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I am an Aries women going out with a Pisces man. He is too soft andcalm and I always try to piss him off so that he can fight back but he neverdoes, I want him to sometimes stand his ground with me but instead he gets evenmore understanding that he has made me upset of which is ridiculous because Ican be really harsh to him and feel guilty later (I just want him to be strictwith me, even just once, I want to see how he would look like)

I am a Pisces woman and previously dated an Aries man. Our relationship at first was too good to be true. We seemed to be 100% compatible - we liked the same movies, the same restaurants, were interested in the same activities, etc. I was having a great time! He was a good friend and listener.

Except it WAS too good to be true - I was his first real girlfriend. I was his first sexual partner and really the first woman who took him seriously as a viable man. So for the first three or four months, he was paying me lip service by agreeing with me all the time and doing everything I wanted to do. Unfortunately, this made him feel like he was making sacrifices for the relationship I wasn't willing to make. I was oblivious to all this, but I let him know that he didn't have to agree with me on everything, that we are partners, etc.

So he started to disagree with me, on everything. Then the crying started - his crying. He didn't stop crying for months on end. I had to break up with him because I felt like a new mom. A single mom with a 200 pound baby.

I'm an Aries man going out with a Pisces girl. The relationship isalways me having to do everything while she just sits only when she wantssomething she then gets to do something. I have tried but its always one sidedonly recently she starts to get involved while I complain on things she neverreveals to me this continuously don't get us along.

Ok. I am a Pisces woman who is dating, in love, and living with anAries man for 2 years. The difficulty is their stubbornness, and jealousy, theylike 2 be controlling and sometimes have a rude and bossy nature. We are verycompatible because I have frequent mood swings when things aren't goingaccording 2 the way I'd like but he loves me so much that he doesn't give upand he sticks with me because of that love he has for me. Some would say Ariesmen are crybabies but my man is the opposite, he feels very uncomfortablecrying and opening up unless I make him feel comfortable enough to share hisfeelings. We have our ups and downs but we genuinely love each other, so I guessits all on thee individual, is it worth dealing with or not? That's thequestion.

im a Pisces woman seeing a Aries man, at first he was the one buggingme to see him constantly. But when I gave in to him and starting spending timewith him we were great physical emotional sexual attraction. Then suddenly he'sto busy to catch up, I believe he likes to be in charge and wants to chase thewoman without the woman chasing him =)my advice is play hard to get!

I am dating an Aries man, and I am a Pisces. we have been dating forseven months. he can be indifferent and cold, but he's a drinker. he alwaysfalls asleep when we are supposed to hang out and I am getting sick of it, butI feel like I do truly love him. maybe writing this is obsolete considering he'sa party animal. I hope we can either part ways on good terms or work onimproving ourselves together.

OMG!!! I'm a Pisces woman dating a Aries man for 2 months. The firstmonth was too good to be true. He is very attentive and sharing. A real gogetter! Works hard and romantic. But again Too Good to be True.

The second month he still doing the same as the first month but has addedattitude, bossiness, questioning everything and wanting to know my schedule. Alittle smothering. We don't have an issue with communicating with each other. It is the way we communicate or how we say things to one another. He is verytouchy. If you are informing him about something that you don't like about whathe has done or is doing it becomes a WHY Fest???? Can't take "NO" for ananswer. Won't let the issue go or let it die. Has to have a reason why youdon't like it. I can let sleeping dogs lie. I have to choose my words carefullywhen it comes to this one. We both try to be the boss and it just doesn't workout. I will back down and let him run what ever we are doing at the time. Justto make life simple. All in all he is a good man but I know the road is goingto be a bumpy one. I'm just going to ride it out to see how it ends. I have asix month rule. You should know most of what you need to know about a person in 6 months. I'll check back and give you thescoop and the skinny. Wish me luck.

I am a Pisces woman who just got out of a relationship with an Ariesman. I have to say, the chemistry was out of this world! But he and I just didnot understand each other...

I am a Pisces woman dating a Aries man for 1 full year. At first, itwas really hard. He would ask for money smoke everyday and was very mean andpossessive. I thought I was being used. He didn't even show any attractiontowards me it was really weird & now that I think of it I should have reallyleft him in the dust. But I stuck around and proved my loyalty which earnedhis love. Then that's when his kindness and passionate love shined through andI thought it would be happily ever after. I love my Aries man wit all my heart,but little did I know he is controlling selfish and loves to play the victim. Hetalks way too much especially at the wrong time and I'm beginning to think heis ignorant and close-minded. Which is the complete opposite of me. He isself-centered and loves to brag to his close 1s. I noticed that you can onlyknow these thing once you've known him. Idk what to do I'm contemplating if Ishould end this relationship. I wouldn't wanna lose out on a good man. but I'm seriously unhappy and I know it's because of my relationship.What to do...

