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I was married to an Aries man for 10 years... we were hot and heavy first 2 years...

Aries husband constantly cheats.. little remorse, a lot of lies... so finally Icheated on him to.. the sag in me believes in an eye for an eye...

Very stubborn and flakey ...

I love our attitude.. strength but I need more passion and ours fizzled tooquickly and the sex... well I prefer Taurus men in that department

Something about that FIRE!

passion passion excitement. Lights Music Adventure!

As a Sagittarius woman, I Love Aries men, they give space, they entertain, theyunderstand mutual independence without ruining the relationship.

They LOVE powerful women, sounds perfect for a Sagittarius Women to me.

he's a cheater as am I! just sneaker. He hasn't actually found out butive busted him out more than a few times. the wounds had to heal. were just nowgetting back to how we were in the beginning! very hot and passionate

Self centered man and free spirited woman...

Only in marriage will sag compromise... when Aries knows he got the devotionfrom sag... he will go out looking for a fling...

Sag will benefit from more loving signs no matter how boring they can be..(like Taurus)

I agree...

My Aries man cheated and lied... lies. I caught him. And we tried to work itout. A year of me trying to heal and him not working at the relationship...Until... he thought I was seeing someone else. Then he came around. He says hewants to be in a committed relationship... but we shall see!

Aries men always has to chase and conquer. After the conquest is over he moveson. So always keep him on his toes. Sagittarius women are very capable of doingso and when we are done with them. We are strong enough to push the Aries manaway.

Im dating an Aries man and I gotta tell you, ive never had hotter sexin my life. but he's so flakey and distant at times, give me too much space inmy opinion and comes with so many stipulations. we've only been together forabout 3 months and still hasn't introduced me as his girlfriend and is alwayssurrounded by women. I cant trust him at all and he hasn't even done anythingyet. but I sense it so badly and im the least jealous girlfriend and for onceim getting to be suspicious. and it seems to me he wants the single life butif he gets bored to come see me. I don't feel important enough to him. :( andits driving me crazy. im trying to keep him on his toes but honestly im not atall sure how to do that. I don't like playing games im as straight forward as itgets. I don't know, ive got to see this one through.

My Aries boyfriend is a damn asshole, always breaks plans and lies! Ithought Aries men were supposed to be loyal! I am an overly emotional sag and Iam so weak for my Aries man. I don't know if he is cheating but after hearingall this shit about Aries men being cheaters, it scares me. I am love with myman but now I look at all the lies and instead of thinking he just blows me offcuz he's selfish and is more into his friends, now I think he's off having sexwith different females when we are not together! ugh I hate him and love him

I am a Sagittarius woman with an Aries man and he is the best. Wehave been together for almost a year and I have never been so happy in my life.He is very loyal and rarely wants space/to be apart. I can't imagine him evercheating on anyone. He is the sweetest man I have ever been with.

How do you know is he jealous if he tries hard not to show it?

I'm a Sag and he's an Aries. We met at a really young age, still in love. He's the bat thing for me the sex is amazing. I get bored easily with other dudes but with him it's different. He openly knows I will try other men and women so cheating is something I do when he doesn't want to please me sexually however I haven't found better sex yet. I caught him once cheating on me with two different women however I do it to him all the time so it wasn't a biggie but I did let him know that he can't do it anymore. Yes I'm addicted to sex however our love life is amazing. He's like my best friend fun to be around when he's not with his guys or girls that are his friends which are thousands of them it pisses me off because I get jealous quickly. I tell my family he's my baby, boyfriend, husband and his mom knows me as his friend that he likes. Truthfully I love him but I never keep my options closed two can play that game an eye for an eye sorry babe .

I don't like Aries men and I'm a Sagittarius girl. they all seem like jocks and I hate that. I prefer Capricorns, Sagittarius's, Cancers, Pisces, Gemini's, anything else basically, even Leos because they're at least creative and much sexier. I have Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Scorpio, Moon in Leo so maybe that's why I don't like them that much. I much prefer Capricorn's qualities even if they're more boring at least they don't cheat on you all the time cause I would really hate that. I'm not a slut so I don't really want to have sex with 5 different people at the same time. if I really love someone I will be very loyal to him even if I like other people. there's no point being in a relationship with someone if they aren't your only one, then you mind as well be f*ck buddies or something cause it isn't a real relationship or real love. I don't know I couldn't live my life like that.

Bottom line is that if an Aries personality is a such that he wants or likes the chase and once he knows the one he chased is now committed to him...he looks somewhere else... and yet he will lie about it... too much ego....

Self centered Aries man... does not want to try to make it work but he makes sure the one that meant so much ( like a wife) stays around as the value of her is still high...

I have seen the most wonderful part of an Aries and the most horrible part.. Divorce rate for Aries is the highest... they are not for those who need love and attention and honesty in their love.. Aries as a husband is a great provider.. not stingy... and gives space... but the other side of the coin is a lonely life ..

my Aries boyfriend is hot! and I can just stand in a bathing suit in the middle f the room and you can hear him saying "so tempting"...

and also our relationship was supposedly made in don't really know what an Aries male will do

I'm Sag whose currently dating an Aries male! & yes they are VERY Selfish (unknowingly I guess)! He loves the cat & mouse chase because as soon as I ease up on the calling/ texting or I start becoming unavailable... he runs right back demanding "we share our feelings" & work it out Lol!! I'm a true Sag at heart!! I like to keep my options open but the passion between me & this Aries is RED HOT!!! Which makes me want to be his only but I know for a fact he's seeing other women & from the looks of it he'll never stop! I prefer Libra's & Capricorns (but not for a lifetime lol)

The problem with all of you Sag girls is you're smothering the Aries man. If you make him feel confined he will bolt and cheat. I have the hottest Aries man and he is mine, all mine. Never strays, he just loves that we both need our independence. But independence doesn't mean cheating.

I'm a sag girl and I had an Aries male. Jerk! He was married when I meet him but of course he never said he was. They lie and they cheat! I'm w/a Gemini now and we fight like cats & dogs. I don't think there is a good sign f/sagg. Maybe, it's because we are too SMART!! :)

I've had bad experiences with guys who were from all the other signs....And I don't think that it's all about astrology. I think it depends on the person. I'm a Sagittarius and I just think that some of us are just picking the wrong guys...

this is so true. I truly accept my fiance' either way because its in his have to compromise on all situations, that's what keep the relationship health.

