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Everything I have read here is true. I am a Scorpio woman and amfloored by the what I have just read. I was checking to see if I would be compatible with an Aries man and as it turns out it's like oil and water, and so with this information I will act accordingly. What I have read about the Aries man, I am OK with that.

I'm a Scorpio woman, I'm 36 this year, and dating a 22 year old Aries for about a year and a half now. Omg it's been crazy. The fights and the sex. It's every emotion imaginable. He makes me mad. I make him mad. It's a rollercoaster.

The age difference causes a lot of problems. Twice in the year and a half I've tried to leave him, and both times we ended up having sex in the garage as I was trying to drive away. The latest time he practically raped me (in a good way!) I've never known any guy to be so passionate when he's pissed off!!

I don't know if it will last. Probably not, as we really bring out the worst in each other, but I'm at the stage where great sex can compensate for a lot of shortcomings. My ex husband didn't pay me any attention, and that makes me appreciate my Aries more I think - at least he gives a crap.

well, I'm a Scorpio woman who has been with an Aries man for a littlemore than a year. ITS GREAT!

Of course we run into obstacles like any other relationship. Our fights arenormally about how he doesn't seem to care enough. But I'm a deep person wholooks into things way to much, so I doubt its any of his fault. He does littlethings to show he cares, so I know he loves me.

Well that's the negative, but on the positive side, the sex is phenomenal! wetake turns being dominant and submissive. We also switch off nights on whosturn it is to do their fetish or role play. This way we both get what we want.we might even do something he wants during our lunch break, then do what I wantafter work, that way its all in one day.

I've had an off-and-on thing with an Aries man for about 3 years now.And while it can be crazy when I get jealous and start thinking that he doesn'tcare, usually he's a really sweet, charming guy. When we're in the "off" stage,it's usually because I freak out about something and walk away from him. But healways ends up tracking me down and pulling me back in. It's really nice tohave someone that's not gonna give up on me just because I'm so moody andintense.

Now about the sex... he's amazing. I want a guy that's gonna be open to all myfantasies and have a few of his own. Plus with that active Aries lifestyle,he's got a GREAT body ;)

The making out is soo much fun. Sometimes he makes me go insane ina bad way but other times he's GREAT

I love my Aries man. he is amazingly hot and cute at the same time

Im a Scorpio woman dating an Aries man. I have one statement aboutour relationship-the best sex! I love how high his sex drive is. we share aonly a few of the same passions and views but were very different, we are stillboth very passionate and sexual people do it works out. we do fight here andthere thought. it doesn't get too bad. I just love the sex!

Im 37 seeing an Aries whos 28, im always walking away from him too!He never wants me to leave and always comes back and yes the sex is the best Iever had! I absolutely love him but I think I put too many demands on him. Buthe never leaves......

Hmm...well this one is complicated.

So for the last 4 years I've had a crush on an Aries and I'm a Scorpio. He'scurrently taken by a Sagittarius and I've had this weird feeling thateventually I'll get him because we know how to make each other tick. When Ifirst saw him... It was that intuition that he's my soul mate. (I know, but heyI can't deny it.)

But any way this is how it start: we played in the musical pit...talked insign language and laughed for ages. Then his girlfriend (different girl)freaked out and decided that she didn't want us to be friends because she sawme as a threat. So he told me adios...a year later he apologized and then webecame best friends. Spent hours on the phone and then we hung out...there wasan immediate connection. We'd play cat n mouse and that wasentertaining...haha. Well then he broke up with his Sagittarius and we'ddecided to take our time on getting together...well then he got back with theother girl.. and he says all we'll ever be is friends. But if she wasn't in thepicture we would be.. and physically he completely and utterly knows how tomake me tick. Now I'm just sitting here like what in the world? Dream guy andnow nothing?

Haha... I think I'll get him. just waiting for the other girl to mess up =)

She's hurt him once she'll do it again.

I have a problem and I would like some advice from a Scorpiowoman. I am an Aries man in a relationship with a Capricorn. We fell real hardfor each other and had a good couple years but it has grown stale and we havereally become quite different people.

I am a manager where I work and have a couple that work together under me.The girl in the couple is my best employee. She is a Scorpio and herrelationship with her boyfriend also seems to be fizzled out. I am veryattracted to her and I am nearly certain she is attracted to me. We have thisfunny little flirt at work and I can't stop thinking about just planting a kisson her without warning. I guess I want another Scorpio woman's opinion if thissounds like something she would enjoy.

I'm an Aries cusp in a recent relationship with a Scorpio woman. Sheis everything I could ever hope for. Smart, funny, sexy, passionate, andbeautiful in my eyes. We had sex the first time we met. Twice. I feel like sheis the female equivalent of myself, and that's not easy. She is like the perfectmixture of Libra and sag, both signs I have blended very well with but on theirown never delivered in terms of us TRULY liking and enjoying all that we do.Yeah, it moved really fast, and I know that's bad, but what's bad for some, couldbe true love for others. Aries, yeah, I've had WAY above the average number ofpartners, and many of them were incredible. But I honestly hope this beautifulScorpio is the final one and (as far as I know) is the first one I have everhad. I hope she's as serious as I...:)

For the record, I am a Scorpio woman married to an Aries male. Wehave a very passionate relationship because we're soul mates.

Like most married couples we have our arguments. It's usually about hisimpulsive comments and my need to retreat at times. That's just apart of howGod created us and we've accepted that.

