Aries men get a bad rap.

by Tony A.
(San Fernando Valley)

Hello...I am an Aries man and I have to say to the Libra women that you definitely have not met a enlightened mature Spirited man. The traits that you are describing are of immature young Aries that have a lot to learn.

I can tell you that your men will do anything if you just ask in the right way. If you demand from them, it will not go well for you. Remember that we have horns and we are not afraid to use them.

As with any true Love, treat them with kindness and patience. You will not find anyone that is more Loyal or Courageous. I know that we can overpower and that is a trait that when channeled correctly is very powerful and positive. If you can't keep up, then just back off and give us space to run free. It doesn't mean we don't love or respect you.

Secretly, we admire the traits we see in you and feel inferior. This can generate a lack of confidence and manifest in immature or inappropriate behavior. Just remember that Aries men "need" to be reassured and stroked constantly and sometimes they need to run off and play. Understand this and don't get frustrated or impatient. Learn this lesson well and you will get a pay off that is 100 fold. Forget this and it will send him looking elsewhere.

Given a chance to "adjust" to the Libra woman you will find that there is no better relationship you can have. You each have what the other lacks. Learn to draw on it rather than fight it. An Aries man cannot become Libran anymore than you can become Arian. Don't try to change us, but rather learn from us as we are there to learn from you. Be a patient teacher, not one who wants to hit you over the knuckles with a ruler (yes, I had a Catholic upbringing...LOL)

Just remember that there is a reason why you two are together. It is the greatest opportunity for the both of you to grow in ways you never thought and achieve heights that are unattainable.

Oh, and one more thing... Aries lovers will send you to new heights too. We love to please and achieve. We are full of fire and with your air, sparks will soon fly. After making love is the best time to achieve communication as our hearts are open and our shields are down.

I am trying to woo a Libran woman and I have to force myself NOT to overpower her with my drive. Wish me well as I will need all the help I can get....

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aries get bad rap0(:
by: barb libra monkey

Love your post...very insightful and just what I had always suspected.
Maybe I am too reassuring with th Aries mand I feel destined to be with...time will tell. I just wish he would get over his fear of me and get right to the doo and actually knock, instead of either just doing the u-tuen after checking I am home, or running back down the stairs when i hear him reach the top...why so close and run?? I know for sure we can light the fire in each other...the air fanning the fire of course(: I feeel such incredible tantric extasy that can be better than physical experiences and know it is him behind the thoughts as see him in my visions. There is nothing to fear from us Librans, and yes. we may be highly educated, but so what? It doesn't change our love for you guys or make you less superior. I accept this man warts and all and dont give afk about his past or what level of achievement he has had.
Just love us and laugh with us and be the romantic fools we know you are(:

aries info
by: aries men

Im an aries.

You can’t change your nature,but you can control it and work on it.

A lot of people have struggle in themselves , they don’t work or don’t have proper guidance and that’s why they’re messed up.

Parents upbringing/influence/education/life experiences - can influence the person.

Strong men has self control.It's not easy for an aries cause we are the fire sign.I must get involved in sports to keep myself exosted and then I'm calmer.
When I'm calmer I don't outburst and yell much.
Because I have too much energy in me.

My parents virgo and gemini give me different prospective on life.My dob is mar28, and my cusp is pisces so I'm the calmer type.

still I talk without thinking,it may hurt others.Im impulsive sometimes.I work on my ego I just let it go or persuade people.Pisces are in me.

Older aries thru experiences can be a bit different,when life teaches you a lesson. Younger aries in like uncontrollable kid on fire.

Rule your mind or it will rule you."
In lak'ech - I am Another Yourself

If you want to wake up mankind, first of all wake up entirely; if you want to eliminate suffering from this world,first get rid of all that dark and negative in you. The largest gift that you can present to this world is your own transformation. - The old master

Peace to you all.

by: Anonymous

Sorry pal but just like with any sign there will be relationships that dont work out. Libras are yours. Your just gonna have to accept that fact that you cannot get any woman you want. You dont get along well with libras just like for instance aquarians dont get along well with scorpios. Sorry but most of the time libra and aries relationships wont work out.

Response To A Great Post
by: Cat Eyes

I absolutely loved this post... I'm a Libra Woman seeing an Aries Man for a few weeks now and needed to hear this.

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