Aries seducing a Capricorn

by Thérese

I've tried to flirt with a capricorn guy for the past two months, we're friends already so it's not that awkward. He is IMPOSSIBLE to read, and hasn't even given me a clue as to whether he thinks of me as more than a friend. My Aries impatience is really starting to kick in! I want to just make the first move already, but I'm certain it would scare him off. If you're an Aries, this is a MAJOR challenge.

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Aries women likes a capricorn man
by: Anonymous

I feel the same way. He told me, I'm smart, pretty, and successful. I made him blush, when I complemented him. I loved it! When I send him nice messages trying to get something nice back from him. Like; I have a great time with you last night thank you,he responds; NO Problem. Then I tell other things he says; will do. To be honest, this is going to be very challenging for me. I don't have much patience as Aries, I want him now. I told him I was glad I met him. He said I'm glad I met you too. OMG who knows, if I can wait any more. When I'm with him I feel like he is a magnet and attracts me so much!!

Appreciate him and let him aware of this
by: JRW

March 13, 2011
This is very interesting, If you truly read and understood what a Capricorn man is about, ( they are drawn in when someone is interested in them but will not reveal everything about them because it shows a sign of weakness!) you have the guide to seduce him and keep him. Capricorn men just like their partners what to be appreciated. Be careful and not embarrass him a sure way to win him over is go on a regular dinner date again (dinner date) this will keep things in check nothing to expensive. When the bill comes take the bill and look him in the eyes and say I would like to treat tonight with a smile and mean it. Then when you go home and both are feeling comfortable, grab his hand and say I want to show you something, take him into the bedroom and kiss him first and say to him that you trust him and start to undress him. After a successful blitz and fun, you ask him why didn’t you ask me what it is that I wanted to show you? When he responds and he will. Tell him that you care enough about him that you wanted to let him know how much. He will always try to out do you and you should let him, but always keep an arsenal of surprises and caring efforts to keep him always wanting more and wanting to keep you always, because a Capricorn man wants to be appreciated and will never tell you so but will be most impress and appreciated of your interest in him and will be loyal to you and your relationship.
A very Happy Capricorn man

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