We both mutually love and respect each other. I think that we might be morecompatible than most couples with these signs b/c of our birth order...(he'sthe youngest, I'm an only child). So we have a unique parent/childrelationship. They say that this union can actually be a wonderful one - ifthey have the same goals and they're supportive of each other. We have theexact same goals, dreams and ambitions. Nothing will stop us! :)

PS: I dated a Cancer man... who was supposedly my "ideal sign match" - what aweakling!!! I mean... talk about NEEDY! I mean... who wants that?

Agree on Cancer men! Way too needy. This is the only site I've seen which says Scorpio Aries is a good match and I'd agree totally with the analysis. Great sex and lots of arguments is spot on in my experience. We do both seem to secretly enjoy the fighting and intensity though neither of us would admit that to the other lol. I'm very impressed with the accuracy of this website. The astrologer who wrote these articles should give lessons to some of the other online astrologers

My experience wasn't good at all. He was very hot and cold...sentmany mixed signals. We spent a lot of time together and always had a blast. Thevery best of friends with a little intimacy thrown in the mix. About a year anda half into it, he got drunk one night and ended up with a girl less than halfhis age. She became pregnant and though he cried while telling me how this hadruined his life and how miserable he was with her... He's still with her to thisday. I never heard from him again. He's 45 and she's 23. My heart destroyed. It was one of the most hurtfulexperiences of my life as I never saw it coming. Aries men....for me....NEVERagain!

I am a Scorpio cusp... my lovely Aries man is all that I could haveever dreamed of... we live in total bliss with each other...We have found oursoul mates in each other.. we love each other to distraction.. he spoils merotten and I adore the ground he walks on.. I hasten to add I am 60 and he is63 and the love is as strong now as it has ever been from the first moment welaid eyes on each other. God I love that man of mine.

I am a Scorpio woman, it is interesting that a lot of the comments sayhe is/was my soul mate. I just knew this man was my soul mate, we dated foryears then we remained friends then he broke my heart in the worst way andmarried another woman. He was cruel in the end, and I realized that I neverknew him at all. As a true Scorpio I have learned valuable lessons from thisexperience, but doubt it if I would ever date another Aries again.

I am with a Aries guy right now and im a Scorpio. we have the besttime although we are not suppose to be compatible, our relationship is the bestI love him

I am a Scorpio woman and im seeing an Aries man, we live 200 milesfrom each other and only see each other about once a month, everything youladies have been saying is so true!! its cat and mouse between us but the sexis mind blowing!! :D I do get very jealous and I no that he's stated to see hisex again (even though he says he's not!) but I cant seem to say no he just looks atme with those amazing passionate eyes and I melt!! I love him to bits and hesays he loves me but im a Scorpio im not stupid I no what's going on so im justgoing to end it :( (and move so he cant find me and look at me cause then imback to square one lol!) xx

I am a Scorpio and dated an Aries man for two months. He raved aboutme and kept saying things like you are the best and there is nothing bad aboutyou. I want to spoil you. He made me breakfast in bed and spoiled me rotten. I loved it and it made me shine and happy that he felt this way about me.

But then all of the sudden he stop calling and texting. Showed no interest atall he did a 180 on me. He would answer my calls or texts. He wasn't tellingme what was wrong then finally he says it was getting to serious to quickly andthat it scared him. Well he was the one who wanted me around 24/7 and hewanted me in his bed all the time. Always said he hated when I wasn't there. I didn't see this coming. I blew up at him on a voicemail and said some prettynasty things. I was hurt and didn't deserve this. I learned my lesson. Sexwas great! But not worth it for just the sex. I wanted more. Oh well. Hewas a player and made me think he was crazy about me. He had me on aRollercoaster then just literally dropped me off the ride. Horrible!! Man!!Aries!!!!

"The astrologer who wrote these articles should give lessons to some of the other online astrologers"

Actually I think he does. The reason I found this site was that I took an online astrology class a year or two ago and the instructor said she uses David (this sites author) to get readings on her own relationships. I found that pretty amazing as she's a fairly well known astrologer. I ordered one of his "are we compatible" packages and it made sense of a lot of long term issues with my Aries husband.

I am a Scorpio and my boyfriend an Aries. we have been together forabout 3 years and I just have to laugh when it read about the other couplesposts because its exactly like mine & his relationship! We are definitelysoulmate...we have an extremely intense relationship and plan on gettingmarried one day. He is a sweetheart and spoils me rotten and I love him todeath but in typical Scorpio fashion I sometimes feel myself retreating. Idon't like to feel not in control of myself so to have this man that drives mecrazy have the time be able to control me this way it sometimes makes me feel alittle anxious! We piss each other off all the time but within a few minutes weare back to kissing and laughing... It is definitely true love ;)

Okay so there are sooo many positive comments here about the Ariesmen... I myself am a Scorpio female and honestly have been in relationships with2 different Aries men. Both I had an awesome time with, funny energetic, theyboth motivated me to do better, etc etc. But seriously...the wild sex? Notthere, they were both the most boring men I have EVER slept with! While theywere easy to please. they definitely not exciting or experimental at all!

I have been with my Aries man for 7 months now. we love each other somuch. we've had every type of sex you could think of. we made a huge mistakeof having sex with his best friend. I started to fell for his Scorpio bestfriend and ended up cheating on my Aries. he forgave me but now we have majortrust issues which isn't good since I'm pregnant for the second time. (gotpregnant, had an abortion, wasn't sure which one was the dad) I take care ofhis one year old while he's on the road. (he's divorced) I'm pretty screwed upfor doing that to him I know. if I could take it back I would. I promised I'dnever hurt him again and I think we can make it work because of how much wereally do love each other.