First, I'd like to say that I love my Aries guy because he is very honest, if Idon't like it, at least I know, right? He always stays busy and likes his guysnight out, likes attention from girls, but likes a classy yet not bitchy orhigh maintenance girl.

I am a Pisces dating an Aries guy for the past 6 months (I have my doubts, butnothing is forever, right? I will just cherish the time we spend together). Ithink he has the typical Aries traits and he is the strong silent type. I amvery patient with him but I give him his space, and he always comes back andshares what he's been dealing with. I know he doesn't want to unload hisworries upon me, but I tell him I am here for him, and he's been sharing moreand more things with me especially when I massage him into mush (he'll blurtout something really deep about himself).

In the beginning, he came on very strong, came over a lot and cooked dinner forme, lit candles whenever I came to see him. Then he'll disappear for a week ortwo, then he'll come back to me. I think he can't help himself because he is abig flirt and he uses girls to polish up his ego. And ever since I told him I'dbe ok if he let me go, but he can never get me back and I will never look back,he's been seeing me every week for the past 4 months.

He doesn't want to let me go because he is attracted to me, the girly-girltype... pretty to look at but ruffle my feathers and it's on! Yes I can be afirecracker, try to step all over me and I will step back and he might fall onhis face.

My take and experience: Aries guys like feminine girls, who are independent,gives them attention, stands their ground, give them their freedom, and givethem plenty of affection and passion.

I like an Aries man and left him to make the first move which he dulydid. He did all the typical Arian male things like talk sexy and there isobviously a strong sexual chemistry between us, although I have not even kissedhim yet. I know they like the chase, but how do you know if they genuinelylike you or are just having a laugh at your expense. He has been open anddirect via texts but this doesn't extend into phone calls or person to personand we seem to have reached an impasse. He wanted me but because he has onlyrecently split from his wife I am unsure of his intentions - he says he doesn'twant a relationship with another woman yet, which says he just wants somethingcasual. However, even when I said we should just remain as friends (he is adog trainer and I am his student) he continued to send me texts which can onlybe described as nasty and patronizing. I know these were sent to upset me, butcan't understand why if he is no longer interested in me (as he keeps telling ,e). Any advice on what I should or shouldn't do. Isent him a text with a kiss on it today as it is Valentine's day but apart fromthat haven't spoken or texted him for 3 weeks. We will be seeing each other in2-3 weeks for dog training but I am not sure how I should be with him. I willbe my normal self, but any advice would be grateful

I am a Pisces woman being chased by an Aries man. I have to remaincalm...this man is incredible. His physical presence is overwhelming and heloves his dog. The bad news? He is getting out of a rocky relationship. When Idiscovered he wasn't exactly available, I told him we could just be friends andthat is exactly what has happened. I am dangling the carrot in theinterim...just in case things don't work out with the girlfriend after. Ifthing end happily ever after... I'm going to ask him to introduce me to some ofhis friends ;)

I'm a Piscean woman and dated an Aries man for about 4 months.

The relationship started off as an explosion of emotion and sexual tension andcomplete admiration from both sides. unfortunately, I didn't want to see thathe was very jealous and possessive and when it was time for him to study a lot,I met my other friends. At the time he was finished, he just accused me ofcheating and not being loyal enough. He was unable to accept my opinion andsolely relied on his imagination. The fact that he wasn't able to communicatewith me destroyed the relationship completely. He resorted to passiveaggressiveness and sarcasm and even made fun of my feelings and emotions,because he doesn't believe that one can have strong emotions after a fewmonths. His emotions however were so strong that when he broke up, he cried,that he had to let me go, because he doesn't want to with such a person.

Unfortunately also, it dragged me down so much, that I ended up in hospitalwith a major depression and panic attacks, as I tried to convince him that Ihadn't lied.

hi im a Pisces lady and I have a Aries man who likes me tough.. He'scoo, but ive been through a lot and told the Aries man that I don't have time forgames. eventually I started talking to him and its only been a week when hecalls me out of the blue saying how much he likes me.. It seems loyal but as muchas I like the fact of him calling me and showing me so much attention its cutetoo me...But he's coming on too strong and I feel I need a little space I liketo have time to myself, where I can sit and get things situated B4 I just hop ina relationship..