I am a sag girl and I have met 2 Aries in my life. It is love at the first sight. But, Aries men are detached. Try not to tight them down or like us sags, they will run away.

I dated some Taurus, they cheated too. Aries and Sags are compatible, try to become friends with them. Don't think about marriage, let them chase you sags. Friendship is better.

Well Im a sag and my man is an Aries. We have the best relationship. We both understand each other, we can be honest with one another. I never worry about him cheating nor do I. I don't chase him or play the games. We are in love and both of us know how we feel about each other. We are lovers, friends and ready to spend our lives together. We are getting married soon!!!! and that wasn't on me, he took the led on all that.

Some complaints on here may be nothing more than the man or women you're with. No one is perfect, we all have flaws, so please ladies stop bashing your men on here. If you're unhappy and it just isn't working, move around. You will get that match made for you! don't settle or deal with cheating, etc.... if its not working its just not.

Best of luck to you all and please pray for me as well. I love my Aries man, he is amazing, loving, treats me like a queen, make sure he shows me how much he loves me on the daily. I don't worry about cheating or him lying to me (and Im not the most trusting type nor do I put up with BS), but no matter his sign he is the perfect match for me!

I am a sag woman, I am a strong woman and I no I am compatible with a Aries man , we are very good together. and no when not to push each other, I am always a lady, when I am with him, and he like that, I keep myself looking good even in my jeans. he like my nail done too.

I am a Sagittarius, 4 man who chases me in my life are Aries, they good in sex, but not loyal, 4 of them cheat.. I am good in Cancer for a long relationship, never fall in love with Aries...ego men

I'm a Sag and with an Aries man. We've been together for almost a year and it is amazing! The love life is very passionate and he never strays. Girls that have an Aries man straying and indifferent, that might be because he is not into you, not really. Aries men are notoriously indifferent if they don't like you! The way to catch an Aries man is all about the beginning, you have to pretend you're not that interested, and then show a bit of interest! They love it. And when you get him, make sure single life for him was not as good as being with you!

First off, I'm a Sagittarius female born 11/30/1983 at 11:32am. I met an Aries man about a month ago and just think he's the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. His birthday is 4/15/1983, but I don't know anything else about his chart.

Anyway, we both have fairly busy lives in NYC, but have hung out about once a week for the past month with wonderful results. We always have a marvelous time, stimulating conversation and generally end by kissing for some ridiculous length of time in public (alcohol is not always involved, heh). The problem is... we hardly ever communicate outside of these meetings. For about a week after we met, he texted me adorable things and I responded accordingly. He got sick one week and left town another week and ever since, I hardly get a peep from him. I use all of my personal strength not to text him or call him, which I desperately want to do. I'm trying to let him woo me (isn't that what an Aries wants?). Yet, when we meet up the fireworks fly all over again. I haven't felt this good around someone in a long time and I'm pretty sure we could make a great go of it. He is very sweet - kisses my face and arms and neck and mouth... loves my hair and my skin and my eyes and other var ous body parts, ;). He says the sweetest things and is intrigued by my quirks (and I'm quite quirky). And of course I LOVE his take charge attitude when we are in person.

Another confusing factor. Even though he isn't communicative outside of our meeting up, sometimes I mention things I've done or did and he exclaims, "Why didn't you tell me?" Ummm... because you never call or text me, silly. ;) If I had my way I would tell him all about the exciting things I've been up to.

What does this mean? Am I dealing with a player? (Mutual friends of ours think not...) Should I just deal with this communication problem as long as I can or call him? I'm an actor and am out of town for 2 months doing a show. Is he just waiting till I come back? Is he just not that into me? Any advice would be appreciated. I don't want to mess this up if I can help it. Thank you!

I'm a Sag my boyfriend Aries is much older than me, divorced, situated, brilliant, funny, passionate Sometimes however, he is so incredibly naive I feel like his older sister, or mother. Aries are the babies of the horoscope, they scream an cry and their wishes come first. Ask them nothing, they become generous. Otherwise, when in need, I must count on someone else. Mostly friends. I keep thinking this relationship can not last long, however it still lasts and it surprises me everyday. My way is not taking Aries seriously at all. I have my life, and my plans, whatever additional benefit Aries can bring is OK, but you can't count on it. The cat and mouse game they like is so obvious, that it is quite boring. Also, they have no idea whatsoever that other people have feelings and needs. I'd like to date a Pisces for a couple of days just to find out what it feels like. Maybe it would be boring?

I am a Aries male and I came across this site while I was searching for divorce rate of sag and aries. Very interesting comments. AS a Aries male I can say with surety that if a Aries male is cheating its because he feels he can do better physically and what I mean by that is for example lets say your thirty years old and 40 pounds overweight and he knows he can get another sag female say 23 and a size 2 he will cheat. the bottom line compatability is not enough , you must also have physical chemistry. Aries men do have monter egos they cant help it. They feel the desearve the best and if your not the best in his eyes he will cheat eventually. What that means is you need a Aries male that who feels that you are the best he is ever going to get and you will have the magic that you seek

I am a sag woman. I am 100% sag. I am very active, and energetic. In about 3 months I'm to wed a Aries man. And all I an think about in my head is, if he cheats on me while we are married I will fuck him up. I don't care what anyone says sag and Aries are drawn to each other. I didn't even believe in astrology but facts kept coming up. I have been engaged 4 times all of which were aries. Well there was one aquarious...none the less. Each of them cheated numerous times. Which kills me because I am independent, I make a nice sum of money I am beautiful and athletic. Everytime I put my guard down he does some stupid shit. He is adaminent about getting amrried but for some reason I feel like it's to trap me because even though I don't cheat I believe deep down he knows at any second I could go an end up with some one who is actually deserving of me. He kills my hig. He is selfish and he isntt half as smart as me on my worst day. I don't know if I an go through with marr iage on broken promises, infidelity and goos sex. We as sagis tolerate too much from Aries men we fight an argue then we fall back in love with them. It keeps it interesting but it's bound tto be destructive. When we love we love hard an I don't know how sag and Aries are compatible I think in attraction yes, but in long term FUCK NO! Guess I shouldent waste the money on the wedding.