I am a Scorpio woman and just started dating an Aries man. The sex isthe best I have ever had!!! I'm glad to see all the positive comments aboutthis combination of signs, maybe this will end up being something. He's smart,funny, exciting, daring, and just awesome!

So I had a 4 year on-off relationship with an Aries man. It startedwrong to begin with-I was married. It turned out to be the most intense bothemotionally and sexually. The sex was insane, incomparable and no one else topshim, but the constant arguments about his way of being drove me away from him.The unpredictability, excitement, spontaneity is great, but at some point weScorpios need to feel security from our partners and unfortunately, this isone thing I did not have. I went back to my previous relationship, but havenever forgotten my Aries man and he still calls to tell me he hasn't forgottenme. I feel he must be my soul mate, given I cant seem to take him out my mind.Someone else mentioned about the older Aries? I am hoping that with age he hasnow matured enough where I feel he could be a better provider and more puttogether. It's fun to have fun, but theirs a time to get serious and he seemedto never find that limit, but I love him still and feel he's the one! IS he the one???????

They say sex with Aries is blazing hot or no good at all, but so farthe experience I had was blazing hot and completely unforgettable. I am atextbook Scorpio, but I realize and own my faults, which makes it somewhateasier to deal with Fire signs. The Aries that I can't get out of my eyes ormind spoiled me rotten, physically, emotionally, and for other men's chances.You have to let them feel like they have some power, but they key is holdingback some too. They want all of it, but will become bored once they do, or giveup if you don't give them enough. You also have to let them play, it's whatthey do. They won't stray if you give them enough room.

I am a Scorpio woman who has been married to an Aries man for 30 years. We were high school sweethearts, he was the handsome, outgoing and popular high school quarterback, I was the shy intelligent bookworm. Actually I was in jr. high and he was a freshman in high school when we were introduced by a mutual friend. When he laid eyes on me for the 1st time, he pursued me and told all his friends who also found me attractive that I was off limits. Let me tell you, we fought a lot in the beginning because of his jealousy and fiery temper. We matured together over the years and are fiercely loyal toward one another. We are a highly passionate, energetic, competitive in a good way and very magnetic couple. Everyone finds us interesting, friendly and loyal. Our motto is justice for all. We are very devout Christians and know we are soul mates for life. He is the most generous person that I know. That means in money and his time. I have learned to keep him happy is of course give him his space and time and keep him well fed. I'm am a fantastic cook. Believe me the sex is out of this world---still after all of these years. I know how to keep him happy in the bedroom. He spoils me tremendously in return. This is definitely true love. He is an amazing father to our son, and a wonderful son-in-law. Best of all we enjoy each other's company and still laugh at each other's jokes. He's hilarious. I enjoy other women flirting with him vying for his attention, he's so Hot, because I know he's all mine and won't stray. He's flattered and proud that other men find me so sexy and attractive because he knows I'm going home with him. Once maturity takes over, this is total paradise.

My Aries said he wanted me around 24/7 too, at the beginning. Then when he did manage to get me wanting the same, he started getting cold feet I supposed. He began pulling back, wanting space but never wanting to admit it. And when I give him the space he wants, says I don't care enough. It's driving me nuts!! I'm seriously feeling like some tightrope performer, doing a balancing act. I'm supposed to be sensitive to his feelings, but he's callous to mine. Checks on me all the time and gets paranoid, but when I ask him a question too many, he blows up. Sigh. The good, he's usually quick to apologize (but not before a humongous tantrum) and even managed to get his fiery temper under control recently for the sake of our sanities. Sex is excellent and blows me away, as so many have said. He's also very affectionate and protective, and I do like how he gets jealous. But I'm starting to wonder if that's all worth it? He certainly is a different man than what he was in the beginning during the courtship period :(

Oh my god I can't believe that all these comments that I've read are the same, all these people have the same experience and I feel the same too. I'm Scorpio woman in relationship with an Aries. At the beginning he was the man of my dreams, so perfect, we attract like magnets and all that even if we haven't met in live, we just write through msn.I have the best sex ever and we have an exciting relationship I just loved that I've never get bored with this man. But in other hand he's very independent and stubborn and I can't control him, I feel like he doesn't care enough at times, but when I give him a space then he cares and keeps saying that the loves me and he doesn't want me to leave him. Many ups and downs in this combination of signs but a Scorpio loves excitement and it's the only way not to cheat:)

Oh my word. I have been married to an Aries male for 2 years (together for 5) and I am a Scorpio woman.

It's insane, but despite the arguments and normal obstacles that any relationship encounters, we simply can't get enough of one another and dare I say it, the sex is often what holds us together. He is 15 years older than me but my God, he's got an incredible body and he is exactly the Aries described in this article!

I am a Scorpio and he's an Aries we messed around maybe 6years ago and I could never get him off my mind he's back outta nowhere and I can wait to have my way with him again in bed INCREDIBLE HOW OUR BODIES WERE TOTALLY ADDICTED!

I've been with my Aries man for over two years. We got married just recently. I resonate with other Scorpios here who constantly feel the need to retreat. He treats me very well and seems incredibly loyal and devoted to me, which makes me feel secure with him, but at the same time, he's very independent. He likes doing his own thing, which can be great in that I cherish my own space from time to time, but is bad in that I sometimes feel like he's not interested in spending more time with me. Like others have wrote, I feel that he doesn't care to spend time together at times, and that he'd rather just do his own thing or socialize with other people, even if just over the phone or computer. So yes, I often question our relationship. I resolve to make it work, because as I said, I sense his loyalty, but on the surface, I feel he doesn't act as physically or emotionally attached as I would like. And as for the sex, he really doesn't have that big of an appetite, nor is adventurous, so we don't have the great sex thing going on.

