice vacation,he replied the next day.. I felt that he might be angry because i went with them instead of waiting and seeing him before he leaves ... but actually he didn't suggest that we meet i was not gonna wait for him because maybe we will see each others...5 days later i sent him a message but he didn't reply... Is he really mad or he is giving me the msg that he is not interested anymore?

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