I'm a Sag and have dated an Aries man on and offf for the last 6 years. We have the most incredible sex I have ever had and his charm, passion, and charisma keeps me hanging on. He was everything I ever dreamed of but, just couldn't commit to me or us. He has lied, cheated, abandoned me both mentally and physically but, yet I can't seem to let him go. He loves the cat and mouse game and everything I say it is over and I have had enough, he comes back with full force and sucks me right back in again. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long and he off again to play with his other female friends. Everything else these other women have written is absolutely true! He is the most self-centered, selfish, and egotistical man I ever met. Yet, I still am completely and utterly in love with him hoping for the relationship he always promises but, can never deliver for long. So, if you are thinking about dating an Aries man, DON"T DO IT and RUN AWAY fast and hard before he snags you ! If anyone has a good "cure" I would be very interested in learning it.

I am laughing at all of these posts as I think about my recent situation. I (Sag) met an Aries guy at my gym a while ago-and it's been 3 months of him playing this weird "cat and mouse" game with me. (Exactly what everyone is writing!) He seeks me out-comes over and talks to me-there's major chemistry-and then I don't see him there for a few weeks. He recently left his business card on my car-after a lengthy chat inside the facility. I emailed him a few days later....that went on for a few days (small-talk)......Then he disappeared again..HeeeHeee!

He's middle-aged-divorced etc.....and gorgeous. I refuse to email him or chase him as the Sag. in me is independent enuf to go my own way and see if he continues to chase me. I don't think I could put up with this in a relationship- or for much longer than this, honestly. Too many head games. There's gotta be better than this out there. Someone who is "present" in every way.

I am a TRUE Sag and am dating an Aries male. Everything that people are saying is true. He wants me to be committed to him, but says he is not ready to commit to me. I am through a spell right now where I am not answering his calls or emails. He acts like he is waiting on something better to come along, but in the meanwhile he wants to hang on to me. NEGATIVE. I am better than that. A true Sag does not just sit idly. We always have a backup plan and trust me he is not prepared for me. He will soon find out though. I have his walking papers in tow. Now us Sag believe in love and second chances. He will have to SEEK ME if he wants me and it will not be that MAYBE BABY. I am already on my way. SO MANY MEN...SO LITTLE TIME. A TRUE Sag womans view. We have so many options because we are smart, cunning and straight forward.

Here's too TheSag Diva's!!

They say that the match is made in heaven. WRONG. My Aries male swears he is a free man everytime I question his feelings or where we are going in the relationship. He gets angry if I comment on something HE did or said. He also thinks that I am supposed to be sitting idly while he decides about the relationship. I am supposed to be his convenience. I am showing him different. I am moving along freely being that FREE WOMAN. I only answer calls briefly because I have something to do. My life does not evolve around his needs and wants. He keeps talking about sex, but that is never happening again which rejection will drive him insane. Not sure if I even want to be bothered with him. Too much drama. I am a true Sag to heart and when we walk...we walk. Not type of woman you want to prove a point to you. We are good as gold, but we can be VERY cruel and cold at the drop of a hat. I was married to an Aries and he had to find out the hard way the true WRATH of a Sag woman. So for all you ladies, Sag sisters, do not let the Aries man walk on you. He will. They have it in their head that if we love them that is the welcome mat that they need. Pull the rug from under their feet. Do not be available or return calls or emails and see the dynamics of the game change. They hate to be ignored or tossed aside, but can freely do that to you and you are supposed to shut up and take it. Give them a dose of their own medicine.

Let me know how it goes.

I am a saggi my man is an Aries ..few months ago he was like dying to love me and have long term relationship ..since I have accepted his proposal he is bit relaxed and text or emails me not like he used to ..i am really confused .

Run Sister run! You are caught in his trap. He only wants you as long as you are hard to get then he is moving on to the next female in his sights. True Aries behavior. Do your self a favor and walk away now before it is too late!

I'm a Sag who's in love with a married/seperated Aries men 30yrs older then me..we started as friends because I was in a relationship already and he helped me through a lot of ups and downs in my life..he knows me completely 100%...not to mention the sex is out of this world..I have never had this kind of chemistry or affinity for someone..he makes me laugh and smile as soon as I see him but he also hurts me when he acts distant. So I went on to pursue someone who could commit to me but I couldn't let go of him even after meeting a nice Gemini/ Cancer that any girl would try to lock down for fear of never meeting prince charming again. So now I

realize after 3years that Im completely in love with my Aries but I know if I stay with him he will never commit to me 100% and I will just end up even though his my best friend and it will be the hardest thing I have to do..this relationship needs to end.

well . I am a sag female and of course my boyfriend is a Aries and I love him sooooo much. he is the best boyfriend that any girl would ask for. he does eveything for me! cheat lying sneaky . not mine I think that its just the person that your dating . he's so perfect that were about to get married on valentines day . he picked but yes sometimes he can be a LITTLE brat I just think he's a big baby but its so cute so I don't trip cause I act the same way. he always listens to me I mean I think a arie is what you should be dating !

I had once been through a hard relationship with an Aries man, and I just have to say to you Sag women, don't let him step all over you. Be who you are and don't change for anyone. Be a proud women and let them know how it is. They don't care about how we feel. They are just a bunch of selfish men.

We need to stand up for ourselves!

I have a Aries man and we are going really well but I have not yet been in his arms and I am not sure I he tells me lies but I he told me he don't like lies becasue I one time told him one,only one lie and then he find out he true and he told me that he don't like me telling him likes.and yeah I am a sag. woman and right not he is not in my state but he is coming back and I also looked it up if a sag. women and a Aries men and get along as boyfriend and girlfirend or just as friends because my Aries men REALLY loves me as I do to and he has been crying {hearing} and has been sad, I am not in his arms but ive seen him in preson, on his face and into his eyes I see sadness and wants to cry. and he looks at me almost the whole time wont take his eyes off me,,, he loves me as I do to I just want to know if an sag. women can get slong with an Aries men??? the truth PLEASE!!!={

wow this is soo true! I (sag) met an Aries guy through a mutual friend, at first everything seemed too good to be ture, we got along really well and I was really feeling him. we slept together on the "first date" , sex with am Aries is amazing and very passionate! after a while he asked me to be his girl and I ofcouse said yes. everything was going okay until one day he came over and went threw my phone and found some text messages sent from another guy from the states that ive never met and that really upset him and he got mad and left, he callled me right after sayin " thats how you gon do me and stuff "and I explained to him it was nothing. Ever since that situation about 2 years ago we were on and offf not really dating but seeing each other. last year we stoped talking for 6 months as then I started seeing other people but I never felt how I felt toward him for anyone else. he called me up and told me he missed me and wanted to be with me but I have to prove that he can trust me, and I was 100% willling and dedicated to doing so. the first couple of months were very good as I feel back inlove with him but I knew he did not feeel quite the same, then from seeing him 2 -3 times a week went to once a week and once a week went from once a month, he would always call me and txt me but less and less as the weeks went by. I would always keep it real with him and be straight up but everytime I ased him how he feels he would never reply , or reply buy saying something off topic or truning the situation around. Now he just comes by when he feels like it usually once a month , its like one big cycle, he mmakes me like him/fall in love then once im commited, he looses interest and evenntually ill start ignoring him and stop calling him and then hells try to get my attention all over again. :( I hate this situation.