I am a Pisces woman now dating a Aries man.. He been wanting 2 take meout on a date 4 a very long time but 4 some reason I wouldn't give that man thetime of the day...but when I decide 2 give him a chance things weren't the wayhe made them seem.. Aries man are just always busy... I think Aries man don'tlike 2 be chase they wanna do all the chasing.. So word of advice u must playhard 2 get when dealing with a Aries man

ahhh the Aries man am a Pisces gale was in a I cant call it arelationship but a fling with a Aries. he really came on strong at first veryloving and passionate ive never met som1 so passionate I did the whole give himtime shit and he always came around text call. but once we had sex I told himwe were moving too fast and I didn't want just sex since I actually like this guyfor a change but nop every time I came over he always tried to give it to me (theydon't take no 4 an answer) I just stopped trying after the last time I saw him hetried to give it to me again damn u Aries n I just had to get away 4rm thesituation cuz it looks like that's all he wants and I explained I want arelationship damit n he didn't really say much I don't no if I scared him or what.well I haven't talked or seen him in a while who knows he might text or call outof the blue again lol

im a Pisces girl and ive been dating my Aries for 7 months now. theyr sexy as hell no doubt about that. he's gorgeous. got a face to die for with abody to match. everything about them screams manly. they r so passionate. sexis hot. reeeeealllyyy hot. they r animals. lol but then they are sweet. oncethey decided on a girl, its game over for u. they are your man and that's it.don't make plans with another guy friend cause ur Aries will be pissed. it istrue though, they want the trophy wife, someone beautiful who takes care ofthemselves but also someone to have an intellectual convo with. but Pisces andAries together can work. us Pisces can get long with anyone and since Aries rloyal and care a lot, Pisces girls have absolutely nothing to worry about :)

ive been seeing an Aries guy for a little over a year. surprised?well me too!! Ive know him physically for about 15months been having sex theentire time it is AMAZING!! I love him really I do but he's never available!!

I can go literally weeks without talking to him and then out the blue he calls.and we'll pick up where we left off. The problem is if feel like he's using mebut when he is around he declares he loves me through phone calls texts voicemessages and its confusing because if you say you love somebody wouldn't youmake time for them. Im seriously about to call it quit. I love him dearly but Ineed way much more than he's been giving

To Piscean girls. Ask yourself what you want out of your relationship. Then answer yourself truthfully. Examine your relationship. Is it aligned with your desires? If so that's great well done to you. If not. girl there are literally billions of potential men out there, and you can't find one that suits you? Absurd thought isn't it.

Sticking around for a guy that never calls, or calls just for booty should be palmed right off and shown the door (imho)! Unless of course that is what you want miss Pisces? How does miss Pisces want to be treated?

Let any guy do that to you once no matter the zodiac, they'll think 1) your easy 2)not worth the effort of trying.

Spoken from a general point of view, but hey do what you like. but ill leave you with one last question. How much do you respect yourself?

My advice (because I am a Piscean that's been through a lot of relationships and got wiser each time. bonus)

You are beautiful miss Pisces, and you know it. You don't need validation from a man, if you got that confidence about yourself he'll come knocking no matter the zodiac. You've got zest, you've got charm, you've got that admirable patience that seems endless, you're kind and intelligent and if a mr potential doesn't see that, dear please don't waste your time. Its true as they say, love is a game and a numbers game at that. So be confident, show them who you are, be honest with yourself. Dive into love without fear of hurt or rejection, those feelings are what challenges us to better ourselves, changes our thinking, changes our overall outlook on love and perhaps life.

I'm a Pisces girl, married to an Aries man for a little over three years now. We've been together for about 6 years. Because we really are two very different people, we really do have to work at understanding each other.

My Aries man is strong, protective, incredibly loyal, a hard worker and very truly, my knight in shining amour. I'm soft and sweet, but a little rough around the edges and honest to the point of being blunt. I think he appreciates that about me. I also think that he loves my girly nature, and even after all these years, he sees me a challenge-one that he works hard to conquer (he DOES like to be number 1, you know).

Aries are high energy-always wanting to go somewhere, do something, its hard for them to sit still. I love that he is always so full of adventure and fun. He is also very supportive of my creative talents and dreams (no matter how many times they change). He encourages me to not just dream-but DO. He likes to take me out and likes to show me off. He really does treat me like a princess. Sometimes, he has a hard time understanding why I need to go off by myself, but he is learning that's just how I recharge, and he allows me the space and freedom to just be me-whoever I am that day.

An Aries man in love is the greatest, kindest kind of man. He really does put you up on a pedestal and is not afraid to show you how much he loves you. I'm not saying our marriage is always easy, we definitely think differently and have to focus on communicating in order to clear up misunderstandings, but it's worth the effort. I have never felt more loved, safe or protected as I do when I'm in his arms.

