Aries relationship long distance

by Sag

I met an aries man last september and he asked for my number. right from the start he was very pushy about sexual stuff and i was pretty hesitant about it because he was coming off way to strong and interested. a few weeks later it got to the point where i got so frustrated with his sexual comments that i told him to delete my number. a few hours later i realized it that was a little dramatic so we started talking again. we slept together after barely a month of knowing each other. i'm not sure if i was ready for it but it kind of just happened. there wasn't much effort in our relationship on his part before i slept with him so i feel like i was kind of an easy win for him. when i asked him about it afterwards though he said he actually thinks we waited too long and i shouldn't think it happened too soon. anyway, he was always nagging me to have unprotected sex with him which i didn't feel comfortable doing. so we would hang out every few weeks and have sex. we would text a lot too but it didn't seem like things were really progressing into anything more than a sexual fling. this past summer i decided to get my life together and move away for grad school. when i told him i was leaving he seemed happy for me. i definitely thought it would be the end of him once i moved but he kept texting me even though i'm 6 hours away. he says he misses me and he doesn't want to sleep with anyone else. he said the reason we never officially dated is because he didn't undertstand why i couldn't completely let myself go and trust him sexually. he said he figured i was seeing other men because i didn't want to have unsafe sex with him, which he sees as a big commitment and trust thing. but now that we've known each other for a year, and he's still coming around, i trust his feelings are real, right? wouldn't he have given up and just met someone else when i left? we were talking last week and he said he wants to make a long distance commitment with me. i trust him but he is still flaky and doesn't talk to me everyday. i'm a sag so i like to give people their space and freedom but at the same time how am i supposed to trust he is really in this for real if he just comes and goes as he pleases. then he acts like nothing is wrong. he also said he can't visit me yet because of work but eventually he will. what do you guys think? i really like him and i want to make things work but i feel i want more than he is willing to give me right now. and can i trust he's in this for real? or just sex?

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Re Aries long distance
by: Anonymous

Hi you have just described my relationship with aries guy I had the same doubts about it just being sex etc but it has been two years for us now still going strong we talk everyday near enough longest we haven't spoke is two days. If it was only sex trust me he wouldn't still be interested after a year he feels something between you just don't push him or rush him into anything and go with the flow i know how hard it is but we are now engaged I had all the doubts accusations in the world lol but it has worked out for us he probably limes your independent attitude that's what my Aries likes about me even though it's more of an act I'm not that independent but do like my space and appreciate giving others space. Hope everything works out for you hun just hang in there and you never know if it's love you both won't be able to let go easily xxx

long distance
by: Anonymous

i think that it could work... if he wasn't interested he would have given up when you left.

aries men LOVE their independence.. a little too much really. i'am with an aries man and he lives a 3 hour flight away.. it is hard for me to trust him 100% but that could just be an era of judgement on my behalf ( i have to say that sometimes i feel like i want to address this issue of trust but at the end of the day i have no proof that he has cheated... the only thing i could say is that he acts strange with me around his friends and doesn't overly like to display attention towards me in front of his friends and their girlfriends WHICH IS WEIRD and i can't work it out) anyway,

i think you should give this guy the benefit of the doubt.. sometimes i guess that's all we can do. it might seem naive but well it's better to be optimistic..

take care

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