I'm an Aries man myself, and I got my eye on this one sag girl. We used to talk in the past, but we got in a serious arguement and didn't talk for a couple of years. But I never forgot her. I got in contact with her recently again and she didn't want nothing to do with me, that drove me CRAZY!! So me, typical aries, chased and chased and chased until I finally got her to budge. I worked so hard to get this girl back in my life and have no intentions of hurting her. Were friends again at the moment but I'm going make this chick my wife. I think I could actually stay commited to this one. Now let's hope karma dosent bite me in the ass.

my college boyfriend was an Aries and I'm a Sagi. Things were absolutely beautiful for the first 3-4 months. he was caring, attentive, loving, generous, basically treated me like a princess. I have dated a fair share of men in my life but I have to say my Aries ex was the best boyfriend qualities.

but I have to say the sex was just so-so. he was not very adventurous in bed, avoid oral sex because because he thought it was genuinely gross.

but otherwise everything was wonderful until one day, boom. he tells me he doesn't like me anymore, for a reason he cannot understand himself either. oh how I begged and begged him to tell me, I was understandably shocked beyond belief. well since then, he has put in a considerable amount of effort to stay in touch with me and be friends but I refused. he still sometimes says hi on facebook which I have come to appreciate.

he now has a girlfriend and they happily been together for over 5 years I think. I wish them the best.

Cure for Aries Men syndrome:

Let him go / Get with a good man who believes in commitment.

IF you are still seeing him, have a back up plan, see other men. Audition others for his REPLACEMENT. Play the game like he does. Use him for fun but look for another for keeps while you are playing his sport. Most of Aries men are only for temporary. Most of them are abusive and cheaters. Even when old and can't get it up, he still cheats. Yuk. What a waste of time for a poor woman who wants to have fun. My ex Aries cheated on me but I have my Venus in aries, sun in Taurus and I gave him a dose of his own medication. Smart Taurus woman here. Diva sags, don't let Aries sling you in sisters. There are other men out there who are actually good and committed. When we are old, we want a good man who is faithful and honorable and someone we can talk and laugh with and understand life with. Run from the cheating Aries and enjoy life. A toast to us women. IF I wanted a fun romp for temporary, I will pick aries. If I want lifetime of love and commitment, I stay away f rom aries.

I am a sag married to an Aries man, at times I think I'm losing my mind just by being with him. He is the most egotistical ,selfish man I've ever been with . It's always his way or the highway. I do love him but I hate his attitudes, he only thinks about him self and everything is done when it is convenient for him. This is a very stressful relationship and I'm thinking about leaving. I've suggested that we seek counseling but he got mad about the idea.Yes it is said that a sag and an Aries are quite suitably for each other but I don't think so. They are very difficult people to deal with and yes when they have lost interest in you it is as if you never existed.

I'm a sag and my boyfriend of over a year is an aries. I know he has been a cheater in the past with other girlfriends, but swears he hasn't ever cheated on me. We are really in love but there are somethings about an Aries that drive me crazy. We sags like our independence however it's like he wants me to be a stay at home wife. He always gets mad at me if I go out with friends or thinks I stay out too late. As a sag girl I feel like I'm in a cage sometimes which drives me crazy! I need my freedom but he is scared I'm going to stray, even though I never would.

The sex is, of course, out of this world and the physical attraction couldn't be more intense. But if he can't let me have some freedom then I'm not sure how much longer I can deal with this... Aries guys seem so arrogant. I know the chemistry will be unmatched, but I'm not sure these Aries guys are the best when it comes to understanding and loving relationships...

I am a Sagi woman who is currently with an Aries man and have no intention of changing the fact. To me he does everything and more. On the one hand he says, texts, calls, emails etc. such beautiful things and never leaves me alone after telling him I can't stand it and does everything to make me so happy and safe, but on the other hand I agree Aries men are egotistical and totally lacking in empathy, as mine and I have check my man for. I am a strong Sagi woman like all of you after all.

However, we are totally and completely in love. There are times where he feels I could cheat, and as a strong no nonsense Sagi I have set him straight, I do think I am attractive to other guys (not meaning to be egotistical)but genuinely only have eyes for my man. This, I believe, makes him determined to keep me, and keep winning my - unconditional - love and affection. He hasn't realised he's already won me over, I'm totally devoted to him and I'm a sag?!

Due to my upbringing I long for a man to take control over me and be the stereotypical "prince charming", such as my man does and is. But, I feel the need to highlight my independence and stubbornness sometimes and refuse his tenderness or sweet helping hands in situations. This, again I believe, wins his admiration along with some frustration and determination to make me accept his help next time round. We are both so very similar.

I think the Aries man *needs* to be contacted by you Sagi girls, he needs to feel you're lusting over him after a short while of this he will feel as you do towards him and he will make the effort as you deserve! It's not that he wants to hurt you it's that he's as stubborn as you! All the more compatibility I think! Haha!

As for the cheating I can only say, he really isn't an Aries man, because that would imply he was a man, which clearly he is not for hurting such strong and wonderful woman as you. At this you can only do your Sagi duties and tell him what's what, or do yourself a favour and get yourself a better man that you are certainly capable of doing!

I am a Saggie women trying to run from Aries men. They just seem to keep finding me no matter how much I hide lol. I think they are a curse. Most of what is said about them is so dam true. Every Aries man that has ever been around me just keeps coming back like a cat lol. I was in an actual relationship with one and after 3 months I caught him cheating. I just left him. The other was long distance and I actually trusted that one but he was very close to picies and I think that is why he was so loving and different. Or maybe it is because like the other Aries man on here said (he believes I am the best he will ever get). We broke up because I couldnt take the distance. But the rest of my Aries sleeping buddies where basically all the same and like I said keep coming back like cats right after I find another man to hang with.

