Aries man sending mixed signals

I'm have been hanging out with a Aries man. We knew each for a long time, went our separate ways and now hanging out together. I get mix feelings from him, he stated he just want to be friends, being he has been divorced for 2 years, and he is not looking for a relationship.

The sex is awesome, and we have fun together, sometimes we go without talking for three to four days, and then one of will call. But yet he stated he doesn't want a relationship, but on the other hand I'm the only one he is hanging out with and sleeping with. We decided if one of us feel that we want to see someone else to
let the other one know.

But then again we both agree on we like how we are now. So go figure, I would like to have lasting relationship with him, but to me he doesn't know what he wants to do.

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by: Anonymous

I am a Libra woman. I've been dating an Aries man for about 2 months. I wasn't even aware at first that I would be interested in him, but now I'm completely blown away. I've been trying so hard to play it cool and not express how I feel because I'm sure it's too soon, and I want him to tell me how he feels first. Recently, he went from texting and calling me everyday to sometimes not contacting me for 2 days at a time, even when I try to contact him; no response. It's been so painful because I'm feeling like I'm losing him
and I don't know what I've done to cause this. I really want to pull away from him because I'm hating how he's messing up the connection that we have. These stories have been so helpful because I thought this was something that only I am experiencing on my own. Thank you all, and wish us luck. I think he is THE ONE for me. I hope to turn out to be his ONE.

by: Anonymous

They are certainly mixed-message little f'rs. I get a beautiful smile one day, then he leaves the bar the minute I walk in the do we know what to think when they do such inconsistent things? I am totally smitten and constantly bitten. I want nothing more than him and yet i get treated like I am a freak or is it a threat to his closed life? He is miserable, yet won;t accept loving. I am totally stuffed if I can make it out.

by: Anonymous

I'm a Libra, Let me tell you a Aries man sure will take you for a ride! You have to be a very Strong Libra to be able to handle the up's,downs, hot and cold mood swings of a aries man.

by: Anonymous

I have recently spoken to an Aries male who has separated from his family, a Libra wife. He says he just can't talk to her, but really wants to... sound familiar??

I as a Libran woman, also find it so hard to talk to the Aries man I love but who has rejected me with the trash! Watch Pump Up The Volume dv and see how the guy in that says exactly the same thing! He can't talk to the very girl he
really loves...I couldn't help but think of my situation the minute I saw it.

They somehow need to find the confidence to talk and express themselves...and so do we. So much precious life wasted playing circular games that could be overcome and give us so much more loving, just for the sake of fear of speech!
I will always be intrigued by these creatures and always want to be there for them

Thought I was the only one
by: Anonymous

I'm a libra female who met an aries man in mid september and its a month later and ever since he has been giving me mixed signals. One minute he's all over me and wants to go out with me and do stuff and the next minute I don't hear from him for a long time maybe even a week. Now I am so happy I didn't sleep with him when he tried to come on to me....I try to keep in contact with him but I keep getting vague responses which is difficult. At first I wasn't so sure about getting so close to him but he got me smitten and when I finally start to like him alot he's backing away....I wonder if Aries men like the thrill of the chase and then like to back down when they've got us hooked....I wonder...but I know how you're feeling its happening to me right now...I don't want to lose him either he treats me soo good but what can I do.....I can only wait....I just don't understand how you can go from calling and texting and hanging out constantly to completely not keeping in touch for a whole week without even mentioning the reason why..I just don't get it!

Help For My Fellow Sex Symbols LIBRA Women
by: The Bold & Sexxy Libra Woman

I want to suggest some thing to all Hurting Libra Women out there!!

Give up wondering just ask. We are so nice and we don't want to offend anyone. But sometimes we have to to keep our scales even. Transfer your emotions to him. Not in a bad way, but a very nice and assertive way. Aries men know that we want them and they want us. But keeping him understanding how you feel is the best way to clear the wondering in your mind. Aries men always want to be liked, loved and understood. But the moment that they are misunderstood, they always have to clear the air in your mind. Tell them that they are hurting you. Tell them that you are not going to keep the phone next to you. They want all of your attention. Put their contact information in you cell to go straight to VM. They hate that. They will do their best to make sure that they are #1 in your book. We are Librans and we know classy and whats good for all. Don't subject yourself to less than. We are #1. And if we are not #1 in their book, Put yourself there.(In your Own Book) Keep them wondering. Don't be a tease where you are playing games but mean business. They Love Strong and intellegent women.

I went through it for 6 mos and said that's enough. I told him everything I just wrote to you above and he calls me everyday just to make sure I am still availible. I never answer the call the first moment i see his name. I wait for at least 1 hour to call back. That tells them that you are number one and you are busy. You will get to them when you are availible, but none the less you are still attentive to their call.

Your not playing games, your just keeping you on their MIND.. Come On Libra Women. We rule!!! JUSTICE is everything to us. Make Sure You Get It.

all I can say is wow....
by: echick

I am a Libra woman, who has never started talking to an Aries man until now. He seen me online and started this whirlwind back and forth emails that said he thinks that I am the woman for him, he told me ALL of his life's story..his childhood, breakup with his ex-wife..everything. I was wondering, what the hell is wrong with this guy? but I was very interested in finding out. Needless to say this courtship went on for 6 days..him saying he didnt want to get hurt and to promise him that I wouldnt hurt him. He even told me that he was starting to fall for me..then nothing; no email or response from my last email. I'm saying, what just happened here? did he forget who I was after 6 days? I knew he was hot and cold because he told me in one of the many emails he sent, but this was weird. Can anyone elaborate on what just happened here?