I am a Pisces woman and I was formerly involved with an Aries man. At first it went great, I was that emotional woman that always wanted a big strong man to lay my head on his shoulder and he loved it because he got to be the leader it made him feel like he was on top of the world. Then four years later I find out he was cheating. Now I am not saying this is every Aries man, but I am saying that they are never pleased, they always look for new adventure. Our sex life was great, you know us Pisces are very adventurous and erotic, and he always bragged about it. but in the end I don't know what went wrong. I feel like as far as the books go Aries men and Pisces women are the perfect match BUT in real life we are way too sensitive for them and they are way too bold for us. That is what I feel from my experience.

Im with an Aries Im Pisces 5 yrs 3yrs were wonderful he swept me off my feet I fell in love he did too .these last 2 yrs weve been off and on and that's because he has other women that come over all the time with their car problems so he says. he doesn't do it 4 me I have to wash my own car ect.He breaks off 4 2 weeks then he calls me some times longer. love him so Igo back just to do something 2 piss him off then im out again I think he's got several women and he takes turns we have sex 1 time a month its not enough 4 me so im trying to get over him. I WILL NEVER GO WITH ANOTHER Aries I THINK THEIR NARSECES.I HATE HIM

im a Pisces girl with a Aries guy.....I barely met him like a month ago and stuff are going really good it seems like he really likes me and is taking me seriously but I don't know if its going to work out because I don't like people telling me what to do and they say their really demanding and bossy and I hate people bossing me around.....but I love the way he understands me and treats me....but we wants to have sex and I don't know if that's the only think he probably wants from me of if his gonna like it.......I don't know what to do you think it could work out???

I've been seeing my Aries man for about 6 weeks now. We live 2 hours apart, so we spent a lot of time on the phone in the beginning. Very early on after we began to talk on a romantic level, he told me of his "requirements". I must call him everyday, tell him where I'm going, who I'm with, and what I am doing. Sounds crazy right?! But that's just his way of feeling like he's in control. Aries men are controlling, jealous, and possessive! They are 'manly men' who like to be number 1 at all times, and hate to be questioned. We once went to a nightclub together, and a guy was flirting with me. So me, being friendly, just casually conversed back. Big mistake! My Aries was pissed! After that experience, I learned him, and we haven't had that problem since.

My guess is that it works because as a Pisces, I like to feel safe, protected, and cherished. His nickname for me is "Princess", and he certainly treats me like one!

One other bad thing though is Aries men LOVE attention from other women. I am not sure if he will cheat, but if he does, I am sure he will use the excuse of "I don't love her I love you, she was just an easy lay". We haven't crossed that bridge yet, but he does flirt ALOT!

I've been seeing my Aries man for about 6 weeks now. We live 2 hours apart, so we spent a lot of time on the phone in the beginning. Very early on after we began to talk on a romantic level, he told me of his "requirements". I must call him everyday, tell him where I'm going, who I'm with, and what I am doing. Sounds crazy right?! But that's just his way of feeling like he's in control. Aries men are controlling, jealous, and possessive! They are 'manly men' who like to be number 1 at all times, and hate to be questioned. We once went to a nightclub together, and a guy was flirting with me. So me, being friendly, just casually conversed back. Big mistake! My Aries was pissed! After that experience, I learned him, and we haven't had that problem since.

My guess is that it works because as a Pisces, I like to feel safe, protected, and cherished. His nickname for me is "Princess", and he certainly treats me like one!

One other bad thing though is Aries men LOVE attention from other women. I am not sure if he will cheat, but if he does, I am sure he will use the excuse of "I don't love her I love you, she was just an easy lay". We haven't crossed that bridge yet, but he does flirt ALOT!

I'm a Pisces woman and my Aries boyfriend recently broke up with me.

It started out really intense; lots of passion and we seemed totally compatible. We enjoyed a lot of the same things and we were positive we both loved each other and that it was possible our relationship would last forever. He was my first real boyfriend, and I was his first girlfriend.

We dated for a couple of months, but about halfway through we grew distant, and only really talked to each other more out of obligation, rather than just wanting to. He broke up with me, and now he's dating my best friend. I'm not mad though, because she told me as soon as I'd settled down and also because like I said, we'd grown very distant from one another.

So, I have been talking to this Aries man for a while, and finally decided to meet up and have a very nice date. I mean it was real good date. Both stated that we liked each other and had a good time with each other. Mind you every day for like 3 weeks it was non stop constant communication, then we have the date and boom nothing no communication back Until I grew balls and called. He returned the call but didn't sound like he sounded before when we chatted and the convo was brief. I am just slightly confused by this. Had a great date which we agreed upon, and then nothing? I know nothing wrong was said or anything. All signs through the date def lead to him returning the attraction, and not just another lay. Why the Flip??