OK ladies can stop bashing my sign. How are you ladies by the way? Yes I am an Aries man born 3/29/89 and I have been living on this earth for 21 yrs. However please don't consider me young minded cause I am very ahead of my time. I read a lot of the comments and questions you posted and I just wanna give you guys some insite on how I as an Aries man thinks. a lot of you were right about how we Aries think I guess. And may I say I never believed in this astrology sign s**t until about 2 yrs ago after reading this 'soul mating' book for some reason(i was intrigued). I read the bio on my sign and was shocked at the accuracy of it on how I really think as an aries. After reading the book I really do believe in astrology to a certain extent. And let me just say not some nerdy, bifocal wearin dweeb virgin either. Honesty im pretty good lookin and I can say this because I know the attention I get from females at work, drivin, walkin down the street or whatev er. I really don't even know what im doin on this site but im on it so let me put my word in. That cat and mouse thing is scarily true to me and I don't kno why. I love tryin to seduce a girl(a very attractive girl in any form) and I don't really care for woman chasing me. Usually so-so girls(by this I mean look wise,sorry ladies that was shallow) are the ones that chase me and the sexy ones(u know..nice body,real cute face,etc) are the ones I have to kinda 'go after'. OH and I forgot LET ME SAY THIS.. I LOVE Sagittarius women (even though even I have had my heart broken a couple times from the self-centeredness of Sagittarius women). you guys are hard to get, soo unique, usually have bad bodies(in a good way duh), say crazy funny freaky things at any given time, and are super fun in everyway. My favorite by far. HOWEVER(and maybe you ladies can help me on this) I hate the fact that you guys are too open. For instance, this woman I liked she was a Sagittarius and she liked me also. But I didn't like the fact that would flirt with other guys and play touchy feely with them even in front of my face. She said she was just playing with me to make me jealous and I told her "i don't get jealous". Well of course I was lying since I do get very jealous but I couldnt let her know that and the reason why is I don't want someone playing with my heart. I don't really feel comfortable saying I love you to a female either even though when I sleep and if I dream, I dream about giving my all to a woman and I secretly listen to classic passionate love music regularly like maxwell. I know that I am a VERY passionate, sincere, romantic and loving guy at heart but I have a very hard time showing it like I want to. a lot of people say us Aries are selfish, egotistical, sneaky, liars, and cheaters who only care about ourselves. This is not fully true. BUT YES I can confirm that I do have an incredibly huge ego and maybe all that lying, not able to fully communicate, and secretiveness stems back to that. Thats just something you ladies are gonna have to deal with. I swear I can love you to death and not be able to tell you and I guess its cause of my ego. Im tryin to work on it but its very hard cause my ego is just as apart of me as my right hand. Im naturally very competetive in everyway. I gotta have the best looks, the best outfits, the best car, the most money, the best tattoos, get the most compliments, etc. and the best looking girl. But looks arent it to me they're just what I look at first. If your personality is wack then its just sex that im after. Usually with you Sagittarius women I have absolutly no problem with you're personality except for the fact that you guys are really self-centered. If you're gonna be with a Aries be with him and only HIM. Don't play around with our hearts. Ok i'll stop b****ing now. But I have to admit that us Aries guys, well me in particular, are difficult to understand at times and its not on purpose. It more than likely has somethin to do with the ego. Ladies if you're dating, courting, an Aries guy and you don't hear from the guy at least once a day then NO he doesn't really like u(usually). Unlike you sags us Aries guys are real clingy to the girls we really like and we don't like to share u. We gotta know that we're still the number one guy in your heart. So if you are not hearing from us(getting a text or call) on a daily basis its probably cause we either don't really like you like that or we're playing some mind game with you and thats the truth. Since we're so clingy but ego driven our mindset is 'ok maybe if I don't call or text her then she'll call or text me first thus given me more control of the relationship'. But really..we really just want to check up on you every second of the day but we are afraid that you will take that as weakness. I think I typed enough for one day and I only did this cause im bored with a lot on my mind and I can remain anonymous. I know im not the best writer or puting my thoughts on paper but I hope you ladies get something from that.

I am a sag woman who dated an Arie's man off and on for 8 years.I love how he was just as energetic and adventurous as I was. He knew how to entertain me and wasn't a bore like most men I date. It felt like a match made in heaven due to the fact that we had soo much in common and he liked most of the same stuff I did. At times it felt as tho we were the same person. The sex was explosive and AMAZING as well.

With that said there are some major down sides to Arie's men that personally drove me NUTS. Thus we were off an on for 8 years and ultimately broke it off all together. I hated that my Arie's man liked to play mind games and cat and mouse. He thought he was better than everyone els and always had to "one up everyone". At time's he was frigid and mean. He couldn't commit to anything seriouse and thought he was a huge player. He cheated all the time-I don't why I stayed. When we broke it off he acted like a child and did some petty stuff. An Arie's man is a good liar and can put on a good face but deep down they are evil. At least mine was.

I am a sag and I am in love with a Aries man. He is just so unique and nice. He really never cheated on me, but me being a sag have a very flirtatious nature and I keep running after handsome guys which he hates. We're friends, but I am very open and I told him about my feelings for him but he never says. But his attitude and way of talking proves that he loves me. He is my knight with shinning armor and white horse, who always and will protects me from bad. He always treats me like a princess and he gets hurt when he sees me hurt. But he can't tolerate any guys around me or me talking to any guys. He is extremely jealous and if it was some a different guy then I would've never allowed him to get close to me. But he's just so innocent and sweet, I can't just hurt him and also can't leave my independent nature and flirting attitude. So these creates a problem in our relationship, but I always manage to keep him in the toes.

well, compared to all of the sag divas that wrote all the comments above, I might be young and inexperienced. but i've managed to date my Aries man for four years now. it is indeed took quite a sum of faith and patience, but I don't think it's that difficult.

one of sagitarius positive trait is the ability to read person (not judging). therefore sister, read them! read their needs, their backgrounds, and their own unique characteristic.

but in the other hand, let them read you and don't easily tell them what kind of sagitarius are you. let them read, slowly, with a little bit of difficulties here and there.

as if reading a book, you don't want to spoil what's written on the last page before you read the entire book rite?

that's what happen with Aries male. when you spoil the last page, it's done for them.

okay, I think that keep your choice open is good for a back up plan. but really girls, keep it absolutely secret, or he'll think it's okay for him to come and leave you as he pleased coz you have his replacement already.

it differs with different people though, as we are all being brought up in different circumstances and different background matters. but i'd be glad if my sag sisters don't ruin the fun by generalizing all Aries males as cheaters :)

I'm an Aries bloke who fell for a Sagi woman,eventhough this was quite awhile back.This was when I lived in a popular tourist town in Devon,all that I know is her b'day & first name and that in such a short time together was like no other.We had arranged to meet that Sunday after getting this stunning lass a bicardi/coke,anyway I ended up being half hour late which has bothered me since.To be honest I was with someone but was going to end things with her espeically after experiencing the best Thursday of my life.So I went back up to where I come from Xmas,which didn't help in anyway and went back down south for awhile where I got in a spot of bother[not important].The worst thing about all this was I didn't know how or where to find or get in contact with this honey!Sometimes,wellalot of the time I think of what could of been if I had turned up in time or did she make it to the clock tower then,but there's no point in if and when,more of the now & next day is what is important.

