Aries man shy? or trying to send a message?

by Bridgette

okay sooo i can't really tell his natal chart but he was born march 26th, 1993. He has never noticed me. i had a locker next to his in 6th grade school is over and im going to the 10th, he is going to the 11th.

He started staring at me in late january. he stared at me a lot. his friends stare too (he hangs out with girls) but he stares way more. he smiled at me. and a few times try to get near me.
my friend, use to like him, he liked her back. he got a friend to tell her that. they talked, never dated.

one of my friends asked him why he kept smiling and staring at me, he denied it. acting like he doesn't know me (YET she described me. and no one looks like me and she even pointed out where i sat at lunch, which he passes by everyday). he stopped looking at me for days and then started staring again.
i added him on facebook. he denied me.
the 2nd to last day, he was really looking at me. and i even caught him looking, he looked away fast when i caught him he wasn't here the last day of school. i found out he had a boyfriend. (this was 2 weeks ago. the last day of school)
him and his boyfriend just broke up yesterday

I thought he was an aries? how is he shy? or is he trying to send me a message he doesn't like me? im an aries and im shy but i have some pisces in me anyways. and im ascendant to virgo. help please? did he ever like me? help?

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Aries man is shy? OR maybe he's just not that into me...?
by: Anonymous

Girl I feel your pain! I'm an aries as well, and I like this aries guy at work. Almost positive he likes me, but he's not aggressive AT ALL. Sometimes I tell myself he's intimidated, or maybe trying to be professional because we work together, but according to every psychic and astrologer that is not possible for an aries man.

As an aries girl yourself, you know how once you set your eyes on something, you get it at all costs. The guy is driving me mad! I know he doesn't have a girlfriend, so why isn't he chasing me?!?!

Even though everything says aries men are super aggressive, as an aries myself I disagree only in one area: Yes, I am usually super aggressive HOWEVER if I am slightly intimidated or fearful of rejection I become shy. I tell myself this is what's happening here, but am I falling victim to being a delusional aries in a dream world? ha.

He goes out of his way to be helpful, which is a good sign, but I'm just so confused. Bah!

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