I'm a textbook Scorpio woman (25 years old) and I've known this Aries man for 13 years. We've always been friends, but not too close. We got involved twice in those 13 years time (kissing, not sex), but it wasn't really the fire you guys talk about, not at all, he's sweet and gentle but not very passionate. About a year and a half from now we got closer, started going out for a drink and talking a lot. There was a time he would say the sweetest things, asking me to stay, saying that he misses me, that he just loves spending time with me, that I'm a great person, etc. And then, all of a sudden he stopped saying those things and went cold on me, like we were back to where we started. Weird. He's completely unpredictable and unreliable. He's very very VERY gorgeous and manly, very intelligent, responsible, he certainly knows a lot about literature, music, movies and culture in general. On paper he's perfect. But emotionally I don't think we'll ever be compatible. I don 't think it will ever happen for us. Aries men are not for me.

I am a Scorpio lady. had a crush with a Aries guy back in the university. he was my senior in school by 4yrs.i never told him nor his friends.didnt see him again for a long time. then out of blue, we see each other at a friend's wedding and boom, I discovered I still like him. he collected my number. we hooked up and then he wanted to have sex with me. I wanted it but I was skeptical. didnt want to get laid and dumped. he was confused by my refusal and when I said the sex comes with me. I have this huge chemistry for him. I think I have always been in love with him but I didn't need him in my life just for a moment, I needed him if possible forever. he is so blunt like me, though I have to shut up most time cos I cant bear hurting his feelings. I guess its now left to fate to decide cos I cant give in just like that but gush!i am aching for the sex.

I am an Aries man and I love my Scorpio woman. She is very sexy and the most loyal person I have ever met. Every time I want to have sex with her, she acts like she doesn't want to, but in the end we always end up having phenomenal sex. She does this because she knows I love the thrill of the hunt. We are both very in love and we wish to spend the rest of our lives together. Scorpio women are definitely the best.

I'm a Scorpio girl but a lil bit young I'm only 16 years old and I'm quiet interested in zodiac signs but in my opinion the good man is good whatever his sign was and the bad one is also bad whatever his sign was it's something in that person's blood and GOD created for every man a woman and for every woman her man so every Scorpio girl that got dumped by an Aries or another he's not her destiny also 4 evry woman and girl jus dunn be in such a rush 2 find you're dream lover

he'll come himself 2 find you no matter what his sign is

im a Scorpio women who also believe that my on off relationship with an Aries man, is of soulmate material, but I have left him tom make a choice of either marrying me or nothing. we haven't spoken for a while, let fate decide....... im moving ahead with other guys. but he just doesn't seem to leave my mind alone.. guess its the attraction that's unbelievable. time will tell if he comes around or not! meantime, I don't want to play the waiting game. I choose peace over passion.:)

The chase! Aries men love to chase and I was on vacation and he spotted me. When I told him I was from the country next door to his...he got excited seeing that was an excuse for traveling as they love adventure. When we went on our first date, I knew I had him...his last question of the night was "when can I come to your city to see you?" He was in my city within 1 month. I agree...the soulmates's so there. We already admitted that to each other. Although it's over a year and counting...we do see a future together where I have already made up my mind to move to his country before I met him. Yes, there are times where I, sensitive Scorpio woman would get worried that he didn't care or pissy about certain things he did but my Aries man is very apologetic when I tell him that I was hurt by something he may have done. Always deflating any argument that may arise and just has a mentality of compromise which I do also. We hold TRUST, COMMUNICATION an d RESPECT as our foundation and the love keeps growing to heights every day. As I've read, both signs seem jealous...I prefer to say that we are very protective of each other from other people or things that try to interfere with our relationship. And funny enough...I LOVE when he marks his territory to other guys that may try something. Even when he is not here with me, he'd send me flowers to work that are so big and extravagant that I have to be noticed in public when going home...basically sending the message "She's off the market, fellas!" My Aries man is definitely a gift from God.

Well I am a Scorpio women and starting to talk to an Aries man.. So far so good.. we really seem to click.. But after reading the rest of the experiences here.. it helps me to keep my eye out and what to look for.. Thanks.. VERY helpful

Scorpio Woman and Aries Man - No Way

Ok - after a marriage break up to a Cancer Man and having had 2 relationships since then with Aries men - I would say don't Do It!

They are charming and fun and good company but not suitable for deep Scorpio characters. It was like their head was in the Air and my feet were on the Ground. Completely incompatible.

The first guy I had a 3 year reationship with and 3 pregnancies which all ended in miscarriage. During this period he kept as busy as he possibly could and would not talk about things at all. He literally ran from the emotional side of things. It was almost like a fear in him. He nearly broke me in two and it took a long time to recover when we split up. Scorpios need emotional connection big time. You will not get this with Aries. (my mother is also an Aries and I speak from experience re. no emotional connection!!) Aries Man No. 2 was a lovely guy - but after about 3 months I saw the exact same traits - he hated emotions and always wanted to be busy and running away and planning something new. His wife had died yet he couldn't talk about that at all - in a way just wanting me to replace her. I ended that relationship as it was like being with my brother, not my lover. Sex with both the Aries guys was not deep and connected the way Scorpios like it! It was physic al but nothing more.

The best relationships I had were with Cancer men - and Taurus too.

Maybe its just me but I would NEVER date an Aries Man again!

I agree with all the Scorpio women out there because im a Scorpio women myself, its amazing still scary! I too have left it to fate, meantime im moving on! Aries men too much uncertainity!