I haven't been back down that part of the coast since,perhaps I should depending if that is where to find this very unique/stylish girl now woman.This seemed to be destiny/stars,i'm determend to at least find out if she is well/happy and possibly feals the same as I do,or at least to find out if there would be anykind of future between the two of us and I don't mean only friends eventhough it would become a sound footing.I've never really spoken or said much too anyone apart through lyrics[rap]&art.One more thing she looked sizzilling hot that day.

Im in a relationship with an Aries male now I am a Sagittarius and I really love him. he tells me he loves me every day and that we will be together forever but people have been telling me that he has been cheating but I havent caught him doing it so im confused whether or not should I believe him or the poeple.

I'm a 35 yr old Sag (12/13), my lover a 46 yr old Aries man (3/22)...we've known and dated each other for like 5 years now and I tell you it's an adventure, but sure not easy either. He has cheated and lied several times...but Sags are attracted to Aries like flies on sh**t! I mean I love Aries men because they're so damn handsome and masculine, and so real and boyish!! If only they knew how to rub us at night compliment and kiss us more often, right? But no matter what he's done, since he always genuinely returns I accept him for who he is and there we go again, with the games and sh**t, but oh well life is too f**ing short, so I take the bitter with the sweet. He persistently reeled me in and acted less selfish when we first met, but after that I was HIS woman, and from there on he showed his real arrogant self. I got a feeling I'm never going to be completely leave him and vice versa, since the attraction is always there. I know he loves me or else he wouldn't te xt or call me all the time, or demand me to come over or be with him...yes, Aries men try to hide their possessiveness and controlling nature, but it's all good, cause deep down we Sags--I have Venus in Scorpio, by the way--need and want that (surprise)!

The comments here are starting to creep me out. Its funny because everything you girls are saying is true (except for the cheating part, I believe my Aries man is loyal). The cat and mouse, mind games, it's all true. My Aries man is so ego-centric (and he knows it!), and when he gets bored of me his focus tends to shift to his friends. Actually, he's been my best friend for four years now, and we have quite a peculiar friendship. Recently (five months ago, it's our monthsary today!) we fell in love with each other. It was weird at first, but we both kinda knew we'd end up with each other anyway.

The first month was magical. I was the only one in his mind, and it felt like he'd die without me. After that, the texting stopped, and he's back with his friends. Yes it hurts, but that's just how it is, and I accept that. He's really cute though, he once apologized and said, "sorry I'm a rotten friend. That must really hurt you." I'm amazed actually, how he got to say that despite his ego. Yes, my Aries man has flaws, but I trust and love him with all my heart.

my Aries man is all I could have ever wanted in a boyfriend but he cheated on me and keeps breaking my heart but I keep taking him back every time because I love his ass I am very emotional and I am weak for him but he is going to make me break his mother fucking neck because he just does not understand what I go through on the inside because of my love for him all I know is that when another bad thing happens he is going to get his ass kicked by me

I am a sagatrius woman and I have been with Aries man for almost 3 years and it has been the best 3 years of my life. We are both very faithful have NEVER cheated on each other but we are both hot headed, that passes quickly though.We respect each others feelings. the wierd thing though is my birthday is November 27 and his is March 27 isn't that ironic. I wanted to clear up the unfaithful sterotype because that is not true ! I have never felt so loved in my entire life.

Well...I'm an Aries man. the shy Kind but still has my typical Aries trait. Sexual, Kinky, selfish(something i'm really trying working off:), and I like strong woman. Certainly have strong attraction to Sagittarius so as Leo. I find those woman highly capable, adorable and sexual and they give me the space I need!

one thing I wane say: i'm 33, had my share with woman but never cheated and never gone cheat the woman I love. and if i'll be cheated by my girl, i'll end the relationship in an instance. my ego can not deal with that....maybe cause my girl get as much space and freedom she needs and loyalty is crucial for me.So all you Sagitt, take it easy with those Aries generalization...

Maybe I've lucked out thanks to the stars? I'm a triple sagg and almost completely sagg across the board. I met my husband a few years back, an Aries/Pisces cusp with his Venus in Taurus...Oh yes. He is very much an Aries. Selfish, Self centered, you honestly can't get halfway from telling him your opinion before he's off on his. It drives me crazy! Plus, he cheated on me in the beginning but the sagg in me brushed it off. I don't DO jealousy. and could have easily moved on without a second thought...but as our relationship matured. WOW! His Venus in Taurus gives him the biggest heart and we have nothing but fun. He is my best friend in the whole world. We don't dwell on our mistakes, we move forward from them. I think a lot of people confuse astrology as a way to predict behavior in people. WRONG!

I'm a sag girl and i've been seeing a Aries man for just over a week...not long I know...the only reason i'm dating him is because his an Aries and there suppose to be my 'perfect match' (need to sort this out) we get on so great and have such a good laugh but after reading all these's comments about them being cheats its putting me off...And the funny thing is he asked me if i've ever cheated before.Hmmmmmmmm

i'm so glad i've read all these comments, i've been very wery of my Aries friend/lover anyway and reading this page has just opened my eyes up...i've been doing good by stopping myslef from getting to 'into' him... his excatly everything you guys have been saying. I'm getting out whilst I can life is way too short to be waiting time and learning the hard way anymore. i'm romeo done.