"Why the flip?" That is a good question,i think it might be because you called him, they say Aries men like to do the chasing, which I believe to be true. I am so totally confused by my Aries man, I don't know what to do. We dated for like a month, i'm a single mom with 2 daughters. He found out that my oldest daughter is living with me, with her boyfriend, (whom she just had a baby with). They had there own place, but it didn't work with there roommates, so they moved back in with me. So one night, 2 weeks ago, he calls me and tells me that he doesn't like the fact that my daughters boy friend is living here with us. Well I went off, (he was stating this from a christian point of view, that it wasn't right allowing him to live with us). I assumed that he was breaking it off with me, and I REALLY like this guy, so I got pretty upset. left him all kinds of messages on his phone. Anyway the next night he calls me, and says he wasn't trying to break it off with me, he was just trying to RE-DEFINE our relationship. That he was sorry for hurting me, and making me cry, and that he never intended to hurt me, he felt real bad. He said he wanted to come over, and he did, he was drunk, we made, what he called, "make up sex". While doing it, he said he loved me about 4 times!! Stayed all night, snuck out in the morning before my kids got up. And since then he calls me 1-3 times a week, a lot of times he says he gonna call and he doesn't. So what am I to think????????? I am keeping my guard up, cuz I don't want to get hurt, taking it one day at a time. Does anyone have any other advice for me?

I am an Aries man just starting to date an Pisces woman - I had an old friend who knew her and told me she was lying about something to me - when I confronted her about it she was hurt I believed my friend over her and now after a great start she has gone distant. Says she still likes me but is hurt and wants to slow down. I made a mistake and apologized not sure what to do... she seems aloof. Any thoughts?

Most of the post are true about Aries. They love to flirt and try to make women jealous. However they are extremely possessive, controlling and ask so many questions it would make your brain hurt. My experience is with someone I've know for over two decades. While it was on and off he would try and eavesdrop on any conversation and want me to hear women leave him messages on his voicemail. Most of them were gimmicks and pranks to make me jealous but I knew it was con and hustle. They just like too much attention . . . believe it or not they are whining cry babies that want there way at anyones expense. They do not take no for an answer and act extremely immature when they do not get their way. They want to first in everything even when they do not know what they are doing. Besides they deny making the same mistakes over and over again and wonder in a child amazement why you get pissed and won't do anything for them. It is my experience that they are the big users and want everyone to feel sorry for them. They play the victim at the drop of a hat and they do not display loyal traits. They pretend to get along with people just to get something out of them but inwardly they really do not care about the people they use. They are blunt to the point of rudeness. This Aries was sarcastic too everyone and egocentric out this world. They want to be the center of attention 24/7 and cannot imagine that the sun, stars, and moon does not rise on them. He was a huge pretender that love bragging and creating fiction for the purpose of attention.

Just let her settle down she needs time to gather her thoughts and spend time on her own.

I'm a Pisces woman starting to date an Aries man, I am a little sceptical now after having read the same negative comments regarding his possessive and controlling behaviour. I will give it a try with one eye open.

My Pisces husband is a ball of whiny confusion! I can't stand his "woe is me" attitude or his chronic lying. Being an Aries native I value honesty and will keep it brutally so in my conversations and with his habitual lying it makes for a tough road. We've only been married for like 6 months/together for a year and it seemed doomed from the start. He's always playing the victim when he's actually as ahole at heart. Yes, he's generous with money but this headache of a relationship ain't worth all the tea in China. I want a divorce from the indecisive, insecure little clown.

I'm a Pisces female, and I have been liking a Aries male, I am so confused. He flirts like crazy(tickles me, winks. The normal flirting) but keeps saying that he doesn't want to take it any further than that. Any advice would be great.

I am a Pisces woman and I have been dating an Aries man for 7years. We have achieved everything together and literall touched the stars. We are different but I love him and he is worth every effort. He makes me smile and time goes by soo quickly with him.

It can work

I am Pisces and my Aries man is more than a dream come true.

He worships me and serves me constantly, doing everything for me. He is very manly and loves to give massages, touch me lovingly at any time of the day, and has only gotten warmer and more sexual and loving as the years have gone by (6 years, now).

At first he tried to make advances, but was no good at flirting and I even tried to flirt with him once on our third outing and second real date. It was refreshing to see that he was not the charmer type because that was not what I was looking for.