I am an Scorpio woman and my boyfriend is aries, I love him, he is great! but he is very moody and chalengy.

im a Aries male married to a Scorpio woman if this isnt the most up and down relationship ever I don't know what is Scorpio women are very emotional very jealous and its hard for them to let go I think that the best way for us to get along is if we could see the same goals and bring our minds together we would be the perfect couple but when forgivness is hard to give its hard to move on because Scorpio women love to hold on to things and never let go

I am an ries male...with a Scorpio women...we have yet to have sex but damn do we get close...and everything we do is pasionet..but she is so insecure about me she makes her self mad...then she feels like shes spending to much time together she pulls away..idk wats going on...idk why im so crazy about her when we piss each other off so much she act like she dosent care then I do the same then she shows it and so on...what do I do I was with a Virgo for 3 years and was the most boring reltionship crazy about my girl but she dosent show she cares enough I think and I show it all the time..but why dosent she believe me...i left her 1ce cause we argued and I told her she dosent care about me...4 hours later at 9 in the morning my phone was ringing like crazy....she ask me back now she throws it in my face..should I be scared the Scorpio is back for revenge...i love her and never wanted to leave..but that was how I felt...

I'm a Scorpio woman and dated an Aries man for about a year. He treated me amazing and somehow kept me interested at the same time. We spent almost all of our time together and had amazing sex numerous times per day. But then one day, out of nowhere, he just wasn't interested in me anymore and broke up with me. Typical Aries I guess.

my zodiac sign is Cancer and I am 30 years old. and I love one Scorpio girl and her age is 16 years. I want to know that this relationship will be perfect or not..........

i've Been best friends with my Scorpio man for 5yrs now. I fell in love with him the day I met him and looked directly into his eyes.. im an arian woman and we've had our share of dramatic scenes. We've been through it seems everthing together and he's always had my back no matter what. We've had sex a lot but never talked about a relationship directly.. he brushes it off. but he always says he's not ready but constantly talks about his ex's and new women to me!! it pisses me off, the arguments get so heated we stop talking for weeks sometimes even months' we always cling back together like maganets, he visits from out of town and its great, he's very open and sweet wen he wants to be but at times the rage scares the f*** outta me. how do I deal with it??? I have a son with a man who has never been in the picture my Scorpio friend buys my son everything he can think of, really great with him.. I totally trust him, maybe even more than some family members. he wants to take him outta town..i said yes and he's so excited.. point is now im alittle scared, shold I tell him and will he be upset beacuse im doubting my trust?? what should I do??

I am an Aries man and she a scorpio. we are each 21 years old and she is the absolute love of my life. at first, ididnt want to be in love because I have my whole life ahead of me. but then I accepted the fact that she really is what I want, and my awesome life comes second to being with her. I definately felt the soulmate thing, it really is there! I will do anything and everything for her...only to not have it returned sometimes. I wonder about her, and cant figure her out. we argue a lot, I blurt out things I don't mean...and she doesn't fight me until she knows I am vulnerable. I think sometimes she is too stubborn to compromise, and I do all the compromising. if it continues like this, I will go to my fallback plan (of living it up!!!) but I hope she comes around. I love her with all my heart, and she loves me with hers too but is too afraid to admit it, and that hurts. maybe one day we can live happily ever after, pray for us fellow arians and scorpios! oh btw, the sex rocks.

scorpios treat their lovers wrong. they treat their lovers like pets, rather than partners. first of all, scorpios want to own you. they want to own everything about you. then, once they own you, they put a leash around you. sure, they give you everything you want, but who doesn't treat their pets well eh? if their pet messes up, they will train their pet with a horrible sting. it is insane how these dark dark souls think of the ones they love. and there is absolutely no changing it, as they are too darn stubborn. do not get involved with a scorpio, especially if you are a free spirited aries. it may feel great, but that is only because they want their pet to feel good. if the Scorpio is in a bad mood, he or she will take it out on you, regardless of your feelings. you are their pet, and you will always be their pet. I suggest to everybody to avoid scorpios and look for a lover who will treat you like a partner, not a possession. what a messed up sun sign...

Scorpio woman with Aries is just sex!!!!! good sex!!!!! it will never be more.

I am a Scorpio woman I just resently met an Aries man. We met on-line we've had two face to face. The chemistry was amazing. We talked on the phone a few times ( mostly about him),lol. We had our first hot, hot, hot kiss. I like you, you like me. Then guess what I have heard from him in a week. I called after about 3dys, no return call nothing. I am like 'what's up'. Is this what Aries men do no warning , they just shut it down. I did'nt mention it's been 2months since we met total. It's hot and then it's cold. No sex. I am totally confused I thought we were cool. I have never felt this chemisty and energy from any man. I like him a lot and I believe he feels the same. To me he is amazing man I see a lot of potenial for us. I don't know what to think. Does anyone have any advise for me. Spell Bound by an Aries Man... HELP!!!

I am a 42 year old woman datin a 53 yr old Aries man of 5yrs. He is very emotional and likes to play on human emotions to get his way. He is very argumentive and bruitish. He displays confidence but somehow I believe he feels quite oposite(insecure) I love him and he adores me, he spoils me and tell me quite often how much he loves me but I question his motives. I'm a Scorpio woman who don't like flattery but luv attention and connection I don't get tha with the Aries man. I have to get it somewhere else and I then feel more realistic in being his woman. I have decided to play this game with him. It works guard your heart with them and let them lead you follow but don't never get in too deep always let them kno you can do better because Aries men thrive on divide and conquer but with me he will never get tha sense of accomplishment.

Hello readers!