I'm a Sagittarius woman who's dating an Aries man for about 4 months now. And I must say when we first met it was LUST at first sight ;) we actually slept together our first date and I've been hooked ever since! My oh my, he is far the BEST lover I have EVER had & very kinky which I like ;) he also likes to make sure I'm satisfied in bed before he finishes (unlike ALL of my ex's who were jus focused on getting themselves off & leaving me saying "that's it?") though he does have a big ego & it's easily bruised bruised since I often say things without thinking, since bring with him I have been watching what I say when around him (well I'm trying, though j fail 98% of the time) . He knows how to treat me right & I love him for that. But after reading these comments it made me open my mind a little more. Im an extremely jealous person, and Im also nosy (thought I never admit it) so while he was sleeping I went through & read his text messages & found out that he hAs ol d messages from his ex from before we wre dating. Makes me wonder why he has them still. Even old "sexting" messages & makes me wonder if he really loves me at all. Mainly because in the old messages he has of girls NUDE photos as well as messages from different girls. Some I suspect may have been prostitute since I saw one that said "name your price". Another of which a different girl he was texting about wantin to do f*ck & a totally differentgirl that said "I'm not sleeping with you" & then he fed her a line about "lol we don't have to I like to snuggle. My body is a temple & I respect a girl who respects herself" uhhhmmmmm... Should I be worried? Is he playing a game with my heart? I also found old photos of girls and him Nude

& to top it all off...he claims he wants to marry me but in the back of my mind I can't stop thinking of those texts. & pics. He says he loves me but why keep photos and messages from before we were even dating? Is he looking back at them? ***he hAs no idea I go through his phone.

I also found out he's texting one of my classmates! She started texting him first guess. She added him on fb. Thinking he was cute when sexiest started dating but I dot even have her number! I asked for it over fb & she didn't give it To me! This fact scares me.

ESPECIALLY since Im "late" & think I may be pregnant. To make maters worst I'm only 18 & this immature Aries is 22 & I swear I act older then him. (quite mature for my age, when I want to be at least. Lol)

Yes I know we are both onthe young age to be thinking of marriage but he's also in the army, and if Im not pregnant I jus may join enlist myself. Unlessni find out he's cheating on me the. I jus might go navy to stay away & ease my pain.

I fell hard for this Aries. & I don't know way to do. Part of me wants Togo with it & marry him. Part of me wants to back out. But I'm afraid of never seeing him again I wanna work things out. I fell hard for him. I love him so much. But I'm afraid of the pain of being alone (which is weird cuz I'm usually a very independent person)

Ladies I am an Aries male and I just want to say, you are going for the wrong ones. I know for a fact that most of these are true statements. I cannot stand guys that do these kinds of things to women. To those of you who are afraid to call, text, or email, don't be! We as aries, thrive off of the attention, but only in the beginning. After we make that commitment we do die down a little. We need a little more space at this point. don't let us stray though! If we even question the seriousness of our relationship, we will end it. We need to know that our women want and need us. We like to be the one in the relationship that supports the other. Im am completely head over heels for my Sag woman! We Aries are extremely passionate when given a reason! If your Aries man is so headstrong that he wont compromise in the relationship... RUN... his ignorance has trumped his astrological sign! haha I feel sorry for everyone of you girls that have been hurt. This will help most of you I hope.... WE HATE CLINGY GIRLS!

I'm a Sag. women and stumbled on this page while looking for answers with my Aries friendship, I met him over 13 years ago, we were both married to other people. He chased me for months, I was not interested in a relationship, one day he confessed to me that he felt I was his soul mate, and if he wasn't married I would be the perfect person for him, because he only married her because he was tired of being lonly and living alone, and I was misserable in my marriage, and my husband would not let our marriage end, I was trying to get away from that also, so I tried having a friendship with my Aries but his sexually energy is to strong and I found myself wanting him romantacaly, we never had sex. I could not see a future with him so I left and was gone for 10 years, I ran into him about 2 years ago and he wanted the friendship back, it took months for him to trust me again after leaving him, I didn't know he was that hurt over me leaving, because he really did not show he cared that much, so after a few months we were able to hash out the problems I felt when I left, and today he's trying really hard not to let me go again, but im not happy and not getting what I want out of this friendship, I walked away again, and have not seen him in 3 months but he calls me at least once a week, trying to change my mind, I really want to go on with my life without him but feel guilty, knowing that he seems to have a need for closeness with me (as a friend) damm I hate that word friend. But sometimes it feels like he care for me more than a friend, but he wount admit it or he really only likes me as a friend. I don't want a friendship I want a lover, and he is sticking by this friend thing. He understands how I feel don't seem to care, he thinks I can control my feelings and enjoy the friendship, but I don't enjoy the friendship, we have big fun together but thats not enough. When I try to run away he has a way of saying the right words that gets me back hanging with him again, it seems to be a continues cycle, I run he pulls me back but nothing changes, Just can't seem to get away from him. Try talking to friends and fam. but there tired of hearing it and thinks he's just a player, but I feel different when im with him why else would he insist on having me in his life, some times I think that if I hold on with the notion of this stupid friend thing maybe one day we will be together I just have to give things some time, but my emotions are screeming RUN!!!

Aries man born on 3/29/89 thank you! that was excellent. Hearing from an Aries man is very helpful. It sounds like you and my boyfriend are twins! lol Anyway, I am in this long distance relationship with my Aries sweetie. He is a loving caring outgoing dude who I adore. I am a Sag woman who, and I know this is a rarity...wants to be in a committed long term monogamous relationship. I want marriage and the kids. However as much as he does for me and says he loves me I don't know that he wants the same. We have been together for 2 yrs, and I am getting antsy. I don't want to push but if somebody doesn't make a move like soon I don't know how much longer I can last. I don't want to waste my time or his. When we first starting talking ALL HE COULD TALK ABOUT IS HAVING KIDS WITH EVERY conversation. It was scary I convinced him that he was moving too fast and that I want the same things but it didn't make sense since we both were jobless and lived in two different states. After some looooong talks he agreed. Now months later he doesn't talk about it at ALL! Even when I want it really all about the chase? Now the romance is cold, we need the spark to come back. We still talk 3 times a day every day but how do I get the fire going under this relationship. I'm ready I'm 34rys old and he's my 31 slow footed big baby WITH A HUGE EGO. How do I deal with the convos about the flirts women who want to do things for him, give him discounts complimented him, stalking him AND THE LIST GOES ON,I'm like SO!!! WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME THIS??? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am 27 sagi female.... My Aries friend is 24....i have been having sex with him for 3months has been an emotional roller coaster already!!!!! The sex is soooooo HOT!!!! I just cant shake him..... He is so distant at times, it seems like the only time I here from him is when I text him..... Then when I don't text him.... Oh by the way we work together,but in different departments...but like I ways saying he will meet me in the break room and sit with me.... I have erased his number out of my phone like 10 times and put it back....... Theres more to my story then I can say, the thing is I cant shake him nomatter how hard I try..... I am sooooo attracted to him.... More then,anyother man ive been with it is scary!!!..... Well we will see what happens between me and the Walking Ego of a man..... That Beyonce song his got a big ego was madebfor an Aries man, BelieveThat!!!!!! Well either way im a Sag. To the death of me and I will always come out on top..... He has really met his match;)