Before we became friends he tried to talk to me a lot but I never responded to his emails or IM's. I was not looking for a relationship and he seemed a little clingy.When a year later I realized he was a really nice and observant/wise person, I agreed to go out on an unofficial date.We fell in love on our first date at a sushi house in Ybor. Our intellectual and philosophical conversations were in tune and we had a lot in common.

I would never love another man. He and I have had a lot of nasty fights, usually with me telling him he is an oaf or a snob or him telling me I am demanding and mean. He is very childish, but it's adorable and innocent. His eyes are childishly blue and so clear. It is almost like looking into the sun.

He is very annoying and loves to collect junk, probably because his moon is in Taurus, and is extremely stubborn. He thinks I am judgmental and too particular. Besides that and petty arguments, we are basically the luckiest couple in the world.

I keep wondering when I will get bored, but it keeps getting better and more exiting. Neither one of us age like our friends, physically or mentally and we want each other constantly. He never looks at other women and is an amazing father figure to our cats (and even me sometimes) and I know he will be the perfect dad when we adopt one day.

He is romantic, just not in a typical way but I have a way of making him extremely mushy and sweet! He calls me "fairy" most of the time and is always kissing me and buying me exotic fruits. He is big into bragging, and acting macho which I have toned down a bit by explaining to him that is makes him look less impressive when he does that and he has listened.

Be careful, though, girls. He is a real man and is this way for a reason. Yes, when he brags to his family and dominates the conversation, talks at the wrong times and argues with the trashcan while intoxicated it's a little bit much, but just remember that sometimes in order to teach a stray lamb, you have to break it's leg so make sure it's really something worth beating out of him because you may underestimate your power and get your wish, only to have a broken lamb by your side.

Women are very powerful. I have molded him a lot, really. He used to collect so much crap that I threatened to leave him for it as it got pathological and he would break down wailing in the office because I asked him to give up one piece of plastic, but thankfully he has changed his hoarding of things to a degree.

He thought at first I would allow him to decorate our house with his stuff and destroy the energy in our home but he has found out who is boss.

He expected me to go to holidays with the family, follow him to work, etc and get angry if I didn't come to all his events and start to manipulate me and freak out, but after two years he has accepted that I want nothing to do with his family for various reasons and has respected my choice.

Also he used to live on packaged foods and soda and never clean his room, just like a kid and chain smoke and now he is on an organic diet and uses a vaporizer so it's fair to say I have changed him.

He also changed me as I used to be a vegetarian and I can say I am very glad to have made the change! We are good for each other and are the best of friends, truly. He is so fine and is always making me laugh hysterically. From head to two he is the perfect warrior man. My man looks like an action figure and reminds me Robin Hood! Brave, loyal, youthful. Respects the working class and reminds of you of someone from Fight Club, generally. Has a lot of dignity and is not a whore, or bi, or whatever they say about Aries men.

I am a Pisces woman and I just started dating an Aries man :)... well at first I wasnt interested at all, I mean hea would leave message after message and I would ignore the mess out of him lol. but finally one day I said ok why not? Now im in love and he's meeting my mother soon. Im not sure of what the future holds but right now I see thats he's protective and he's very blunt and I love that about him.

Last year about this time I dumped an Aries man, it started out cool and really great but I realized the attraction wasnt there and he would point out my flaws as if he were trying to make me think no one else wanted me... a few months ago he began to contact me again but I wanted nothing to do with no matter how hard he tried, he always over exaggerated himself to be more than he really was sort of like he everyone worshipped the ground he walked on but in the end he was exposed... he was so oblivious that he didn't realize that he had very little and very little people paid attention to him... -smh.

I've been dating a Aries man for almost 3 years. We are always on again off again. I find myself watching what I say so that it doesn't push the wrong bitton and he goes into defense mode. When we are together he gives me all of him..but when we are apart its like I hear from him when he finds time. I've learned to just back off and let him make plans with me whens he's ready.people sayi should leave him..but I know he loves me no matter what..and I know he knows the same. MY ADVICE..stay with ones ever had my interest 4 so long:)

Hi I am Aries man and my girl is pieces we are in relation from last 8months we were happy in start we use to call,hang around ,party etc but suddenly I found that she has 2man in her life & when I ask she said that is not true but I don't believe that becoz his room mate use to have sex with him all the time & others also is it common in pieces girl.but she is charming and attractive even if I don't talk to her for a day I get upset and call her though I know that she is cheating me or may be not I show her all the carring & love to her but she doest care about my feeling just ignore that & now when ever she want she come back or else she enjoy with some one else

