Aries man past girlfriends?

by Pam
(Baltimore, MD)

Should I give him time to "breathe" after a breakup before I even trying to seduce him?

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Aries past
by: Anonymous

I've dated at least four aries men and I am an aries myself. right now I'm dating an aries and we got together within a couple of weeks after his breakup. It all really depends on who an aries man dates. They are very straightforward and dump you without hesitation, but let him know that you can't be hurt over his little all-of-a-sudden breakup. Don't be mean about it, just stay in touch as friends and shake it off, before you know it you guys will still be happy and may end up together. Anyways, he won't just get with a different girl all of a sudden, he would take some time to enjoy his freedom with his friends or whatever is on his mind. if he shows he wants to get with you already, show interest and play hard to get. that will win him over for sure. so give him some time, and relax,he will show you when he's ready, which doesn't really take long. Good luck ;)

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