Im a Sagittarius with a Virgo rising. When I was younger I dated an Aries man and I swear, it took me awhile, but this guy was doomed from the start. He played a lot of games, was never honest, couldnt commit, was addictive and immature. At first it was exciting but it got completely exhausting! I went from being hurt to angry to confused to sad to tired to just plain indifferent. I then realized he was missing out and for the rest of his life he will never have a good relationship because he will never be satisfied. I moved on and now im with a Capricorn and he's awesome :). The point is in my opinion, Aries men are good for a fling and thats about it, unless you don't mind being a doormat and caretaker for there huge ego's. Do not get attached to them unless you can beat them at there own games or go head to head if you like that sort of thing. I hate games and i'm very straight forward so I choose to do without it. its very difficult and tiring being with people lik e that in my opinion.

I'm a Sag woman and head over heels for an Aries man. We've been friends for nearly half our lives. He used to secretly pine over me in high school and I had him in the friend zone while I cried on his shoulder about my boyfriends. To this day he remembers every single boyfriend LOL! Anyway it wasn't until we both went off to college that he had the nerve to kiss me. At the time I was living with my boyfriend. But after my Aries man kissed me, I went home and told my boyfriend I wanted out. My Aries man and I spent 3 months glued to each other. One day I put him on the spot and asked him "What are we?" When he couldn't give me an answer I went back to the boyfriend whose heart I broke. Fast forward 10 years and both of us came back together before the ink had time to dry on our divorce papers. (Later I found out we married within 6 months of each other) Anyway it was just like 12 years had never passed. We were hot and heavy and time did him good in the sex departme nt. (I wasn't really that impressed as a 20 year old with his technique) So my Aries guy is rocking my world and all is good, we're laughing and watching movies together just like old times. We're texting each other and pouring out hearts out about how we should have married each other way back. Then the texts stop. I'm really confused. So I rattle off a few here and there asking what happened to him and nothing. All of a sudden they start up again and we spend glorious days and nights in each other's arms. Right now the contact is drying up from him AGAIN. He keeps me so confused. But I have to admit I have three other boy toys panting after me and I only entertain them when my Aries man goes silent. I'd rather be with him than anyone else but I'm starting to think this is a losing battle. I do think he could be a player but he details every moment we spent with each other back in our college days as if he really has been carrying a torch for me all this time. I don't like the cat and mouse game and it takes all my strength not to text him when he disappears into thin air. But he has me hooked so bad. If it weren't for our long history I would have told him off by now.

well I can honestly say I might be the youngest one on here. I am a young Sagittarius female. I'll be 17 this year. My boyfriend is an aries. I can tell you for sure they are the most selfish and inconsiderate. however, he has by far been the best boyfriend i've ever had. Im so in love with but unfortunately im emotionally attached. Im so superstitious that I take every sign as a bad one. Meaning i;'' think negative about something I see think or feel before i'll think positive. Aries are loving, they'll never keep you bored and they always make you laugh. but they get bored so damn easily, and if you bore them they'll let it be known. they have this firely side to them that attracts many females. they tend to flirt, ALOT! I hate it. cause knowing who I am and how I am( a sag female) I don't take any shit or let anyone run over me. but with him its different, its like I gave him the green light and he thinks he can do whatever he wants. if youo don't search through h is phone , which I believe anyone SHOULDN'T , you should stil;l at least have his password to FACEBOOK. They are a piece of work and if you feeling tough and wanna challenge him, he's up for it ! they don't like being ignored and once they hence that they arre being ignored, they will start trying to talk to you and figure out what's wrong and try and make things better. Thats a problem sometimes, because once The SAG girl is ready to pack up her bags and leave, The Aries MAN comes running back and apologizing and you just stuck back in that position all over again :( Its hard trying to leave an Aries man, he's everything that any girl would kill for.

my date with an Aries man is next week but after reading this uhm I think I will decline his offer..the cat and mouse txt phone call thing is so true and we have been only talking for a later for that

im a sag, and my Aries guy, smart, athletic, amazing amazing in bed...he used to be my boss and we hang out together three months after his exfiance broke off the engagement (sure cus of him being unintentional selfishness the girl finally gave up) I thought I was the one he needed that time, he was all over me, keep bragging me to everybody, friends and softball team mates, I slept with him on the first date, sex was getting better and better each time. only thing is when I asked him if he's ready to go steady he said "he is not sure". I told him I have to move on and he was completely shocked, didn't say anything about what he feels or anything, kept kissing and tried to convince me continue seeing him, I refused and told him see me when he is ready to be his girlfriend, at present we only talked once and still wants to see me but no strings attached, sad cus I thought he was "too good to be true" and now im trying to resist his all charming and clever ways to ge t me in bed with him again.

I am a Sag who has been seeing an Aries man for about a month now. We have a great time together - the conversations are great and it's always an adventure. However, the sex is not as explosive as most people say. I think that he is unknowingly selfish and after a month of inadequate satisfaction I am wondering if I should just be friends with him because we do have such a great time everytime we hang out. I have an insatiable appetite for sex and it seems that he does as well, but he is not concerned with pleasing me. The other night he told me about some girl he slept with a couple of weeks ago not because he felt bad but because it was part of some story he was telling (which isn't a big deal because we aren't committed and I have other guys as well) and then a few hours later he said he loved me. I know he didn't mean it in a totally serious way, but now I am utterly confused by the whole situation because it is quite apparent that we are developing feelings for each other. I have always heard that Aries is a good match for me but truthfully he is the first Aries that I have ever been able to tolerate and the sex just isn't up to par for me. I guess I could just continue to sleep with other people, but if I like someone this much I usually stay pretty loyal as long as I am satisfied sexually. Should I just nip it in the bud and remain friends with him or should I discuss the issue with him?

AM A Sag woman. true to the bone. I dated an Aries man for 3 years. yes. the sex was fun. I really loved him. But when he started his weird behavior of avoiding me for 6 month,on and off relationship. I knew something was wrong and indeed he had been lying to me for so long yet he was dating some another gal. though I really liked him, had to drop pair of balls as for a better pair of balls

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