There's something about an Aries man that pulls Pisces females in. Iv fallin in love time and time again w Aries boys and its always been an exciting and romantic experience & then ended in heart break because of his selfishness or because I was to hard 2 read I don't know really. I find myself again falling for an Aries man, he seems to be my dream come true & I cant resist him. He chases me like Pepe le Pew (lol typical Aries persona) & I guess I love 2 be chased, but then when I give in I am completely variable, mmmm so wonderful how love can give you agony & ecstasy

There's something about an Aries man that pulls Pisces females in. Iv fallin in love time and time again w Aries boys and its always been an exciting and romantic experience & then ended in heart break because of his selfishness or because I was to hard 2 read I don't know really. I find myself again falling for an Aries man, he seems to be my dream come true & I cant resist him. He chases me like Pepe le Pew (lol typical Aries persona) & I guess I love 2 be chased, but then when I give in I am completely variable, mmmm so wonderful how love can give you agony & ecstasy

I am a Pices women wondering how you know if an Aries man is in love with me

Check the Aries man article here, it answers that question. There's a seduction section here too which has various discussions on the topic.

I am an Aries man dating a Pisces woman and our relationship has been great from the get-go. We would have sex a lot because we were physically attracted to each and had TONS of fun together. The chemistry was excellent so we moved from just friends to going out. But it depends on the person so choose wisely

im a Pisces girl who dated an Aries man for 2 years we were each others first serious relationship, it was one hella roller coaster ride. ended badly but the experience was worth it. when they truly love you they will do ANYTHING for you, and put you on a pedastal.3 years after the break up were still on each others minds

I am a Pisces woman, I was on with a aries, then he left me for another woman and simply because we didn't work out the first time around, we both had our mistakes and we both forgave. I found out I was pregnant by him about two weeks after we had been apart and he wanted to be apart of the childs life but we still had some growing to do and at the time I knew that a lil better than he did. The girl he left me for was one who did him wrong before I had even cussed the girl out more than once,but the last time I had anything to say to her..was right before he left me for her again..anyways..we are back together and things are going pretty good, and to be honest from what I have read I think Aries men,and Pisces women misunderstand each other BIG TIME! Yes, the man may not be as obessed with your feelings as you would like them to be(so I say to the pisces) but at the same time Pisces woman does have a tendecy to be all about herself and be selfish and not admit it.We tend to care a bit more about ourselves then the space of the aries, yes if you play the chase game he will come. Its what he likes, and Pisces woman, you know you like it to. You know when you have sex with someone or have had sex with someone and you don't feel that connection it bothers you, and the best way to fix it is to space out the sex,right? Aries are emotional during sex but they hide it very very well. What they like is to let you figure them out, they like to know your ideas on them, and when you have nailed them they can tend to be definsive if you don't know the facts,and if you are tactless ex..(I know you think she is hot, why can't you just say so,OR NAGGING-) He hates nagging. And so does a Pisces woman, they do have more in common than we think, 1 major thing, they love being complamenting on there achievments! Duh! They love the glory, we are attention hoggers both alike. Why are Pisces women so shy? Because we hate putting our feelings out on the line, so does the Aries man. When these two trust each other they will open up in way's unknown to either one, you the Pisces woman think he isn't acknoldgeing you..your wrong..very very very wrong. Unless he hasn't talked to you in a month, then move on. And believe you me Aries man, heres another thing in common-We Pisces woman, if you bugg us so much, we dissapear, we don't like someone to be sooooo dependent on us..Its annoying. Either way, what both sides like in this relationship is equality.Pisces and Aries both love solitude to themselves, they love to go out with friends sometimes and just be with there friends, sometimes on a whim they will invite you..anyways as this one saying goes,can't rape the willing, but pretending is always fun. ;) wink wink, get me. You know you have each other and the Pisces woman espically needs to see that, enjoy the chase cause if he keeps comming back for more and keeps you at his side every other week..then good..he enjoy's suprises every now and then..i could say so much more. but ive typed enough. Hope maybe my read was helpful for both. Oh and on one factor, I do from time to time, feel as if he doesn't care..but then I remember the things he says and it picks me right back up..he knows if he messes up this time around I am done, he knows now I will walk away..and girls you gotta make that a factor. You won't settle for less than what you deserve so remember what you dish out.

I have fall in love with Aries man so much. Its like I can't live without him. But everytime I look at him he is with other girl and flirting. he didn't even look at me. I guess I have to forget about my crush. Please help me if there is anyone who is kind to share me some advice.

