Aries men rock!

I am a libra girl, and my bestest friend in the whole world jake is an aries boy. Anyway we are always hanging out and laughing about crazy random things. He's like the most beautiful fiery human being that i have ever seen. Every moment that i have with him is awesome. I love him and i feel just so blessed to have him

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by: Anonymous

i'm a libra girl and my best friend is an aries boy and we are just like so in love with each other. i love everything about this boy we just click
he isnt like the other guys he's just so words cant describe how much i love him

by: Anonymous

now I'm the girlfriend of an aries boy which is pretty awesome i guess because it isn't just some random guy he is my best friend i love him so
much it is not even funny he's amazing the best and it is so surprising considering the fact that he is an Aries there's just this attraction i love
having him around and i don't know about all of the other Aries men out there but i know my jacob and trust me if every other Aries man were like him then
just know that he won't hurt you or bring harm to you in any way if he's really in love with you.

I Can't Live Without My Aries Man
by: Bold and Sexxy Libra Woman

I agree. I am a Libra and my Aries man is my life. I am like a cherry blossom that rains all of my flowers all over him. He loves it. It keeps him wanting more. Keep expressing your feeling for you Aries and he will keep coming for more! Just don't over do it. Give him what he ask for and he will shower you with everything you deserve for sticking with him. If he gives you a mile, take 3 miles for him and he will give you an adventure unheard of.

Aries Men are the Best!!!!! Love You All!!

Libra Women Kick Ass!!!

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