I am a Scorpio woman 20 and married to a 21 year Aries man for 4 months now. We met about 2years ago and ever since then we were always seeing each other!About a year later he proposed. He is very passionate, but at times can have that "carefree" attitude on certain thing we argue about,which makes me sad at times. I take things a lot personaly than he does, which is a problem we are working on. Our relationship can be crazy at times, but at the end I know he loves me enough to put up with my jelouse,crazy Scorpio ways! And the SEX is wild!, and the love just makes it more intense.

I am a Scorpio woman aged 19 and my best friend is a Aries male aged 18. After reading all of these it is so us. I know there is a connection, although I find Aries are damn moody he would text me for a week non stop then for a month I will hear nothing. I find they can be deep people, they just need to be brought out of their shell. I find I can trust Aries with my life - which is something I cant do with any other sign. They are incredibly loyal and trustworthy.

I find the relationship is very playful we constantly 'hang shit' on one another, and he is there for me when I need him. They are the least judgmental people too!

I know he knows how I feel about him, but I am wanting him to realize the connection we have to hopefully can start something.

AND I LOVE HOW EVERYONE IS SAYING THE SEX IS AMAZING! I want to try that one out hopefully soon!

Me being a Scorpio woman, I have had the most difficult relationships with Aries men. My last 3 has been with them! They are attached extremley fast, pushing me out of my comfort zone. Unfaithful after I a little snooping around. They like to keep the peace and I like to push there buttons. They are great listeners but sometimes wont stop talking. They like to hear of every experience and all of my feelings. They also like to be incharge (not okay) overall I'd say that I'm finished with Aries men!

Scorpio woman in total lust for Aries man. When I look at him, all I think about is sex. If I ever get him alone, I want sex immediately. True the sexual chemistry is amazing.

I am in love with a Aries guy from past 1 month and I want to know if he will also be serious with me as he is telling I would be serious and I am damn serious with you and committed too.But at times he is even scared to speak with me openly which makes me feel insecure can you please suggest something??

Scorpio's don't bother with Aries. Scorpio's highly value loyalty, Aries don't have any sense of loyalty. Scorpio's are private and have secrets and keep them. Aries are tatle tales. Unless you like betrayal, don't mix up with an Aries, don't trust them and don't tell them anything you would like to keep a secret. Taurus and Scorp best match.

My Aries man has driven me crazy for over two years and I still find myself thinking about him...We dated for about 6 months very intensely. We saw live music together, ate at our favorite restaurants, had wine bar nights, motorcycle rides (he has 7, and although it's never been a goal of mine to ride, riding with him is absolutely the best feeling EVA!) He's the perfect combo of Macho/Brainiac/Adventurer/Lover.

Anyway, after 6 months of dating his daughter had some kind of emotional problem which he would not confide in me about. And just like that he was gone. He even sent a few of my belonging, which were at his house, back to me in the mail. Talk about shocker... I was absolutely heart broken, bleeding on the floor. I couldn't believe that he had been looking at houses and jobs in another state (one that I had wanted to relocate to) and then this. A few months later he sent me a box with a card for my birthday. The earrings were my favorite stone (tanzanite). The card said, "I'm sure these will look beautiful on you". He had purchased them months prior while on a business trip knowing that they were my very favorite stones and held onto them even after leaving me. Well a few more months passed and one day I heard an article on the radio about depression for college kids and sent the link to him. Not expecting any response of course. Well, he responded immediately saying that he s till thinks of me all the time and would like to stay in touch. We've sent e-mails and a few phone calls for about a year and this past summer, he called me to say that he wanted to have a relationship with me again. Of course my heart raced because I too feel as if we're soul mates. It's funny how so many Scorpio women have said that about Aries men. Well now he travels about 10 months out of the year and we live in different states but it appears that we're going to have a chance to see one another in two weeks. I asked him to pick me up from the airport and he called right away to say he would, gladly. I have a question for y'all.... What should I do now? I want to have a relationship with him but I want it to be more communicative. He doesn't ever write or call from abroad and many times his e-mail isn't working so there are weeks and sometimes months that go by with no correspondence. It makes me feel as if he's just a figment of my imagination. This is not a relationship. Should I bring up the topic of why he left during my visit with him or should I wait for him to bring it up? Part of me wants to have a nice visit and not put any pressure on him but the other part of me says that if he can't make any type of commitment to me I really need to let the idea of happily ever after go wit him and move on. HELP!!

Hey I met my Aries man when I was married to a Scorpio man. I am a Scorpio too; and I was stolen from my husband and I did'nt see it coming! The thrive was like I was on a HIGH! We fight and argue, but I let him lead and he loves it! The sex is so smoothe & GOOD! I'm 42 now and he's 37 and when we first met I was 25 and he had just turned 20. WOW it's been a long journey and others have been in the path way, but we are still at it. I can't seem to fade him out. He's loving, caring, and giving to me when he is suppose to, but he never lets me suffer. He doesn't give me what I want only what I need.He cares for my family, but he's never shows emotion-Aries are very unpredictable, but appreciative in all aspects.they truely are winners at their own game.

Omg I love this site! This is the first place where I feel like I really belong, all these Scorpio women who understand how I feel, who make me feel like being me is ok, because that's how us Scorpio women are. I am currently friend with a Scorpio man, and I am secretly in love with him, and him I but I'm scared of going in a relationship, and him being such a sweetheart is willing to wait. I want to focus on school, I'm 21 so I feel like I have enoug time. But my feeling toward this oh so swwet compassionate mann that seem to be my other half is too strong that I just wsnna delve in this relationship, and make him mine all mine! Whatd do you think Scorpio ladies?

Aries man Scorpio woman...