I am a Pisces girl and I dated an Aries guy for a year. It started off amazing he was my first real boyfriend and we seemed to have so much in common. As I got to know him better he was VERY rude and mean at times. Rude to all my friends and later on with me. He was also very possesive he wouldnt let me have any guy friends and didn't let me talk to a guy I was very good friends with just cause he was "flirting" with me when he was just messing around. Which I found unfair cause he loved attention from other girls and was quite the flirt. He HAD to know where I was 24/7 which pissed me off cause I like my space sometimes and be alone which is something he didn't get. He had the crazy idea that we would last forever even though we were only in high school and I knew it wasnt possible, when I told him that he took no for an answer that he knew for a fact that we were gonna be together forever. They say Pisces are sensitive but this "agressive" Aries was a big cry baby I t seriously annoyed me soooo damn much. Sex was alright but I didn't enjoy it as much as him he treated sex like a sport definitely. He was also very touchy even in public when im more shy with that but he didn't let me say no and I felt forced at times. On the brightside he did treat me like a princess sometimes and showed me off to his friends. But it was seriously one horrible relationship since we've broken up he's tried contacting me but I ignore his texts. I've met a Capricorn and he's completely different in a good way ;) to all you Pisces girls who wanna date an Aries man.... I warn ya BE CAREFUL there are better matches than this one.

Wow every comments that I read about Pisces and Aries relationship is incredible.. I was laughing evry time I read I same experience with other bloggers. Anyway im Pisces and in a relationship with Aries man for 6 months,i met him online, at first I was not that interested on him, but he pursue me alot, he calls me,send messages,anythng that make a women special,it seems like his an expert,a real man who knows evry right move lol. He kept on asking me to call him,but I never did, I just let him call and do the chasing,and I know he love doing that. Yes its so true they love a lot of attention from a lot of girls and most of the time he wants me to get jealous.But of course im tryin to cover up my feelings as if I was not is possesive, , and kept on saying ."your mine" nobody owns you but me. But he knows his limitation. My advice be very understanding and learn to trust them who knows you can make a greatest love story..

I am a Pisces woman who has been having a who knows what the hell it is with an Aries man for about two months now. He was actively pursuing me for a couple of months and I was loving it cuz he is pretty awesome and hot as hell. So we've only hung out 4 four times in the last 2 months cuz like the girls above say...busy busy busy..THEN I won't hear from him for like a week and a half to two I sit here and wonder wtf is his problem right? Then we will hang out and he acts like I'm his girl..OMG I am so confused..hahahaha The thing is I keep saying well F him..done..then he comes around and he's so awesome and I cave...just hung with him last weekend..and yep..haven't heard from him...prolly won't for another month hahahaha..I keep thinking he's using me too like one girl said. But this is not a player at all..and when I see him he acts like everything is normal..I guess that's just how they roll? And I refuse to hit him up..I can tell already he likes the c hase..ugggggggghhh most confusing guy I've ever dealt with...

I am a Pisces woman that was married to an Aries man for over sixteen years. Ladies, don't go there. What was initially so romantic with my macho man turned into an abusive cage from hell. All the strength and positivity of this man became controlling and bullying. He eventually saw my kindness as weakness. Although it never was physical this man was extremely mentally and emotionally abusive. As a sensitive person this was soul destroying. I would not wish this unhappiness on anyone.

I am a Pisces woman in a long distance relationship with an Aries man for 7 months now. The sexual chemistry is crazy intense and we are a good fit intellectually as well. Communication? Not such a good match - we really have to work at it.

The biggest advice I can give is to always play hard to get, always let him make the first move, always let him contact you first. At one point in our relationship, I tried to gain the upperhand by contacting him more frequently and trying to get him to call more often. Bad idea! We almost broke up as a result. He always has to be in control of those types of things, and I'm okay with that now because I can tell he is committed and faithful to me. I think it has to do with the fact that Aries wants his woman to live her own life and be independent - he doesn't want to feel like he's the only thing in her life, because he values his own independence so much.

Another thing I've noticed: Aries wants a woman who is very feminine, ladylike, and attractive (which, luckily for me, is Pisces to a T!). Wear a dress and heels as often as possible and you won't believe his appreciation. If you really want to light his fire, break out the sheer, lacy lingerie.

Pisces female and My Aries lover. Oh boy is all I can say.. it's a constant battle with this one here. We were married 14 years ago at 21 and 26.. he's a manly man and by jove he is in charge! Well that didn't work out 14 yrs ago.. I wasn't willing to bend one iota. I have spent the years trying to find someone even close to what he is to me.... UNSUCCESSFUL. We have since been seeing each other off and on and the passion is still there, but so is that "I'm in charge attitude" this time around though.. I am willing to let him take control. I love him and we'll go through these ups and downs until we get it right. It also helps that we live in different states.. so when he is too overbearing, I can just turn off my phone and go on about my day without worry that he will be mad when I get home.

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