Aries Man with Aquarius Girlfriend

by Alpha Arian
(Somewhere on earth )

I'm 29 (Arian). She's 22 (Aquarian). We've being seeing each other for about a month. I started becoming resentful of her because she was not ready to have sex right away. To me, this meant that she had not yet fully committed and surrendered herself to being my girlfriend – and I had a problem with this. But funny enough, this has kept me in the relationship longer than I expected. She is smart and beautiful, but she lives in her own head. I find her very emotionally distant, calculative and cold sometimes.

I want to be the great boyfriend I know I can be, but my resentment makes me hold back. I feel like she is using the sex to keep me chasing, and IT IS WORKING. But I hate the feeling of being 'lured' into a relationship. It's like being manipulated, knowing that you are being manipulated, but you can’t do anything about it, besides to moan and groan.

Aquarian girls are hard to crack (especially this one) because they won’t completely fall for a guy until they are 99.9% sure that he is the right one. Personality and character wise, I feel that we are not compatible enough to last long. We have at least 1 big fight every week. And yet I stay because I haven't conquered her yet. But I will. Eventually.

Or I could just leave her before anyone starts catching serious feelings. Hmmmm...

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