I have a divorced Scorpio woman relative who advised me against marriying my Aries boyfriend...I should have listened to her. We have been together 10 years, and I completely relate to the post by one lady who said that no way will she date a 3rd Aries man.

The attention they give us is great, the sex is great, but its shallow. The relationship is great until you have expectations or emotional problems. It took me this long to realise, because I was in denial. Aries will be faithful etc.. but is unreliable, independant and not a team player.

When I got pregant and suffered post natal he completely withdrew and worse took advantage of my weakened emotianal state to bully me and put me down merciless. I always saw him as the most loving man before my pregnancy...

He deserves to be alone and die alone, because he is too selfish. It was the only time I needed his support in 10 years, before that I have always supported him in difficult situation but all that matters to him is his own comfort!

I am a 41 year old Scorpio woman and just got into a "thing' with a 29 year old Aries man. i've never been involved with an Aries before, and all I can say is...WOW. He is intellligent, eccentric, and the sex is off the hook. Only a Scorpio woman can understand this, but I FINALLY found a man who can handle me. well worth the wait!! he is hot tempered at times, but alwasys comes right back...

I am a 18 yr old Scorpio woman with a 25 (almost 26) yr old Aries man. We've been together for nearly 10 months and almost immediately after getting together moved in together. I have never felt this devoted to anyone before. The sex is to die for and to add the wierdness in we live with his Sagittarius ex wife and Pisces daughter. And we all get along. The first thing he told me when we were seperated in the early months was that he could go his whole life with just me for sex. Now he's after every ass that goes by. Well not after. he's after plenty of them tho. The rest he just stares at. Should've seen the fight that exploded when I freeked because he was looking at his ex wifes ass. 0.0 but my entire experience is not only that I never want to date another sign, but I never want to date another man. He's my hero, my confidant, my love, my healer, and we are interested in almost all the same things. miniscule differences :) And I read him well. He reads me a littl e off but I correct him. And we've begun to be infinitely forgiving and blissful in our differences. It is working out. And to boot, as long as he has space and is ummm "satisfied" in the bedroom he assures me that there will be no cheating. I trust him on that. And I give him..."gifts" such as other women involved for anniversaries and birthdays and holidays :)

I am an Aries man with a Scorpio woman, We've been together for 5 years this year. I can't figure her out. I love her to death, and the sex is off the chin. I don't know why it sometimes seems like she is not interested anymore, but then turn around and have sex. We argue sometimes. I don't argue back, because she is always right LOL! you cannot have trust issues with them. They are loyal. If any female scorpios are out there tell me what is going on!!!

OMG!!! All I can say is this is so true. I am currently "friends with a Aries male and I am a true to the heart Scorpio woman. He is amazing and passionate. He has given me more attention and affection is a matter of weeks then my Libra boyfriend had in an entire year. (Libra and Scorpio by the way Horrible combo!!!)

Anyhow he texts me all day and lets me know I am on his mind. He wants nothing more than to spend all his time with me.. We talk about everything and he listens to me. He spoils me with flowers and anything that I want and need. Though we have yet to be intimate I know that its gonna be explosive because he is so passionate. He gets a thrill out of making me feel good. He makes it all about me which Scorpios love! This is sooo intense!! Did I mention that he is gorgeous, but macho and intelligent and a great body!! I have to give myself breaks from him...even though too much is never enough!!

Been with my Aries man for nearly a year and a half, and yes, the sex is incredible, the soul-feeding kind that you could live off for the rest of your life. He's also really kind and gorgeous and always wanting to do the best for me and treat me well. He's hilarious and clever and really manly in a way I didn't really think I'd appreciate, but wow, it's hot. Obviously we do have problems, and he is much more willing to tell me his than vice versa, but he does pry things out of me in the end, which I find annoying just because it's a Scorpio secrecy thing, but at least it means he understands me a bit better. Only a bit though, I like to keep some mystery. He is so amazing, I feel like we are emotionally and physically entwined. God I love him!

well I have a crush on this guy he's 17 and im 15 turning 16...he always finds a way to c me...we cn bump into each other20x a week...and then not c each other for a month..and so on then I added him on took a month for him to accept... ... we got close we talked and he stopped trying to hide his interest was going great ....but then he deleted me stopped talking to hurt a lot my heart was torn ...and then on my bd he says hey happy birthday wish you the best cuz you deserve it miss you call me bye.......i was confused and angry...but happy for some stupid reason my heart raced...but I couldnt respond...even if it would be the polite thing to do....cuz my friend his ex gf...still loved him and I couldnt do that to I decided to forget him....when I saw him again he winked ...i passed as if I didn't care ...he didn't understand so he followed I said go away he asked y...we had a fight I explained about his ex girlfriend being my close fri end...i was screaming when he said he didn't care about he kissed me....and I felt sparks...i felt loved it was magical....incredible...and hard to explain...i hit him....but then he kissed me I let myself loose and kissed back....we made out..and then I stopped ...i said sry and left....idk what to do...its been some weeks since I havent seen him...and well...i keep replaying our kiss ...should I go back to him....or just forget him as I was supposed to.....i feel guilty but I know that if the places had been reversed she (my friend a.k.a his ex) wouldve don the same

I'm a 39 year old Scorpio woman and dating a forty year old arise, sexy man. And for the arise who wanted to give an unexpected kiss, just do it! One thing I have learned is flirtation has been just that and nothing more because most signs can't match a Scorpio Passion. A real bummer with my experience of those I should be compatible with. But not with aries, very strong and confident, diving head first in his desires and wants. I can not stand needy men. Cancer and Capricorn two serious relationships I been in, both which I seen major weakness. What a turn off. But not with aries, we have a lot of fun and the sex is what I have always wanted and never have found unil now!!!!!