Whats Up With These Aries Men?
by: Beth

Am a Libra girl crazy about an aries guy. We work together and the chemistry beween us for the last year has been amazing. He finally asked for my number, texted back and forth, made plans to get together but something always comes up...Then i dont hear from him for days...Then he texts me telling me how amazing I am....I dont know what it is about him that draws me to him...Usually I would walk away and not give him a second thought.He doesnt have a girlfriend and lives alone...What do I do? Be honest? dont want to scare him off.....HELP!

Bold and Sexx Libra Woman
by: Anonymous

Hello Libras

In my experience with a Aries man: They tend to not know what they want. My Aries guy begged me to move to his city and then treated me like shit, with the no calls, etc.. When I got upset he knew exactly what to do to make me feel better about the situation. I didn't get upset, he just knew I was mad when I didn't text or call him with all the sweet and supportive words. I believed that he needed it.

One day he and I were in a good convo laughing and everything. He asked me if I was seeing someone. I told him NO. " I only desire YOU. Libras women can not cheat if we promise not too. When we have it in our hearts and minds that the man is what we want, we do it all for them and more." I asked the same question. And He said no. He asked me when I promise something, when do I break my promise. I told him "Never" I will move on when you tell me too. I asked him the same question. and he said "Only when I believe you are cheating on me"

Come to find out the next day. I caught him with another woman coming to his house. He never even opened the door for me. He left me deserted. He hasn't called or even approached me with a "Why". I am so broken Hearted.

So, When there is Silence Girls. Only one of two things is going on. He is Either, into you and working his ass off with the shit he has going on in his life. Or He is with another Woman. And you are/ were just a back up just incase it doesn't work out with the other girl. " You Are Being Strung Along" This happened to me just a month ago. This man was my heart. And I loved him with my mind and Body. I knew him since I was 19 and he was 19. We are now 31 and 32.

Aries men are good and Persuation. They are leaders. Keep you #1. Those are the women they want. "Bitches" you have to be a bonified Bitch for them to respect you. They don't want women who care and respect them. Not a women that put themselves at #2. Dont Care too much. Dont Give too much. Be a challange Mentally with them, NOT Physically, Spiritually or even giving them your feeling. Don't get me wrong. Aries Men are incrediable, and are the fire that we air signs love to fan. For me, He was the right one, I gave Me to him at the wrong time. I will be the one he will never have again. But I will be a friend forever. I love him.

Yes, I thought I was the only one.
by: Anonymous

Hello, my dear Libra women. Although I am a LEO and supposedly the epitome of attraction and chemistry for the so called Aries neighboring fire sign of mine. This man is Blazingly sexy. I didn't know how else to say it. On the other hand, he is VERY hard to read. He loooooves messing with my mind. He will text me and we will laugh like giddy school children and have mind numbing, earth shattering sex, then all of a sudden, he stops calling and texting. I badly want to call/text him or contact him to make sure he's still alive, but I don't want to seem too clingy and I really don't want to lose him. What should I do?

by: Anonymous

I'm a Taurus girl and thought this was just a Taurus thing or I did something wrong. We've been on three dates, He holds my hand everywhere we go, gazes into my eyes in the restaurant, kisses me, met his friends and really treats me like I am the only girl in the world. Now, I was with him Friday night and refused to sleep with him and since then I have been cast out like a leper. I am so furious. I am not hurting, I am angry. Feels like I have had my time wasted. Majorly!

mixed signals
by: Anonymous

These stories are exactly the same!, spent a long time waiting for him to act on our chemistry, then finally did, I felt things were finally right, and then after 3 weeks start going colder and colder then, out of nowhere said he wants to be alone...I'm a libra felt so lost thinking what have I said or done? Then I said ok il leave you, then he wanted to see me. Then nothing again, all these mind games are making me so down and confused, why doesn't he just say I don't want anything to do with you so I can move on, instead of having me hanging, as you's have said I can't date someone else while I don't know where I stand with him. I've never in my life been in a situation where I'm in love with someone and they don't love me back, time to clear the air and get my heart back to myself, if they play with it they're not worthy of it. Simple as that, time to get my own fire to my air and kick ass! :)

I'm an Aries, things happen
by: Anonymous

Aries want someone who will treat them right, but they despise cry babies especially those who don't have a life and constantly complains about the little thing. If he didn't call you for a week, he's busy with his life, things to take care of. One thing you have to understand is that being independent to an Aries is sexy and what you girls are showing is being needy and clingy, keep it up and see what happens. If you want something from him, don't beat around the bush, just say it, we aren't mind readers and we don't tolerate bitchy attitude at all. You must be strong, especially emotionally because it's expected, we will put you through hell but the reward at the end is big, because we have a big heart and you will be spoiled for your hard work. We know what goes on around us regardless you're playing it cool but pretend like we didn't see anything.

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