I am a 46 year old Scorpio dating a 45 year old Aries man. the Aries man I am seeing is selfish and childish. You will never be the priority on their list. Being a Scorpio I expect him to show me he loves me and SAY it often. I don't get it. He is selfish in life, takes, takes,and takes. Not good at giving, wasteful, expects everyone to take care of him. Doesn't pay attention to his kids. In bed he is like a ram...his needs are taken care of. Serious Pen Pan complex. Run Scorpio's run!!!!!

I am a Scorpio woman and I've been with 2 Aries men in my life. My first love, and the man who I'm going out now. I think is the unexperience, because with the first, it was hell. we argued a lot, he cheated me so I got jealous...despite Aries man have the capability to make you feel loved. I think I was a little paranoic, but now, I have learned to relax, and give men their personal spaces. With my currently boyfriend, relationship is almost perfect! We have been going out only for 5 months, but we spend a lot of time together, and believe me, he is the most fascinant and lovable person I've ever met. Sometimes he gets in a bad mood, but I can handle that, it is easy to lead them to a quiet mood. I think the key is to give them the space that they want, and they will come to you with the best of his love. If you make them happy (no pressure, please!), they are the most loyal men in the world!

I'm a dominant female Scorpio - 28. He's a submissive Aries male - 28. We're head over heels in love, and he obeys me without question in and out of bed. He lives to please me, and I adore everything about him. I don't doubt his loyalty and honesty (which, for a Scorpio, is a big deal). He will tell me the truth even if it may hurt me, which earns him much respect in my eyes.

I have never communicated with anyone on the level I communicate with him on. We are able to separate logic from emotion and discuss both separately. It is incredibly intense and satisfying. His passion blows me away, and for the first time, I have found someone who keeps up with me. I hear a lot about Aries wanting to lead, but mine is completely satisfied with his submissive status.

We have literally never fought. This is unheard of in previous relationships. I am intoxicated by him, and he looks at me like I am his entire world. He is so masculine, yet capable of showing a depth of emotion I never would have believed an Aries capable of. And the sex - my god, the sex! It's out of this world. Our relationship is amazing.

I am an Aries man, pursuing a Scorpio woman. And my experience is that most of these things are true. Aries men can be emotionally immature and get caught up really easily in lust (mistaking it for more). Aries men tend to be manipulators, but if you find one who has emotionally matured past that, they are attentive, involved, and faithful.

Often, my Scorpio will retreat, and like clockwork I chase after her. It's very predictable. Once an Aries decides they want something for good, they are persistent, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

i'm a Aries guy (42) met a Scorpio woman (37) 6 years ago. she's beautiful, smart, sexy (curvy) and giving. what I love about her: (1)we held hands on our first date. (2) she spoiled me with gifts. (3) she gets jealous when I am not around...super caring girl. (4). she appreciates the little things I do for her... dishes; bring her food; sunday drive. I can't say anything negative or bad about my Scorpio girl cause she's everything I want. Sex is great. its' been 6 years and still feels's our first time.

I'm a Scorpio woman and I fell in love with an Aries man when I was 20 yrs old I was head over heels and like all of you I can really relate the whole "soul mate" thing. We parted ways after 2 years because I couldn't stand the hot/cold situation but 8 years later we reunited, got married, had a son, got divorced, the sex was totally awful, it was his way or no way. I told myself I'd never date an Aries again, but here I am....I met an Aries the other night, and the connection was amazing....I haven't seen him since, he's from out of town, we haven't had sex yet....But contrary to my previous resolution, I'm really looking foward to trying him out

I have always been drawn to Aries, as a Scorpio woman. I am currently married to an Aries man, and we've been together 13 years. It's an amazing union. The perfect blend of passion and understanding. I do think the rest of our chart comparisons have a lot to do with the level of harmony we achieve... We have Moons conjunct, and lots of trines through our synastry..but on a whole, Scorpio/Aries is a really good blend. Yes, we can definitely have hair-trigger tempers ( But please show me the couple -the happy and sexually compatible couple- who doesn't fight occasionally. I think a good tussle means you care enough to clear the air.

um, I don't know who you think you r dude but, Scorpio woman are great woman and loyal lovers. We r not twisted and we do not treat our men like pets!!!! if I have a man I love him and let him do, as he pleases as long as we r both happy. why would any woman wanna controll her man? that will just drive him away! I don't know what MESSED UP Scopio woman you were with but just cause one or even two were like that, does not mean we r all like that! so don't be giving people that kind of advice, if you do not know every Scopio woman ther is out there. I find this extremely offensive! anyway i'm a 21 yr. old and i'm starting to date this really great man who is, an Aries and he is an absolute sweetheart and i'm hoping that all goes well! a Scorpio woman though is quite sensitive,words such as those r hurtfull! and I for one do not like to controll anyone!! I generally cower in the corner, in terms of a fight or just try and agree to dissagre. so tell me mr. do I still sound like a messed up Scorpio to u?! I should hope not. I gues essentially what I wanna say is, just be careful who you go and diss on the net publicly especially, groups or signs or categories whatev' of people. most certainly all woman can become hurt very easily. and to all you girls who wrote on this site, i've read a ton of good reports about the sex with an Aries, is said to be mindblowing. :p I don't think I have ever had a mindblowing sexual experience i'm hoping this statement is true :) if I end up getting that far perhaps sometime in the future that is. lol :) some men just don't think before they say sometimes and that can get them in trouble am I right ladies? :) lol.

keep it reall you guys! :)

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